Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Happy Blogiversary To Me !

Yes, I know, it's difficult for me to truly grasp it, too, but one year ago today, January 30, 2006, I discovered blogging and never looked back. I honestly didn't have the faintest idea what I was doing, as evidenced by my first blog entry. It took me a while before I really got the hang of this blogging thing and what I still don't know about it would fill a ginormous book.

king back on some of those first blog entries is almost painful for me now, but I have to remember that I was painfully dumb and uneducated about computers and blogging. As I recall, I just stumbled on my first blog by typing in "blogging" into a search engine. That search eventually led me to a blog on Blogspot and from there I just kept clicking on "Next Blog".

Talk about an eye opener! I found a whole new world in cyberspace that I never knew existed until that moment. And if you've ever clicked on "Next Blog" you know that not all of those "Next Blogs" are fit to show your Mom or your Pastor. I came across more than a few of those, and then there were those that weren't vulgar, they just didn't interest me.

But out of those first, oh, couple hundred blogs I clicked "Next" on, there were a few
jewels. To be honest, I don't think I follow any of those first few blogs anymore, but they were my incentive to begin blogging for myself. I didn't know what I was doing, but I was determined to at least try this blogging thing. If you go back into my archives from a year ago you'll see how I struggled to add pictures, then a profile photo, then links to other blogs in my sidebar. All of it is chronicled in my archives.

Once I completely wiped my template by accident, and I cried a few real
tears over that one. I had to reinstall my template (Thank goodness someone had kindly instructed me to save a copy!) and retype all my links to my blogging buddies back in my template so they'd appear in my sidebar.

The first time I attempted to add links to other blogs to my
sidebar, it took me 2 hours to add 4 links. Not to mention the mental anguish it caused me. For me, making changes to my template was like defusing a bomb. It still is, to a great degree. And every once in a while, the bomb goes off!

For a year now, I have a lot of my life chronicled in this blog. Laughter, tears, deaths, births, miracles, weather, blossoming friendships....It's all there, and more. I love my blog, but even more, I love all of you out there who make this worthwhile. So many of you have helped me learn about this blogging and computer business. Not a single person has ever refused to help me when I had questions about how to do some of these puzzling, hair-pulling, frustrating maneuvers in dealing with Demon Blogger and computer html and such. Now there have been times when I've stumped the askee, but it wasn't that they wouldn't help; they couldn't help.

I'm blessed that I somehow found such a great community of blogging friends. And we are a community. Just look how we take care of one another and care for each other. I'm not naming names because you know who you are if you're reading this and I know each of you prefers to remain anonymous, but in the last year my dear blogging friends have given me a computer hard drive, a Heavenly Ham, a food processor, several packages and many cards. All you have asked in return is my love and
friendship, and that I in turn help someone else if that opportunity arises.

I don't blog so people will send me things. I do blog because of the love and caring we all show to one another. In this day and time we have something very rare and very precious in our blogging community. We truly care for one another, and I am continually blessed and enriched by your love and friendship. BooMama and her sister, who oddly enough goes by "Sister" in Bloggityville, were the first ones to find my blog and comment. They took me in and befriended me and I have never forgotten their kindness to a total stranger. I try to always help when I encounter a new blogger and lend a helping hand and some encouragement, just as BooMama, Sister and so many other blogging friends have done for me along my blogging way.

Now I am blessed with many blogging friends, and I am happy to have added 2 of my sisters and my daughter to our blogging family.

I love you all, dear friends and family.

I want to leave you today with some links to some of my favorite posts.

Have a great Tuesday, and God bless you all.

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Meow said...

Congratulations on the nominations ... wow, there are 3 different categories you are nominated for. Hope you win at least one of them ... you deserve it.
Congratulations, also, on your blogaversary ... whoo-hoo, one whole year. It's such a wonderful thing to do, this blogging thing. All the amazing people out there make it such an enjoyable, and fun-filled thing to do. Everyone I have met is just amazing.
Have a great week, dear Diane.
Take care, hugs, MEow

PEA said...

Happy Blogiversary dear Diane!!! Woohoo party time:-) WE are the ones who are lucky to have "met" you on this big wide world of blogging...you truly are the most caring, honest, warm hearted person I know and I so thoroughly enjoy every one of your posts. Looking back at our first posts, we can all laugh at our fist attemts at blogging...but aren't you glad we all kept on going, little knowing the wonderful friendships we would make!! Much love xoxox

Big Mama said...

Happy Blogiversary Diane! You make the blogging world a happier place. You were one of the first to welcome me to the Blogville and I will always appreciate your love, kindness, and encouragement.

You are a blessing, my friend.

Susie said...

Happy Blogiversary Diane!

I feel very blessed to count you among my dearest blogging buddies.
Your posts are always a bright spot in the world of blogging and I look forward to each and every one.
I think I've read each and every one of those posts you linked, as I try not to ever miss something you write!
Can't rememember how we connected (can you??) but I'm very glad we did!
love and (((hugs)))
PS congratulations on your nominations in several categories!
You truly deserve a win in each of them!!

Jeana said...

Happy Blogiversary!

Laughing about the mam-isms, and some of them looked familiar. :-)

Barb said...

Happy bloggyversary, Diane. I know I speak for a lot of people out here who are very, very glad you decided to start a blog. I haven't met you yet but you're so down to earth, honest and kind that I surely do feel like I know you.

What a wonderful post this is. You've captured perfectly what it is all of us love about the new community of friendship we discovered when we went "public."

It made me go back in my memory and ask myself how I got started. Somehow Bev discovered that Sarah had been blogging for a few months and was keeping it a secret from her husband. I don't know how Bev figured it out unless Sarah let it slip, but that started the blogging dynasty from our little neck of the woods. I was absolutely fascinated with it all and had A Chelsea Morning up and stumbling along in record time.

Funny the angst we all go through before we start feeling like we have at least some clue what the heck we're doing.

I love your blog. Everyone loves your blog. And I'm mighty happy I found you, probably through Boo Mama. xoxoxo

Liza's Eyeview said...

Happy Blogginersary :) !!!

Sister said...

Dear Diane,

You are my proof of what clicking "Next Blog" can bring (what are the odds of that happening again?).

You've brought so much joy and happiness to Bloggityville.

Happy Blogiversary!

Tami said...

Happy anniversary! I look forward to reading more of your writing.

Rose said...

Happy Blogiversary. Do you have room for one more reader of your blog?

Tammy said...

Congratulations dear Di!!!
I'm so proud you made it...I read in a book that most blogs only last 9 months before the blogger gets burnt out...I'm so glad you made it and are still going strong...now you've got your whole family involved!!
Have a hap-hap-happy day!!!

Lyndy said...

Congratulations Diane and Happy Anniversary! I love all your posts and feel just like I am visiting an old friend every time I read one of your entries. Being a southern girl myself, I love your choice of words.

Looking forward to another wonderful year full of reading and especially post about that grandbaby.

Hugs, Lyndy

Karla said...

Happy Blogiversary! :o)

Clemntine said...

Thanks for the comments you've left on my blog. I am heartened by your encouragement.

Congratulations on your blogiversary, I look forward to reading you for a long time to come!

Doris said...

Happy Bloggiversary!

Jen said...

Happy Blogiversary to you
blogging is coool itsnt it
I love learnng about people from other countries too
God Bless You to Diane

Elle said...

Happy Blogiversary to you! Sent by BooMama. I'm under a year myself--I really appreciated your comments on what keeps you going. Thanks for the encouragement!

Mommy Dearest said...

Congratulations on your one-year blogiversary!

Granny said...

Happy Blogiversary to my former neighbor. Yes, I do remember how I first made contact with you.

You bring a loving kindness to the blogging world that is too often in short supply.

I look forward to many more posts, recipes, and love.

Naturegirl said...

Diane ~HaPPy BlOgAvErSaRy!~
1 year and still going strong with several sites! I am one of those people ~YoU encouraged~ when I first started blogging..each of my posts you came in with encouraging comments and I want to ~thank you~ for that.Wishing much creativity and inspiration!
...please drop by my site on Thurs. as I have a little something special.
hugs NG

Krista said...

Happy Blogiversary.. You have another reader.. I am new to all of this and I am addicted --there are so many people including yourself who can write so well and keep me laughing or crying.

BooMama said...

Happy Blogiversary - and may you have many, many more.

Thanks for being such a faithful friend.


Linda said...

Happy Blogiversary Diane. You've said it all so well. We are a blessed little community, and I am so happy to be a part of it. You have been so sweet to me. Thank you so much for all the encouraging comments. Thank you for just being you. I love visiting with you. You have learned a great deal about blogging. Your site is always so creative. I think you do a wonderful job.

Greeneyes said...

A huge Congrats, with big squishy hugs all over it , I am proud to call you friend and you are right , it is all through our community of bloggers. You have touched many of our hearts , made us laugh , took us on fishing trips and let us into your wonderful world ,you are a blessing Diane ,and I thank God I met you , so keep on writing girl,I love it .

your friend

zzop357 said...

You made it a YEAR!!! 'I'm glad you stuck with it sister.I'm happy you made so many friends on here.Look at all the places you'v seen,and never left home.I'm happy for you sister.
Love you sister

kansasrose said...

I am so glad you started your blog Diane! Congratulations to you hon! You are a dear, dear lady and such a blessing to other folks! I am honored to call you my friend. This blogging thing just reinforces that we all have a desire for friendship and reaching out to others and sharing and loving each other in spite of all our differences....I have so enjoyed reading your beautiful thoughts on family, the Lord, nature, home cooking, fishing, childhood memories, being a future grandma, all the good in this life. I hope someday we can meet...((((big hug)))) loveyaneighbor! kr

Paulette said...

Hey Diane,
congrats on this anniversay, I wish you many more! You are well loved in bloggy world and I am happy for you!

Brenda said...

Happy Blogiversary, Diane! You were one of the first to welcome me to the blogosphere, and I'm so glad you did. Your friendship means a lot to me.


Diane J. said...

Sister, since you don't have a blog (You really should start one for yourself, you know!) I'll have to answer you here in my comments.

Thanks for helping me celebrate my Blogiversary. It's only appropriate since you and BooMama were my first regular readers and commenters. You'll never know how much your encouragement meant to this new, clueless blogger, and I treasure your friendship.

I'm glad you're able to visit and comment more lately. It's so nice to see your name in my comments and you always leave such thoughtful encouraging comments for me.

Thanks again, Sister. :-)

Love and Hugs,


Merle said...

Hi Diane ~~ Happy Blogiversary. I saw this over at Ann 's RocRebelGranny
site. Congratulations on 1 year, and I hopw you will be around for many
more years. Take care, Love, Merle.

Praying for your Prodigal said...

Am I too late for the party!?!?

Happy Blog-o-versary! I'm so glad that you persevered! I count on visiting and being visited by you! Isn't this an amazing community we have stumbled into????? Whats interesting to me as well--is that we all started blogging about the same time....and discovered each other along the way. Kinda makes ya think--it's a God thing!?!???? doesn't it!


Tami said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. Bless your daughter's heart. Has she tried tried Zofran? Zofran helped me tremendously when I had severe nausea during my first two pregnancies.

Kristen said...

Happy blogaversary!! I have one coming up here real soon, too. I've seen a lot of anniversaries going around lately. Seems like we all had the same idea right around the same time.

I think all of us muddled through the whole blogging thing at first. I had the same types of issues. It's been an amazing year. I'm glad to have met you during this time.

Here's to another year! ;-)

Jean said...

Happy Blodiversary! I've enjoyed checking out your past blogs. Especially liked the "clumsy" one! Your sisters sound about like my brother. Laugh first, help later! All a very enjoyable read! I've just posted a couple ways to use up that ham.

Rachel said...

Wow, what a very kind post!! Bloggers are special, no doubt about that!!

Happy Blog Anniversary Diane!!!

Connie said...

Congratulations on your One Year Anniversary. I am certainly glad you are out there. It has been wonderful getting to know you.

Here is to an even better new year.

Take care,

Anonymous said...

wow! Hahha.

i gotta do this too. Wait, did i miss my deadline already? Hmmm....


Lisa said...

Happy Blogiversary - sorry I'm late for the party!

Andre said...

Happy Belated Blogiversary or, as I like to see it, a Birthday.

I think we all should have a sleepover to celebrate.

momteacherfriend said...

So glad you started blogging. You are a blessing to all who read.
Here's to another great year of blogging and the blessings that are to come.