Saturday, August 9, 2008

Sunday Dinner, August 10, 2008 & Some Rambling

Glory be, here it is time for Sunday Dinner again. This week has been full of activity, however, and for once it does seem like the time was marked as it should be. When I'm busy every day it seems like the days are measured more deliberately than when I just piddle my time away.

Since Jessica had surgery yesterday and is taking it easy at home, I don't think she, Jason and Emmy will be here for Sunday Dinner. So that leaves me, Lamar, and my sisters Cecil and Ducky, unless someone else drops in unexpectedly, which would be fine.

I have a small smoked pork shoulder, more or less a ham, baking slowly in the oven. It should be perfect for 4 hungry people and may even yield enough for some leftovers. I'll let it cook until it's tender, then let it cool and refrigerate it overnight.

When I get home from church tomorrow afternoon I'll put it back in the oven to reheat and peel and quarter some potatoes to roast in with the ham. While the ham and potatoes are cooking I'll cook some purple hull peas that I have in the freezer. I'm thinking about making a small pan of homemade buttermilk biscuits to round out the meal.

So there you have it: baked ham and roasted potatoes, purple hull peas and biscuits. If we have more than the 4 people I mentioned for dinner I'll cook some extra potatoes, peas and biscuits.

What's for Sunday Dinner at your place? If you'd like to participate just share your menu/plans in the comments.Just in the interest of keepin' it real here at Diane's Place, I guess I should confess that after posting my menu for last week's Sunday Dinner we ended up going to Jonesboro to eat at Cracker*Barrel so I didn't cook after all.

It was hotter than a two dollar pistol outside and I didn't have to cook. Works for me.Speaking of the weather, we're enjoying a welcome respite from the unbearable Arkansas heat and humidity. It's been in the upper 80'sF with lower humidity and we even got a little rain on Thursday morning. Some surrounding areas got a lot of rain but we barely got a good shower.

We have a good chance of rain overnight tonight and all day tomorrow. My poor rose bush and other plants and flowers desperately need a good soaking. The forecast high for Sunday is in the mid-70'sF which is almost unheard of for August and a welcome blessing if it materializes.

Thank you Lord, for your blessings!Speaking of blessings, (are you noticing a pattern developing here?) Jessica is sore but doing well. She's staying home and taking it easy. Jason is taking care of most of Emmy's needs since Jessica isn't supposed to lift much or put any strain on her incisions and stitches.

Of course Emmy doesn't understand why Mama doesn't like to be used as a jungle gym right now since it's always been fine in the past, but they're dealing with it.

Jessica's doctor released her to go back to work as soon as she feels up to it. She's supposed to use common sense as far as lifting and bending, etc. In other words, if it causes pain, don't do it!

I won't be keeping Emmy for the foreseeable future, at least until Jessica goes back to work and/or Jason gets a job. According to Jason's job and his new hours I may not be keeping Emmy then. We're all praying for Jason to find a good job, and soon.I'm still feeling kind of, "eh" most of the time. Better at times, worse at times, mostly according to my blood sugar levels. I've felt icky all day today but I'm feeling a little better as I type this. My blood sugar was well over 200 this afternoon and I could really tell it was high even before I tested for it.

Still no word from my doctor on the fasting blood glucose test I had done last Friday. I meant to call my doctor's office about it on Friday but I had Emmy all day and it slipped my mind. If I don't hear anything Monday I'm definitely going to call them.

If me being on medication to help regulate my blood sugar will make me feel better, I am so there! Bring on the drugs! I am so tired of feeling draggy, jittery, sluggish, sleepy, achy, headachy and exhausted, I could just scream! And today my eyes were giving me trouble and I know it's because my sugar was too high. My sight was so blurry I could barely focus on the words of a book I'm reading.

Sorry, rant over.I'm sure some of you can relate to the next situation I'm going to ramble about. Ever have one one of those days/weeks/months when all the appliances and/or electronics in your life suddenly decide to die all at once?

First my mouse went to that great mouse trap in the sky. I was right in the middle of mousing and it just quit. No wheezing, no coughing, no warning at all. It just died. Belly up.

I knew I had a spare in the closet in here, behind Emmy's playpen where she naps when she's here. So, I had to move her playpen and dig through the clutter in the closet to find the mouse.

But at least it worked after I plugged it in.

A couple of days later my computer keyboard just quit working right in the middle of a comment I was typing on someone's blog. I did the usual things trying to coax (threaten?) it to work again.

First I turned it upside down and gave it a good whack or 3. Nothing.

Then I turned it back rightside up and beat on it some more. Nope.

Then while muttering under my breath I wiggled the connection where it plugs in the back of the computer. Uh uh.

That sucker was dead as a mackerel.

So I dug out another keyboard. Out of that same closet behind Emmy's playpen. If I'd known the keyboard was gonna die too I'd have gotten the spare keyboard out at the same time I was retrieving the spare mouse!

But this time I wasn't so fortunate. My spare keyboard was a spare because it had water spilled in it and I'd had to replace it with a new one. I just threw the wet keyboard in the closet on the offchance that after it dried out it might work again.

So much for that theory.

Do you realize how hard it is to do anything on a computer without a functioning keyboard?

As it happened I was going to do my monthly shopping that very morning so I bought a new keyboard and while I was at it I bought a wireless mouse.

Can I just say, I LOVE my new wireless mouse!

The new keyboard.....the keyboard....NOT.

I let Jessica talk me into buying one of those curved jobs. I was all thumbs. And toes. And elbows it seemed. My fingers simply would not find the home keys. I hit keys by mistake that had me typing in Russian script and then I hit a key that hid my bottom task bar and all the top tool bars. I almost never figured out how to undo that stuff!

Well, that wasn't going to work. A couple of days later when I went back to Wal*mart to do my grocery shopping I took that keyboard back and swapped it for a standard keyboard. This one is better but it has a bunch of keys that I have no idea what they do. I have the book that came with it but unless I hit one of those extra keys by mistake I'll probably never investigate their uses.

Why does everything have to be so complicated?

I'm still getting used to this new keyboard so I'm having to backspace a lot and it's slowed my typing down. Not that my nickname in typing class was ever "Lightnin' Fingers" to begin with.

On the other hand, I cut the cords off the two dead keyboards and Emmy thinks they're the best thing since Jell*o. She carries them around and plunks on the keys and sings. I guess she thinks they're mini grand pianos, only without the sound. I even gave her one to take home with her so she has one here and one at home to play and sing with.Well, if you've read all this you're probably bored to tears so I'll cut this off before I ramble any more.

Y'all have a great Sunday. May God richly bless you, and may you have enough to share is my prayer for you all.


boomama said...

"Hotter than a two dollar pistol" made me laugh out loud.

Hope y'all have a wonderful Sunday!

Our Home Schooler and Jen said...

praying for both you and Jess
shes blessed she has Jason
such a good hubby and daddy

have a good week my friend

zzop357 said...

Just got in a short time ago, I'm on my way to bed.I wanted to see what you were having for dinner.It sure sounds good.
We will have sonic or micky d's.We will be taking Luci home tomorrow, in the rain, with all her stuff in the back of Randy's truck.Can you say "YUCK"?
Wish us luck. Love you Sister, Donna

It's All Good! said...

Hi Diane,
Two in my family have bad colds as I write, so we'll not be heading to church and nothing spectacular for dinner as I desperately need to do some grocery shopping and can't until Monday. So dinner's whatever we can scrounge out of the cupboards!
I've tried one of those curved keyboards and I'm with ya! Can't do it.
Glad Jessica's feeling better. You feel better too!
God bless,
Brenda :)

Lucy Stern said...

Diane, Your dinner sounds good, hope you enjoy it. I'll be cooking chicken and steamed veggies.

I use a wireless keyboard and mouse and my husband uses one of those curved keyboards....He loves the thing and I feel like a fool trying to type on it....

I'm glad that Jessica is doing so good. Jason and Miss Emily will take care of her, don't worry.

Have a great week!

Linds said...

Roast chicken and the trimmings. Son #1 and daughter in law are here for the weekend!

Oh do I ever identify re the appliances rolling over and expiring. I am 2 down and waiting for the 3rd so far. Microwave and dishwasher dead. Mind you, my mouse also died - it decided to highlight everything it touched and whizz down pages randomly meaning one had to read at the speed of light. Not possible. It was history, so son found an old one.
Enjoy your Sunday!

Hootin' Anni said...

I can just picture Emmy with the keyboard, singing. How sweet, how sweet! But I'm wondering just why you kept a mouse behind a playpen?!! Aren't you afraid of the plague? [kidding --guess that wasn't as funny afterall. It was when I was thinking it. But after I typed, not so funny]

And ham potatoes peas and biscuits? And you may have unexpected company?----set the table for an extra I come, Arkansas humidity be hanged...I'll go anywhere for HAM!!

Have a terrific week Diane.

Lib said...

Hi Diane,
SO happy to hear Jess is doing good:o)
We're grilling out today, so I will get a break from cooking.
Hope you feel better soon!
Our computer mose died this wk. too.
Hope you have a great day!
P.S> we're having a cool down too :o)

Barb said...

That two dollar pistol made me laugh, too, Diane.

So I should know better than to let you get two posts out here before I stop in. Good grief, so much going on. I'm so glad Jessica's surgery went well and a hysterectomy wasn't necessary. She's just so young to have to go through that. And I hope the pain she has every month will be a lot less now that they cleaned her up a little. Poor thing.

I need a new keyboard in the worst way. Mine works just fine but I'm embarrassed to say, I've worn all the letters off it. I wonder if I spend too much time on this computer. LOL

Praying for Jason to find a good job that lasts. Those two don't need this stress on top of her medical problems.

I hope you have a good new week, Diane. You all need some quiet time I think. xoxo

Linda said...

I knew the minute I went away for a week all sorts of things were going to happen.
I'm so thankful all went well with Jessica's surgery. I'll be praying she heals quickly - and for Jason's job too.
I know you'll feel better when you get on some medication for your diabetes Diane. I hope they get it all worked out very soon.
I sympathize about the keyboard stuff. I lost my tool bar once and thought I'd never get it back! I hate it when I hit the wrong key. I'm glad it's all straightened out for you now.
Our weather is still hot as blazes. This has just been a brutally hot summer - and we have a lot more to go.
Take care Diane. No more excitement!

kkryno said...

We're on a diet around here, so I plan to make a giant salad and some grilled (or broiled, depending on the weather) chuck-eye steaks. So very simple, but tasty! I hope you conquer your blood sugar woes soon. That is no fun. The kids will be fine; they have the love of family in their corner. Have a great Sunday! Love, V.

Dick said...

We built our sunroom this winter, then had to re-roof the house and just after that the dishwasher started leaking so was replaced. Pat bought a new fridge & clothes washer & dryer, plus a new gas water heater when she moved in not quite two years ago so now about the only things left to go bad are the range & microwave. It is as though Fate thinks we have too much money so keeps trying to find places for us to get rid of it.

Those keyboards do take some getting used to but are a bit easier to use when you do. I had one when they first came out but I prefer one with the clickey sound and all of those I've seen are quiet. But I used it until it died.

Our hot weather has cooled. We actually had two days in a row with the high temp over 80 last week. Now we are back to high 60s - low 70s, but it is supposed to be warming up again starting tomorrow. We are leaving tomorrow with the RV for the ocean so it will not be too hot down there but should be dry with clear skies. You can't ask for much better on the North Pacific Coast!

Dawn said...

We have delicious grilled boneless pork chops today, thanks to DC. We also had baked potatoes, corn on the cob, and a luscious fruit salad with raspberries from our yard and lots of other stuff.

I loved the ergonomic keyboard you didn't like. It really helped my tendonitis. I miss it here on my laptop.

I hope you perk up soon. The flu has been rampant here in our church family this week - going through Bible school staff like crazy.

I'm glad Jessica is doing so well, and trust a new job for Jason will be quick in coming.

Lesa said...

I just got home and was catching up on my blog reading. I didn't know about Jessica until I read your blog. Hope all is going well for her now. I'll keep her in my prayers as she is on the mend. I'm sure Jason will find the perfect job soon. When God closes one door - he throws another door wide open for us!

I tried one of those "new fangled ergonomic curved" keyboards a couple of years ago. I felt like I had my socks on over my hands! I took it back and bought an "el-cheap-o" that works great for me!

Take care of that blood sugar. I knew you were way too sweet for your own good!

Have a great week!

MightyMom said...

well now you have a keyboard or two, along with a backup keyboardist and singer....get yourself over to my place!!

BigDadGib said...

Thought I would stop the truck and check into Diane's Place and see what you all are eatin' over there. Sounds great to me!

I'm so happy Jessica is doing so well. What a blessing to know she is going to be ok.


Nashe* said...

Whaddya know... MY mouse died too! Like, the connection just goes unrecognized after 5 minutes.

Anyway, just so you know, I LOVE buttermilk biscuits but there's only one place I can get buttermilk biscuits here in Singapore and that's the airport. How sad, right?

Sigh. Hope you're doing well. Shoo-gar and all.

Mam said...

Hello, Diane,
Just so happy to hear about Jessica's successful surgery.
Sorry bout the unfortunate demise of your various computer parts. What a weird week for you. I have a cordless mouse and I love it! Oh, the freedom!
Not much new here in Ohio, except the nice cool weather. I hope you do get some of it. Ours is completely unexpected and un- seasonal. Low 70's in the daytime and less than 60 some nights. Good sleepin' weather!

Cecil said...

Lunch was really good yesterday! Nothing like good home-cooked food! Love ya... see ya tomorrow.. Cecil

Mary said...


It sounds like Emmy is going to be a singer when she grows up and that is great. I'm so glad that there is a use for the old keyboards. That is what you call using common sense to recycle.

Your dinner sounds absolutely delicious. I'm glad you got to go to Cracker Barr*l last week. We just love going there and the boys begged to go there almost everyday when we were in the US.

Our weather has been cooler the last couple of days as well. It's nice you are getting some relief from the heat.

I love the new keyboard that came with my computer. It is not one of those curved ones, just a plain old keyboard. There are a couple of keys that I have no idea what are, but like you, I have not investigated as yet.

Take care, my friend and have a great week.


Hootin' Anni said...

Hi again Diane...I just wanted to stop by here one more time and tell you your guess was right!! It is a scarecrow I'm making with my most recent crochet project.

Was it that obvious? [kidding] What with two legs, two arms, a head and a body --all patched.

Hope your Tuesday will be a good one dear lady. Blessings....

Ronda said...

Hi Diane,
I have been where you are now with the diabetes. Yes once you and your doctor find the right medication that works for you, you will start to feel much better. When ur glucose levels start to come down, ur eyes will be better, along with everything else. Hugs and Prayers for your health.
Love & Prayers,

Susie said...

Hi Diane,
I'm so behind on blogging..
Your dinner sounds wonderful and I'm so glad to hear that Jessica came through her surgery so well.
School is almost ready to start here, and hopefully life will be a bit more in our regular routine soon.
Take care of yourself..
love and hugs!

Cecil said...

Hey... just thot I'd tell ya... lunch was really good today!! Love ya.. see ya tomorrow evening.. Cecil

Betty said...

Hi Diane,

I'm late in the week visiting you, but I hope it's not too late to say how delicious your Sunday dinner sounds. I bought a smoked picnic ham Sunday and will look it soon. To me that kind of ham tastes a lot like country ham.

I knew you would love your wireless mouse. I have had one for a long time now and wouldn't have anything else. You'll understand once you go to someone else's home and try to use a mouse with a wire attached to it. Very hard to move around.

I'm glad Jessica is doing well. I hope she will just take it easy and not rush things. Last I heard I thought Jason had found a job. Oh well - good luck to him in his efforts.

Mim said...

thanks for stopping by.
Yes he's home for a short time.
Hope you are doing ok with your health and I know you are concerned about Jess too.
Yes I love the cooler temps. Hope it's cooler in Arkansas too.

Jeanette said...

Hi Dianne,Pleased to read Jessica is on the improve, I know how painful endometriosis.can be I had it and my Daughter suffers from it..Hope all goes well for her...OHHH your Dinner sounds so Yummy You better set another extra place ill squeeze in next to Anni..only trouble your a bit far away for Dinner.... Take great care..

thislittlepiggy said...

Psst... Sounds like menopause to me!

Mountain Mama said...

First of all I have to say I got a good chuckle as I visualized Emmy and her new musical instrument. How cute!! Hee-hee-hee

I finally had to look up purple pod beans. I haven't had them so didn't have a clue what they were. Now I know!! It actually reminds me that I have several nice packages of Butter beans with ham and onion in the freezer. Sounds like I just figured out my lunch!

Too bad about your mouse and keyboard but it seems Emmy is happy with the plan. (smile)

Love you dear Diane

Nancy said...

Hi Diane!

I need your phone number since you keep these late hours like I do! LOL

You sure you're not starting the change? Sounds like it to me. Things just get to a woman more when you go through that. I breezed right through it myself, though.

You're lucky you had a spare mouse around! I never had a keyboard go bad.....yet! My keys are about worn off from my nails, though!

I am behind in reading again! I no sooner get all caught up when it's time to start all over again. Maybe someday, I'll get the hang of it. What with working as much as I do, I'm just glad I get to read what I can.

I just worked 7 1/2 hours on my latest post! It takes time to scan all those photos, not to even mention the hours it took to find them all! LOL But I had a good time going through all the old albums. My mom was one super lady!!! She deserved that post, believe me!

We didn't get much rain at all! Couldn't even see if coming down. It barely wet the ground! We need water so bad here.

Your Sunday dinner sounded so good! I don't cook much just for me. I need to start using up some of that stuff in my freezer, though!

Hope you get to feeling better! So glad Jessica is doing so well since her surgery.

(((((( HUGS ))))))

Dawn said...

The shelves that held the t.v. and records, etc., were designed and made by DC. I can't remember if he figured it out himself, or had a pattern. But we used it for years. The records were so special to me - I wish I could get them made into cd's - I sold a lot of them when I was trying to get to Minnesota for my grandparents' 50th years ago when the kids were little - and my allowance didn't go very far!

As for sewing - I haven't been motivated to sew for years and years - I always thought I would when I had grandkids, but now my eyes are not letting me do close stuff like threading neeles! Maybe if I get Lasik, I'll be able to and I'll feel like it again. But you're so right about the cost of sewing - patterns are out of sight expensive!