Thursday, May 11, 2006

More Mama-Isms

Hello, all. I have my doubts about getting this to actually post, but I am going to give it a try. Demon blogger is being a real snot today, along with the rest of the internet. Internet Explorer and Yahoo Messenger have went all wiggy, too. I thought it might be only MY puter, but after talking with several people I know it's basically the whole web. Don't know what's up with it, but I hope it's fixed soon. Dealing with uncooperative puter business makes me want to say bad words. :-)

Friday night is Jessica's Senior Prom, and at 5 am Saturday morning she gets on a bus to go to Hot Springs for her senior trip. She has a full weekend, since she won't be back home until about 5 am Sunday morning, then she is going to church with me for Mother's Day. I've heard a few rumors about her taking me out to
eat for Mother's Day, but nothing is confirmed yet. She went ahead and gave me one of my gifts tonight. She brought me 2 dozen long-stemmed pink roses, bless her heart!! I am thrilled with them, and they are absolutely gorgeous! That is about as good a shot of them as I could get, up there to the left. She said she has something else for me, but I have to wait until Mother's Day for that. You know, I think I like this working thing she's got going on. She told me when she handed me the roses, "Here, Mom. I think you'll like this better than a handful of weeds." But I loved those weeds and wild flowers just as much, because they were given with love, from her heart. I have one of the roses in a bud vase here on my computer desk so I can look at it often, but I kept all those weeds until they absolutely fell apart, too. If it's given with love, even a bouquet of weeds is beautiful to a Mama.

These 2 pictures were taken in 1985. The one on the l
eft was taken at a wedding shower for me and Lamar, and the other one I think you can figure out by the wedding dress.

In honor of my Mama, and for Mother's Day, I am going to post some more of my Mama's Southern sayings, that I like to call, "Mama-Isms". I had such a party in comments when I posted the first installment of these, I hope everyone likes these as much as the first batch. Enjoy, everyone!!

Grinning like a possum eating green persimmons.
Running like a strip-ed ended ape.
When someone is nauseous: Careful, she's about to bring that up for another look!!
If that don't beat a hen a-wormin'!
If that don't beat a hen a-peckin' with a wooden bill!
When threatening to whup (spank) a child: If you don't straighten up I'm gonna tear you up like a sow's bed!
When a child has a dirty face: You look like you've been rootin' with the pigs.
I wouldn't know him if he walked up and bit me.
I wouldn't know him from Adam's off ox.
A long way off, like having to park a long way from the mall entrance: We had to park on the north forty! (acres)
He looks like the tag end of hard times.
Saving "it" for hard times. (Whatever "it" may be at the time.)
Thicker than hair on a dog's back.
When food is moldy: It's got hair growing on it.
Any stale bread or baked goods, especially hard biscuits: You could'a knocked a bull down with 'em!
Not feeling well: I ain't quite up to snuff today.
Limping: I've got a hitch in my giddy-up, or git-alongs.
A stingy person: She's tighter than the bark on a tree.
And, She's so tight she squeaks when she walks.
Look what the dog drug in and the cat wouldn't have. (Usually teasing someone who comes to visit or walks in.)
Working from daylight to dark: We worked from can till cain't.
When someone sassed Mama: If I want anything out of you, I'll ask for it.
Your hair looks like a rat's nest.
When someone was about to mess up her clean kitchen snacking around: Don't you get in there a-messin' and a-gommin' and mess up my kitchen!
Those sheets were so wore out you could throw a broom straw through them.
Prices on anything: Gas is as high as a cat's back right now!

Well, that's all I have right now, but I know I will have more. I hope everyone enjoys them. Hope everyone has a great Friday and a wonderful weekend.


Anonymous said...

Aunt Diane,
that sounds about like grandma i miss her too,and tell jessica those roses was pretty,and that was so sweet,i got some news for ya amanda my best friend went yesterday to find out what the baby was,and it kind of look like a girl but they dont know for sure the baby hid like jon did me the first time,please pray for my boss at church she has lupas and i really wish there was something that i could do for her she is a very good woman,and she loves the lord,her name is linda,HAPPY MOTHERS DAY AUNT DIANE AND GOD BLESS YOU WE LOVE YOU ALL AND MISS YOU VERY MUCH!!im coming home for mothers day,i wouldnt miss it for the world,you know it took me my whole entire life to get close to my moma and i wouldnt trade a minute for it,moma you woke me up so did those words that jon said along time ago and what grandma told me, i miss you all so much,i know i have learned over the years from being a mom myself,its hard to say good bye to your children because you never know when your gonna see them again,and if there ok,but with gods will i can do anything thru him that was one of grandmas other saying and i know with that my son joshua is safe i love you all and and see you all really soon,god bless you all and tell everybody and me and luci love and miss them like crazy love dean dean

Sue said...

Beautiful flowers from your beautiful daughter!
I know your Mom is very much in your thoughts this weekend. I know she's with you in your heart.
Loved the Mama-isms :)

Diane said...

Hey, Dean Dean,
Love you too, and maybe I'll see you on Sunday afternoon. I don't know yet if I'll be home or not. I talked to your Mom just now and she said she is coming up there tonight, and will be back Sunday. Thank you for the Mother's Day wishes, and Happy Mother's Day to you!!

Yes, Mama has really been on my mind and my heart lately. I've been thinking about you, too, and how this Mother's Day is going to be bittersweet for you, too. :-)

Glad you like the Mama-Isms. :-)

Mike Goodwin said...

Those are very nice roses. It looks like she hand picked them. You are a very lucky mom. I love reading your Mama-Isms, too. She was a very original lady.

Diane said...

Thanks, and I am a VERY lucky Mom. Glad you liked the Mama-Isms. :-)

Hope you and your family have a great Mother's Day, and a great weekend, too. :-)

Brenda said...

Hope your Mother's Day is wonderful, just like your daughter and her mom!

Diane said...

Awwww....That is so SWEET, Brenda! Thank you, and I hope you have a great Mother's Day with your family. :-)

Praying for your Prodigal said...

Beautiful flowers! What a treasure your daughter is!

Happy Mother's Day!


Diane said...

Thank you, and Happy Mother's Day to you!!

amy suzanne said...

thanks so much for the note! my sister and i are buying my mom a pedicure package so she is going to be well taken care of. and i'll probably take your letter idea because she always needs more of that!

and thanks for your comments on the paper i wrote! i hope the professor likes it, as well...

hope you have a happy mother's day! i'm sure you deserve it!

Diane said...

You are very welcome for the note, and for the comments. :-) I'll bet your Mom will treasure letter, and she'll enjoy the pedicure, but she'll cherish your love and thoughtfulness even more. :-)

Thank you for the Mother's Day wishes, I hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day, too. :-)

Nasty Nashe said...

hey D....

hope you're doing A-OK!
just dropping by...

BooMama said...

First of all, I hope Jessica has a wonderful time on her senior trip - you'll have to give us the full report.

Second of all, Happy Mother's Day!

And third: "Look what the dog drug in and the cat wouldn't have"? Made me laugh out loud. As did, "If I want anything out of you, I'll ask for it." Your mama was, as we say in our house, a PISTOL. Would've loved to have known her.

Diane said...

Hey, Nashe,
I wondered if you were so snowed under with school work that you couldn't see daylight, LOL. :-) I'm glad you came up for air long enough to let me know you were still kickin'! Drop by anytime you get a chance. I miss hearing from you. :-(

I'll leave a comment on your blog in case you miss this one.......Happy Mother's Day to you and your Mom!! Hope you have a grand time with her on her day. :-)

Diane said...

Thanks on Jessica's behalf, and I'll pass on the details when I get them from the horse's mouth. :-)

Thank you for the Mother's Day wishes, and the same to you as well. :-)

And, I'm glad you liked the latest list of Mama-Isms. If you're around any of Mama's 5 girls for any length of time, you'll hear most of these and many others. I don't have pen and paper a lot of times when I hear or think of a new one, so I forget them, but I'll start a new list and add to it until I get enough for a new post. A lot of these are commonly used around here, not just Mama and my family say them. You probably have a lot of sayings I've never heard, if you think about it and consult with your friends and family. :-)

Mike Goodwin said...

ALthough I replied with this on my blog, I thought I'd jump on over here also and wish you a very Happy Mother's Day. It sounds like it will be a wonderful one for you. It's like I said before, though; Mother's Day to me is 365 days a year. To your family, I'm sure it is too. :-)

Diane said...

Thank you very much, and the same to you. :-)
I am anticipating a great Mother's Day, and I hope yours is grand, too.

When my Mama was here, we did honor her every day, and we still honor her memory every day. I can only hope to be a fraction of the great example she was to me. :-)

Diane said...

Thank you very much, and the same to you. :-)
I am anticipating a great Mother's Day, and I hope yours is grand, too.

When my Mama was here, we did honor her every day, and we still honor her memory every day. I can only hope to be a fraction of the great example she was to me. :-)