Monday, October 19, 2009

Book Review: 02: Breathing New Life Into Faith

About the book:

Your physical body needs oxygen in order to survive. Inhale, exhale ... one leads naturally to the other. Inhale too long and you feel as if your lungs will burst. Exhale too long and you get light-headed.

The same rhythm is essential in the life of faith. You inhale life-giving strength from God through things like prayer, study, solitude, and silence. You exhale generosity, hospitality, and service to the poor. If you try to do one without the other, you wont' last very long.

This fresh perspective on the classic disciplines of the faith will empower you to process the oxygen of the Spirit. Discover how you can develop a balanced spirituality that reflects the life of Jesus and keeps your faith growing stronger.

About Richard: Richard Dahlstrom is Senior Pastor of Bethany Community Church in Seattle , WA , in the heart of the city, among university students, young professionals, families, the homeless, and the elderly. He is also a popular teacher in North America and Europe for the Capernwray Missionary Fellowship of Torchbearers. He holds a M.Div. from Talbot Theological Seminary. Find out more about Richard at:

Link to buy the book:®/dp/0736922148/ref=sprightly-20


Watch a video about the book:

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Study Guide:

I have to say that I found a lot that I could agree with in Richard Dahlstrom's book, but also some things that don't totally mesh with my personal views on Bible doctrine.

I didn't really expect to agree with every single point, but that being said, I do think this book can be a good tool to spark insight into your own personal beliefs and would also be great for small group Bible studies.

I'm not hosting a giveaway for this particular book, but if you're interested in entering to win a signed copy of the book, see the contest details below.

Contest: The contest for this blog tour is: (Please tweet & facebook this contestplease use the hashtag #O2)

Win a signed copy of 02 for yourself! There are two ways to enter! The winners will be announced 10/26.

  1. Jump over to Pastor Richard’s blog “Pastoral Musings from Rain City ” ( ) and leave a comment between October 5th and October 24th. Just say hi or tell Pastor Richard what you liked about his book, or share with him how you’ve experienced ‘new life’ in your faith!
  2. Tweet this: @raincitypastor Pub. Weekly voted Breathing New Life into Faith as top 10 book in 2008 check it out! #02
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Mother Mayhem said...

Happy Wednesday! :o)

Sharon said...

I enjoyed reading your blog.
I am glad to hear the good news about your daughter.
I have a co-worker who just found out he has H-C.
Have a nice day.

jennifer said...

A lovely little birdie told me you have a birthday today. I hope it is a blessed day!

Happy Birthday Diane!

Merle said...

Dear Diane ~~ Just a note to wish you a very Happy Birthday and I hope your day is wonderful.
I do hope your daughter is all right, saying a prayer for her and I loved the pic of Emmy ready for bed.
Have a happy day, Take care, Love, Merle.

amelia said...

Happy Birthday Diane!!! I hope you have the very best day!!

Michael Manning said...

Happy Birthday Diane! You are the epitome of Supportiveness and love for the children who have been featured on my site since 2006. I want you to know how much I value your active prayers and caring in the past for Sahara, Gunner and now Trevor. God Bless You and keep you on this special day. You are a Blessing and Friend.

Love ya,
Michael :)

Diane at Crafty Passions said...

Happy Birthday I hope its a fun family filled one for you!!!

Putz said...

diane{my sister's name} do you know who i was thinking about just a day ago??????lamar, yes lamar your wonderful husband....i saw a picture of him once on jesses blog and i thought what a wonderful simple man, one who very well jesus might pick as his disciple or apostle if they were here together on earth, a man without quile,innocent of most of the crap we see nowadays in the love also to lamar

Lakeland Jo said...

Happy Birthday Diane!