Saturday, July 29, 2006

4 Things Meme & Some More Stuff

Four Things you may not have known about me.....

A. Four jobs I have had in my life:

1. cotton chopper
2. live-in baby sitter
3. clerk in a Western wear store
4. people pay me for my hot pepper jelly, pickles and for my baked goods sometimes

B. Four movies I would watch over and over

1. The Dirty Dozen

2. Top Gun
3. John Wayne westerns & war movies
4. A Bug's Life or Ice Age

C. Four places I have lived

1. Trumann, Arkansas, US

2. Jonesboro, Arkansas (the live-in baby sitting job)

3. Bay, Arkansas
4. nope, nowhere else

D. Four TV shows I love to watch:

1. Dirty Jobs on Discovery Channel

2. Antiques Roadshow on PBS

3. Good Eats with Alton Brown, Food Network

4. anything to do with animals, weather, nature or geology

E. Four places I have been on vacation:

1. The Ozark Mountains, Arkansas

2. Daytona Beach and Destin, Florida

3. Branson, Missouri

4. Eureka Springs, Arkansas

F. Websites visited daily:
1. My friend's blogs

2. My blog

3. Yahoo, for my email

4. Yahoo and MSN messenger, to chat with Jessica and other family and friends

G. Four of my favourite foods:

1. Seafood, especially shrimp
2. steak
3. fried catfish

4. cheesecake

H. Four places I would rather be right now:

1. meeting and visiting my blogging friends

2. camping at Gunner Pool, in the Ozark Mountains

3. riding around with Jessica, Lamar and Jason, listening to music and laughing (or anybody else...okay, you can come along, too!)

4. at Green Eyes' cabin on the beach in Newfoundland, Canada (Green Eyes can even come along, it'll be more fun that way!)


I got this meme from Green Eyes in an email and I thought I would use it here on the blog. I sent it to 4 other people after I completed it, as instructed. I told them that I was using it as a meme on my blog, but I don't know if they'll use it this way or not. I didn't tag anyone, but feel free to tag yourself if you like this one or just need something to blog about. I know what it's like when the muse is on vacation and you're struggling for something to blog about.

The closeup shot of the pink zinnia I used for the meme badge was taken by Jenn. She lives in Nashville, Tennessee and if you like animals and flowers, you'll love her blog. She is also Ryan Vaughan's sister. Ryan is our weather guy from KAIT8, our local ABC affiliate. He's linked under Ryan Vaughan. Jenn's blog is linked in my sidebar under Glen and Jenn. If you haven't already visited her, she's worth your time, and she has a wicked sense of humor. Ryan blogs about the weather, duh, and his 2 adorable boys, and various and sundry things.

Now, as for me and my house, it's been a busy week. Between making peach jam,
cleaning and purging and getting some of my pics done for BooMama's Bloggity Tour of Homes it's been pretty hectic around here. Praise the Lord for the rain we've had the last few days! It's been desperately needed and the break from the torrid heat has been welcome. As I look out the window next to my blogging desk, it looks like the grass has grown at least a couple of inches since the rain started. I sure am glad that's the landlord's responsibility and not this old fat girl's! I'm not able to mow it, and I couldn't afford to hire it done, so I guess I'd have to find somebody willing to mow it for homecookin'.

Speaking of cleaning and purging, Jessica and I did get my outside utility room cleaned out and rearranged Thursday. We got everything put back just as it started raining, thank the Lord. I can even see the floor in there now, and I can get to almost everything in there without having to move something else, which is nothing short of miraculous. Jessica carried a hugemongous pile of stuff out by the street, and people were stopping all day and carrying stuff off. It was great! Some of the stuff was pure-dee old JUNK, but some of it was still perfectly good and useful, just no longer wanted or needed. I discovered that I had 4, count 'em, 4, half-gallon water jugs, the plastic insulated ones like for picnics or fishing! I kept 3 of them, y'all. I grew up very poor by most standards, and I struggle with my Pack-Rat-Itis genes to make myself throw or give some things away. I just know when I throw something useful away, somebody, (usually me!) is going to need it. I did give away a 20 year-old perfectly good coffee maker without a pot. Of course, I still have 2 4-cup coffee makers out there, double wrapped in plastic bags....Because, um, you never know....So far nobody I've asked needed a 4 cup coffee maker, but they're almost new, so I hate to throw them out. Maybe next cleaning and purging binge I can let them go, too. So I have water jugs and coffee makers if anybody needs one....or 2.... For some reason, Sting's "Set Them Free" is running on my personal music player in my head.... ;-)

For those of you who want to participate in my comments, I'm sharing my Sunday Dinner plans. I'm making my Crockpot Chicken and Dressing (third recipe down) and some garden purple hull peas, which I have to shell sometime this evening. I think some instant potatoes and green peas will round it out. I made another peach cobbler last night, but Jessica and Jason were here, so I don't know if any survived or not, I'll have to look. Probably not, or not much. I may add something else or make a dessert, but I still have peaches, watermelon and canteloupe, so I'm thinking those will do for anyone who still has room for something sweet after dinner. Okay, if you want to share your plans and/or menu for Sunday, shout it out in my comments.

Those peas need shelling, as well as some other things done in preparation for tonight's supper and tomorrow's dinner, so I'd better get it done. Wishing everyone a blessed weekend, with precious family, good food, and good friends. May God meet all your needs, dear family and friends.


Paulette said...

Yummmmmo Crockpot chichen and dressing. Tomorrow after Church I am fixing a rather easy dish. I buy the frozen egg noodles and put chicken and broth in them and it makes the most lucious chicken and noodles. They taste somewhat like chicken and dumplings but I think better. Ill add a salad, and green casserole as well.
This is fun. Blessings

Paulette said...

That was green bean casserole lol

mombo said...

I'm going to get a spiral ham to bake. Add new potatoes and green beans with some onion and bacon. Top it off with a strawberry shortcake and a big glass of iced tea and we have the prelude to a great nap!

Tammy said...

Hey Diane...thanks for the hilarious email...I needed a good laugh!!
I'm gonna have to try some of your recipes they sound for me I made amish noodle stoganof, green beans and fresh corn on the cob for supper with fresh tomatoes (from the farmers market, mine aren't ripe yet) and cantelope for dessert...tomorrow will be oven chops and squash casserole and lima's and Merle threw a cravin' on me for some sweet carrots so I may make them...oh and cornbread, I've been cravin some cornbread, oh and I gotta remember I've got a devils food cake mix...hubby's favorite...need to make that....then next weekend my daughter and family is I'll need to do some planning for that...busy, busy,
You are so sweet and such a big heart...blessin's right back at ya, sister!!

Diane said...

I like noodles fixed that way, and we like green bean casserole, too. Had it for supper not too long ago.

Thanks for sharing. :-)

Mombo, that sounds great, and I cook my green beans and potatoes exactly like that sometimes. Matter of fact, I have some fresh garden Kentucky Wonder green beans to string right now, and those purple hull peas I mentioned in my post. :-)

I won't get a nap, though. I almost ALWAYS have family over on Sunday afternoon, and I love it.

Thanks for sharing your menu. :-)

You're welcome, I thought it was funny, too! ;-)

Your dinner sounds wonderful! You DO cook big for only you and hubby to be there most Sundays. Or will the kids be home?

Thanks for sharing, now I'm starving! We're having fried catfish, fries and hushpuppies. I'm waiting on the fish to thaw. Last time I checked it was still one big fish-cicle, LOL. :-)

PEA said...

Oooooh I wish my veggie garden was ready but alas it won't be another couple of weeks yet before it is. We have a very late garden season here in Northern Ontario...the only thing ready is the zucchinis and rhubarb! When the first crop of peas is ready, I always make Creamed Peas...just make a white sauce and put cooked peas in it...serve on top of potatoes...yummmmy! Ever try that? Today we had leftover Chinese Food and I haven't even thought of what to make tomorrow yet!! Big Hugs to you Diane xoxo

Alex said...

mmmm food!
I think I will usint that meme as posting material

Lisa said...

Peach jam.. Oooooh.. would love the recipe!

Sue said...

Your dinner sounds so good.
Tomorrow is my Grandpa's 98th birthday party, so it's pizza. (Lots of desserts too, including Pea's pineapple cake! You'll be able to read the details when I get the post done.
Enjoy the weekend. I love your Sunday dinner theme.

Jeff Weir said...

I think my plans for dinner are eating at a hotel Restaraunt. Not for anyone to feel sorry for me or anything though. Michelle and the kids are at her parents this weekend since I am out and I think we just might eat at your house after I get back. Just kidding. Sure sounds good. I know my Momma used to cook like that. Now she says she is too old to cook so we cook some extra and take it to Mom and Dad to share. Our garden tomatoes are doing very well this year though. Plenty of squash if you ever need any. Tell Lamar I said hi.

Diane said...

I don't have space for a garden and I wouldn't be able to work it if I did. My kind neighbors and family give me what fresh garden produce we get, and I buy some occasionally, but not often. I rarely need to.

I like creamed peas, but my hubby and daughter don't, so I don't make them often.

Have a blessed weekend, Pea, and
(((((hugs))))) to you, my friend. :-)

Uh....I just use the recipe on the back of the Sure-Jell box most of the time, LOL. ;-) Occasionally I'll cook it down with no jell stuff, but not often at all.

Blessings to you and yours, my friend. :-)

Happy birthday to your Grandpa!! And I saw Pea's pineapple cake recipe on her blog the other day. Let me know if it's as good as it sounded and looked. :-)

Have a good weekend, Sue, and God bless. :-)

Dinner at my house might can be arranged after you get home, LOL. :-)
I still cook every day, some days more than others. Sunday is family day at my house, but sometimes we eat out, and then come back here to the apartment to veg out until time for Sunday night services. Most Sundays I cook a big Sunday dinner, though. ;-)

So far we've had plenty of squash given to us, but thank you very much for the offer. I might take a pig if you have one to spare, LOL. ;-)
Just kidding. :-)

Take care, Jeff, and travel home safely. God bless you and yours. :-)

Naturegirl said...

I am always hungry when I visit your site stop it with all the delicious meals!! I always have room for you on my bench but the lilies are over on the other side of the garden we would have to take a stroll with your chicken and dressing!!

deandean1174 said...

that sounds really good,yummy i wish i could have some too,luci is with mom and dad for a week,then next week,i get jon,yall take care and god bless yall

Diane said...

Nature Girl,
I'll bring the dressing if you'll give me a guided tour, okay? :-)

Dean Dean,
You know where I live, and I've been to see you twice lately, so you owe me a visit. There should be plenty, so come on down. LOL ;-)

Love y'all, babe. :-)

RennyBA said...

Hi Diane and thanks for sharing your 4 things memo - It's alwasy good to know a bloger friend better and better you know:-)
Thanks for the dinner invitation, I'll be over right away!
Have a lovely Sunday and a great week ahead!

"The Glenifer" said...

Hi Diane! What a pretty pink zinnia! ;) Did you notice the ant at one o'clock?

Everyone's dinner plans sound delicious. We've got some pre-marinated teriaki chicken breasts that we're gonna bake and put in some salad. I think I'll make a Jello cheescake, too.

BTW, I love the saying from your earlier post about not being able to cuss a cat without getting hair in your mouth. I've never heard that one before.

Have a great Sunday!


Diane said...

Thanks for dropping by, and come on over, there's always enough to share. ;-)

Have a blessed Sunday and a wonderful week, friend. :-)

Why, Thank You for the comps on the flower, and Yes, I did notice the ant when I first borrowed *code for STOLE* it from you! LOL ;-)

Your dinner sounds delicious! I love the instant cheesecakes as well as the homemade ones.

My Mama and Grandma said that all the time about any small space in a house or shed, a small house trailer, closet, etc. I guess all my family uses that expression, and a lot of people around here, not just us. :-)

Blessings to you and Glen for a great Sunday and coming week, Jenn. :-)

green eyed girl on planet earth said...

Hey Diane
Great answers , and if you ever come to the rock , come on down!!!
I thought I was the human on the planet to watch "dirtiest jobs" hahahahahaha you are so funny ,love the way you write

Dawn said...

I didn't have to cook today - got to eat at our favorite Chinese restaurant with visiting missionaries from Argentina and our pastor and his wife. It was great fun. I usually cook for the whole gang - total chaos every Sunday. I feel totally relaxed today!

WendyWings said...

Hi I surfed here through BooMamas blog and just wanted to invite you to come and "audition"
over at my place, it is a regular monthly comment game we play over at Wendys Whimsies.
Hope to see you there , the more the merrier and you can play as often as you like over the time period.

Melli said...

Well boy howdy! I did surely learn all KINDS of stuff about you that I never knew before! (seein's how we just met) Something else I didn't know -- Antiques Road Show is STILL on??? I used to watch that years ago, but haven't seen it now in a long looong time! I love seafood too -- it's my favorite! I don't do fried catfish - but I love baked catfish - or best yet, catfish on the grill! Mmmmmm! ANY fish on the grill! And shrimp! Crab... lobster... oysters... (not on the gril... ) LOL! Now ya got me hungry! Well... I suppose you know Wendy asked me stop by here. I better get back though because ya know, if your number comes up and your not there, you go all the way to the ennnnnnnd of the line! ;) Good luck with the casting call!

Dave said...

Wendy sent me out for coffees for the crew, thought I stop by and say hi.

Larry said...

Here from Wendy's place . . .
Like your four things meme -- if you ever want a vacation, visit Vancouver, BC -- you won't be disappointed!

Big Mama said...

The crockpot chicken and dressing sounds so good! I'm going to try it one of these days. In fact, I think I'm going to try a lot of your recipes. They look so good!

Blessed Beyond Measure said...

You are still at the cleaning out! Wow. Look at you go. Isn't it funny what we hold on to, and the reasons we do. I get rid of almost everything, to a fault, but for some reason keep boxes to ship stuff. And magazines to clip articles. Guess we all have our list.

Supper last night was way better than usual: leftover king crab legs from dinner out the night before (we go out once when we camp...), steaks on the grill, green beans we bought at a fresh produce stand, fresh sliced tomatoes from same place, and peach cobbler (fresh peaches...). Completely fabulous. I already warned him tonight - frozen pizza...back to normal. But it was good for one night.

Dawn said...

Yes, the flash flood was a horrifying experience. I haven't seen it on t.v., but the memories are very, very fresh to this day. I took the day off today with NOBODY around, so it has been a great day! DC is on a business trip.

Mountain Mama said...

Talking about gardens and veggies reminds me of one of my mother's recipes.
When her garden was just beginning to produce, she would gather fresh peas, tiny carrots and baby new potatoes. The peas were shelled, and the potatoes & carrots peeled. These were then steamed until tender then she made a cream sauce for them, Sometimes she added a bit of green onion too. I still love this dish, especially with a thick slice of warm homemade bread and sweet cream butter. YUM!!!

Connie and Rob said...

So you love cheesecake too! It is my absolute favorite. I guess this Sunday I will be hunting down my favorite place to have some.

Take care,

Barb said...

Well, hello Diane,

I don't think that plumber on bloglines I got to stare at all day Saturday did his job up to par. The bloglines - they're still lyin' to us. I'm finding out there are lots of new posts out there that aren't showing up on my feed.

You crack me up, trying to clear things out and having such a hard time letting some things go. Funny, the stuff we get rid of and the stuff we just can't part with.

You about done with all that cleanin' and cannin'? If I were there I'd jump in and help you just so you could sit yourself down at that desk and write.

I'd love to stay and visit but I need to go find that crockpot chicken and dressing recipe.


Meow said...

The 4 things about me meme is great. It is doing the email rounds ... I have received it a number of times. It is an interesting way to learn more about someone.
Take care, Meow

Johnny said...

Most of you don't know this but Diane is one of the best horticultist in the state (along with doctoring, cooking, wisdom and more to numerous to name).
I found an odd looking flower growing in my yard and emailed a photo of it to her as a challenge to name it. Maybe she will put it up on her next blog for you to identify. By the way that girl Dean Dean still sounds like someone ringing a bell. Thanks fer letting me tipe on your paper. From an admiring BIL.

Barb said...

Starting to worry about you a little, Diane. Everything OK there?

Anonymous said...

When were you a clerk in a western wear store??? You'd think i'd know these things as your daughter......anyways...Love Jessica

Diane said...

It was from Oct. 1985 to Jan. 1986, the Holiday rush and returns. Your Dad and I met on Dec. 29, 1985. :-)

Mama wuvs 'er 'ittle baby, too. LOL ;-)

I love that you are FINALLY COMMENTING!

Granny said...

I liked Eureka Springs. I remember a church there built into the side of a hill (or a cliff?). Beautiful.

Branson hadn't really geared up when I left. My mil used to get over there fairly often in later years.

Granny said...


I like purple hulls but what I miss more here is the lady cremes. Unavailable here except in a can (not nearly as good).

Diane said...

I think you're talking about Thorn Crown Chapel, built into the side of a mountain, almost all glass. Only the roof and beams aren't glass. Beautiful! :-)

And it's almost impossible to find fresh cream peas here anymore. Or whippoorwill peas, or snow peas, or crowders. The older people who grew them and saved the seed from year to year have passed on and the younger crowd for the most part either doesn't garden like they used to, or only grow purple hulls and blackeyed peas. I love something called butterpeas and I can only find them in the freezer case at Walmart and Kroger. I grew up eating them but noone grows them anymore. Lots of garden stuff is hard to come by these days. I miss it, too.

Thanks for dropping by. :-)