Thursday, July 27, 2006

Peach Jam & Other Stuff

Remember the peaches that Jessica and I brought in Monday? Well, there's one of 9 pints of peach jam I made from some of them Wednesday afternoon. I had about a quarter cup left over that wouldn't fit in the jars, so I had some on bread after supper to satisfy my sweet tooth. I have to say it's pretty good stuff. I wish I could email all my family and blogger friends a jar. The tree-ripened peaches make all the difference in the world between homemade and store bought jam. My picture doesn't really do it justice. It's a pretty.....ummmm......uh...PEACH color, for lack of a better descriptive adjective.

Supper tonight was bacon and garden tomato sandwiches, with some fried squash on the side. Hubby and I rode the senior citizen van to Jonesboro this morning, and we got out at Hastings for an hour, then we walked to China Buffet and he treated me to Chinese for lunch. My arthritic knees almost gave out on me, but there were several benches along the way, so I could sit and rest my knees occasionally. I worked on the jam all afternoon and went to church tonight. We weren't hungry before church, and when I got back from church I didn't want to cook a full meal, thus the sandwiches and squash.

Jessica and I are planning on cleaning out my outside utility room today, so of course there's a good chance of rain this afternoon. We're supposed to get started about 8 am before it gets oppressively hot, so maybe we can get what I intend to keep back inside before it rains on it. We've been in a drought almost all spring and summer, and the one day we plan a week ahead of time to work outside, the Weather Guy is calling for a 40% chance of showers and thunderstorms. On the positive side, it's supposed to be mostly cloudy and the high is only forecast to hit 89 degrees. On the negative side, the relative humidity right now is 74 % and with rain approaching, the weather conditions for people working outside today will be approximately the same as a Swedish sauna. I believe I have mentioned in these pages before how much I despise and absolutely detest sweating. I don't have to have a caftan and a crystal ball to foresee much, much perspiring in my immediate future. If I didn't want to get this done so desperately, I think I would postpone this until it's cooler. But, Jessica will only be semi-free for about a month longer, then she will start college and be working as well, so my slave labor source will probably be drying up shortly. I dread the heat and the work, but I'm looking forward to getting it done and marking it off my mental to-do list.

I've got some of my pics done for BooMama's Tour of Homes, but I have my doubts about Demon Blogger cooperating with everyone when we try to post all those pictures. Almost every blog I've visited lately has mentioned what a pain it is trying to get blogger to upload photos. I stopped with one for this post, I didn't want to push it and press my luck. I usually have pretty good success with posting pics, but this one time I'm committed to something I really want to do, I just know the internet's gonna come unwound and go kablooey on me. I suppose I should just go ahead and apologize now in the event I can't get all my pics to load. If so, I'll keep trying to get them posted, even if it's Saturday or later before I can get it done. With the amount of people signed up for the Tour, we may overload the interweb anyway. I just looked at BooMama's post for the Tour, and there are over 150 people signed up to participate. It just blows my tiny little mind how this thing just exploded on us! It's become a phenomenon!
I don't think BooMama really knew what this was going to evolve into when she proposed to host this on her blog. If all of us manage to post at least one photo for the Tour it's gonna take me a week to visit everyone that's signed up! Here's hoping for the best for BooMama's Bloggy Tour of Homes, Y'all!!

I want to thank all my friends and family who dropped by to offer all your sweet words in praise of my new blog design. Y'all are just the GREATEST!! Thank you for being my friends and being so encouraging to me. I love you all, family and blogging friends.

I also want to thank Ro from Ciao!MyBella for designing it for me. I have nothing but praise and good things to say about my experience working with Ro, and if you're looking for a new blog design or header, buttons, etc. I highly recommend Ciao!MyBella. By the way, Ro and Ciao!MyBella didn't ask me to advertise their site in return for the free design, I'm plugging them because I really love my new blog design and enjoyed working with them.

Okay, my bed is calling my name, and I have to get up and get started early tomorrow, weather permitting. Wishing everyone a great Thursday! Be safe, be loved and be blessed, my friends. :-)


Connie and Rob said...

Oh that peach jam just looks so yummy. You are one talented woman! Sounds like your house is going to be in tip top shape before Jessica starts school. Good for you! I am just beginning to start some projects I have been puting off.

Take care,

PEA said...

I always make strawberry jam since that's all my boys would eat but I love peach jam and yours looks sooooo yummy!! Glad you got to go out for a bit...I love Chinese food and could eat it every day! lol Sounds like you've been quite a busy bee and it can't be easy with that heat! We've been getting much needed rain the last couple of days but that just makes it very humid so we can't win! Have you thought of using Image Shack for a slideshow instead of trying to post pictures for the Tour Of Homes? I know how rough it's been trying to download pics with Blogger lately...grrrrrr!! If you're interested in the slideshow, just email me and I'll let you know how to do it:-) *Hugs* Diane, have a wonderful day! xoxox

Tammy said...

I would love a jar of your peach preserves...wish you lived next door...I am wondering about the bloggy tour of homes...I had read to have things ready today and to go to her sight and link...I am waiting for the link box to show????
anyhow I am doing a slideshow through think that will be the best way instead of trying to load pics...I don't know if this tour is causing the glitch with blogger...I tried early early this morning and still couldn't load a pic I wanted to share on today's post....

Barb said...

Hi Diane. I thought maybe you were in the kitchen up to you eyeballs in fresh fruit and canning jars!

It's hotter than blue blazes out here in western Colorado (dessert country) but it almost never humid. It's the humidity tht kills you when the temps are this high.

Pea sent me a quick tutorial on doing a slideshow through imageshack and I'm telling you, even I figured it out and had one done in thirty minutes. I thought about doing my tour photos that way too but I'd already posted them into a draft for the tour two weeks ago. I decided to let good enough alone. So I'm ready to go.

I'm sure poor Boo is challenged right now. She just got home from the funeral and was probably a little shocked at the response to her bloggy tour. But she's smart as a whip so we'll see something from her any time now. I'm amazed she didn't postpone it all for a week to give herself time to recover from the shock of last week.

I love your new design. I love it the way those beautiful hydrangeas pop up when I click on you in my bloglines.

Good luck getting the storage shed done. Don't envy you that one little bit!


Dick said...

Your peach jam looks very good. My brother & I went to the China Buffet in Cheney, WA for lunch yesterday, too. That house tour sounds interesting. I should be home after this weekend so will have the broadband Internet connection again. That makes it a lot easier to view photos.

I have my photos hosted on Flickr so just link to them in my blog posts. It seems to work better that way and is pretty easy to do.

Mountain Mama said...

Your peach jam looks very inviting! Got Biscuits?
I wish I could get tree ripened peaches here. I did try growing something called a Frost Paech tree, but it never produced. I only got one peach from it. We always had a late frost that killed the blossoms.
I do have strawberries and raspberries and make freezer jam from those. We also have an abundance of Himalayan and Evergreen blackberries that grow wild. They make wonderful jelly and desserts.

deandean1174 said...

ya aunt diane that peach jam does look good,.yummy,,youve always been a good cook just like moma and grandma,i miss grandmas bisquits,love ya and take care and god bless love dean dean

Judith said...

Diane, I love,love, love your hydrangeas. They make me homesick for when we lived in Beaumont, and so many beautiful flowers grew outdoors easily there.

When I saw your homemade peach jam, first thought was where are the biscuits!

It has been terribly hot here, I mean, in comparison to Denver. I'm learning to do sweaty work first, while it's cooler.

Good being in touch with you again. Judith

Sue said...

Your peach jam brings back some wonderful memories of home canning with my Grandma. She could never let anything fresh, be it fruit or veggie, sit around. It had to be canned or made into pickles, preserves, jelly etc.
Take care of yourself and don't work too hard getting things spiffy. We don't want you to overdo.
Thanks for your wonderful encouraging words. I appreciate them more than I can tell you

Mike Goodwin said...

It looks delicious, Diane. Both the site and the peach jam. I like what you've done to the place. I hope you and your family are well

green eyed girl on planet earth said...

Hello Dear friend
Gosh darn it you have me licking the screen again , looks so good yummmmmmmyyyyy!!!!!!I miss you when you are not on all the time , know you are busy, on your beautiful blog ,(still jealous) sounds like you have your hands full and at least you have Jessicas help for a bit .hope your crysatl ball shows signs of cooling and non sweating soon haha . Love to share your sunny days with ya , hugs

Blessed Beyond Measure said...

I saw canning jars in the grocery store this evening and thought of you. And your jam. And wished I had some to go on bread. Sounds yummy. But then everything you mention cooking or eating sounds yummy.

Johnny said...

I swear!!!! I have gained 10 pounds just looking at all the good things
that you By the way, Jon and I are open for any meal, any day,
any week. Jon said he will mow your
yard if that nut(anonymous) doesn't
do Thanks for letting me
tipe on your paper.

Dawn said...

Yummy!! Wish we could all sit under a COOL shade tree and have a treat together. I love the new look, but my eyesight makes the small font a bit difficult to read. It's beautimous, though!

Diane said...

Hi, Connie. I read about your Dad, and I'm praying for him. :-)

It's raining here now. It started raining on us this morning just as Jessica and I were putting the last few things back in the storage room. It's very welcome and needed. :-)

Thanks for the offer of help with the slideshow. I may take you up on that offer if I run into problems with blogger. :-)

If you were close enough, you could sure have a jar or 2 of jam, friend! :-P

And I am so late answering my comments you've probably already read on BooMama's blog about the Tour. I have to work on that next... :-)

I'm done with the jam for now. :-)

And it's been blessedly cooler here today. It started raining just as Jessica and I were putting the last of the stuff back in the storage room, and it was overcast and breezy while we (she!) was/were working.

I have to work on my Tour post here in a little while. Thanks for the email help with this. :-)

Glad you like my new design, Barb. I am really happy with it. ;-)

Hi, and glad to see you and Huggy here again. :-)

You should take some pics of the inside of your RV and participate in the Tour of Homes. I know I'm interested in seeing your home away from home. :-)

Mountain Mama,
Nope, I didn't make any biscuits! I was exhausted after my long day and then making the jam, so no biscuits. :-)

We have blackberries and Loganberries that grow in wild abundance around here, and they are delicous, too. I've made jam and jelly from them in the past, and it was good stuff. :-)

Dean Dean,
Love you, too. If you ever come see me again, I MIGHT give you some jam, and I MIGHT even make some of Mama's homemade buttermilk biscuits while you're here..... ;-)

Thank you, kind lady, glad you like my new look. :-)

No biscuits this time. :-)

It's actually cooler and been raining here today, thank the Lord. ;-)

It's so good to see you back commenting and posting again. :-)

I love to make jam and jelly, pickles, etc. I learned from my Mama and from just jumping in and doing it. :-)

The hard work is pretty much done, with the storage room anyway. Now, the kitchen! LOL :-)

And you are more than welcome, my friend, no thanks necessary.

(((((hugs))))) to you, too. ;-)

Welcome back!! I missed your comments here and reading your posts. :-)

Glad you liked the new blog design, my friend. ;-)

Hey, Green Eyes!
Yes, I've been very busy this week, but maybe I will have a little more time to blog soon. Almost done with my cleaning/purging. As I mentioned above, it was pretty cool, cloudy and rainy after we got done with the storage room. Sorry you're not getting any relief from the heat there, my friend. :-)

Come on down and visit. We'll treat you so many ways you're bound to like one of them, LOL. ;-)

Hmmmm....I wonder what it would cost to send you a jar of peach jam? I'd surely share if you were closer. Seriously. :-)

I'll have to cook dinner and invite you and Jon over before school starts back. I might even have it ready around 2 or so and let Donna come with you....Especially since it's HER car, LOL. ;-)

Seriously, I'll try to do that soon....I might not even make Jon-boy mow the yard. :-)

Love y'all, Johnny

Me too, friend, me too!! I'm glad you like the new look. If you're having trouble reading because of the small print, go up to the top bar and click on View, then Text Size. Then click on Increase. It will make the print larger. I have to enlarge mine sometimes, too. Hope this helps. ;-)

BooMama said...

Sister and I are sitting here looking through blogs (we're at Mama and Daddy's), and we loooove your new design. I haven't read blogs at all in the last week and a half, so your template is really new to me. :-) It looks great!

Diane said...

Well, Howdy to you, BooMama, and Sister and the whole clan! And thank you very much, I really like it, too.
And just think, I signed up for the ciaomybella newsletter because you posted about it, and that's how I came to enter the blog redesign contest. :-)

I've been Providentially hindered in getting my Tour post done. I have some of the pics done, but I worked so much today that I am pooped, so I will work on my Tour post on Friday, Lord willing. I'm sitting here blog-hopping, looking at Barb's and Bev's and Brenda's Tour posts, to name a few, and commenting on them when I should be showering and going to bed. I'll get to it soon...Maybe after another blog or two....LOL. :-)

Glad to see you and Sister back in cotton country again. I'm in the Delta here where I live, you know. And the air is VERY moist here right 93% humidity. I need to go check my blush brushes....LOL. :-)

Naturegirl said...

Diane you have been busy! What a fresh change to your site!! (Scaevola name of plant you requested on my gate planter. to enlarge to see detail..very nice in hanging planters)
I make freezer jam w/ peaches.Great poured over Brie cheese or the French one I served at book club post!

Buffy said...

Canning always reminds me of 'home with Grandma'.

I dont understand why more people don't do it.

Addie said...

Bacon and garden tomato sandwiches with fried squash, sounds SO GOOD! And that peach jam looks yummy, despite it's lack of peach coloring in the picture. Diane, I just don't know that I could live near you, I'd be begging to come over for dinner to often! ;-)

Love your Bella design! It's lovely. :-)

Andre said...


How good does that peach jam look?!

I think I gained 5 lbs just reading today's post. You're really foiling my weight loss plan...