Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Random Thoughts.........

1. Why, when cooking a pot of beans, are there always at least a few beans that are still crunchy, when the rest
are cooked just right?
2. Why does your husband start some kind of messy marathon project in the kitchen (or bathroom, or bedroom,
etc, etc,) just when you need to be doing something important there?
3. Why are containers heavier empty than when taken from the cabinet, fridge, medicine chest, and so on?
4. Not to contradict #3, but why are half-full containers left out, but empty boxes, jars, bowls, etc. are replaced
carefully on shelves, etc. Then when you pick them up, you realize that no, you do not have plenty of cereal,
but you do have a lovely empty box, courtesy of your split personality family.
5. Why are doors and drawers more convenient to leave open, than to shut after use?
6. Why do the letches and weirdos still gravitate towards me, even though I am 42, married and weigh 300 lbs?
7. Do I have "STUPID" written across my forehead in print only visible to my husband and child? No, really...
8. Why is it more convenient to walk around, step over or step on anything left or thrown on the floor? Rather
than pick it up, I mean..........Strange concept, I know, but work with me, here, people.
9. Why is their stuff - their stuff.............But your stuff is their stuff, too?
10. Why does a filthy house attract VIP's? It does, folks, it does..........A mystery, to be sure........
11. Why does a watched pot never boil, but, brother, as soon as you answer the door, phone, or go to the
farthest place in your house from the stove, it boils over onto and into your newly cleaned stovetop?
12. Why does permanent marker wash off items you want marked permanently, but the wash-off kind lives
forever on a child's new Easter dress?
13. Why does a pair of shoes that you love and are comfortable seem to wear out or tear up in no time, but ones
that hurt-your-feet-but-you-spent-too-much-on-them-to-throw-them-away, last 40 years without wearing
out, like the Isrealites' shoes in Exodus?
14. Why do you keep coming back to my blog to read my rants and boring nothingness, when there are so many
other exciting things to occupy your time? (I am flattered, though. My family just doesn't want to hurt my
feelings, and I love them for it, but you other bloggers and new friends, it's a pleasant surprise to read your
comments, :) Family, you have to love me, it's a rule, 'cause I love you, too. :)
15. Why does my Heavenly Father still love me, when all I seem to do is mess up, multiple times a day? And
yet, He patiently forgives, loving me and setting the example for me. Thank you, God, for loving me and
forgiving me, when I don't deserve any of it.
16. Why, when I spent an hour on this post, checking punctuation, spelling and spacing, does Blogger insist
messing up all my hard work by doing weird stuff with the numbering and spacing, breaking up the flow of
sentences, etc? Only the Blogger knows................................. :)


zztop357 said...

We loved dear sister.because of your mistakes.We all make mistakes, some of them are really big,some are real stupid.Most of mine are on my blond days,orwhen someone tells me i can't do something.(i have to prove them wrong you know)
As for leaving things empty on the shelves or in the refridgerator, this gives us something to do in our spare time you know;)I put a fridge out in the shop that my folks can't remember is there.I have extra food and cereal out there and leave them the emptys they put on the shelves.My vultures don't eat the cookies they demand i buy for them,they want the ones that they didn't like(that i bought for me). But surprise!!all mine are gone when i look for them.
My huspand weren't gonna eat them,they've been here 3 days......i rest my case.
Mothers are the guessers(i guess that box is empty) the picker-uppers,and the finders(of the lost______ insert most homes.
Thats why we love you...and they love us....Its also why all 5 of us can talk at once and know exactly what we all said.Because we love each other.Our huspands don't have clue:)..
i'll see you later you

Diane said...

I love you, too, sis.

I bought me a box of frosted shredded wheat. Irma told me sometime back not to buy any more for her, she was sick of it. Well, guess what? I went looking for it yesterday, and where was it? Left out on the counter, and quite a bit of it was missing. Guess who?

I have an almond Hershey bar laying here beside the puter, been there for 2 or 3 weeks. I just haven't had the urge for chocolate. Every time Mar or Irma pass by, they gaze longingly at it, like it's wounded and separated from the herd, and they want to put it out of its misery, LOL. I say, Let 'em suffer!! I'll eat it when I get good and ready. :)

Yasser Rahman said...

Okay...done with your rant ? You sound like my mum! LOL , esp the walk over things instead of picking them up ... LOL

But good stuff to think about :)

Diane said...


I didn't mean for this to become a rant, but it is kinda...... :)

And don't forget.....I AM a Mum, LOL.
Just wait until your little ones come along, and come talk to me again. ;)

How's progress with your friend?

Mike Goodwin said...

Hi Diane. Just Mike linking over from your post at Joe's Poo. (That sounds nice, doesn't it.) Nice blog you have here. You're right. Your style is very similar to Joe's. I liked your Random Thoughts. I can relate to most of them. Concerning number 6. I am 39, 210 lbs, married (2nd time) 4 years, and am very happy. I can tell you, though, there was a time where I wished I could EVEN attract leaches and weirdos, let alone somebody normal. Heck, I was happy if a dog came up and sniffed me. :-) As far as number 10 goes, VIP's have what I refer to as R.A.D.A.R. Relatives Always Detect A Rat's-nest. It's like they have this built in 6th sense. Instead of seeing dead people, though, they see Mike's underwear strewn across the floor. Hence, the inopportune visit, and the chance to talk about my living habits after they leave. :-)

Seriously, though, great blog. Think I'll do some more reading. I guarantee you Joe would be honored for you to link to his blog from here. Take care.

Diane said...

Hey, Mike,

Welcome! Glad you enjoy my blog. Make yourself at home,and comment to your heart's desire. I don't have a large readership, but I value my faithful readers and contributors.
I look forward to getting acquainted.

Look back through the February archives, too. Some of my best stuff is from there, I think, and the comments just make it better.

Comments make my day, every day.

God Bless.

Jeana said...

this was cute! Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog!

Diane said...

Thanks, Jeana, for the comment, and I meant every word of my comment on your blog, too.