Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sunday Dinner, April 18, 2010

I made homemade egg salad for supper tonight, and for some reason I'm not feeling all that ambitious about Sunday Dinner with my belly full of egg salad sandwiches, not to mention the pot of Earl Grey tea I've almost finished.

Anybody else not that enthused about cooking when you're not hungry? Or is it just me?

Nevertheless, the preparations for Sunday Dinner must proceed. And when I said "cooking" in the previous paragraph I may have overstated the matter just a bit, since I'm not exactly cooking tonight.

It might help if I explain. As they've done several times over the last year or so, my sisters Ducky and Cecil bought a couple of smoked Boston butt pork roasts a couple of weeks ago and they've been in my freezer. We had discussed that we might have pork barbecue sandwiches for last Sunday's dinner, but we ended up going out to eat instead.

So, this week we're having the pork barbecue sandwiches. I've already thawed one of the Boston butts and I'm going to slice it thinly and put it in a foil-covered pan and refrigerate it overnight. When we get home from church tomorrow afternoon, I'll place the sliced meat in the oven to heat while we get the table set and get ready to eat.

We usually pick up some barbecue sauce, hamburger buns and cole slaw to assemble our sandwiches. Kentucky*Fried*Chicken has pretty good slaw so a lot of times we get our slaw there on the way home from church, especially when I don't have any cabbage, as is the case at the present. I usually have cabbage on hand, but for some reason I didn't get any when I bought groceries this time.

What are you having for Sunday Dinner this week? Share your plans/menu in the comments if you'd like.We've had dry, sunny weather this past week, but much warmer than average for this time of year. A couple of days it almost reached 90F, which is pretty hot for mid-April here in Northeast Arkansas.

But overnight Friday into Saturday a cold front has pushed through and dropped the temperature 20 degrees, which is much more to my liking. Our high today was only 68F and the night time temps are also correspondingly lower.

We generally have a cool snap around this time every year, and many people call this "Dogwood Winter" since the dogwoods are blooming around the same time each Spring.

In a few weeks we should have another cool snap, sometime around Mother's Day. It's generally the week before, the week of, or the week after Mother's Day, and we call that one Blackberry Winter. As you might gather, the wild blackberries bloom during that time period, thus the reason for the name of that cool spell.

In the Fall we also have Indian Summer, but I suppose most people are familiar with that one.

I wonder, wherever you live in the world, are there names for cool or warm changes in your weather like we have here, or is this just another oddity of us Southerners?Our pastor's wife took this pic on Easter Sunday of Cecil, me and Ducky. Sue had already went home or she'd have been in the photo as well. Since Emmy and Jason were at his Mom's for Easter and Jessica was at work, I didn't get any pics of them this year. Maybe next year will be better for Easter photos.

It's nearly 9 pm and I still have to slice my pork roast, study my church lessons and take my shower, so I'd better get busy.

Y'all have a beautiful Lord's Day. May God meet all your needs, and may you have enough to share is my wish and my prayer for each of you, dear family and friends.


Dawn said...

We don't have any such lovely names for our crazy up an down weather. Interesting.

It was cold today after 3 nice springy days this week - you just get the idea that it might stay nice and it goes away.

We had a nice trip to the mountains today with a friend from Minnesota. The mountains didn't show up very well behind the clouds, but we had a great time together.

Tomorrow I'll be paying for lunch out somewhere - no cooking for me.

Jen said...

those are beatiful flowers

nice photo of you and your sisters

have a nice new week my friend

Lakeland Jo said...

Love the photo X

Gigi said...

Our weather took a flip yesterday as the upper 80's and by the time I came out of the funeral home, it was windy and the temp had dropped by 20+ degrees. Today is only supposed to be in the 60s, but at least the sun is shining brightly - so no complaints!

Enjoy your family dinner today, Diane, and I wish you and yours a most blessed week!

A Merry Heart said...

Fellow Southerner here, so I'm familiar with all those seasons. ;o)

Not sure about dinner. I can't taste or smell. Mean ole crud. That's hard on a foodie like me.

LOVE the picture!

God bless you! ♥

Putz said...

so so, i am going to church in 15 minutes, todydays lesson is on our prophet's conferance talks this past easter.>>we will discuss kindness, i know because i have to give the lesson, but it is an easy lesson for me to give cause people so appreciate you thinking of them at alll

Putz said...

p.s. i wish i could enjoy your family dinner for real...ummmmmmm

Nancy said...

Hi Diane!

We only have one name for weather here....H-O-T! We've had some hot days like you have there.

Your Sat, night meal and Sunday dinner both sound like my kinds of cooking! When you cook for just yourself, you don't do much I like your menus here! ;-)

Love the new pic of Jessica and Emmy on your sidebar! Your Easter pic is lovely, too...3 sisters together! You are certainly blessed with family, Diane!

How is Lamar's eye doing? Last I had read, he had another procedure done on it, I believe. I can't keep up with FB all that much and keep my jobs done,, I'm sorry to say, I miss a lot of the posts.

I am back to farming again on FT....miss you on there!!!

Love you!

Lib said...

Hi MIz. Diane,
THank you for sending your cool weather.:o) We call the cool weather the same as you also Indian summer.
With the cool snap I made soup for today.with buttermilk cornbread.
All your pix the other night has got me wanting catfish and hushpuppies that might be tomorrows supper. :o)
Hope ya'll have a Blessed week.
Love,Hugs, Blessins',Lib

Sammy said...

" is the case at the present."

I love your vocabulary and style of writing! :-)

You all look absolutely lovely in your Easter clothes. Sisters are the best!

It's cold and sunny here today. Feels like fall. I'm staying in and making stir-fry for dinner. YUM!

Have a wonderful week, Diane!

Linda said...

Reading your sunday posts is just like sitting and visiting with a dear friend. Your sunday dinner sounds delicious Diane. I'm planning on steak this evening. It's simple and easy.
We have had rain all week, but today the sun is shining. I am always thankful for the rain after the awful drought we have had. It is nice to see blue sky and sunshine though.
Enjoy your day Diane.

kkryno said...

Here; "actual" spring is just an extension of winter! Truthfully, if I had my way Alaska would only have winter and spring. IMO; they do not have any semblance of summer, nor do they have an official fall!

As for dinner, we had left-over marinated tri-tip and pea salad. Some things are better the next day! ;)

Belizegial said...

Hi Diane,

Here in the tropics, we only have dry weather or rainy weather. It's pretty hot all year round 'cept for December/January when it gets a bit cooler. Today's Sunday dinner here was Conch Soup or in Spanish, Sopa de
Caracol. That's a little spanish lesson for you. LOL

Have a great week!!

Dick said...

We did quite a bit of yard work today and got all tard out, so just went to dinner at one of our favorite places, Asian 1. You can probably guess what the cuisine there is from the name! And I finally did get another post about my "new" Netbook computer posted.

Rachel said...

The meal sounds great as usual Diane!! I ate at a Chinese Restaurant and had Moo Goo Gai Pan for dinner today. It was good!

It's been cooler here too, and we have the same names for these cold snaps that you have there.

Have a wonderful week dear lady!!

MightyMom said...

looks like you're losing weight there Ms D.

well, we call it damn cold snap or a stupid cold front. ... not being to fond of such things!

we're in the 60s yest and today

nancygrayce said...

We have the dog days of summer in August when it is not only hot and humid but very still, no breezes!

Sunday, we had left over lima beans, ham and rice with an oriental slaw.

Mountain Mama said...

I like your seasonal names Diane. I think it's cute! Around here we just call it all Washington weather. We never know what we will get.

I have to confess I can't remember what I had for Sunday Dinner but I had a party here the day before and was really tired on Sunday so I'm sure I just picked at this and that.
I was too tired to get very hungry and like you I don't like to cook when I'm not hungry.

Spring is definitely happening here. My flowers are all so pretty and I've learned that Irish Spring soap keeps the deer away. Apparently they are not Irish deer! LOL
I just use a paring knife to make small chips then sprinkle them around the plants the deer usually eat.

I gotta run. Have a Dr. appointment in about forty minutes.

RennyBA's Terella said...

Always when visiting, I'm sorry I don't come more often as I love you're Sunday ramblings, you're food recipe and you're way of sharing the big and small things in life.

Loved the Easter picture too!

Have a great rest of you're week!

Love and hugs from you're Viking friends in Norway :-)

Kathleen said...

Spring rains and bar-b-cue sound awesome and I agree KFC has great slaw! I was going to make egg salad but have no salad dressing but 6 boiled eggs, so eggs with a bit of salt will have to do. Have a great weekend!