Saturday, October 31, 2009

Sunday Dinner, November 1, 2009 & Halloween Pics

If you've been reading my blog for any amount of time you know when you see the Sunday Dinner graphic that features the chef with a question mark on his tray it means I have no idea what's happening for Sunday Dinner this week.

Lamar's already informed me that his Dallas Cowboys play football at noon tomorrow so I know I'll be a football widow Sunday afternoon. He's already set for Sunday Dinner. He got some packaged pork barbecue at Wal*mart when we did our monthly shopping so I don't have to worry about cooking for him.

So I've decided to take another break from cooking Sunday Dinner this week. I have no idea where I'll end up eating but I won't be doing the cooking or the cleaning up. Works for me.

For those of you who'd like to share your Sunday Dinner plans this week just leave a comment.I'm just going to scatter some pics of Emmy in her Halloween costume and from the weinie roast tonight in the rest of this post. Click on any of them to enlarge-ify.

As I mentioned earlier, Lamar and I went to Jonesboro this morning with his Mom to run some errands and do our monthly Wal*mart shopping. I usually get all my household cleaning supplies and other necessities on or near the first of each month and go about a week later to do my monthly grocery shopping so it's not such a big hassle all in one day.

I sometimes pick up a few grocery items on the first, but for the most part I wait until the next week to do my "big" monthly grocery shopping.

We ran a few errands and paid the cable bill first, then went to eat at Ron's Catfish again for lunch. It was great, as usual. I could eat there at least once a week if we could afford it. It's probably a good thing we don't have our own car or we'd probably eat there a lot more than is good for us.

After lunch we headed to Wal*mart, and let me tell you, apparently everybody else within a 50 mile radius had the same destination today. It was a madhouse! The fact that it was Saturday, Halloween and that everybody that gets their government checks on the first got theirs Friday because of the first falling on the weekend had a lot to do with the crowds, I'm sure. If I hadn't been out of a lot of things, including some of my prescriptions, I'd have waited until later instead of braving those crowds.

It was hard to get down the aisles without running over people, and they would just stand and look at you with their carts right in the middle of the aisles, almost daring you to ask them to move! So frustrating, and rude people just do not make for an optimum shopping experience. Whatever that may be.

We finished our day by stopping at Sonic on the way home to take advantage of the half price drinks during happy hour. I was more than ready for a drink by then, let me tell you.We got home and unloaded our purchases and got to rest about an hour before my sister Ducky and her granddaughter Genna arrived to pick us up to go to a bonfire, weinie roast and hayride with our church.

Jessica and Emmy arrived about 10 minutes after Ducky and Genna, so we took a few pics and then headed to the weinie roast. By the time we got there the sun was beginning to set and it was indeed a glorious sunset. I took about 2 dozen pictures trying to capture the beauty of the sunset, but apparently sunsets are beyond my grasp and abilities.

We enjoyed roasted hot dogs and marshmallows and some people made s'mores. (Ick!) I like all the ingredients in s'mores, but not together, thank you very muchly. And I'm not much on chocolate anyway so to me putting chocolate, marshmallows and graham crackers together just ruins some good marshmallows and graham crackers.

After everyone had eaten, we piled into the trailers filled with bales of straw and pulled by tractors. We had 2 trailer and tractor combos and we made 2 trips so everybody could ride at least one time each. Some of us (me, Lamar, Jessica, Jason and Emmy included) rode for both trips, and it was grand!

The moon was almost full and so bright it was almost like daylight! The stars were shining and it was so good to see clear skies after all the rain we've had lately. It was a little chilly so my sweatshirt, jacket and quilt that I brought to snuggle up in felt good.

There is still a LOT of water on the ground and over the country gravel roads. We went through a lot of water and Emmy was amazed at riding the trailer through water! She wanted to get out and swim, lol! We told her it was awfully cold to be swimming tonight, with the temps in the mid-50'sF.

I thought I had my camera with me on the hayride, but someone moved my purse and it fell out of the top of it, so I don't have any pics on the actual hayride. I was so disappointed! Boo hoo!All in all, a good day, but I have been going since my feet hit the floor this morning, so Diane is a TARD girl tonight. Even if I'd wanted to cook Sunday Dinner, I didn't get home until 10:30 pm and I'm not about to start cooking at this time of the night, not to mention that I'm worn to a frazzle!

I hope you've all had a great Halloween, and don't forget to Fall Back and set your clocks back an hour if you haven't already done it by the time you read this. I for one am glad to get that hour back that we lost last Spring.

I'm going to get this proofread and posted and I think for once I'm going to go to bed at a reasonable hour. Allowing for that hour we're getting back, I may even get in bed before midnight. What an interesting concept! ;o)Y'all have a blessed Lord's Day doing something you enjoy with people you love. May God meet all you need, and may you have enough to share is my prayer for you all, dear family and friends.


Eleanor said...

Bed before midnight? I think I might have done that once or twice at some point, but I can't say for sure. ;) Bed before noon is more my style. Funny how the rest of the world doesn't do the same!

Like you, I'm really happy to be getting that hour back. Everyone always tells me that it's all in my head, but I know that I run better on standard time.

I haven't been to a wienie roast, or on a hayride for ages and ages, so am a bit jealous. Glad you all enjoyed the evening. I'll bet that Emmy is even more worn out than you, having been trick or treating and all. She looked gorgeous, by the way!

Have a lovely Sunday, followed by a great rest of the week. xxoo

Anonymous said...

Diane in the second pic down, is that Jenna? If it is she has grown up! Emma looks cute as a bug in a rug. Glad youall had a good time and your lucky enough to have a little one that can enjoy halloween as it should be. (BIL)

Gigi said...

Good times with family and friends...the best! Loved the pictures, as always!

Dick said...

Dinner here today is going to be pot roast, spuds & some kind of a veggie.

We didn't go to a Halloween party but I did go to a soccer game with my younger granddaughters team. Of course they were playing in the rain. Isn't that the way soccer is supposed to be played?

I'm aware of the football game that is on right now with Lamar's Cowboys playing what I guess you might call my Seahawks, but I'm not enough of a fan to bother watching it. The TV news will tell me the grim details later. So far it hasn't been one of the Seahawks better seasons.

Dawn said...

I haven't been to a wienie roast and/or hayride in the longest time. I LOVE s'mores!

We had the big doin's at our church last night, which brings into 300-350 people from the neighborhood. I took the twins home to bed so the big girls could have their mommy's full attention. A cold was making me miserable to begin with.

We had bar-b-qued ribs, baked potatoes, crescent rolls, and corn today.

The Wal-Mart experience sounds gruesome - exactly why I don't like to go there, especially on Saturday. I've noticed that rudeness when I've been there. I have to say my grocery store co-shoppers were that way yesterday - very unpleasant experience.

Rachel said...

What a fun day Diane! I'll bet you were tired after that full schedule. I try never to go to Walmart on the weekends unless it's very early in the mornings. Too many people otherwise!

Love Emmy's costume!

The hayride and weinie roast sounds like a whole heap of fun! Glad you enjoyed it!

Dinner today was a sub sandwich from Quizno's. Chicken something or other!

Belizegial said...

Hi Diane,

Glad to hear you and Miss Emmy had a ball this halloween. LOL

Sunday dinner was quick and easy today. Liver and onions on a bed of white rice with a side dish of fresh garden vegetables with sliced papaya for dessert.

Stay rested my friend and see you next week.


Mountain Mama said...

Hi Diane. I'm back. well sorta anyhow. I still have another month to get back to normal or at least sort of normal but I'm praying it will be sooner.

Miss Emmy is so cute in her costume. And grandma looks so proud. Aren't grandkids fun?

I hate to admit it but my dinner today was a TV dinner. I'm just not up to cooking yet. I had something they called grilled chicken with sauce over rice and green beans and carrots. The chicken looked and tasted like something artificial. I don't really know what in the world it was but I never had chicken that looked or tasted like that before. Oh well, it filled me up ok. I topped it off with fat free cottage cheese and fresh pineapple and not I'm sipping a glass of Cran-Raspberry juice.
Maybe I'll feel more like cooking next Sunday. Well if I remember what today's fare tasted like I will certainly be encouraged. LOL!

I never shop on Saturday or Friday either. Tuesday or Wednesday are the only days I like to shop. I hate heavy traffic on the street and in the stores. I have to admit I have been tempted to commit shopping basket rage when people stand in front of me and refuse to move. Mercy!

Love you dear friend and thanks again for your faithful prayers.

Barb said...

Well, I was a Denver Broncos widow today but Rob made out OK. While he watched them lose their first game of the season, I was in the kitchen cooking away. He got a very nice spaghetti dinner tonight.

Emmy looks adorable. I swear, I saw so many cute kids last night, all the great things their parents did with makeup, I thought, what is the matter with all us Reids! Still, Cameron and Avery were adorable. Avery made a pretty darn cute garden gnome. LOL

I can't tell you how many times Rob and I have pulled up into a parking space at Walmart on Saturday and said, "We're crazy." Walmart sucks on Saturday - ANY Saturday. Yesterday I really needed to go down the Halloween aisles (we were there to get things for the grandkids' special Halloween gift bags) and it was a zoo. But I was pleasantly surprised at how nice everyone was.

I think they knew, we're all nuts so we might as well be nice about it. LOL

So let me be the first to say, Happy Thanksgiving! With any luck at all, yours will be a lot dryer than your Halloween was. Good grief!


Brenda said...

Yep, I took advantage of the extra hour last night, but don't know if I like the earlier dark today :(
When we were in AZ they didn't observe DST, so that's something we'll have to get used to again.
Glad you had nice weather for your hayride.
I'm with ya on the Walmart thing. I'd just assume stay away on the weekends.
Have a great week, Diane!

MrsDoF said...

So much fun to come here and see bits of the good life you are living!

Cute little fairy girl, too.

~~love and Huggs, Diane