Wednesday, October 25, 2006

A-HEM.....Me me me me me.....!

Dawn tagged me for this Three Things meme several days ago,
and I am just now getting around to getting it done.

Here goes!!

1. Things that scare me:

**That sense of falling that wakes you up in a panic,
just as you're "dropping" off to sleep.

**The sad state of the world we live in today,

and the thought of the world my grandbaby may

have to grow up in.
**The fact that so many of my friends and family
remain lost and are totally unconcerned about it.

2. People that make me laugh

**My family and friends.

**Funny videos of people and animals.

3. Things I hate most

**Satan and his hold on this world.
**Abuse of people and animals in any form.


4. Things I don't understand

**Most of the stuff on television and a lot of

what's on the radio right now.

**Hating someone else just because they're different

from you, to the point of war, murder, genocide and terrorism.
**Computer languages and programming. 'Nuff said??

5. Things I am doing right now

**Thinking about what I want to make/buy for my
new grandbaby.
**Sitting here drinking the last of my hot coffee,

bundled up in my fuzzy booties and fleece throw,

dreading turning on the heat for the first time of
the season because I hate that scorched dust
**Trying to decide if I'd rather have a steak, Chinese or
catfish for my anniversary dinner when Lamar and
Jessica take me out for supper tonight.

6. Things I'd like to do before I die

**See my grandkids grow up and become a
**Learn to play the piano and guitar.
**Become the best Christ-follower, wife, Mama, Grandma,
sister and friend that I can be.

7. Things I can do

**Cook pretty good, so I'm told. I hope that

doesn't sound conceited.

**Sew and crochet, which I'll probably be doing
a lot of with a grandbaby on the way.
**Love. Deeply and with abandon.

8. Words that describe my personality



9. Things I can't do

**Bowl. For the life of me.

**Knit. Just. Can't. Do. It.
**Lose weight. So it seems. See the first item
on # 7.

10. Things that are good to listen to

**The happy chatter and laughter of your

family and friends.
**The cooing of a baby.

**The gentle whispers of the Holy Spirit.

11. Things not to listen to

**People in glass houses who like to

throw stones.
**People who never have anything positive to say.
**Those voices in my head telling me to.....hee hee!

12. Things I'd like to learn

**To always speak with love and kindness.

**More computer skilz.

13. Favorite foods

**Bacon...See the last item in #9.
**My homemade yeast rolls and cinnamon rolls. #9 again.

**Seafood and fish of all kinds.

14. Things I drink on a regular basis

**Diet Coke

**Black coffee, no sugar.

**Dr. Pepper

15. TV Shows I Watched as a Kid

**The Beverly Hillbillies
**Welcome Back, Kotter

**Happy Days

I'm not tagging anyone for this,
but if you'd like to do the meme,
leave me a note in my comments
and I'll mosey on over to check it out.


Wednesday was my 21st anniversary and Lamar, Jessica, Jason and I went to a nice restaurant for supper, then riding around for several hours. Jessica fixed my hair and did my makeup and was so proud of it that she wanted to take some pictures. My hair is naturally curly and it's not natural at all for it to be straight. She used a flat iron on it but it still took 30 minutes to get it straight. It's raining here so almost immediately my hair started trying to kink back up. I always envied women with shiny straight hair, and several women with straight hair say they wish they had naturally curly hair like mine. We're truly never satisfied, are we? Here's a couple of pics from Wednesday night. First, my straight hair.
Next, a couple of me and Lamar. Jessica took
the first one, and I took the other one in
the car on the way to the restaurant.
It turned out a little better than the ones
I included in that last post, I think. :-)
The last one is one I snapped of Jessica. If you look closely you can just tell out the front windshield that it's raining outside. It rained all afternoon on Wednesday, just a slow steady rain. It's chilly and a little breezy, perfect weather for curling up with a warm throw and a hot drink. It's supposed to be chilly with a chance of rain on Thursday, with a chance of severe weather on Thursday night. The Weather Channel has Arkansas colored in the red for severe thunderstorms and possible tornadoes. Yippee!! I can hardly wait to get on that roller coaster ride again.

Thank you again to all of you for your comments, mentions on your posts and emails regarding my birthday and anniversary. Y'all are absolutely the best! GreenEyes even sent me a recorded voice message! If I can figure out this newfangled computer paraphernalia, I'm going to try to send her a message back. First, though, I have to see if my computer will let me record a message. I'm thinking it might be easier to just call her on the phone or for her to call me, LOL. :-) She might be waiting quite a while for me to figure out that recording thing.

It's getting late and Lamar and I have plans to ride the senior citizen van to Paragould tomorrow to eat at Bonanza steak house. Hopefully the leaves will be turning more on Crowley's Ridge. I hope so. I've been trying to get some fall foliage photos for forever it seems, but nature hasn't be cooperating much. I'll try my best to get some pictures, but I won't make any promises. If it's raining the pictures probably won't be any good anyway. We'll see......

Time to click "publish" and hie me off to bed.
Hope everybody has a wonderful Thursday!


Connie and Rob said...

That was a really fun meme. Sounds like you are going to be really busy making that baby all sorts of pretty things. Hope we get to see some of them.

Congratulations on your Anniversary. You look so lovely in your pictures. Jessica is a good little beautician. Wish I could call on her for my anniversary.

All the best to you and your husband and many more years of happiness.


Anonymous said...

Hope your dinner was good! I'd love to try your cooking. :) Jessica looks great - if she were me at that stage, I would've been green. I got carsick sooooo easily, and then the kids would call me. As soon as I turned around I'd get a huge wave of nausea. Bleh!

Have fun on your ride!

Big Mama said...

Love your meme and girl, you were looking good with your straight hair. Very pretty pictures!

I've always hated the smell when the heat comes on for the first time. Scorched dust is perfect, in fact I'm going to steal that term from you. :)

And can I say, that is going to be one spoiled grandbaby? He/she's already blessed and doesn't even know it yet.

Barb said...

Oh Diane, I love this post. You did a great job on the 3 Meme. I agree with every single thing you said, especially the bowling. Last time I tried, I let go of the ball at the wrong time and almost through it out the front door of the bowling alley. A tad embarrassing and the end of my bowling career. ForEVER! hee hee

The photos are great and yes, just a little better than the last ones. I love the photos of you and Lamar and Jessica is just glowing, isn't she?

I hope you're not in for another round of scary weather. I remember the last bout. Tornados and even the possibility of them scare me more than black ice.

What a nice post. I thoroughly enjoyed every single word of it.

Sue said...

You look so happy! Thanks for sharing all the photos...
Loved your meme. I used to love to bowl and carried a high average. Haven't done it for years though...
Can't wait to see some of the cute baby things you create!

green eyed girl on planet earth said...

Hello Grandma D.
to be !

I love this post , I am going to try this post , I am qwirky with my answers sometimes but find them fun . I can feel the love coming from you for this peanut , it warms my soul and is so great .

And Lamar better watch out he has a HOt Mama on his hands , your hair is so beautiful , and it looks auburn here????
all gussied up , you look so nice together in all your pics , even the ones before where Hubby was making faces , youall look like so much fun.
When you write Diane , I feel as though I am right there with you , you can write girl!!!!!!

I sent the voice email through windows movie maker , I found out accidently that you can record and save it , cool !!!!!emails could be so easyyyyyy no typing , haha
sending big hugs and kisses and by the way thank you for the other pics you sent , you always make me smile sweetie '
see ya me Darlin ;}

mombo said...

Happy birthday and anniversary! We just had our 23rd anniversary this month and I love him more than ever. Hey, I just heard some guy found a great big diamond in AR. Was it the same field as the one you went to? Wish it could have been you! Maybe next time.

Blessed Beyond Measure said...

Great fun to read this. If I could pick one word to describe you, versus three, I'd have gone with Real. I love that about you - you are what you are. My favorite kind of person. xoox

Dawn said...

HEy, thanks for playing along - it was fun to get better acquainted!

What's with you on the senior citizen van?? You're not old enough yet. I, on the other hand, get to have discounts at Wendy's and Kohl's!!

PEA said...

Hugs Diane...I so enjoyed your answers to the meme! Also loved the pictures..your hair looks so beautiful and it being straight really suited you!! I have natural wavy hair and it's so thick, it sometimes drives me nuts! lol Especially in humid or rainy weather..yikes! Take good care of yourself xoxo

Mountain Mama said...

If the meme it would look very much like yours. We sure think alike.
Your hair is beautiful. I always wanted curly or at least wavy hair, but mine is as straight as it can get. When I was born it was long and black. Mom had to trim it from around my ears because it itched me. Now it is long, thin and grayish. I would like to color it, but don't want the upkeep. I'd rather blog!

kansasrose said...

Hey Hottie! Congratulations on your 21st anniversary! What gorgeous hair you have D.! Like someone else commented you are beautiful inside and out. You both look so happy in the pictures... Jessica looks so healthy and pretty. I enjoyed reading your got it all down right. What a good heart you have...and soul. God's Great Blessings to you and Lamar. xxxoooRose

Anonymous said...

hey, seeing as how zztoper waon't let me go anywheres wit her and seing as how you are luking so purty maybe you will let me go wit you. what say! deal? ok thnks fer letting me tipe on your paper.

Granny said...

I'm so behind. Belated Happy Everything.

Blame blogger (plus my case of the flu).