Friday, July 28, 2006

Bloggy Tour Of Homes Is Here! ! !

Well, friends, it's finally here! BooMama's Bloggy Tour of Homes is happenin' as I type this. At last count there were 154 links on BooMama's post of bloggers participating in the 2006 Bloggy Tour. I think BooMama is blown away by the number of bloggers who are throwing open their doors to welcome us in to see their homes. I have already visited some of my friends I have linked in my sidebar who are participating and I was warmly welcomed and impressed with everyone's beautiful homes. There's still time to participate if you'd like to join us. Just get your post ready and link to BooMama's site.
Welcome, friends, come on in! I'm afraid my tour is going to be rather short today. I only have 3 pics to share due to some unforeseen circumstances. If you read back several posts, you'll see that I have been very busy with all the cleaning and purging, and the jam making I've been doing lately. I didn't get a chance to clean up my kitchen and living room to company standards before today, and now it's raining. Raining means my hubby is in residence today. Ever tried to clean house with the hubby in residence? It ain't happenin' today, folks. So......I'll give you the pics I have ready, and try to get the others done as soon as I can and share them.

That first photo above is the front of my apartment. If you click on the pic and enlarge it, you'll see t
hat even enlarged, my apartment is tiny by most standards. There are only 3 windows. The one you see to the left of the front door is in the living room/dining room. The one on the left is in my bedroom, and the back bedroom has a window. That's it for windows and natural light. It's 2 small bedrooms, kitchen, bath, living room, a miniscule inside utility room, and small (closet-size) outside storage room. As you enter through my front door, my entertainment center is on the right, and my recliner and couch is on the left. My sewing machine is just beyond the couch, behind my dining room table. No separate dining room for me, and my tiny kitchen wouldn't even begin to accomodate a table and chairs. If you proceed straight ahead, you go into my tiny kitchen. Mama said you couldn't cuss a cat in there without getting hair in your mouth. My washer and dryer are in the kitchen, too, so just use your imagination until I can get some pics in there. There is barely room for me to cook in there by myself, and two people have to hold their breath to squeeze by each other. Have you noticed that I keep using words like small, tiny, miniscule, little......

In the kitchen, you can go straight ahead again and out the back door, or make a left into the inside utility room. You remember, the utility room I had to empty completely out so the landlord could replace the leaking water heater? This is the same room with all my groceries and pantry stuff put back. It's a little out of ord
er, but back in place nonetheless.

Back through the kitchen, if you turn beside the dining table, there's a short hallway. From the hallway, you can go straight ahead into the tiny bathroom, or left into the extra bedroom, formerly Jessica's room, or right into my bedroom. When Jessica moved out, I took over the spare bedroom as my own personal dressing room and blogging space. I moved all my clothes and shoes in there, along with my clothes in the dresser and the stuff off the other dresser.

I got a shot of my computer desk and chair so everyone could see where I do all my bloggin'. If you click on that pic, you'll see all the clutter you want to ever see in one place. It may look unorganized to everyone else, but I honestly know where everything is and I can lay my hands on anything I need in just a second. The nice lady who gave me this hard drive will probably recognize it in this pic. For those among you who are especially observant, you might have noticed that I have 2 hard drives and 2 monitors. That's because my digital camera and scanner are too old to be compatible with this Windows XP, so I use the old computer for those functions, then copy to a disc and transfer to this computer. Hey, I'm just grateful to have the things I have. It's worth the little extra effort to load and scan my pics. This setup won't be valid for very much longer, because I'm going to be moving my desk back across the room where I used to have it. Jessica insisted on moving her bed a while back, which meant I had to move my computer desk. I really liked the way I had it set up then, so now that she's moved out I will be moving everything back to the way I had it before.

Well, I think that's about it for my Tour Of Bloggy Homes this time. I'll try to get the pics of my kitchen and living room/dining room done soon. Be sure to visit BooMama for the complete list of links to those participating. Hope you enjoyed the glimpses of my life here in Bay, Arkansas. I'm off to try to link my post on BooMama's page.

Happy Weekend, y'all!!


Sarah's In the Midst of It said...

Diane, your organized pantry shames me! I need to go clean mine out right now!!:) I'm impressed you could even get your pictures up, with your husband "in residence"--I had to do mine at 7 this morning, before mine woke up!

Thanks for opening your home to us--I love seeing where all my new friends live!:)

Sue said...

I've been watching bloglines for you every time I sit down today! I am so glad you opened your home to us. The size of your heart is what we see, not the size of your home! You are such a very special lady and so loved!

Barb said...

I love seeing where you blog, Diane. From now on, I can picture you sitting right there. And Sue said it - you have such a big heart. Thank you for sharing your home with me. And by the way, it's too funny you noticed I have fish. If I'd known you were going to look, I'd have cleaned the acquarium!

Mountain Mama said...

Thanks for letting me visit Diane. Your Computer place looks like mine, except I have drawers and cupboards packed full of genealogy files, books, pictures, etc.
I wasn't planning to participate in the home tour, but I am so impressed with yours, I just may do it yet.

Tammy said...

whew...finally someone I feels just a little strange visiting all of these strangers homes...fancy dancy rigs some of them of them half my age and got more than I will ever think about...I ain't jealous or nothin' just makin' an observation!
You are the real deal sugah and I love ya!!
Your computer chair looks very comfy!!!

Brenda said...

Wow, I've never seen a pantry so organized. Where shall I put the pretzels?
That computer chair looks mighty comfy! Your desk looks like mine did when I had a desk. Some people just don't understand the concept of organized clutter. Now I know we must be related!
I'm laughing at your mama-ism for "tiny kitchen". Funny, funny.

Gotta go make the rounds. Thanks for inviting me in!

MysteriousLady said...

You have a nice home! Thank you for sharing it with us!

Come visit mine if you get time!


Mama Duck said...

I love your pantry, mine is such a mess, mostly due to Lil' Duck rearranging it every day..... ah well. Thanks for sharing!!

Jeana said...

Love the cussin' a cat remark. I can relate to why you might want to. :-)

Paulette said...

I did enjoy seeing the pantry, so fitting I believe since you are a wonder in the kitchen I enjoyed that. I also like when you said what you have is worth the extra effort and you are grateful for it. I believe that as well. I enjoyed the tour Diane and will continue to visit your blog!
Blessings to you...

momrn2 said...

Thanks for inviting us over in the midst of everything else you are doing! It was a lovely visit!

Dick said...

Your home looks good Diane. I've become a firm believer in smaller is better. There certainly is less to keep clean! We will fill up whatever space we have and that can lead to a lot more "things." I guess part of that has come from spending extended time in the RV where I only have about 260 square feet.

BooMama said...

The best place I ever lived was a one bedroom apartment - easy to organize, easy to clean, and cozy enough that I never felt lonely.

And do I spy an industrial-sized container of garlic powder in that pantry of yours? GOOD GRIEF it's organized. I'm impressed.

Get everything moved like you like it - next time Sister and I are in Memphis at the same time, we're going to try to come for a visit. :-)

Thanks for sharing your home with us!

Diane said...

Thanks for visiting, I loved seeing your home, too.

Thank you for the sweet words, I enjoyed my visit in your home.

Don't clean for me, I'm not company, I'm a FRIEND! True friends don't have to scurry around cleaning when a friend visits. They just push the stuff on the couch over and sit down, LOL. :-)

Mountain Mama,
Do participate! I'll be over in just a minute to see if you did. :-)

Hi, and thanks for visiting me. And this chair may look comfortable, but it's not after 2 or 3 hours of reading blogs, for some reason! LOL :-)

Love you, too, darlin'. ;-)

Just stop in the living room with the pretzels, they won't make it to the pantry, LOL. ;-)

Like I told Tammy, for some reason after several hours, this chair ain't comfortable at all, LOL. And I know just what you mean about organized clutter. Really. Thanks for dropping by, and for the virtual-pretzels. They were virtually delicious!! ;-)

Mysterious Lady,
Thank you, and I did visit you. :-)

Lil Duck Duck,
Thank you for visiting, and I dropped by your home as well. :-)

My Mama used to say that about any small or cramped spot. And I have 2 cats of my own, so I know what you mean about being tempted to cuss them sometimes. :-) Thanks for visiting. :-)

Thanks for the visit, and I dropped by your blog and commented. :-)

Thanks for visiting, and I visited your home, too. :-)

Thank you very much. I have been purging a lot of stuff from my apartment for the last month or so. I was overrun with STUFF and CLUTTER. Some of it was still good stuff, but it was taking up room I could use for other more useful things. I'm battling with packrat-itis, and right now I'm winning. ;-)
I enjoyed seeing your RV home. Safe journey, my friend. :-)

Don't be deceived!! It doesn't always look like that. I haven't really had time to wreck it again yet since I put everything back in there, LOL. ;-)

I think what you were seeing is a big canister of instant potatoes, actually, if it has a yellow lid. There IS a box of fresh garlic on the shelf on the outside, middle. It's red and white....

And come on over! It may be a total mess and I'll be frantically trying to hide things and shove stuff under the couch cushions, but I'll make us some sweet tea in my messy kitchen and we'll sit and laugh our fool heads off! If that ever happens, email me and I'll give you my cell and house phone numbers so I can vector you in for a landing, LOL. ;-) Welcome, Friends, as my header says. :-)

And THANK YOU for hosting this. :-)

Leslie said...

My desk can get pretty cluttery (is that a word?). The funny thing is that when I finally clean it all up I can't find anything!

RennyBA said...

Thanks for the guieded tour Diane - how nice of you to share!
Thanks also for your nice comment on my blog - hope you all come and visit and cast your votes for Blogs of Summer:-)
Have a wonderful end to your week Diane!

Big Mama said...

Thanks for sharing your home. I wish my pantry was that organized! I laughed out loud at the "you can't cuss a cat" comment because my grandmother used to use that same expression. Thanks again!

mombo said...

I like your place, honey! Your blogspace looks a lot like mine, only I certainly don't know where everything is. Always in danger of a paperlanche! I'm still trying to figure out how to put my pictures up, so hang on till then. I'm still hankering for some of that peach jam. MMMMMM!

Big Mama said...

Diane, thanks for your kind words and welcoming me to the world of blogging! Thanks also for bookmarking me.

I found In the Midst through Lisa Whelchel and then found Boomama and now I've found you. I love this little blogging community!

PEA said...

Ok so I'm behind leaving a comment! lol I was gone most of the day today...brought my mom out for lunch then we did tons of shopping:-) Now that I'm back I want to continue looking at all the homes...gulp..soooo many of them!!! I loved seeing your house and I can now picture you sitting at your puter:-) Hugs Diane xoxox

~Jennifer said...

Aww, I wanted to see more of your home! You have a lovely blog. I can totally relate to the seemingly unorganized desk. I know where all my stuff is too even if others can't find it. :)

Alex said...

what a cool idea

PastorMac's Ann said...

Can't wait to see the pictures!

I love the way you "organize" your space. I used to file like that at my old job - drove others crazy but I knew where everything was!

Thanks for the tour.

PastorMac's Ann said...

Can't wait to see the pictures!

I love the way you "organize" your space. I used to file like that at my old job - drove others crazy but I knew where everything was!

Thanks for the tour.

Autumn said...

I am trying to return visits to some of the nice ladies who made a positive comment on my blog about the tour..and since you were one of them I wanted to come by and say thanks and hope that I did not offend you by judging back Christians in my post..I have been very upset over this entire thing and am just glad it is over..
Thanks for sharing your home with me..I had a nice visit and will return again later to take another peek at your blog.

Diane said...

Hi, and thanks for visiting. I always enjoy my visits to your blog. :-)

I know exactly what you mean about the clutter, I do the very same thing. :-)

Hi, and you're very welcome. Thanks for visiting, and may you have a blessed weekend, too. :-)

Big Mama,
Welcome, and please come back again anytime. I'm always glad to make a new friend. :-)

You're welcome, and I'd send you some peach jam if I knew how to send it through the DSL line, LOL. ;-)
Thanks for your kind words, and come back to visit anytime, friend. Hope you have a blessed weekend. :-)

Hi, Pea, it sounds like you had a fun day! Thanks for visiting, and for the nice words. (((Hugs))) to you, too. :-)

Welcome, and thank you. Please visit again soon. :-)

Hi, and you could participate, it's not too late....Hope your weekend is going well, friend. :-)

PastorMac's Ann,
Hi, and I'll try to get the pics soon. Thanks for visiting, and come back soon. :-)

Hi, and NO, I am not at all offended. My skin is a little tougher than that. I'm just sorry for the negative comments you received. Please come back soon, and make yourself at home, friend. :-)

janice said...

great to see your home and where you blog. I need to clean out my pantry - it is goign to be a Tackle it Tuesday project soon...

sarahgrace said...

Thanks for the tour- will have to check back when you get more pics!

Diane said...

Hi, and thanks for visiting. I'll have to look for your Tackle It Tuesday post. :-)

Sarah Grace,
Thanks, I'll try to get to it soon. Thanks for dropping by. :-)

green eyed girl on planet earth said...

I love this post it feels like I could drive right up to your place and you would be coming out the door to greet me ! and your pantry looks so nice and tidy SIGH***** I must do mine again , seems like I get it done and boom it is messy again , funny no one knows what happened to it ever!I think the mentAL Walk through was great m thanks for letting us in your world , wish I was as brave , I still am a cyberphobefreakiedeakiedudette!!!!!!say that three times fast lol
Squishy hugs (((((((((**))))))))
your friend

Faith said...

Diane, thanks so much for the tour of you wonderful home! I laugh at your cat cussin thing - my daddy used to say the same thing! Your home is beautiful- just like you!

Blessed Beyond Measure said...

Hello Diane, seeing your desk, all those pieces of technology and the fact that you know how to run them all together - that's impressive! I've read if you can find something in 15 minutes it's a good system. Enjoyed seeing where you hang out, I love being able to visualize where friends spend their time. If I could I'd send over a few rooms to you, less for me to clean, but then you just might not want more yourself. I have fond memories of a few apts I've lived in, and look forward to downsizing somewhere around the corner.

Chappyswife said...

Whew! Sounds like you've been busy, & yes, I know what you mean about not getting much done with husband at home (I've mentioned that before myself!) You have a nice home, & I love seeing where you blog. Thanks for the tour!

PEZmama said...

Thank you for the tour and for adding me to your blogroll. I am flattered!

Meow said...

I love looking at other people's homes. Maybe I need to do this, too ... take some photos of mine !!
You have a lovely home.
Take care, Meow

Anonymous said...

I know what your mean. When my hubby is home I get nothing done. Lovely home!