Saturday, May 13, 2006



Get ready to be highly envious of m
e, family and blogger friends...............I AM A-L-O-N-E IN MY HOME.
Yes, that's right--ALONE. Ah, blessed solitude. Well, if you don'
t consider the 2 cats, 2 zebra finches and the betta fish I'm alone. The fish and the birds don't bother me much, but the cats have a way of making themselves known, if you know what I mean. One of my cats is 13 years old and doesn't do much of anything anymore, and the other is a 7 month old giant 12 pound kitten. Candy, the old lady, is asleep on the end of Jessica's bed as close to me as she can get without being in my lap. Dolly, the giant kitten, is currently hiding somewhere. She is a black tortoiseshell and was lying in the middle of the living room floor, and I didn't see her earlier when I came in from the mailbox. I barely stepped on some appendage of hers and she came up spitting and fuzzed out, and now she is giving me reproachful looks and skulking under the furniture. It wasn't like I stepped on her purposely. I have never stepped on a dog or cat, or a kid for that matter, on the couch, bed or a chair. I just don't walk on furniture, it's not my thing. Okay, I confess, when we were kids we would try to maneuver around the living room without stepping on the floor, because everyone knows, if you think about them long enough, monsters really are lurking in the shadows under the furniture. As a certified grownup, though, walking on furniture is not my thing. So, why do cats and dogs insist on lying in the high traffic areas of your floor? I believe Dolly thinks it's her mission in life to get under my feet as often as possible in as short a time as possible. Most of the time I manage to dodge and step over or around, but her number came up earlier. I have on soft-soled houseshoes, so I know I barely even set my foot down on a tail or foot, I couldn't really tell, but I know I didn't put my weight down at all, or we would be having a Dolly funeral about now, or at the least taking up a collection to put her in traction for the next 8 weeks. Anyway, she really took it personal and has a real hate-on for me right at the moment. I can almost guarantee she'll put it aside for a few minutes if I go open a can of Mariner's Catch or Mixed Grill, though. Her snit with me is directly proportional to how hungry she is. Fill 'er up, and she'll be back to purring and shedding on me, all slights forgiven. If only people were so easy to pacify..................*SIGH*...........

I digress, but the reason I am enjoying all this solitary splendor is that Jessica is on her senior trip to Hot Springs and Little Rock, and Lamar is gone to spend the night with nephew, Danny. This is the second night I've been by myself, actually, since Jessica was out late on prom night, and left at 5 am on her trip, and Lamar had already spent the night with Danny last night, too. Danny's father-in-law had surgery Thursday and his wife is staying at the hospital with him for a couple of nights. He had a rough couple of days, but Danny said he's improving now, praise the Lord. Family, pray for him, he had to have a c
olostomy, and we still don't know how extensive the cancer is/was.

Okay, family, don't faint, but tonight I'm going to do girly things. You know, do my nails, bushhog the eyebrow (yes, if I don't really keep after it, I have a unibrow that goes from temple to temple!), pick out my dress for church tomorrow and all that jazz. I may (!) even put on makeup tomorrow morning! Shock, Shock!! I should make myself as presentable as possible if Jessica is actually going to be seen with me in public, don't you think?
Actually, in her defense, as far as I know Jessica never went through that phase that some teens do where they are ashamed of their parents, or at the least, don't want to look like they, you know, like to associate with them. I still have to study my Sunday School lesson, too. Lamar is going to church with his Mom for Mother's Day, and Jessica is going with me, so we will be going our separate ways tomorrow. I am looking forward to tomorrow, I really am.

Well, as I explained earlier, I will be gone most of the day on Sunday, so I don't know when I will be back to pester everyone here. I just noticed too, that this is my 99th post, so I suppose I will follow tradition and post 100 things about me for my next post. I only hope I can think of 100 things anybody else would even remotely be interested in knowing, LOL. I may alienate my family, much less my blogger friends who don't have that blood thing going on that means you HAVE to love me, we're related, LOL. So, anyway, once again, I want to wish everyone a HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY.


BooMama said...

Happy Mother's Day, Diane!

It makes perfect sense that you would write 100 things about you for your 100th post. Can't wait to read it!

Hope you have a wonderful day with your baby girl....

Sister said...

Happy Mother's Day! I hope you and Jessica have a wonderful day together...and that you got your "unibrow" bushhogged in time. :)

Barb said...

Happy Mother's Day, Diane. I can so relate to the bliss of a day alone. I love them...needs lots of alone time! I don't know about the men in my family - hubby just left to play golf and son-in-law left at 5 a.m. to go fishing on the Grand Mesa (a Grand Junction thing)> Son-in-law was smart enough to make sure my daughter found a dozen red roses on the dining room table when she woke up. She and I decided to get even with them for abandoning us on our day (like we care). We're going shopping!

Hope you have a wonderful day.

Jenny said...

Hey, Happy Mother's Day to you, too, Dianne! ... I'm envious for your day alone. Funny mental picture you gave me on the bushhogging. :)

green eyed girl on planet earth said...

Hello friend
Just got back , gone three weeks ! tired ,hungry and withdrawls are really bad for my pewter friends .I thought I would go a little shall I say , a little loopy !!!! but I survived, by the Grace of God , we are home safe and everything went well , darn medical people can sure drag out time like no one else ! It takes for ever , I know she has special needs and needs extra tunning and tweeking on her fitting but I was about to change my postal code tee hee .....Well friend I am starting to make my rounds and reading your blog I have caught up on most of yours now , love the pictures and the beans and potatoes or he he potatoes and beans blog! ice tea spilling everywhere , love the stories , must go and finish catching up with you , just want to say thanx for all the kind words on my blog , I am all a wiggly with excitement you never forgot me !!! take care , will be back soon
Greeneyes Happy Mothers day

Sue said...

Looking forward to reading 100 things about you. Hope you had an absolutely wonderful day with Jessica!

Brenda said...

Happy Mother's Day, Diane!

I would enjoy reading 100 things about you. May I remind you, in case you hadn't considered it, that we in fact ARE blood related? You know, being Christians and all. So, yeah, we kinda do HAVE to love you, but it's not like it's a hard thing - I mean, what's not to love? You bushhog your eyebrows for heaven's sake... gotta love that.

As for the alien thing - well, from the looks my teenagers give me, you'd think I had three heads or something. That, and the fact that I'm always telling my younger daughter "Phone Home!"

Looking forward to your 100th post!

"The Glenifer" said...

Happy Mother's Day Diane!

Meow said...

Happy Mothers Day Diane (sorry I'm late !!).
I hope you had a wonderful day.
Take care, Meow

Praying for your Prodigal said...

SMILE! Home ALONE! What a gift!

Way to take care of are a role model to all!


Connie and Rob said...

I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day. Sounds like you time by yourself was very therapeutic. What color did you choose for the nails??

Having furry friends is just the best. Your story telling about your cat and her injured feelings is just a hoot.

Can't wait to read your 100th post!

Take care,

Dick said...

It sounds like your Mother's Day was good. Mine was different, being my first without Annie.

Dolly will forget all about it. Cats seem to remember for awhile but then they go back to their loving relationship with us.

Jessica's life is going through one of our major changes & I am sure she really doesn't realize how big it is. She sounds like she has a good head on her shoulders so will get through it fine. After Friday she enteres a whole new part of her life. My baby is almost 32 so it has been awhile for us but life does change.

Thanks for your visits to my blog. If it is okay, I am going to add a link to your site to mine.

Diane said...

Have to make this a blanket comment since I'm so far behind in answering you all. :-)

Thank you all for your Mother's Day wishes. I DID have a WONDERFUL TIME, which I will tell about in my post later this evening. And Sister, yes, I DID get the unibrow bushhogged, thanks, LOL. ;-)

Dick, I'm honored that you want to link to my page. Thank you, and I'm sure you noticed you're already linked on mine. :-)

Okay, everyone, I have to go repot some flowers, then cook supper, then I will be writing a new post, hopefully.
Love y'all. :-)