Saturday, June 19, 2010

Sunday Dinner, June 20, 2010

The Sunday Dinner graphic this week was chosen in honor of all the fresh and free garden veggies we've been given lately. I hate the heat and humidity of Summer, but love the fresh garden bounty!

However....I won't be cooking Sunday Dinner this week. As I mentioned in last week's Sunday Dinner post, my church's Vacation Bible School starts Sunday night and all of the workers will be staying after the morning church services to decorate the classrooms and other areas of the church in preparation for VBS.

I'll be doing the records again this year, so I'll be there to decorate my area for VBS. Some will bring their lunches, but most of us are grabbing a quick burger and going right back to the church to eat and get busy decorating. VBS begins at 6:30 pm so we have a lot to do in a few hours time.

Emmy was the flower girl in a wedding today so I've been busy with that. Jessica had to work so I was chief flower girl herder, lol. Emmy was really cute but I haven't even looked at the pics I took to see how they turned out. I'll try to do that soon and post some if any turned out okay.

I still have to grill some hot dogs for our supper and do some preparations for Sunday School and VBS tomorrow, so this is going to be a short installment of Sunday Dinner this week.

And it's currently 96F with 80% humidity at 5:30 pm. Just thought I'd throw that in there. The forecast temp for Sunday is 101F with a heat index of 110F, and the rest of the week for VBS looks much the same. Ugh!

If you'd like to share your menu or plans for your Sunday Dinner, please do so in the comments. I know that many of you will be honoring the various Fathers in your lives, so please share those plans as well.

Happy Father's Day to all the many daddies out there!

May God meet all your needs, and may you have enough to share is my prayer for each of you, dear family and friends.


Anonymous said...

Hi Diane, Maybe you need to come to north Idaho...This is our warmest day so far this summer..76 degrees. But, it has been an unusual cold and rainy. Hot dogs, potato salad, a big fresh fruit salad, and chips on the patio tomorrow. Hope you get to post some pictures of the little princess as flower girl!!! Blessings...v

amelia said...
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amelia said...

Oh Diane, It's horrible here too!! So hot and humid, I wish it would snow and I know you do too!!

I hope you have pics of Emmy as a flower girl, I'll bet she was cute!

No cooking going on here tomorrow, it's too darned hot!!

Lesa said...

I boiled some chicken breast this afternoon to make chicken salad to have tomorrow with fresh sliced tomatoes and fresh corn on the cob. I also plan to make some cheese dip in the crock pot to have with corn chips. I LOVE fresh tomatoes and corn! It almost makes the summer heat and humidity bearable!
Our weather is the same as yours. I was hoping you could send some cooler weather my way! Have a great VBS and try to stay cool!

Jen said...

look forward to seeing the photos of Emmy

have a nice new week

kkryno said...

That weather sounds miserable! We are still in the 50's, so I could use a little sunshine; but no humidity please! ;)

Have a great week.

Dawn said...

We have our VBS in the evening too. I prefer day time, but it's not up to me! I'll be working for the first time in years - in the kitchen. I don't really want to rassle kids for five nights when I do so much of it all the time!

We just went and grabbed a bite after church - it's been a great day. Evening service has been cancelled, so we're really relaxing.

Sorry it's so hot!! I would not like it either. When I come down there to visit someday, it's definitely going to be in autumn (or spring).

Lucy Stern said...

Diane, have fun with vacation bible school....Hope Lamar has a great fathers day.... You too...

MightyMom said...

Today's the 1st day of VBS. Can't wait to hear the chatter

Brenda said...

Hello Diane, it's been awhile since I've been able to come over for a visit. Sounds like things are going well other than the heat.
It was 101 today here, yikes!
A lot has been going on and I'm trying to get settled into our new (old) house. Did a little painting today--just had to do something to make this look like my own.
Have fun at VBS. I remember doing that for several years. I did preschool age, and they were so cute.

Greeneyes said...


waiting anxiously for the flower girl pics ,hope to see you too Sister friend xoxoxox
cool off and send the heat this way please xoxo
Sugary sticky sugar by the planet full (LOL)
love you and hope you CHILL !HAHA
Miss G

Mountain Mama said...

I can just imagine how cute Emmy was as Flower Girl. She is such a little doll.
Sorry about your temp's being so miserable. I hope it will cool down some for you. I suppose fans and AC units don't help much when it's that hot.

You mentioned grilling hot dogs and it made me hungry for one. I don't usually eat them because of the high salt content but sometimes I get real hungry for that spicy, meaty, salty taste.

VBS will keep you busy, as if you aren't busy enough. It's enjoyable though.
Take care dear friend and try to keep cool.