Saturday, July 22, 2006

Happy Sunday, Y'all

**Notice** I hate to do this, but I had to enable comment verification because I got almost 100 spam comments this morning. Sorry, everyone, but it will be on for the foreseeable future. Carry on.
Hello, all. I hope this finds everyone safe, comfortable and blessed. Not much of anything happening here in my little part of the world. Today has been a lazy day for me. Other than cooking supper tonight (Saturday as I type this) and working on dinner for Sunday noon after church, about all I've done today is fold a load of towels. The rest of the day I've been on the computer looking for pictures for my new blog design, visiting some of your blogs and a few new ones and just generally vegging out.

I have a few blogs to bring to your attention if you aren't already following them. As I posted last time, BooMama's dear friend Paul was in a tragic accident and went home to be with the Lord this past Thursday. He leaves his precious wife, Elise and their 3 sweet little boys, along with his extended family and many, many dear friends. I just looked at BooMama's last entry before she left to be with Elise and her family, and there are 1o2 comments on her post. If you haven't read her beautiful tribute to Paul and Elise and the outpouring of love and support in her comments, you should go read them right now. Please keep BooMama, Elise and her boys, and all their family and friends in prayer. Thank you to all of you who answered my call to prayer for them in my previous post, and for your comments here and on her blog.Thanks to everyone who is praying for Amy Wilhoite, and for leaving comments here and on her blog. She posted again today, and you can read it here. Again, such an outpouring of prayer and support for her and her family as she struggles with leukemia. If you visit her to encourage her, I can testify that her faith will leave you encouraged and in awe of her spiritual strength.
Many of you may already be praying for Addison, Sarah's sweet baby girl and Bev's precious granddaughter. For those of you who don't know about her physical challenges, I encourage you to read Sarah's blog and begin praying for Addison and her family. Addison faces heart surgery to repair a hole in her heart. Sarah should know Monday, July 24th when Addison's surgery will be. Addison has already won many physical battles and faces more. She is already an answer to prayers and those of us praying for her have faith that there will be many more answered on her behalf.
I've got homemade potato salad, devilled eggs, some of my homemade pickles, homegrown tomatoes, and I'm making a huge pot of pinto beans for Sunday dinner. I'll make a big cast iron skillet of (non-sweet) cornbread when I get home from church. I don't really like cold cornbread, and it will only take 20 minutes to stir it up and bake it. I'll make a gallon of sweet tea and I'm thinking about making a big egg custard pie for dessert. That's gonna be Sunday dinner for us. Jessica and Jason will be here, and my sister Ducky and her granddaughter Genna. Cecil is usually here, too, and I think zztop is going to be here. There's always a chance any of the other family might drop in, so I try to be prepared. I'd always rather have too much food than not enough.

Okay, I suppose we can do this again, maybe make it a regular Sunday thing. I shared my Sunday dinner plans, now it's your turn. If you'd like, tell me in the comments what your plans for Sunday dinner include. What are you cooking, where are you going, what restaurant will you be eating at, who's cooking for you? It's always fun to see what everybody is doing and compare activities and menus.

Friends and family I pray you have a great Sunday, with good food, good company, and more blessings than you can count.




BooMama said...

Thanks, Diane. So much. I'm going to bookmark this on E.'s computer so that she can read it later...I'll keep y'all posted. Keep praying for those sweet boys.

Diane said...

I will, and so will our blogging friends, I'm sure. Y'all are covered in prayer, BooMama. Y'all rest if you can, knowing you're being lifted before the Throne, all over the world, as I type this.



Tammy said...

I just want you to know I think you have a Heart as big as Texas!!!
I'm gonna be checking on these dear people you asked prayer for...I love people too and want to help all I can even if it is a prayer and a cyber hug!!
Girlfriend, I wanna come to your house to eat!! I don't feel like cookin' today and have no idea what I will make!
My Hubby had an Aunt (ant) Duck or Ducky...loved her so much...she went to be with the Lord but still have sweet rememberance of her in our hearts.
Have a happy and full day!!

Connie and Rob said...

I have never had an egg custard pie. Now this is something I am really going to check into. I think I told you my daddy grew up in Tenn and I would have thought this would have been a favorite of his. Sounds yummy.

I always love to hear what you are fixing on the stove.

Take care,

Barb said...

Don't you dare laugh at me, Diane, but I'm thinking we're having digups for dinner today. You know. Everyone gets to go to the fridge and dig something up. I decided to take a day off from cooking. 102 degrees here yesterday with no relief in sight. Yeah, I have air conditioning but I'm still playing the sympathy card. :-)

Actually, we do this about once a week because like you I believe in having too much food rather than risk not having enough so my fridge ends up with all the plastic containers I own in it!

How's that for Sunday dinner?

Besides, when Mandy and Aaron get home from church, I'm begging them to take me to see the little house she rented yesterday - hooray!

Mountain Mama said...

Because I live alone, I never plan anything special unless one of the kids are coming. Last night I did make a large Broccoli-Beef stirfry and a kettle of brown rice, so will probably have some for dinner today.
I have been very hungry for chocolate the past few days, so I may invent something to satisfy my craving.

Sue said...

Your Sunday dinner sounds delish!
Here in S.U.N.N.Y California we are having something very cool.
(Chicken caesar salad and garlic bread)
It's too hot to even think of cooking much...
Love your idea of doing a regular Sunday dinner post....

Jeff Weir said...

What a small world and it just so happens that we are in the same town. Good to hear from you. I have read your blog and have enjoyed it. Tell your husband I said hello. I do know who he is. It is always good to know about all of the other folks that are blessed as much as we are. God Bless.

Brenda said...

Happy Sunday, Diane. I'm keeping BooMama, Elise and her boys, Amy, Addison, and their families and physicians in my prayers. I've also added Kelli and Addie's brother to my growing list. God is so good and so faithful and worthy of praise. I'm so thankful that He has provided a way to reach out to those we might never have known otherwise who need our prayers. It's wonderful, isn't it?

Hope your day is restful and blessedful!

deandean1174 said...

aunt diane well keep everyone in our prayers god bless that poor woman,i hope that everything is going good at your place,we love and miss you guys very much....take care and remember to ya love dean dean

Blessed Beyond Measure said...

I grew up eating cold cornbread with milk poured over it and still love it. Something very comforting about it.

Hate to say it - empty nesters here - we had frozen pizza and a salad to go with, then went out for italian gelatis for dessert. I did spend the day painting the deck and was too pooped to cook real food.

Blessed Beyond Measure said...

Diane, just a second note; I never realized before tonight that I didnt have you on my sidebar; I thought you had been there all along. I read you every time you post, so I apologize for this. I'm hoping to keep my side referral at 10 and rotate now and then, but sure meant to have you there. xoxoxo

Paulette said...

Hello Here in Texas after church we are having Homemade fahitas, refried beans, guacamole, and baked cinnamon crispas.
Your lunch sounded yummy as well.

Anonymous said...

hey nashe here. and i agree with Tammy. u got a heart as big as texas!! that aint no joke...

haha. hmm... i've never tasted devilled eggs before. what are they besides aggs?

Dawn said...

We celebrated DC's birthday with his brother and much of his family from Georgia (they're here in the Rockies for the other side's family reunion, so it worked out so great), his mom ( who is sad, because Dad is in the nursing home now and couldn't be with us - check out my post today on that subject), my kids and grandkids, my mom, etc. etc. at my house after church. It was so hot, but I did ribs in the oven (he didn't want to grill on his own birthday!), corn on the cob, pasta salad, raspberries from our yard, and "birthday brownies". Delicious, but altogether an exhausting afternoon for me. He felt very special, which was the point.

We have the most amazing network of family get-togethers, which almost always spills over into in-laws, out-laws and anyone else who can make it. Fun.

Granny said...

Digups. (lol). We've been doing a lot of that lately with the temperature settling in at 110° for days on end.

Settled down finally at around 90° and we started hunting the long johns.

My litle city (about the size of J'boro) did okay but Fresno, 60 miles south, had more fatalities than the medical examiner could keep up with.