Saturday, June 12, 2010

Sunday Dinner, June 13, 2010

Good news! I'm actually cooking Sunday Dinner this week! Will wonders never cease?

I have a pot of pinto beans cooking as I type this, and I'm going to make a big Dutch oven full of my TEXAS HASH for the main dish, and also plenty of corn on the cob, as you might guess from the Sunday Dinner graphic I chose this week.

What's for Sunday Dinner at your place, or what are your plans? Share your menu/plans in the comments if you'd like.It's been a busy week and next week looks to be even busier. Jessica and Jason have been planning a 2 day trip in a couple of weeks and Jessica's been working some overtime for a little extra money for their trip.

Well, as often happens, life rears its ugly head and Jason's car needed some emergency repairs Friday, and still needs more work. There went the money they had saved for their trip and more besides. Jessica will be trying to get all the overtime she can between now and their trip in an effort to get Jason's car back in good shape and also put some money back for their trip.

Guess who'll be keeping Emmy a lot more than usual to help out my kids? So I'll be even busier than usual myself for the next few weeks taking care of Emmy for some of Jessica's overtime.

Added to all that, my church's Vacation Bible School starts on Father's Day for the first night and I'm working in VBS again this year, taking care of the records. And Jessica and Jason will be gone on their trip June 22-23, which is right in the middle of that week, so I'll have Emmy all day Tuesday, overnight Tuesday night and all day again on Wednesday.

I hope we both have nerves left after that marathon. ;o)I still have to make the Texas Hash and study my Sunday School lesson, shower and do some other things tonight, so I think I'm going to cut things shorter than usual this time. I hope you're all doing well.

May God meet all your needs and may you have enough to share, dear family and friends.


Gigi said...

Not sure what's on the menu for tomorrow...I've been under the weather since Wednesday so that's the last thing on my mind!

Sounds like you've got some busy times coming up...lots of memory making with Princess Emmy!

Have a blessed Sunday and a wonderful week!

Lucy Stern said...

Boy, you sound like you have a busy week ahead of you..... I remember the days of vacation Bible school...As a child they were fun to go to...

TF and I work hard to try and keep and emergency fund for occasions like Jessica and Jason are going through... Last Christmas Eve we had a pipe break at our rent house... It cost us $ 650.00 to fix... $150. was holiday pay... If it hadn't been for our emergency fund, we would have been up a creek without a paddle...

Your dinner sounds wonderful, Diane... I know that Miss Emily loves your hash.... I think I will be making breakfast for dinner tomorrow... We have plans in the evening so I will just cook breakfast and that will be it... Have a great week....

Dawn said...

No clue what we're doing for dinner tomorrow - maybe out with my folks and my SIL who's here from England.

The big girls have gone to VBS the last two weeks and will hopefully go again to another church this week. It really helps us alot for them to have such a good time every morning. Then next week Care Bear goes to Bible camp. The weeks are flying by.

I sure hope things work out for J&J on the trip and the car mess.

Jen said...

Bless you nana
enjoy your time with Emmy

hope Jess can get some play money together

May God be with you this week and always

Donna said...

I have a few green beans I picked a couple of days ago, not enough for our houseful of company, but just right for me and Cliff. I'll cook them today with some new potatoes. There are some zucchinis that were almost ready yesterday, so maybe I'll stir-fry those. It will be good to get back to lots of veggies and less baked goods after my son leaves this morning.

amelia said...

I am making falafels for dinner today. I make a huge batch and freeze them so they are a quick dinner when I can't be bothered to do anything else.

You are one busy lady, I don't know how you do it!! As much as I miss my grandkids, sometimes I'm glad I'm not too close because I know I'd be asked to have them a lot. My son tells me all the time that if I were closer I'd be babysitting a lot or maybe he just doesn't want me to move closer!!! Who knows?

Belizegial said...

Hi Diane, I am having Red Kidney Beans for Sunday Dinner. On the international news today, there was mention of a camp In Arkansas being flooded out by a deluge of rain that fell overnight. My mind went to you with a little prayer for those who got injured/swept away in this flooding.

Keep safe in your busy week ahead~

Linda said...

All is well here too Diane. We're having steak, corn on the cob and salad. I love that kind of dinner.
It sounds like you will be very busy for the next few weeks. You are so sweet to help the kids in this way. I know they deeply appreciate all you do for them.
Have a restful sunday Diane.

Lib said...

AM I too late for dinner? lol My cousin is in from Oh. we're finishing up left overs, then time to pull out of the freezer and heat up and fix sides.

Poor Jess! Our car tore up, the other one Dh & Little Shadow got hit, totaled the car but most important their o.k.

Have agood week!Love,Hugs,Blessins',Lib

The Old Gray Mare said...

VBS and overnight Granny service--I'd say marathon is the right word!
Among others. ;o)

Rachel said...

Too bad about the car problems. Isn't that the way it seems to go? I hope they can get it all worked out to make their trip okay!

You will be a busy and a TARD woman after keeping Emmy!! Ahh...but those precious memories you are making with her!! Priceless!

Hugs to you dear Diane!!

PEA said...

I so love corn on the cob and I really need to go to the Farmer's Market in town soon so that I can get some fresh ones.

Oh dear, you certainly do have a busy time ahead of you! I know how much you love having Emmy with you but then I can also understand how exhausted you are afterwards! lol Bless your heart for helping out Jess and Jason that way, though. Isn't that always the case, try to save money and something breaks down that needs money!! No doubt once they go on their little getaway, it will all be worth the overtime and such:-)

Hopefully you've been having some beautiful weather but not too hot! It's been in the mid 70's here and lots of sunshine so it's been perfect for me. We planted our veggie garden last week and it's amazing to see how much has come up out of the ground already!!! xoxo

Mountain Mama said...

It's too bad about the car problems, but we have to consider that maybe the Lord didn't want them to go at this time. He takes care of us.

You certainly stay busy Diane. With your Church activities, and Emmy and all. It's wonderful that you can do it all.

Take care and God bless.

Putz said...

do you know, all you have on your blog are girl commentors, or tormentors, so glad to hear about your two girls and always glad to hear about your and lamar and jess faith, oh and jason toooooo

kkryno said...

Sounds like a fun but busy week for you!

Take care.