Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Finally...SNOW ! !

The weather geeks finally got it right!

I took the first two pictures Wednesday afternoon about 2:30 pm. The snow had just started.

Notice the silly shrub that's bloomin' it's fool head off? (Not that shrubs have heads, but anyway...) That's my flowering quince and it's been blooming for over a month now. Understandable, really, since the weather has been so warm it's kept
everyone confused, people and plants alike. Last week it was almost 70 degrees and today it barely made it above 20 degrees.

The next picture was taken about 10:30 pm, and at that time there was about 3 inches on the ground. Look at the difference between the second picture and the last. That's the same bush.

Jessica and Jason came up this afternoon
to help me with a project I've been trying to get done for over 6 months, and just never could find a good time.

Bless 'em, they helped me sort through my kitchen cabinets and put everything back. Well, everything I kept, that is. They took home a huge trash bag of plastic bowls and "stuff", for lack of a more descriptive term, plus a big box of china and glassware. It's
hard to believe the amount of stuff that was in those cabinets before we started on this project. No wonder I could never find anything in that jumbled up mess!

Besides what Jessica took with her, I threw away a 30-gallon trash bag full of stuff, and I have another 30-gallon bag of plasticware and bowls, etc. for family to sort through. Lots of etcetera. Then there's a big heap of glassware and dishes for the
family to look at.

Looking at what I threw away, gave to Jessica and have for the rest of the family to look through, you wouldn't think I'd have anything left, but I have plenty of dishes still yet.

One problem I have is that Lamar is over 6 feet tall and I'm barely 5'3. I can't reach anything in the top shelves of my cabinets without getting out the step-stool, which absolutely kills my knees, so I avoid it as much as possible. Lamar does most of the dishwashing and putting up the clean dishes, and there lies the problem for me.

When I was still able to do the dishes and put them up, I only kept rarely used and seasonal dishes in the top shelves. I kept my Christmas dishes and big platters, stuff I only use occasionally in the top shelves. I kept things I use daily down on the lower
shelves. Lamar's system is to put it wherever he can get it, even if he has to cram it in the shelf and slam the door on it before it falls out on his head.

Now I'm very thankful for his help in the kitchen, don't get me wrong, but for some reason this system just doesn't work well for me. Especially when it's my head things are falling out on.

So right now, as of this minute, there is absolutely nothing in the top shelves over my washer and dryer. Nothing.

Until Lamar gets back from Texas, that is. He's there visiting his brother and Dad and going to a huge Superbowl party this weekend. But he'll be back next week, and I just know that it won't be very long at all before he has those top shelves full again. But a
t least I've got stuff thinned out so that even if/when he starts filling up the top shelves again I should be able to see what I need. That way I can holler, "Lamar, come get this down for me, please!"

Hopefully, this system will work better for both of us. For a while, anyway.
Jessica and I had already made plans to do the kitchen project today when the snow became a reality. I hated for her and Jason to be on the roads in the snow, but they were determined to get out in it anyway, so I asked them to stop by the store and get me some bread, a gallon of milk and some canned milk. Why canned milk, you might ask? Why, for snowcream, of course!

Jessica wasn't even in the door good before she was clamoring (gee, that's a good word, ain't it!?) for snowcream. At that time there was only a good dusting on the ground, maybe an inch or so. Not even enough to cover the grass and bird doo, so I told her I'd make it after we got done with the cabinet project, if the snow was deep enough. The whole time we were working on cleaning out the cabinets she bugged me, wanting to know if it was time to make the snowcream. Sometimes it's hard to believe she's going on 20 years old. She acts more like 4 or 5.

Have you ever had snowcream? We love it, and Lamar would rather have it than homemade or store bought icecream. (Ha! He's in Texas, missing this snow!)

Here's an easy recipe for snowcream:

1 egg, well beaten
¾ cup sugar
dash of salt
2 teaspoons of good vanilla
12-ounce can of evaporated milk, such as Pet or Carnation

Combine in a large bowl and whisk well until the sugar is dissolved, then start adding clean, fresh snow. Mix as you add the snow, until it's the consistency you like. This will serve 2 or 3 generously, or more if you're not pigs like us.
In the midst of the cabinet cleaning frenzy my telephone rang, and much to my surprise, it was Tammy, Kentucky Gal! I hope I didn't give her the impression that I didn't have time to speak to her. We didn't talk long, but I fully intend to call her back for a longer conversation very soon. I was anxious to get those cabinets done and the snowcream made and consumed so the kids could get home before the roads got any worse. I fear I gave dear Tammy the impression I didn't want to talk to her, and if I did, I'm very sorry. I enjoyed our brief talk and I'm going to call her back soon so we can talk longer next time.

I've talked, emailed and snailmailed with several of my blogging friends and I've yet to be disappointed after getting better acquainted. Anybody that's read my blog for any length of time knows that I'm about as open as it gets, so I don't mind sharing my address and phone number with some of my blogging friends.

It's getting late and I'm getting tired, so I'm going to publish this and put the blog to bed for the night. I'll try to get some more pics of the snow tomorrow, especially if we get more like the weather geeks are forecasting.

My love, and blessings to all.


nashty said...

you mean it oesn't snow in Texas?

I WANT SCHNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nashty said...

its just raining here everyday. I'm going to think of it as melted snow. sniff.

Merle said...

Hi Diane ~~ This post is so like my circumstances, except for the tall husband. I cannot reach any high cupboards, and my saucepan one, I usually have to feel my way around. Bending and looking only if desperate. My daughter-in-law has been known to sort them out for me, and I often give away or throw away
heaps too. Take care, Love, Merle.

Judith said...

Congrats on the snow. We could make a lot of what did you call it, snow-cream here.

Nice, the kids coming over. and even nicer they helped with the kitchen stuff.

I couldn't believe how much I dragged to the other side of the mountain. Made sure I didn't bring a lot of it back.

Glad you're doing well. Peace, Judith.

mombo said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for the recipe. My mom made it ONCE when I was a child - the only time we had enough snow in D/FW to make it w/o unwanted ingredients. She no longer knows the recipe so I thought it was lost. I have been known to hoard plastic containers as well, but this move has made us all purge a great deal. Ultimately I think it will be a very good thing. Just a bit afraid I'll throw away something I'm going to need later.

Barb said...

When we moved from the other side of the mountains to this side, I absolutely purged my kitchen. My cabinets are still completely full but there's not overflow in the garage shelves. Or in the basement (we don't have a basement now). It felt wonderful. All the stuff I kept is the important stuff!

Your snow is so pretty and yes, my dad made snow cream when we got the very rare snow in southeast Texas. I had it maybe three times when I was growing up but it's something so special, you never ever forget it.

I'm sure Tammy understands. I've had the same thing happen. Sometimes you're just up to your eyebrows in something when the phone rings. I know you two will connect for a nice long chat soon.

I myself sure enjoyed talking to you and she will too!

OK, off to the therapist to learn how I'm supposed to torture poor Rob three times a day for the next three months! LOL

Susie said...

Snowcream is not a recipe this CA girl ever heard of..
Sounds interesting, but that would mean I needed that one ingredient we don't have!
Glad you got your cupboards clean. Due to my being 5'10" no cabinet space is unused at my house!!
I'm sure Tammy understood about being busy. The same thing happened during one of our phone calls to each other...

Tammy said...

Hey Di, that's just a chance I took calling you by surprise like that...I mean you might not have been was just a whim...but I really do look forward to a long ol' chat...I love those...when the kids were little my best friend used to make the snow cream...all of the kids loved it!!

Big Mama said...

Well, now I am dying to try snowcream but I'm betting that there's not much chance of that for me down here in South Texas.

Oh well, a girl can dream.

Praying for your Prodigal said...

I don't know which to do first:

Ask you for your address and phone number!!! :)

Make snowcream

OR purge my own kitchen cupboards, or the more urgent closet!


PEA said...

Hi Diane:-) At 5'3" and being the only one who does dishes and cooking, I've got my cupboards organized the way I want help anyone who screws it up! lol

Snowcream...I had never heard of that and here I am with tons of snow every winter!! I'll have to try that one day!

It is indeed wonderful when we can talk on the phone with a blogging friend:-) The last one I talked with was Susie and we tend to forget how long we've been on the phone! lol Love it!!

Take care and stay warm!! Hugs xoxo

RennyBA said...

I'm so happy you finally got the lovely winter weather and snow as we got 14 days ago in Norway!
Your SnowCream sounds delicious!

Btw: Thanks for charing your winter Olympics experience from 1980 in your comments on my 1994 games in Norway:-)
I so much remember Eric Hyden took all four medals in speed skating then!

Linds said...

Hi Diane... I am here from Morning Glory's place, and I have been reading through your archives.I can't believe I have not been to visit before. I see you all over the place! Snowcream sounds wonderful, but we seldom get any snow here. I will try it in Switzerland when I go again. I will be back!

Krista said...

COULD YOU PLEASE SEND SOME SNOW OUR WAY..(Longview Tx) It just isnt fair... I want snow! Thanks for your comments on my site and for the hints of blogs to read I will definitely be checking those sites out soon! I love this world...

TorAa said...

Your posts are allways so rich of daily life we can allmost follow every step you take.
When your son is back, tell him to buy you a helmet - for kitchen use - and store it on the upper shelfes. With a little traing the helmet will nicely jump down and find its exact place comfy and secure on your head.

When I was a kid, just after WW2, we too loved this kind of "icecream". There were no real icecream to buy in the shops, we lacked everything, so this was the only icecream we knew about.

Stop. This comment is long enought.

You are a great blogger.

Linda said...

Doesn't it feel good to get a job like that taken care of? I love it when I actually get something like that accomplished. Then I feel like I can sit down for several hours with a good book or something:)
The recipe for snowcream sounds scrumptious. However, I don't think we'll be getting snow here any time soon.
And yes Clamoring is a great word.
Take care Diane!!

Sioux said...

Your snow looks just like ours today here in Mineral Wells, Texas, BUT looks like yours stuck...our temp never got down under 35˚...I love the snow!

Tammy said she had a nice visit with you, too. That's great! I'm always amazed at the wonderful people I have met through the 'net!

Dawn said...

I don't remember ever getting snow when I lived in Arkansas. It's going to be REALLY cold tomorrow - a high of 8 degrees F.

Greeneyes said...

Hi Lady Di ,

Snow , you call that snow!!!! I'll show ya snow , bring that vanilla over here and we can eat for 6 months of the year and Lamar can have some too , He can help with the dishes too ! LOL
I know what it is like to be short and cannot reach things, hopefully nothing falls out on your head for a while !TEEHEE
I am kidding about your snow , at least you got a little , If I could I send you a tractor load , fresh and fluffy.
I may try that snow cream , you gave me the recipe before , sounds yummy.
I guess your next step is to make snow angels LOL
Hope all is well with you and your Knees are not acting up to much with the weather change ,loves ya Diane.

Jen said...

Bless Jessica and Jason for helping you

Ive never had snowcream. Only lived for 2 yeara of my life where its snows for that matter.

Lee-ann said...

snowcream sounds like the nicest thing I have ever heard of to eat yummo!!!!

but if I want snow here hehehehehe!!!!! I will have to look in the freezer would that work lol lol just kidding.....but it does sound yummy.

Your kitchen makeover sounds a great idear too I always enjoy very much your blog page even if I do not leave a comment all the time.

Diane have a lovely day.

Judith said...

Diane, Good hearing from you. Hope you're having a day filled with special blessings. More later, Judith

Yellow Mama said...

I climb...I'm just over 5 feet, and about snow...we got some...but I don't eat yellow snow even if it is coloring!

Rose said...

Lovely shrub. How to nice to have it blooming and snowcream sounds yummy.

Rachel said...

How nice to get the cabinets all cleared out. It's amazing how we accumulate things isn't it? The cottage cheese container gets empty and I think I need to keep it. Then I check and see I already have a few, so I toss it, but it's hard at times!! LOL

The snow is pretty. We got about an inch this morning. Going to be a cold week!

Lyndy said...

Oh Diane you just brought back has been years since I have had snowcream but boy is it yummy.

We had a dusting of snow and ice yesterday but it is all gone now.

I also know what you mean about Lamar, as my sweetheart is 6'4 and I am 5'1, so he sees things on a totally different level than I do. (lol)

Have a great weekend.

Alex said...

ha! Sno FINALLY? we've had it for about 2-3 months now. We're about to around 3-4 feet!
Looks nice too.

Lisa said...

Snowcream? Get out of here. In all of my years of living in snow for half of the year, I'm shocked I never heard of it! If ours wasn't so dirty and rock hard right now, I may have just tried it. :)

My husband is 6'1 or 2", and I'm 5'2", so I completely understand!!