Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Surgery Postponed

Hey, family and friends, just got an e-mail from Bill, they had to postpone Polly's surgery. They had her in the prep room, starting an IV, when the surgeon came in and told her that someone came into the ER with a ruptured aorta, and he had to do surgery on him/her to save their life, which meant postponing her surgery. So she went through all that bowel prep and everything, and no surgery, which means she has to do it all again sometime in April. Bill is supposed to let me know when they get a date. I told Bill we would keep them on our prayer lists.

Cecil and Sue just called, they are on their way up here to play some games this afternoon. I need to clean off the table and make them some iced tea. They get cranky if they don't have their tea, you know. :)

Yasser, what kind of tea do you drink? Hot tea, I suppose, but oolong, black tea, pekoe, or what kind? Just curious. Here, we drink blends mostly, in tea bags, brands like Lipton, Luzianne, Tetley and so on. Yell back.

I will post this for now, and try to post again later today.


zztop357 said...

I'm sorry they postponed Pollys surgery.You think we should invest in some Charmin for her.I'd hate to make her go thru that again.I bet her booty is sore.poor thang.
We's getting old.The baby is 41?I thought she was 40.I lost a year somewhere.We gotta go get Jon's meds.love you all.

Diane said...

Yep, poor Polly, she has to go through all that again.

And yes, Cecil was born in 1965, and her b-day is Feb. 19, so she is already 41. I will be 43 Oct. 23, sis. You are already 52, aren't you?

They say time flies when you're having fun, but in my experience, it flies whether you're having fun or not. ;)

zztop357 said...

yup i'm 52,i think i lost a year somewhere.you think we should start buying christmas gifts now?
before we know it it will be that time again.

Diane said...

The way time is flying, we might as well start buying for 2007, never mind this Christmas. :) LOL

Faith said...

I'm sure sorry that she had to go through all of that. Poor thing.