Thursday, January 25, 2007

Surprise ! !

Anybody that's read my blog in the last week knows that I'm expecting a package from UPS at any time. I ordered a new printer/copier/scanner/fax and it should be here tomorrow according to the online tracking. So when the UPS guy in his brown uniform knocked on my door this afternoon I thought I had been such an exceptionally good little (!) girl that UPS had gotten the lead out and shipped it a day early. Cecil and Sue were here visiting today and all of us were excited and throwing guesses around about the mystery package.

I could tell the package was too small for the printer I ordered, and the first thing that came to mind was that the brown-uniformed guy had made a mistake and came to the wrong address. I had my "It can't be mine" speech ready. I knew I didn't have anything else ordered, but UPS-guy said that the package was indeed addressed to me.

Imagine my surprise when I saw this label on the package! I still couldn't figure out who might have sent the package. Even though it had my name and the correct address on it I was grinding brain gears and double-clutching, trying to compute the possibilities for likely gifters and coming up empty.

A little further investigation revealed a
label on top of the box. Can you read that?


Oh, my word! You should have heard the hen cackling amongst us! Who could have sent this wonderful gift? What blogging friends do we know that live in Tennessee? And how would they get my address? I'm not the paranoid type, but I don't exactly give out my address like Typhoid Mary passed out typhus germs. I've shared my address with only a few of my blogging friends. maybe they got my address from the online Yellow Pages. Or some well-maneuvered emails.

Not that it matters, I'm just overjoyed with the wonderful gift! Mysterious friends, Thank You so much for the honey-baked ham! A 10-lb. ham at that! Right now it's still a frozen pig-cicle but I guarantee when it thaws I will be feasting on honey-hammy goodness. I might even share a bit with others. If they're nice to me, that is.

Since my generous but mysterious readers who sent me this most welcome gift prefer to remain anonymous, I can't thank them personally, but please know that I am most appreciative and thankful for this gift. I am blessed beyond what I deserve by my dear friends. I have my suspicions as to whom my anonymous smoked-pig-leg donor might be, but knowing your identity isn't nearly as important as knowing that I am loved and blessed by your friendship. I only hope I am able to someday bless someone else as you've blessed me today. The measure of the love and grace you have shown me far outweighs the temporal value of this gift. I treasure all my blogging friends.

Y'all truly are THE BEST. My eyes are a bit wet and blurry as I type this.

And, THANK YOU AGAIN, Dear Anonymous Honeybaked Ham Donor, and may God bless you for your generosity towards me.
On a different note, I mentioned that Cecil and Sue were here today, which is very unusual for a Thursday. Cecil's regular days off from work are Monday and Tuesday, but she's been on vacation this week. Today during some of our gabbing and general silliness, we were discussing the various foods we dislike. One of us said it would be our luck to be visited by the Bad Food Fairy. In Cecil's case she said she would be visited by the Liver Fairy or the Chicken Gizzard Fairy since she heartily hates chicken gizzards as an adult despite devouring them by the bucket-full as a kid. I said it would be my luck to be visited by the Garbanzo Bean Fairy and the Eggplant Fairy since I despise both of those foods.

Here's where you come in. If the Bad Food Fairies visited you, bringing foods you dislike, which Fairies would leave an unwelcome gift on your doorstep? Would it be the Beef Tongue Fairy or perhaps the Chitlin' Fairy? Share with us in the comments which Bad Food Fairy would pay you a visit. I think there'll be some hysterical Food Fairies mentioned.

On yet another note, I'm happy to announce that Cecil, my baby sister, is joining the blogging family. Now my daughter Jessica, my sister Donna and my sister Cecil are all blogging. Jessica recently posted on her blog after a long dry spell for those who might be interested.

You can find Cecil's brand-spankin'-new blog HERE. I helped her set it up today and she still has some things to iron out so she may be tweaking on her blog for a while yet. After all, I've been blogging for almost a year and I'm constantly fine-tuning and making changes to my blog.

Cecil is getting acquainted with Demon Blogger, too. He has been especially exasperating today. Aaaaarrrrrgghhhh!! I've been experiencing some difficulties commenting on some of your blogs again, so if I haven't commented lately that's probably why. I've resorted to emailing in some cases and if it doesn't resolve soon I'll probably be doing even more emailing when Demon Blogger won't allow me to comment.

Grrrrr! Blogger. It's always something.

Welcome to Bloggityville, Sis, and happy blogging. If you feel inclined I know Cecil welcomes your visits and comments. My blogging friends are THE BEST, as I stated earlier.

My love to all of you, dear blogging friends and family. May God meet all your needs and bless you with enough to share, as someone so lovingly and generously shared with me.

I am truly blessed.


Susie said...

What a wonderful surprise to receive in the mail! Diane, I honestly can't think of anyone in blogland who is more deserving. You bless us all just by being your sweet self!

green eyed girl on planet earth said...

A honey of a ham for a honey of a woman !!! no one deserves it more ! save me a piece ,ok well at least think of me while you have a bite , I am green with envy! It looks so delish!
what a nice surprise for a wonderful YOU!you touch people hearts just by being you ,, hope you enjoy , I BET YOU WILL ! yum Yum
If I give you extra hugs can I have the bone for soup LMAO

Loves ya girl and BSH just for you ox


Janice (5 Minutes for Mom) said...

What a WONDERFUL surprise! The blogosphere is just so wonderful!

Thanks for commenting today on my great news - I appreciate your thoughts and prayers!!! :)

Janice (5 Minutes for Mom) said...

PS - so glad you are coming to our party! :)

Blessed Beyond Measure said...

Whoever sent it knows you'll do more with it than any of us can imagine. I can already imagine the smells coming out of your kitchen....

Barb said...

Boy, Diane, my very first thought when I saw that ham was look at that nice bone! I know there's a big pot of some kind of soup in your near future. Lucky you. I've never had a honey baked ham - although every year, at Christmas, I consider it - but they're so expensive. What a wonderful gift.

If the bad food fairy visited me she'd be the lamb fairy. I cannot even bear the smell, much less the taste, of lamb. Blech blech blech.

If the good food fairy visited me, she'd bring salad - any kind of salad - I love salad and dive head first into it. :-)

I simple do not understand why people eat any type of internal organs for Pete's sake. Gizzards. I do NOT think so! I'd rather eat boiled bird beaks.

Enjoy that wonderful gift. Aren't our friends just the best? I'll never know who sent me that Amazon gift certificate a couple of months ago. But what a fun mystery!


Jean said...

It would be the Lima bean fairy or the Red sweet pepper fairy! I have to pick them both out. Every prepared food I buy has red pepper in it!

Big Mama said...

Oh I have ham envy! I love Honeybaked Hams, what a thoughtful gift.

If the bad food fairy visited me she would bring Twizzlers and boiled chicken still on the bone. It just grosses me out and keeps me from making homemade chicken and dumplings.

Tammy said...

wow...that ham looks good and when your done munching make some soup beans and cornbread...whoohoo!!
I have to say it would scare me just a teensy bit not knowing who it was from...but I guess they had very good intentions!!
My bad food fairies would bring me hominy and tuna casserolle...bleck!!
Can't wait to welcome some more of your family members to our circle!!

Kristen said... that was such a sweet surprise!! How fun!

Mine would be the brussel sprouts fairy or the fish fairy....or the liver fairy....

RennyBA said...

What a lovely post! My mouth is watering and then the excitement of reading about all your blogger family - woow!
Hope your all having a great weekend as you know we have with in-laws from US visiting Norway:-)

Dawn said...

I knew Blogger was keeping you away - glad he (has to be he, eh?) let you through this time.

The liver n onions fairy would come to be door with bad news, though I've never tried it! Just the thought makes me turn green (and not with envy). I know there are other things, but can't think of them right now.

The soup at the end of the ham is going to be great too! I always use my ham bone to make my hubby split pea soup. He loves it. I've learned to like it as well. I'm sure it's on somebody's bad fairy list.

Linda said...

What a lovely surprise Diane. I am so glad they did that for you. Noone could deserve it more.
As for the Bad Food Fairy - if she showed up with asparagus or okra or liver I would be one unhappy camper. I'm not nearly as picky as I was when I was a child. I wouldn't eat a thing!!! I've outgrown that - if you know what I mean.
Have a great weekend Diane.

curious servant said...

First time here... I see a couple of familiar faces in the comments.

I like your writing style. It made me smile.

Sister said...

How fast can you make me a Dagwood ham sandwich? I'll be right over. :)

Licorice. I like everything but licorice.

kansasrose said...

YES! DIANE, Thank you Lord for friends! You be blessed with a Tennessee genuine smoked honey ham and I be blessed with my state flag of Kansas from a friend in Pennsylvannia..isn't life a beautiful mystery Diane? And friends are one of the joys and blessings of this life! You enjoy that ham honey! How will you be fixin' this? Long may that old Kansas flag WAVE and that Tennessee ham to an Arkansas Sweetheart sizzle in the oven! Mmmmmm! Loveyasweetie, KR

kansasrose said...

Ham and beans beans and slow cook it with some chicken broth and beans and yellow onions and ya got some dang good fixins...( this is how my momma made a ham on the bone) xxxooo

Granny said...

I can almost smell that ham from here. Aren't our blogging friends wonderful?

Food I'd least like to be stuck on a desert island with an unending supply of? Has to be canned spinach. I like fresh when I cook it and I like it chopped into things like soup or dip. I like it in salad. But canned? Nope.