Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sunday Dinner, October 25, 2009 & Various Ramblings

It's already 12:30 am here in my part of the world as I type this, so I'm going to try to be brief with this post. However, I am aware that brevity is not one of my strong points, so we'll see how this unfolds.

Friday, October 23rd was my 46th birthday and Sunday, October 25th is my 24th wedding anniversary. Jessica treated us to lunch at Don Jose's Mexican restaurant on Thursday to honor our anniversary and this evening we went with friends to Ron's Catfish for supper.

After Lamar and I got home from eating catfish, Jessica picked us up and we rode around, chatted and listened to music for several hours, which was part of her anniversary gift to us and part of my birthday gift from her.

Cruising and listening to music is one of my favorite things on this earth to do, and I thoroughly enjoyed my evening. Thanks, Jessica! I love you, Babe.

We just got home at midnight which is why I'm just now getting around to writing this post.

Lamar and I received several nice gifts for our anniversary and I've been blessed with some really nice cards and things for my birthday, but I'll get to that in a bit.

I'm not cooking Sunday Dinner this week because it's my anniversary and I'm going to take advantage of some cash that was given to us and go out to eat for lunch. I have no idea where we'll end up and at this moment I don't really care, as long as I don't have to cook it, someone else brings it to me, and I can walk off and leave the dirty dishes for someone else to deal with.

What's for Sunday Dinner at your place this week? Share your plans/menu in the comments if you'd like.My dear friend WANDA @ WANDER'S WORLD sent me a beautiful birthday card and I've received many, many birthday greetings and ecards on Facebook and by email. Thank you, dear Wanda and all who've taken time to send me birthday and anniversary greetings. I love you and appreciate each and every one of you, dear friends and family. :o)

I was pleasantly surprised when Jessica brought me something today from a dear blogging and Facebook buddy that we have in common. Our mutual friend sent Jessica a package and included some things in it for me.

Jessica will share about her gifts on her blog I'm sure, so I'll leave that for her to do.

Our friend included 5 (!) boxes of Trader*Joe's Earl Grey tea bags and 2 generous gift cards to Cracker*Barrel for me! I was thrilled and humbled by our friend's generous gifts.

I'm enjoying a cup of the Earl Grey tea right now, and it is mighty tasty and really hits the spot on this chilly Autumn night. It's really good and I like it every bit as well as my usual brand.

I won't have to buy any tea for a while, and next time I go to Cracker*Barrel I'll make use of those gift cards. :o)

I purposely haven't mentioned the name of my generous friend because I don't know if they want to be in the spotlight, so to speak, but they know who they are.

Thank you, dear friend, for the tea and the gift cards, but most of all, for your friendship and generous spirit. May God bless you for your generosity and the love you've shown to me and Jessica.So much for this being a brief post, huh? lol

But I really am going to wind this up now and wish everyone a wonderful Sunday and new week.

May God bless you with all you need and enough to share is my prayer for each and every one of you, dear family and friends.


Mother Mayhem said...

What a lovely friend you have! :o)

Praying that God grant you many more birthdays and anniversaries to celebrate! HUGS

I've got a pot roast in the slow cooker. ;o)

Granny Annie said...

Congratulations and Happy Happy for all you celebrations. It seems many blog friends have October celebtations.

Belizegial said...


Happy Birthday and congrats on your
24th wedding anniversary! Enjoy your day off :)


Betty said...

Happy Birthday and Aniversity.
I hope you have a wonderful day and year.
I don't know what I am going to have for Sunday dinner yet, but it ie 35 degree here this morning and soup or chile sound like a good thing to have,maybe with some cornbread or cheese biscuits.
~~Hugs and Good Thoughts~~

RennyBA's Terella said...

Belated Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary dear blog friend!

Catfish - you know I love it!

Wishing you a wonderful celebration day :-)

kkryno said...

I'm so sorry that I missed your birthday!

Have a Happy Belated one; and a lovely Anniversary to you and Lamar.

Enjoy the rest of your week-end, and no dishes for you!

(and thank you for your thoughts at this time)

Michael Manning said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY DIANE AND LAMAR!!! This is wonderful. Enjoy the weekend with Smiles and Love!

Gigi said...

<"and I can walk off and leave the dirty dishes for someone else to deal with.">

*LOL* Isn't that the BEST part of eating out?! Almost a gift in and of itself!

It sounds like you've had a wonderful birthday and Anniversary...I'm so glad!

I hope the upcoming week is a blessed one for you and Lamar!

Dawn said...

You have had a great week - and here's wishing you another great year as you head to the silver anniversary.

Kristen has decided I shouldn't have to cook for them every Sunday, so today we took ourselves to our favorite Mexican restaurant here in town - just the two of us - and the afternoon has been gloriously peaceful.

Dick said...

Happy belated birthday and Happy Anniversary on the right day! We yesterday went to a grandson's 16th birthday and a wedding for a couple who are both long time friends of mine. The guy half lost his wife to death just a couple of months before my Annie died and he (finally) married a gal from our church. They were leaving today for New Orleans to work a week on a Habitat For Humanity house build, followed by a week on a Caribbean cruse trip before returning home to start married life together.

Pat has a stew on cooking in the slow cooker for today's dinner. We are trying to tame our eating out as we spent quite a bit while on our Eastern Washington trip a week ago.

peppylady (Dora) said...

Happy Silver anniversary. I believe I also have an Uncle and Aunt this month who celebrate 62 years together.

Coffee is on.

Lucy Stern said...

Congratulations on your birthday and your 24th anniversary... I bet it is wonderful having them so close together.... Sunday dinner: Breakfast! Eggs, sausage, gritz, biscuits and Orange Juice... Yummm Enjoy your Earl Grey tea!!

FYI: I found some Celestial Seasons tea on sale yesterday and bought seven boxes to share with my daughters....

Sammy said...

That is such a sweet gift! I'm so glad that you received something so thoughtful. Well deserved!

I am so amused that you love to drive around listening to music so much. I hate being in the car! But I am so used to public transportation, like the bus and the subway, that cars often feel like a schlep. Country mouse, city mouse, right? :-)

I'm so glad you had such a wonderful birthday. And happy anniversary! Lots of love!

Brenda said...

Happy Birthday, Diane. What a wonderful time. I love the gift Jessica gave you, doing something you love.
Let me know when you'll be heading to Cracker Barrel and you might just find me waiting in the rocking chairs for ya! I love Cracker Barrel, especially their green beans. Crazy I know!
Have a wonderful week.

Mary said...


It sounds like you really nejoyed your anniversary and birthday. How generous of your friend to bless you with such lovely gifts. Enjoy!

We had chickenand dumplings for supper tonight and then I made the leftovers into chicken soup.
We will ejoy that for lunch tomorrow.

Wishing you a great week, my friend.


Mary said...
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Mary said...
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Mary said...
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Mary said...
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Mary said...
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Aunt Jenny said...

Well you have the same birthday as my husband Steve..only he turned 52..Happy birthday!!! And happy anniversary today!...although I am sure you are asleep by now since it is after 1am here mountain time. Anyway...I bet you had a great day!
We had polynesian pork chops tonight for supper..with basmati rice and peas and carrots and applesauce. It was a recipe I hadn't tried before and was a big hit with Steve and we all like it too.
YOu have a great week!!

Merle said...

Dear Diane ~~ Believe it or not but it is 12.30 am here and this will be my last visit for tonight. It sounds as though you had wonderful birthday and a Happy Anniversary to you and Lamar. I hate to admit this but my daughter turned 48 and she is my youngest. We all had a great weekend
and really enjoyed having time together. Take great care Diane.
Love, Merle.

Pearl said...

Happy Anniversary my friend. You have had quite the celebratory weekend. Sounds like Jessica made you feel very special.

Sending you big hugs,

MightyMom said...

friend, that is one AWESOME picture of your tea!!! I mean it's really pretty. downright framable.

amelia said...

Congratulations on your anniversary!!

What a lovely thoughtful gift from Jess. She's such a good girl!

Our kids are a blessing aren't they? I don't know what I'd do without mine..

Jess said...

Glad you guys had a good time...i did too.

Love you, Jessica

Rachel said...

Hi Diane! Belated Happy Birthday and Anniversary to you!! I had your birthday wrote down and didn't notice it until after the date. Sorry about that. I had intended to send you a card. Sounds like you had a good one! That catfish place sounds good! I love catfish!

I'm getting ready to look at one of your recipes now for something I plan to cook tomorrow. It's Jessica's favorite meal of yours!

Hope you are having a fantabulous week!! Love and hugs, Rachel