Saturday, April 10, 2010

Sunday Dinner, April 11, 2010

Can you tell that I'm craving fresh Summer garden veggies? Not that it's doing me much good, and won't until June or so.

Anyway, on to the Sunday Dinner news. Once again, I'm not cooking Sunday Dinner this week, and I'm not sure what I'll be eating for the meal.

My sisters Ducky and Cecil bought a couple of smoked pork Boston butts, but as of this past Wednesday night they weren't sure if they wanted those for Sunday Dinner or not.

If they decide that's what they want for Sunday Dinner, we'll come back here to my apartment after church, slice the smoked pork and heat it in the oven, and serve it on buns with barbecue sauce, slaw and whatever else we come up with.

Another option is that we may end up eating out somewhere, in which case your guess is as good as mine what we'll have for and where we'll have Sunday Dinner this week.

Now that my plans are clear as mud, what are your plans for Sunday Dinner this week? Share your plans/menu in the comments if you'd like.I made beef stir fry with oriental vegetables and sai-fun, also called cellophane noodles, for our supper tonight, and it was pretty tasty if I do say so myself. I've been on a Chinese food kick lately, making some form of stir fry at least once a week, either with noodles or rice.

Of course next week I may be on another food kick. You never can tell about me. ;o)My ladies group from church is sponsoring a bake sale at church on Sunday. I volunteered to make some brownies and some homemade pimiento cheese. As you can see, it's not strictly a bake sale, but I didn't know what else to call it. A food sale?, that doesn't sound right either.

Anyhow, I made my pimiento cheese already but I still have to make my brownies in a bit. I bought 2 mixes that make a 13x9 pan full but I'm going to bake them in 8x8 pans instead, so the 2 mixes will yield 4 of the 8x8 pans. Hopefully our "bake" sale will do well.I asked Jessica to take some pics of me and Emmy on Thursday. We went for a car ride and ended up at a park to let Emmy run off some energy. It was a beautiful sunny Spring day here.

This was the best of about a half dozen pics. Emmy was squirming and ready to go play some more. She didn't have much patience with a Gramma that wanted some pictures; it was interfering with her play time. ;o)

I had Emmy most of the day on Friday. I say "most of the day" because Jessica managed to get off work early and picked Emmy up around 3 pm rather than the usual 7 pm or so.

Emmy has been puny but seems to be feeling better. She's been running fever, has an upset tummy occasionally and has been complaining of a headache, tummy ache and body aches. She's also had a runny nose off and on, but that may be a separate issue. She doesn't feel bad all the time either.

We don't know if she's cutting jaw teeth or has a tummy bug or what's going on, but none of it has been bad enough to warrant going to the doctor, although if she gets bad enough Jessica will certainly take her. I spoke with Jessica earlier today and she said Emmy has been fine today and was playing with her cousins at Jason's Mom's, her other Gramma's.I should get busy making those brownies unless I want to be up half the night.

Y'all have a blessed and wonderful Lord's Day. May God meet all your needs, and may you have enough to share, dear family and friends.


Dawn said...

No clue what we're going to do - I hope we grab something out after church, then home to crash and rest.

Lucy Stern said...

Diane, I don't know what I am going to do for dinner tomorrow, either... Too tired to even think about it right now... Glad Miss Emily is feeling better..... Have fun at your bake/food

Mountain Mama said...

I'm not positive about my Sunday dinner but am thinking about some Butter Beans with ham and onion and some fried potatoes. I should make a romaine salad to top it off and heaven knows I love fresh veggies. Oh yes I'm craving cornbread too so I will probably do up some of that tomorrow too. Nice and hot with a golden brown crust and a big plop of sweet butter. YUM!
You will laugh at my supper combination tonight! I'm eating fried cabbage and a homemade beef and bean burrito with yellow peppers, cheddar and white cheese and a big splash of salsa.
Not the healthiest meal but what I felt like. I have to chuckle as I read the word verification word for me tonight is "greease.' LOL!

Rachel said...

No clue as to what we'll have either. You know me...whatever I decide at that time usually! All the Chinese food sounds great. I love Chinese food! there any food I DON'T love?? Haha!! Green olives...I don't like those...that's all I can think of right off!!

I like the picture of you and Emmy but she does look like she is ready to get down and play!! With this nice weather, who can blame her, plus all the energy of kids!!

I'm glad she is feeling better.
Have a wonderful Sunday Diane!

Love and hugs,

Brenda said...

I can tell Emmy is wanting to squirm right off of your lap!
Sure enjoy seeing the green grass behind you as well. It's finally really Spring here. Amazing huh?
My sister's flowers are gorgeous along her front sidewalk. The buds are just barely beginning to turn green on the trees. I LOVE it!
After going on 49 years of my life I've finally decided that spring is my favorite season!(thankfully, I'm not normally that undecisive!)
Wonderful week to ya!

Linds said...

No idea what we will be having here either. Something. The brain has not engaged yet, and is certainly not in the "you have a son home so you actually need to cook" mode yet!
No chance of summery T-shirts here yet, but the sun is shining weakly, and I have wheeled out the washing to dry in the fresh air, so am feeling virtuous.
Have a lovely day, Diane!

amelia said...

We are having roast turkey with roast potatoes, stuffing, green beans, carrots and gravy followed by Rhubarb and strawberry crisp. Rhubarb from last years crop and in our freezer!!
Very cold here with snow on the ground. It has snowed almost every day this week!!

A Merry Heart said...

Ate a juicy steak last night. I'm such a carnivore. Have no clue about today. Jack's headed for Alabama. Guess me and Em will have takeout.

A Merry Heart said...

LOVE the picture too! :o)

violetlady said...

I am glad Emmy is feeling better. Everytime I see her picture on your blog or FB, I just smile. I love her curls. My daughter had curls like that when she was little - in fact, she still does! Ken is away all week so I don't know what I will do for dinner today. I may go out to dinner with a girlfriend. The weather here is gorgeous!

Granny Annie said...

My mother used to make pimento cheese. I do not have her recipe but I know it was delicious. How do you make it?

kkryno said...

I love that pic! She looks like she's ready to burst at the seams. ;)

We still have lots of snow, but it's melting fast. I am so ready!

I'm thinking of making spaghetti and salad; or maybe kale soup. Don't you love when someone is so decisive?

Have a great Sunday, what ever you all decide to have for dinner!

Lib said...

Hope The Princess is better SOON!
I fixed ham, gr.beans with pots. cooked in them, and buttermilk corn bread, sliced onions.
Hope ya'll have a blessed wk.
Love the pic.

Belizegial said...

Hi Diane, fried snapper with plaintains was on my Sunday menu today. Miss Emmy and you look gorgeous in this pic. Take care!

MightyMom said...

homemade pimento cheese??


I'm intrigued...put up the recipie dearie.

Anonymous said...

looking good there GRANDMA ! Sweet pic of you both , your hair looks awesome like that Diane , you know where Emmy gets her natural curlZ LOL
HUGS and BSH and a blizzard of sugar for Princess E xoxoxoxoxoxox
Love you


Jen said...

yum stir fry :)

praying the bake sale went well

beautiful photo of you and Emmy :)

praying for Emmy

have a good new week my friend

Pearl said...

Hope the bake sale went well.
Love your photo of you and Emmy.
Sure looks like you had a beautiful day.
Take care,

Bev said...

I really can't believe how big she's gotten - where does the time go? I have no clue what we had for dinner Sunday - barely even remember Sunday actually. I do know, being out here in the country, we did not go out - I cooked something!

PEA said...

I LOVE stir fries and would eat it every day if I could! lol Have you ever stir fried red peppers, thinly sliced carrots and snow peas together? That's the latest one I've made and stir fried in garlic virgin olive oil, it's delicious!!

Hopefully your Bake Sale at church went well? If I'd been there, I would have bought all the brownies!! hehe

I do hope that Emmy is feeling much better now. Love that picture of you and her, so adorable.

Hope you've been having a great week so far, my friend. xoxox

Lakeland Jo said...

what on earth is homemade pimiento cheese?? fascinated of England

Putz said...

oh deary me, i got caught over on your recipie place and it wasn't very pleasant>>>i am not a recipie person, no i'm not have always been more intereseted in people and what they are doing, and what yu seem to be doing is cooking all the time>>>jus teasing>>>homemade cjheese, well i declair