Saturday, April 24, 2010

Mom's Away

This is Jessica posting for my Mom, Diane.
Her modem died this evening,
and she won't be able to get back online til next week sometime.
Sorry about your regularly scheduled Sunday Dinner Post....
I'm sure Mom would love for you to still leave your comments
about what you will be doing for dinner tomorrow.
Mom sends her love
and I'm sure she will be going through withdrawals until her net is back!


Jen said...

hope she gets the modem sorted soon
hope shes having a nice weekend and a nice new week

Linds said...

Thanks Jess - your Mom must be tearing her hair out without her modem working! Lots of love Diane - I wondered where you were on FB!
Lunch here will be a small rolled roast lamb with mashed potatoes and salad. You can tell I have a son at home for another week till he goes back to uni - I am actually cooking on a Sunday!

Gigi said...

Oh NOOOOOOOOO!!! Jessica, be sure and tell your Mom that she is sorely missed and give her a big ((hug)) from me!

Matthew is home through Monday (I'm having oral surgery tomorrow and he's my "caretaker" LOL) so for dinner we'll do whatever sounds good - no plans as of yet!

I wish all of you a most blessed Sunday! xo

Mountain Mama said...

I'm so sorry to hear your mom is having puter problems. I know how that feels and it's not nice!
For the record I am making italian Spaghetti and tossed salad for dinier today.
I hope she will be back soon.

Granny Annie said...

Hi to Jess. You're a good daughter to stand in for mom. We all feel like we know you anyway:)

Just Terrific said...

I checked late last night and wondered where Diane was. What a relief to know that it's just computer problems! I was worried about HER.

Dinner here today will be hamburgers, baked potatoes, and veggies all fixed on the grill. We bought a new grill 2 weeks ago and the newness hasn't worn off yet:)

I'll be checking on her this week. I hope she's back in business soon!!

Linda said...

Miss you Diane and hope your computer is all better very soon!

amelia said...

The 'net is so addictive!! Ours is up one minute and down the next because it's a very unreliable rural wireless connection and I panic when it's down for a few hours!!

kkryno said...

Oh Noz!!!! Tell her We're with her! ;) I get impatient with the nets when it's just slow; let alone modem failure.

Hope she can remedy that soon.

Dawn said...

OH, my, that has to be painful for her!! We had a simple lunch today - a Stouffer's chicken and rice casserole with my home made rolls left over from a party Friday night. It was really good - much better than I expected.

Sammy said...

No internet, Diane??!! Oh NO!!!!! I am so sorry!!

You are missed out here!!! :-)

Reva said...

My sunday dinner consisted of my specsial macaroni and cheese.
ingredients: 1 block of Velveeta Cheese, 1 can of condensed milk, 1 Tblsp of Parsley, 1 small bag or aproximately 3 cups of small macaroni noodles, 1+ tsp salt.

Will need a large gallon size or more pan, and a large double broiler set (can use two 1 quart or larger sauce pans)

dice in 1 inch blocks, the entire box/block of Velveeta Cheese. Place all of the cheeze in the top double broiler sauce pan and add one can of condensed milk. Place on medium heat and stir frequently with plastic or wooden spoon.

In the meantime, fill the large pot 3/4 full and put on high heat, sprinkling in enough salt for the noodles.

Add noodles to boiling water and stir frequently to keep noodles from sticking. When noodles are tender and cheese mixture is fully melted and blended, drain the noodles of excess water and then return to pot and pour the cheese sauce over the macaroni.

Side dishes not required but green beans do go well with this and bread and butter for us old home types.

Guaranteed to please cheese lovers everywhere. Kids favorite too.

by: Reva McCandless

Nashe^ said...

Ah geez I hate dying modems!

PEA said...

Oh dear, I know I would be having withdrawals big time! lol Hope she's able to come back on soon, miss her smiling face on here and Facebook. xoxo

Dick said...

Maybe she ought to take her laptop to the local library and hookup to their WiFi. Or is the problem the WiFi system in the laptop?

I don't remember dinner on Sunday but today is our 3rd anniversary and we are going out to dinner at a local steak house. Even though it is just a Wednesday.

Rachel said...

Oh no!! I hate it when the computer dies. Thanks for letting us know Jessica!!

Let's see....Sunday I tried to eat lightly, and I did, but now I don't recall what I had! Usually I go out to eat but not this time.

Pearl said...

Thanks for updating us Jess.
Please tell your mother hello and I hope she is back online very soon.

Dorothy said...

When my computer went down I felt like I lost a friend and had anxiety.

Wishing her back soon...

Dorothy from grammoloyg