Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Birthday, Jessica, Sue & Ducky! & A Prayer Request

Wishing a very happy 22nd birthday to my beautiful daughter, JESSICA! Mama loves you more than I can ever express, Babe. It doesn't seem possible that it's been 22 years since you were born..........

............And 5 months later you experienced your first Easter, pictured here with your Great Grandpa, Horner Davis.

Here you are at 8 months on June 28, 1988, enjoying frosting from your Grandma Lue's birthday cake. Cake's not really good unless you get it all over you. In your opinion, anyway. ;-)

This is one of my all time favorite baby pictures of you. I wish it had scanned a little sharper and brighter.

Can you see Emmy in your face? Because I see a lot of you in her and vice versa, especially as Emmy gets bigger.

I can really see hints of Emmy in these two pics taken when you were 2 years and 10 months old. Emmy is almost 2 years and 6 months, so not much difference in your age in these pics and Emmy's age at the present time.

Lots of resemblance between Jessica and Emmy here, I think.

Fast forward a few years, and here you are with your cousin Devin at almost 4 years old.

My, how the time flies!

I blinked it seems, and here you are with your cousin Jon at around 12 years old, I think.

Another blink and you were graduating high school.

And just a little while later, on December 9, 2006, you became a beautiful bride and made me a mother in law to a handsome son in law. :-)

A short time after that you became a Mama, and the cycle of mother and daughter started all over again.

You bring me joy every day and I'm blessed and proud to call you Daughter. I love you so much, Jessica Rose Jennings.

I pray you enjoy a long, full, healthy and happy life, filled with God's love, joy, and blessings on your life.

I also want to wish my sisters Sue (left)................

and Ducky (right) a very Happy Birthday today!

Yes, that's right ---- Jessica, Sue and Ducky all share the same birthday. Sue and Ducky were born on November 3rd, 2 years apart, and then Jessica came along some years later on November 3, 1987.

Happy birthday to my beloved sisters and daughter. :o)

And on a more serious note, if you're a praying person, please remember Lamar when you pray. If you don't pray, positive thoughts are most welcome as well. Lamar's eye is inflamed again and it's just as bad as it was when this all started with him back in June of this year.

Jessica had to rush him to his eye specialist in Memphis this morning, and the pressure in that eye is sky high again. We still don't know what caused the problem with his eye to begin with back in June, and they still don't have a diagnosis or any real treatment plan for him now.

At first they were going to do emergency surgery, but they decided against that. Then they discussed giving Lamar shots in that eye, but eventually they changed their minds about that too.

After doing some tests on Lamar they sent him home with 3 prescriptions for various eye drops and 2 for pills. One pill is an antiviral and the other is an oral form of prednisone. If he doesn't get worse before Tuesday of next week, he has to go back to Memphis to see the eye specialist again.

We are so weary of this illness, and especially all the doctor visits, medications and still having no diagnosis or real answers as to what's happening to cause this problem with his eye. Lamar already has permanent vision loss in that eye and this whole roller coaster ride seems never ending.

Please pray for guidance and wisdom as the doctors treat Lamar and for a correct diagnosis and treatment plan as soon as possible.

Thank you all for your prayers, dear family and friends. I know many of you will answer our plea for prayers for Lamar, and we appreciate them more than we can ever express.

If anything new develops I'll post an update to keep everyone informed, whether it be bad news, God forbid, or good news, please let it be, Lord.I pray you all have a blessed week full of love and joy and that God will rain down His blessings upon you all.


Donna said...

It is indeed frustrating when the doctor's can't figure out the cause of an ailment. May the Great Physician heal Lamar's eye.

Linda said...

Happy Birthday to all the beautiful, special ladies in your life Diane. Wonderful pictures and precious words.

I will be praying for Lamar. I know how frustrating this is. We have definitely been there too. Praying for you too dear Diane.

Betty said...

Happy Birthday to all of your people.I wish for them many more happy years.

Big Prayers and Good Thoughts for Lamar.I hope they find out what it is an fix it fast.
~~ Love and Hugs~~

Gigi said...

What a special day for your family! Happy Birthday to all!

Of course I'll be in prayer for Lamar...Lord, let the cause be identified soon so that treatment can begin...

amelia said...

So sorry about the eye trouble again. That's awful for him. I will keep Lamar in my thoughts and hope the docs can figure out what to do for him.
The pics of Jess are lovely and Emmy comes across in every one but I personally notice it the most in the 'covered in frosting' pic!!

Happy Birthday Jessica!

Martha said...

Hi Sister, as I told you I hate it about Mars' eye. I'm praying for him ans for you. Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes, I appreciate them so much. I praise God for every day He gives me and for all the wonderful people He has placed in my life. Love you all, Martha aka Ducky

Lakeland Jo said...

I am praying for Lamar, and wow- doesn't Emmy look like Jessica?

Brenda said...

That has to be so hard, especially not knowing an exact diagnosis. Yes, for sure, I'll be praying.

Nancy said...

Prayers going out for Lamar! I am so sorry he is having trouble again...and that the doctors can't diagnose his problem. Do hope the meds and eye drops help him.

Happy Birthday to Jessica and your sisters, too! Loved the pics of Jessica to celebrate her birthday!!! You write such sweet do have a way with words! Write a book!! It would certainly sell!!!

Love you!

Jess said...

Thanks mom for the nice post and words...and to all the others who wished me a Happy Bday...

Love, Jessica

peppylady (Dora) said...

When I saw the posting of the year Jess was born she is year older then my oldest son who was born in September.
I'm so sorry to read that LaMar is having trouble with his eye.
Will keep him in my thoughts.

Coffee is on.

Mary said...


Wow!! Emmy and Jess do look very much alike in the photos. They are all wonderful. I stopped by yesterday and wished Jess a Happy Birthday. I didn't realize that all three ladies birthdays were the same day.

I'm so sorry about Lamar's eyes. He does need drops continually to keep the pressures down. I use my every evening. Not sure what other drops they gave him, but sounds like that eye is highly infected. Lamar is on my prayer list. I hope all the meds help and that his eye heals quickly.


PEA said...

This was such a beautiful post in honour of Jessica's birthday, dear Diane. I so loved seeing pictures of her through the years and seeing how the cycle of mother/daughter has come around full circle. The resemblance between her and Emmy is uncanny!!!

Oh dear, I'm so sorry to hear that Lamar's eye problems are back again. What makes it worse is the doctors not knowing what is causing it and how to treat it properly...please know that my thoughts and prayers are with him!!

Happy Birthday to your two sisters as well:-) Love ya! xoxox

Miss G said...

Happy Birthday to Jessica ,what a wonderful beautiful young lady she blossomed into ,I hope she had a fantastic day xoxoxoxox
Happy birthday to Sister Sue and Ducky too , Hope they had a wonderful day and it continues the whole year through , God Bless all !XO

Continuing to pray for Lamar xoxo
BSH for you and fields of sugar for princess Emmy , Boy she is growing fast , I understand when you say Blink and time goes by so quick , we need to savour ever sec .
love you sister xoxoxoxoxoxoxo


Miss G said...

Happy Birthday to Jessica ,what a wonderful beautiful young lady she blossomed into ,I hope she had a fantastic day xoxoxoxox
Happy birthday to Sister Sue and Ducky too , Hope they had a wonderful day and it continues the whole year through , God Bless all !XO

Continuing to pray for Lamar xoxo
BSH for you and fields of sugar for princess Emmy , Boy she is growing fast , I understand when you say Blink and time goes by so quick , we need to savour ever sec .
love you sister xoxoxoxoxoxoxo


Mountain Mama said...

Your birthday tribute to Jessica is just beautiful. Of course it could only have been done by a very proud and loving mama.
You did good!!

I am praying for Lamar's eye.
Hugs Diane

Reva said...

What a beautiful tribute to your daughter Jessica. I will go over and wish her a belated birtday wish after this.
I'm sorry Lamar is having so much medical difficulties and I extend all my positive thoughts and my prayers for him.

Anonymous said...

Prayers are being sent your way from north Idaho! Keep the faith. v

The Old Gray Mare said...

Beautiful pictures of your Jessica!

I know just how you feel since my Brownie just turned 20. Twenty years gone by in a few blinks of the eye!

I'll be praying for Lamar. I can't imagine how frustrating it must be to still have no idea what's going on after all the tests & dr. visits.


kkryno said...

What beautiful pictures of Jessica. I know how proud you must be of her and her lovely family. I know how deeply I love my two girls, and just when I think that I would just burst with all of that love; along comes a wonderful grand-daughter! Life is mostly good.

As for Lamar's eye, I am praying very hard that he recovers soon. He has just got to be so worn out from the pain, worry and the not knowing! I've definitely got you you two in my thoughts.

Tell your sisters Happy Birthday for me. Family is a wonderful thing! :)

Love, Vikki.

Rachel said...

Little Emmy does look like her Mommy did back then!! I hope all had a happy birthday!!

I'm sorry to hear about Lamar's eye problems flaring up again. I'll keep him in my prayers.


Mother Mayhem said...

Happiest (although belated) birthday wishes for all the gorgeous birthday girls! :o)

Praying for Lamar. Even though the doctors don't know what's going on, The Great Physician does. ;o)

Dick said...

All three having the same birthday is amazing! Congratulations to all three.

I'll offer my prayers for Lamar. I wonder if you might be ahead to check with the medical school at your state's university to see if they wouldn't be interested in seeing & treating him? They are often up for challenging medical problems. It might need a referral from a local Doc but I'd imagine that you can get that. With the treatment he has already been through and it not working, it looks like something that is beyond usual problems.

the voice of melody said...

Happy belated birthday Diane! And I'm sorry to read about Lamar's eye condition. Just know there will be one more prayer going to our Heavenly Father asking for healing. Be strong! {Hugs} to you and yours.

Sande said...

How amazing is that cycle of women in your life. Three generations ... :}