Saturday, January 27, 2007

Sunday Dinner, January 28, 2007

This will be short and sweet tonight. Jessica and Jason are here and I want to spend a little time with them. And our Sunday Dinner is going to be simple.

Remember that Honeybaked Ham some anonymous friends sent me? We're having ham sandwiches. And if there's anybody who'd rather have baloney, I have some of that. Although who would turn down Honeybaked ham for baloney, I have to wonder about their mental state.

That's it, unless somebody else brings something to contribute or someone robs a bank and takes me out to eat for Sunday Dinner.

Your turn now. What are you cooking tomorrow? Going to Grandma's? What's she serving? Going out to eat? Where, and what do you plan to order. Share your plans in the comments.

Still working on the new printer. I think it's doing a little better, but still not as good as it should be.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend. My love to you all, and may God bless you with all you need and enough to share.


Barb said...

Beef stew! And apple cake. But....not just any old apple cake. Jules at Everyday Mommy sent me the recipe for Paula Deen's apple cake and it's decadent. You can bet if it comes out as great as it sounds, you'll be hearing mor about it. LOL

Boy, your ham sounds wonderful. I've heard Honeybaked is just about the best ham you can get. Lucky you!

Jen said...

Enjoy your time with Jessica and Jason. We've just finished our Sunday dinner here we had a salad and strawberries as its summer here in New Zealand.

Jen said...

Oh and how did you get your bible gateway thing in your sidebar. I cant get it on my blog. Help please.
I love this bible site

Granny said...

Still planning on the leftover lasagne although I may get ambitious and do some kind of brunch instead of letting the kids fend for themselves during the day.

Susie said...

Hi Diane,
We are having roasted pork loin with carrots, and red potatoes. I'll make a salad to go with that. I'm still thinking about a possible dessert.
Glad you're enjoying that ham. It certainly makes for wonderful leftovers, doesn't it??

Tammy said...

I'm having my 7 can soup...the Rotel will add just enough kick to help my poor sinus's I'm thinkin'!!

Blessed Beyond Measure said...

I'm making the potato soup Dianne at Unfinished Work posted this week. Threw it in the crockpot, add to it some bag salad, and that's it. It's snowing here, so soup is perfect.

Alex said...

You're braver than I am, not sure I would eat food sent to me by anonymous "friends"! Hope your weekend is a good one too.

PEA said...

I'd love one of your ham sandwiches please:-) We'll be having leftover Chinese food that we ordered last night for dinner. It's a good thing I don't have to cook again because I'm feeling pretty yucky with my cold. Hugs xoxo

Linda said...

Just the same old steak, potatoes and salad here. Are we in a rut or what?
Have a good visit with the kids.

Dawn said...

I fixed the turkey we got for Christmas from DC's company. It was delicious - and lots of left overs. We had mashed potatoes and gravy, mixed vegetables, crescent rolls, and pineapple upside down cake.

We had a wonderful singspiration tonight with 3 churches getting together. I'll tell more about it on a future blog, I believe. I finally finished my 100!

Anonymous said...

I just love ham so very much. I must get this from my father (being southern). Of course the saltier the better.

Hope you enjoyed your visit with your kids.

Thanks for the birthday wishes. You are a good friend.


Kristen said...

Have (or had I should say) a great time with Jessica and Jason. :-)

Wish someone would anonymously send me a ham. LOL. Sounds fantastic.

We went to my mom's house for lunch yesterday and she fixed turkey and all the fixin's. It was great.

Cecil said...

Yes, Diane, it has been a while since I had a bad attack, but I certainly made up for it this time. This one put me out of commission a few days... hope to be up and about you...Cecil

Yellow Mama said...

First of all congrats on the nomination.

Secondly...Sunday dinner was prepared by other hands than mine. We ate at church at a new members luncheon. It was so preparation...just good conversation and new faces to meet!

Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog; not sure though I could or would eat a ham that I received in the mail from an anonymous sender. This is 2007 you know and anything could happen.

Sunday dinner at my house was a trip to Bonanza in Pocahontas, and it was so good. There just isn't that many Bonanzas around Northeast Arkansas anymore. I am not sure if it was really good or if it was just because I haven't ate at a Bonanza in such a long time.

But anyway, keep blogging, and as soon as I can figure out how to set up a BLOG, I'll get in the blogging groove.

Donna from Newport

zzop357 said...

Hey Donna from Newport,I'm Dianes sistr frm Harrisburg.I just started blogging,It's no big deal.Just dive right in.If you don't like it you can delete it. I hae juggled mine and turned itevery which way.It's the only way to learn.Give it a try.You'll like it.

zzop357 said...

Sorry,my name is Donna too.

Greeneyes said...

Hi there Sweet Diane ,
Ham Ham Ham green eggs and Ham , ham with HAm ,,,,,hehehe
sounds yummy ,I luv ham ,so many ways to serve it up ! you lucky ducky !
Sorry to hear of your printer troubles , sounds liked dried ink cartridges , hope it all works out , if not give em heck for selling to ya , and making my friend wait so long and be disappointed ! ;0(

luv ya girl
Big Squishy Hugs
Miss G