Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Mother's Day and Prom Pics

I had mentioned that I thought this post would be my 100th, but this post is 99th, so the next one will probably be my 100 Things About Me post. I hope I can come up with that many things that won't put everyone instantly in a boredom-induced coma. Heck, it might even put me to sleep, LOL.

Onward to the pictures. That one to the left was taken at my church Sunday morning, just before Jessica and I left for lunch at Jonesboro. She's not really that much taller than me, she has on 3-inch heels with her skirt, and I have on flats. She took me to her favorite eatery, a place called Fat City Grill. I just know BooMama will get a kick out of the name. :-) It was actually pretty good. I got a steak and baked potato, and it came with a salad and California-style mixed vegetables, steamed. The veggies were just right, tender-crisp, not limp and lifeless like they are at some restaurants. I didn't have any room for dessert, didn't even ask what they had. The steak was really good, too, and A1 was the only steak sauce on the table, which is my favorite anyway. They had others on request for the heathens that like other brands, LOL. :-) But mercy sakes, they bring you a steak knife that resembles a Samurai sword to cut the steak with! That joker was 12 inches long, seriously! You had to be careful of your glass and other tableware when you carved your steak. One careless slice and you'd clear the table! I really enjoyed the meal, and especially the time with my baby girl. Besides the meal and the 2 dozen roses she brought me earlier, she gave me a really mushy card, a sterling silver, heart-shaped "MOM" pendant, and a "Chicken Soup For Every Mom's Soul" book. I love everything she gave me, but I enjoyed our time together as Mom and daughter the most, I think.

to the good stuff, as if that wasn't good enough. People, she took me joyriding with her and her boyfriend. I'll wait a minute for that to soak in for you.......Yes, my 18 year old daughter took me, her MOM, riding around with her and her boyfriend, Jason.........And we had FUN!!! Yes, indeedy, we did!! And I'm gonna get all sloppy here, but you know those rare times out of time, when a moment is just so magical, you know you'll remember it for the rest of your life? That evening was one of those times for me. Riding around with the windows open, the music cranked up, laughing at totally stupid stuff, and having the time of my life with my daughter and her crush. Did I mention I had the best time ever? 'Cause I totally did, y'all. I did. And I think I was paid a compliment, too. When we were at the quick stop filling up with gas, one of Jason's guy friends called Jason's cell phone and asked what he was doing. Jason told him he was about to go riding around with Jessica and her Mom. Apparently the friend laughed at Jason and talked about what an awful time he was in for and so on about having Jessica's Mom along for the ride. Jessica could hear both sides of the conversation and just smirked as she listened. Jason said his goodbyes and hung up and they went inside to pay. This was the first time Jason had spent very much time around me, so I don't really think he was exactly sure what he was in for himself. We sang along at the top of our lungs to all the songs we knew, and just generally goofed off and cut up. I'm still just a goofy kid at heart myself, and that is my kind of entertainment. I love the wind coming through the open windows, the music cranked up and just riding, at night especially. I've always been a cheap date that way, but with the price of gas these days, my kind of fun is getting more expensive all the time. We stopped on a deserted stretch of highway in the Bootheel of Missouri, just stopped in the middle of the road and turned the car off and got out to watch a big orange full moon rise over the trees. Lightning bugs were flickering all around us, away from artificial lights, and frogs were croaking from the fields on either side of the road. The only thing missing was Lamar, he spent the day with his Mom. I really needed someone to cuddle with right then, like Jessica and Jason were cuddling. It was so sweet, y'all. Like I said, it was one of those magical moments. Later on, I asked, "Are we having fun yet, Jason?" And listen to this: he said, "I'm having a GREAT time! Randy didn't know what he was talkin' about." He's so sweet, y'all!! He's my favorite 18 year old guy right now, LOL. ;-) I took lots of pictures to keep the memories alive, too.

And now I have some pictures of Jessica and Jason taken last Friday, May 12 at her Senior Prom for Bay High School. Sorry these are so dark, but I did the best I could with them. A photographer, I'm not. I like to try, but I'm more enthusiastic than talented when it comes to photography. A "photographer" is surprised when he has a photograph that occasionally turns out bad. I'm a "picture-taker" who is surprised when I occasionally have one that turns out good, LOL. :-) For these pictures, though, it might have helped if the subjects weren't chompin' at the bit wanting to get away from the sniveling Mama who wanted to take the time to "pose" them for pictures. I just hope the professional pictures turn out well. Graduation is this Friday at 7 pm, so I will be bawling and slinging snot with the best of them when my baby girl sings and gets her diploma. I'll try to get some pics if I can see well enough to focus the camera. It's gonna be a bittersweet time, I know.

Well, I need to post this and get some things done, so I will wish everyone a good Wednesday. I'll work on those 100 things and try to get that posted either tonight or Thursday. Peace and Love to all. :-)


Blessed Beyond Measure said...

I loved your story - telling us about stopping on the road to see the moon and the lightning bugs - any southerner was right here with you. Thanks for sharing it. Sounds like your moms day was the best!

Diane said...

Thanks, Bev,
It was great. :-)

Anonymous said...

Aunt Diane,Im glad that you had a great mother's day with Jessica Happy Mothers Day!!well i got some good news for you Sat,night Ron proposed to me and i said yes he asked mom of course first and the got down on one knee like a gentlemen and asked me right in front on Jon and Luci and mom and his mom oh it was so sweet oour date is set its July the 5 2006 and i wish dad could have been there were gonna have it in there back yard our wedding lol hehee but i love you so much and miss the daylights out of you all love dean,dean

Praying for your Prodigal said...

Grab those moments....steal those moments...they are precious and priceless! So glad you had such a great time with your daughter!

Have I ever much I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your writing style! You grab the reader at the get go.....and don't release us until the final dot!

Thanks for sharing with us.


Mike Goodwin said...

It sounds like you had a great time. That was a nice thing Jessica and Jason did for you. It must have been a lot of fun. I wish I lived in a place where I could just drive out and look at the open, clear, dark night, but I would have to go 100 miles from here to do that. Ah, the big city life. :-)

You truly are blessed with a wonderful family.

Sue said...

I loved reading the story of your Mother's Day! So many memories made that you'll be able to take out and relive over and over again...
Aren't those "California veggies" just the best? ;-)

Dick said...

I am glad that you had a nice day. Isn't it nice that our kids seem to get to where they really do want to spend some time with us as they grow up? The negative is that it is usually about the time they have grown to the point they leave the nest and we don't see them as often as in the past. It truly is a bittersweat time but it really is what we want. And, Grandkids are wonderful!

Diane said...

Dean Dean,
I am happy for you and Ron, and I hope you'll be happy together. Just let me know the details as it gets closer. Love y'all and miss you, too. :-)

I know they are precious, that's why I savor them so much, over and over. :-)
And I'm glad you like my writing....I didn't even realize I had a "style", LOL, I just write. ;-)

I had a WONDERFUL time, really I did, and it was FUN. Surely you wouldn't have to drive that far to get away from the city lights? And I am very aware of how blessed I am with my family. :-)

Thanks, and Yes, I do love those California-style veggies, LOL. Do they grow them anywhere near where you live there in sunny CA? ;-)

Yes, I agree. Just about the time Jessica is realizing that I am not just her Mama and can be a woman friend, she will be moving on to college and I won't get to see her nearly as much. I am going to really bask in our togetherness this summer as much as I can. And yes, we raise them with the intention of gently pushing them from the nest to become independent, and to become parents themselves, but it is a truly bittersweet time in our lives. I can't wait for the Grandkids, but in due time, hopefully after college, but I'm ready whenever God chooses for the right time. :-)

Hope you had a good visit to Spokane, Dick. Pet Huggy for me. ;-)

BooMama said...

Oh, I DO love the name of the restaurant. :-) But more than that, I love your description of riding around with Jessica and Jason - I could just picture those backroads, those lightning bugs, the whole bit. David and I used to go riding around all the time before the little man came along...I hope one day he'll let us tag along with him and his sweetie. Such wonderful memories...I know you SOAKED IT UP.

Diane said...

I thought you'd appreciate the restaurant name. ;-)

And I did soak up the moment---and the memories. :-)

Meow said...

What a great story. A wonderful day. Thank you so much for sharing. The photos are gorgeous, too. YOu are a very lucky woman, Diane. Take care, Meow

Connie and Rob said...

You and your daughter are totally cute together. Love your picture. It is wonderful that you have so much fun with her. She is a very smart girl cause these memories are going to stay with her forever too!

Take care,

Diane said...

Thanks for dropping by, and for the kind words. :-)

Thank you, too. I hope Jessica has as many great memories of me as I have of MY Mama. Thanks for coming by. :-)

Addie said...

What a great kid you got there taking you out with her! No wonder your so proud your bustin' your buttons.

Now, if I recall you promised me a sugar cookie recipe. That still open?

Diane said...

Thanks for the visit and the sweet comments.
Yes, the offer for the cookie recipe still stands. I'll try to get it typed either tonight or tomorrow. Where do you want me to post the link to the recipe, on here or your comments? Just let me know.

I'm working on 100 things about me for my 100th post right now. I don't think there ARE 100 things about me, honestly!! :-)

Lisa said...

I LOVE that she took you joyriding. We used to do that with my mom too (when we could fit her in the car! lol). That's awesome.

They look like a great couple - your daughter looked gorgeous! Congrats to her!

HolyMama! said...

loving the pictures, and WAY TO GO jessica for finding a guy that noticed how cool her mom is!!

Diane said...

Glad you like the pics, and Jessica is
IN LOVE right now, LOL. They are getting along like a house on fire at the moment. Ah, young love. :-)