Monday, July 24, 2006

What Do You Think?

I only have time for a quick note before I have to leave for a while, but I clicked on my blog and found that Ro from ciao!mybella had finished changing my blog over to the new template. I love it, and I hope everyone else likes it, too. More on that later.


Jessica and I just went to Leachville, Arkansas, a small town about 35 miles from here, and bought some fresh peaches at an orchard there. If the 3 I've already had this morning are any indication as to the quality of the rest of them, they are DELICIOUS!! There is nothing like peaches and other fruit that is allowed to ripen on the tree instead of being picked green for shipment to grocery stores, or artificially ripened for market. Absolutely no comparison, folks. We had to eat one in the car on the way home, and I got it all over me, it was so juicy and delectable. It was so worth the sticky hands and chin, though. Yummmmm!!

Bonus: The ones we bought were yesterdays and still in great condition, so they were buy one box, get one free!! How cool was that? I paid $15 for over a bushel of fresh peaches. I think I got a bargain. I'll have some to give away, too. I like them fresh, but I may make some peach jam. We'll see......

I also got a HUGE watermelon and a canteloupe at a farmer's roadside stand on the way home. They're locally grown, too. I paid $3.75 for the watermelon and $2 for the canteloupe, but it is absolutely GINORMOUS!! Think maybe 3 times the size of a regular canteloupe. The rain we got recently really made the fruit and produce huge and juicy. I can't wait to have some of that ice cold watermelon and canteloupe......Mmmmmm.........

I will say, for all the minuses of summer in Arkansas, the fresh garden produce and the fruit and melons are definitely some of the pluses.

Okay, I have to get this posted and published. Cecil and Sue will be here shortly to pick me up and we're going to Jonesboro for Cecil's eye appointment. We may go from there to eat somewhere, but I have no idea what we'll be doing. I know we'll come back here to play some games for the rest of the afternoon after we get done in Jonesboro.

Happy Monday, everyone, if there is such a thing for you working folks. Love and blessings to all my family and friends. :-)


Tammy said...

I just Love it!!
Very pretty...and how lucky that you won it!!!
the fresh fruit sounds so yummy!!

Sparkling Cipher said...

Pretty. I like the picture of the blooms at the top and the colors.

"The Glenifer" said...

I can almost smell those hydrangeas!
I love the new look!


Sue said...

Lucky you to have won something so pretty! I love the new look! Your fruit sounds delish. Most of our veggies are burnt beyond belief right now...

deandean1174 said...

i love your new blog aunt diane its so pretty whats wrong with cecil love ya talk to you later love dean dean

Barb said...

I love this, Diane. It's you to a perfect tee. I love the soft flowery feel of it, especially the hydrangeas. Don't you just feel all dressed up?

Palisade peaches and Rocky Ford cantaloupes will hit our produce stands any time now. As a matter of fact the Palisade Peach Festival is coming up soon. I plan to make peach cobbler until my family cries uncle!

Brenda said...

It's b-e-a-utiful! I love it!

Dick said...

It looks great, Diane! The colors are perfect & it looks like she was able to transfer things over pretty well, too.

Fresh fruit & veggies are one of the best things about summer. Enjoy them while they are available.

Diane said...


Thanks, I really like it. And the fruit is de-lish! :-)

Sparkling Cipher,

Welcome, and thanks for the visit and comment. I like the colors, too. :-)

The Glenifer,

Thanks, I love it, too!


Yes, I was fortunate to win the makeover contest. You might not believe how many pictures I looked at in search of this particular one. Literally thousands! Glad you like the new design, Sue. :-)

Sorry about your veggies. Ours around here were in bad shape up until about 3 weeks ago, when we started getting a little rain here and there. Some places are still desperate for rain.

Dean Dean,

Thanks, Dean Dean. :-) Cecil just had an apppointment with the eye doctor for her contacts, nothing bad. Love y'all, too, and talk to you later.


Glad you like the new design. I am plumb tickled with it. ;-)

I think I can predict at least one peach cobbler in my future, too. :-)


Thanks, I love it, too. :-)


Thanks, Dick. ;-) Yes, the designer, Ro, transferred EVERYTHING over to the new template. I didn't have to do ANY of it.

And I agree, better enjoy the fresh stuff while we can. In December and January we'll be wishing for this fresh produce and there'll be none to be had. :-)

Safe journey, Dick. Love on Huggy for me. :-)

green eyed girl on planet earth said...

My MY Arent we fancy! BEAUTIFUl new look for you and us to enjoy, I am green with envy.It is so pretty!
And the peaches yum , the ones we usually get here are hard flavourless rocks!

Faith said...

Fresh fruit and veggies - I love 'em.

Anonymous said...

howdy diane,
hey i habent sen zztopper on here fer a long time. has she left the cuntry?
and who is that there dean dean kid?
when yu say her name it sounds lake a bell ringing. wil ya make me some peach cobler maybe? i'll mow ure yard if you will. if yu see zztopper tell her i sad howdy. thanks fer leting me tipe on your paper.

Diane said...

Green Eyes,
You wouldn't believe how good these peaches are! They even SMELL good. You can smell them all over the house. :-)

And I'm glad you like my new look. I absolutely love it! :-)

Squishy hugs to you, my friend. ;-)


Me, too, girl, me, too. :-)
Long time no see here. Glad to see you commenting here again. ;-)

Well, you've been lurking again, I see. About time you commented. I haven't seen zztop comment here in a good while, either.

How do you like my new look? ;-)

And Dean Dean is zztop's daughter, my niece, so be careful what you say about her. ;-)

Peach cobbler in exchange for mowing my yard? Hmmmmmmm.....sounds like a fair exchange to me. :-)

Maybe zztop will see your comment on here, and if not, I'll be sure to pass on your "Howdy" to her. :-)

Mountain Mama said...

I love your new blog page. The Hydranges are beautiful. I just love these colors together.
I have a very large lavender blue hydrangea in my front yard that is blooming really nice right now. The deer feasted on many of the branches, but there is still a lot of color.
This is another plant you can start by treating a twig with rooting hormone and planting in a damp place.
Your peaches sound incredible!! YUMMY

Meow said...

YOur new look is just beautiful, congratulations.
The fresh fruit sound amazing ... I can't wait for Summer again.
Have a wonderful week.
Take care, Meow

Yellow Mama said...

I love fresh peaches also and by the way I REALLY like your new is friendly and fun and frilly all in the same design.

Diane said...

Mountain Mama,
Thank you so much. I love hydrangeas, but I didn't go looking for hydrangeas in particular when I was searching for a new pic for my header design. I wanted something with lots of color, and this was the best I could find that I really liked. :-)

I knew that about rooting the cuttings, but I don't really have room for any more plants. I wish I did, though. :-)

The peaches are GREAT!! :-)

Thanks, Meow. And the fruit is delicious. Hang in there, your Spring is not that far off. :-)

You have a great week, too, Meow. :-)

Yellow Mama,
Welcome, and thanks for visiting and commenting! :-)
Thank you for your comments on my new blog design. I am thrilled with it, and I am getting so many compliments on it. ;-)

kim said...

Hi There, I need to get to bed (1:35am!) but wanted to go there on a positive note so I popped in before I shut my computer down. Been typing in names and contact info all night, ugh.

Your site is a sight for sore eyes.
It is so you.

If you don't stop talking about all this wonderful southern/summer/sunday food I am going to gain 5 pounds just thinking on it! hehehe ( I really don't mean that of course. )

just wanted to say hi, gotta get a new post up over at my place, I've had a busy home of late.

Diane said...

Hi, glad you like the new blog design and the food posts. :-)

I'll be checking in to see what you post. Hope everything is well with you. :-)

Lisa said...

LOVE it, Diane!

Andre said...

Well, damn...

Very nice, Momma Jennings!

Andre said...

I think I got so caught up in the page design, I didn't bother to say "hi"!

Where are my manners?!

PEA said...

Oh wow, I absolutely LOVE your new very warm and inviting!!! I'm catching up on everyone's blogs and you guys sure are keeping me busy reading! lol I'll do my Niagara Falls post after...might take me all day!!! I love buying fresh produce from the markets...just tastes so much better!

Sarah's In the Midst of It said...

Hey Diane! I LOVE your new look! Mom told me how pretty it was, and I just had to hop on over and check it out. The hydrangeas are beautiful:) Too bad the Texas heat wilts them into the ground, or I'd have a few in my flowerbeds!

Blessed Beyond Measure said...

oh so pretty! Just perfect for you. And I realized youre the perfect person to ask - why won't my hydrangeas bloom. At all, never have. What am I doing wrong. They are huge, but no blooms. Not that thats the point of commenting in your post (sorry) but bet you know what I'm doing wrong. By the way, save me a slice of that melon. #1 favorite food on earth. With a sprinkle of salt please.

Diane said...

Thanks, glad you like it. ;-)

Thank you kind Sir. And hello to you, too. Take care, my friend. :-)

Hi,and thank you so much. Glad to see you're back safely from your vacation trip! I'll be over to read about your trip in a few minutes. :-)

Thank you! The hydrangeas make it pretty good here in Arkansas, but they do appreciate a lot of water and some afternoon shade. I wish I had a bed big enough for a few hydrangeas, but for now, these will have to do. :-)

Thank you, friend. :-)

And I'll try to answer your question about the hydrangeas by email so I won't take up all the comments with my answer, okay? :-)

I love melons, too. Ice cold, and I do like some salt occasionally with mine, too. ;-)

Connie and Rob said...

Well your blog is just looking so very pretty!!

Take care,

Diane said...

Thanks, friend. I love it!!

Nasty Nashe said...


i love it!!!! but i think you already know that huh.
honestly D.,its stunning.... real pretty. Way better than the old one!

three thumbs up, D! Way up..
i give you major snaps for the whole deal.

aww, dun need to thank me for saying i love the new look. teehee!

_Nasty Nashe

Faith said...

BTW- I love me some Hydrangeas! I have them at my studio garden and at home!!

RennyBA said...

What a beautiful blog design you've got - suits you perfectly! Hope you all had a great time in Jonesboro:-)

Diane said...

Thanks very muchly, I love it, too!

And Ro was the designer, she deserves all the kudos, I just picked out the font and the pic for my header, she did the rest. She even installed everything! :-)

I love hydrangeas, too, but I don't have room for them here in my tiny yard. :-(

Glad you like my new look. And, yes, we did have a great time at Jonesboro, thank you very much. :-)
Thanks for visiting again. Hope you're enjoying your time on vacation. :-)