Saturday, June 5, 2010

Sunday Dinner, June 6, 2010

In honor of the first garden fresh tomatoes being tantalizingly close to fruition, I chose that red ripe tomato graphic for this week's Sunday Dinner button.

I have a tomato plant outside my door in a 5 gallon bucket that has a little green tomato on it about the size of a golf ball. That's just a hint of the garden bounty to come and I'm just the tiniest bit excited about it. Did I give it away? Could you tell?

Once again I have no idea what we're doing for Sunday Dinner this week. I grilled hot dogs and yellow squash for our Saturday supper and it was delicious! I have more hot dogs and squash, so that's a possibility for Sunday Dinner, and since it's so hot, we also may end up eating sandwiches. I have plenty of baloney, ham and cheese, and we could always stop by the grocery store and pick up more lunch meat and bread.

Yet another possibility is that we may end up eating out again, but all those options will be decided upon after church at noon.

What's your Sunday Dinner plans? Share your menu or your plans in the comments if you'd like.This has been a busy week for us. We did our monthly Wal*mart run for household items on Tuesday and that was draining. Our daily temps are holding pretty steady in the mid-90'sF and the humidity is holding in the miserable range as well.

There are only so many adjectives to describe how hot and humid Arkansas Summers can be, so enough about that. Most of you are probably just as hot and icky where you are as I am here.On Wednesday Jessica, Jason, Emmy and I went swimming at Crowley's Ridge State Park's lake. They have a swimming area with a sand beach that they had hauled in, and they also hauled in sand so the swimming area has a sand bottom.

It was hot but breezy and the water was refreshing. Emmy had a blast, but she's going to have to be coaxed into getting in the water more without her swim floatie. She let me take her into the water for a while without her floatie, but it wasn't long before she wanted back in her floatie.

Jessica started out the same way, but she learned to love the water and I'm sure with some coaching that Emmy will too. I hope we get to go swimming several more times over the Summer. It's great exercise and low impact to boot, and I slept great that night!

After a trip home to shower, we all went to our favorite Mexican restaurant for supper, and it was wonderful, as usual. I appreciated not having to cook after our day of swimming, because I was pleasantly exhausted.Thursday was a lazy day, but Friday I had Emmy all day, as usual. Lamar took her to our little local park, which is about a block from our apartment, for an hour or so that morning before it got too hot. Besides it getting too hot on the people, the playground equipment is out in the hot boiling sun, so it gets too hot for the kids to safely play on long before noon.

After Emmy's nap, Lamar took Emmy back to the park for another hour or so but it was around 5 pm by then, so the sun wasn't quite so intense. I made some of my TEXAS HASH for our supper Friday night and it really hit the spot.

Emmy and Jessica came by just as Lamar and I had finished eating our supper. Jessica brought me a big slab of homemade cheesecake made from MY MAMA'S RECIPE and it was great! Jessica is becoming quite the cook in her own right. :o)

Emmy saw that we were eating Texas Hash, one of her favorite dishes, and insisted that she was hungry, even though Jessica said that Emmy had already eaten a full meal at home. I sent Emmy off with a bowl of Texas Hash and a fork, and she was still eating as they went out the door.

Emmy has loved Texas Hash since she was a baby. As soon as she was able to eat table food she showed a love for almost anything tomato based, included ripe tomatoes. She also loves grilled squash and most vegetables, including broccoli and salads. I hope she keeps those healthy food preferences as she grows up.Saturday morning I did my monthly grocery run to Wal*mart. I'm glad I went early and got home before 11 am. The heat and humidity was bearable, and the crowds were surprisingly light.

I had a wonderful blessing that could have turned out so much worse than it did. Apparently my wallet fell out of the top of my purse onto the Wal*mart parking lot as I was getting out of my mother in law's car, and I never even noticed that it was gone!

I had to pick up a prescription at the pharmacy first thing before I did my grocery shopping, and I was in line there when I thought I heard my name called over the PA system, calling me to the service desk. I was next in line at the pharmacy, so I decided to finish my business there before I made my way to the service desk to see why I'd been paged.

While I was still standing in line at the pharmacy, my cell phone rang and it was Lamar. He said that someone had found my wallet and turned it in to the service desk and I needed to go pick it up.

Well, of course my heart just about stopped! I didn't have a lot of cash, only $10 or so, but my driver's license, debit card, checkbook full of checks and other cards were in there and my imagination was running away with me, considering all the scenarios that could happen if any of them had been taken, having to cancel cards and stop payment on checks, replace my driver's license and debit card......The bad things that could have happened seemed endless.

But.....I am truly blessed, thanks to the honesty of a stranger. The man who found my wallet turned it in to the service desk and when I arrived to pick it up, he was still there waiting to make sure that everything was still untouched in my wallet, which it was! I thanked him several times for his honesty, but he shrugged it off and left with a friendly wave.

I've thanked God multiple times for His watch keep over me today and that an honest man found my wallet. It could have turned out so differently, and I'm grateful for that God sent that man my way on this day.It's almost 10:30 pm and I still need to do some things before bed time, and a busy Sunday tomorrow.

Y'all have a beautiful Lord's Day. May God meet all your needs, and may you have enough to share, dear family and friends.


tam said...

My Saturday nights are never complete without my Miss Diane fix. Thank you for taking the time to share snippets of your life. Tam

Lucy Stern said...

Diane, my heart stopped when I read about you loosing your wallet... One time, and only one time, I left my purse in the grocery basket at Krogers... I was on my way to HEB when I discovered that my purse was not in the car.. Again, my heart stopped with all the same things running through my mind.. I went into the store and to the service desk and found out that the boy picking up the baskets had found it and turned it in... Thank God!!! I left $5.00 for that honest young man and went on.... I now put my purse in the front seat of the car before I even unload the groceries.... I am so glad that you had a nice, honest man turn in your wallet...

I think I will be making hot dogs for dinner tomorrow... Nice and easy...

It's been hot and sticky here in Houston.... My little hobo kitties hibernate in the afternoons only coming out in the morning and late in the evening....

We have tomatoes going in our garden too.... There is nothing better than a home grown tomato... Yummm.... Enjoy your dinner tomorrow what ever you decide to do..... Have a great week...

Jen said...

how exciting that tomato
I love them

you could send fine weather my way

so pleased you got your wallet back

Belizegial said...

Nice of that good samaritan to turn in/wait to see you get back your wallet. The weather is also hotter than hades here in the tropics. A good idea is to go cool off in the water like you did. Have an excellent weekend!

amelia said...

It's such a heart stopping thing when you realise your wallet is gone!! I've left mine behind many time but always got it back!! I'm lucky, one day I won't get it back,

A lot of people think of Canada as just igloos and pine trees but our summers are like yours, just horrible!! When I immigrated in '74 I got off the plane in Toronto thinking I'd got the wrong place!! It was August, hot and thundery and I'd never experienced that weather before. I don't think I got off the couch for three weeks!!!

We've only just planted our tomatoes, we can't plant before the end of May because of the frost possibility so ours are just little things yet. Some summers we can't pick them all before the end of summer so we have to bring the green ones in to ripen.

Linda said...

It's so nice to visit with you Diane and hear about your week.
What a wonderful blessing that your wallet was found. It really is so encouraging when things like that happen.
The heat has settled in here too. We are trying to get up earlier and get out for our walk before the sun is too hot.
I think Emmy will be swimming like a little fish before long. I started out a bit fearful when I was little too, but I soon learned to love the water.
Have a blessed week dear Diane.

Dawn said...

We left our church a little early to go to a VBS program at the church the girls had attended this past week. It was fun. Then we took the big girls to Taco John's for lunch, then up to a mountain park for a visit with some friends and family.

So far it's been nice here weather-wise - not too hot yet. And of course our humidity is really low, so I feel blessed. We did get some hail this afternoon which decimated our beautiful irises. Sad.

I had my purse stolen a few years ago and oh, boy, all those things you mentioned are exactly what happens. Not to mention having to make all new keys made for my place of employment. You really feel violated when this happens. I am so thankful you were blessed by this fine citizen.

kkryno said...

I hate the feeling you get when you can't find your purse or wallet! That man is an absolute sweetie, and to hang around just to make sure that you had everything in it says alot.

Someone was definitely watching over you that day!

I'm gonna have to try your Texas Hash. It sounds so good and besides; it's Emmy approved!

Have a great week!

Jess said...

Lazzari's again...sigh. But a good time all the same...

Love you

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

I am so thankful that nice person turned in your wallet! That could have been a royal pain. I know because mine was stolen last year and it took forever to get everything cancelled and replaced! Aren't you thankful when people do the right thing?

My mom said it's been HOT where you live. Swimming is always the best way to cool off, isn't it?

MightyMom said...

I need at least a 2 day notice if you're gonna fry some greeen tomatoes....I gotta thumb my way up there!

Dick said...

Well it is after Sunday so I KNOW what we had for dinner. We were invited to friends for dinner that day where we had pot roast. Pat took salad & wine to go along with it.

I'd like to have some of your heat, although not all 90 plus degrees, please. We have had a month or more of cooler than usual weather, where many days haven't even gotten into the 60s! For us that is close to 20 degrees below normal. The lawns love it but it gets hard to find a dry day to mow then in!

Rachel said...

How wonderful that an honest person found your wallet!! Whew!!

The swimming sure does sound like fun, especially in this hot sticky weather. I should go to my nephew's pool some. It's only 10 minutes away.

Fresh garden vegetables!! Yum!!

I have forgotten what I had for Sunday dinner now, since I'm so behind in getting here.

Hope you are having a wonderful week Diane!!

Love and hugs,

Dawn said...

Just curious if you've had a chance to listen to the CD - it'll bless your day!

Mountain Mama said...

It's been rainy and cool here but is supposed to warm up and be sunny fgor us tomorrow. I hope it is because my sisters and I are planning a trip to the beach.

I'm so glad you got your wallet back ok. I understand the panic you felt before finding everything still in it.

I can't remember what I had for Sunday dinner but I made a huge batch of spaghetti sauce for the freezer today so had to try it out tonight. It came put pretty good too.

I hope it cools down a bit for you Diane.
God Bless

RennyBA's Terella said...

I can't believe you can pick your own tomato already - then you are way ahead of us in Oslo, Norway!

Hugs, love and happy weekend to you :-)

Btw dear blog friend: Sorry for being absent for a while. Of course I could have written a lot of excuses, but I guess the most important is to assure you I haven't forgot you (and do appreciate all you're nice comments on mine)!