Friday, August 8, 2008

Please Pray For Jessica...***Update Below***


Jessica is out of surgery as of 1 pm Central Standard Time. She is in recovery and doing well. The surgeon removed several endometriosis lesions and said she didn't find any signs of cancer or anything obviously wrong other than the endometriosis.

If all goes well in recovery Jessica should be allowed to go home by about 3 pm.

THANK YOU all again for your prayers and positive thoughts on Jessica's behalf!

Praise God from whom all blessings flow!



...As she has surgery this morning. As I type this at 11 am Central Standard Time JESSICA is in surgery at Little Rock, Arkansas at UAMS Hospital.

The preliminary plan is to go in laparascopically and remove any endometriosis and cysts that they can, but if her condition is severe enough after they get inside and look around, they may do a hysterectomy, either complete or incomplete as they evaluate her condition. Obviously if they have to do a hysterectomy or any complications arise she'll have to stay overnight, but the plan is for her to come home this afternoon after she spends the necessary time in recovery.

Jessica won't be 21 until November 3rd. She has one baby, Miss Emmy, who is 15 months old today. We have no choice but to leave all this in God's hands. If Jessica has to have a hysterectomy to save her from a life of monthly women's suffering, so be it. I just want my daughter to be healthy and pain-free.

If God intends for Jessica and Jason to have more children, well, there are untold multitudes of children in this world who need loving homes. I trust God to do what's best for Jessica during and after the surgery, including whether she has children in the future. God is in control.

I'm keeping Miss Emmy here with me today. Jason, Lamar and Lamar's Mom are with Jessica at the hospital in Little Rock.

Emmy is in fine form today and I had to put her in her playpen with her sippy cup and some bite-bites (froot loops and che*erios) to keep her out of trouble long enough for me to post this.

Please pray for the surgeons and nurses as they care for Jessica, that they will do whatever needs to be done to make Jessica healthy and pain-free, for travelling grace as they come home, and for a quick recovery for Jessica.

Also, please pray for Jason as he searches for another job. He was laid off yesterday from the new job he just started Sunday night. Pray for their finances, for God to provide, as I know He will.

I'll post updates as I receive them.

Thank you in advance for your prayers and positive thoughts. We're more thankful and grateful than we can say that we have friends we can depend upon to lift us up before God's throne.


Dawn said...

My goodness - I can't believe he lost his new job already! That is just what they need on top of Jessica's health issues. I'm praying right now - it's 11:30 there. It would be good if it didn't cause her to have to have a hysterectomy, but thankfully you all have lovely Miss Emmy - my DIL fears she'll never have kids for similar reasons, though they have not been able to pin down any reason she has such pain every month. I as blessed with easy months.

kkryno said...

Your beautiful family and the doctors are in my thoughts and prayers today; and you as well! :)

violetlady said...

Thanks be to God for being by her side.

Anonymous said...

You are all in my thoughts and prayers today. Thank you for the post and the update. V from n. Idaho

Lynne said...

I'm so glad to hear there wasn't anything more serious than the endometriosis. Hopefully she'll be fine from now on.

That's too bad about Jason and his job. I'm sure he'll find something soon.

You're all in my thoughts.

Reva said...

I am so glad the surgery went ok. Hopefully all will heal well soon and Jessica can go on with her life and her family.
Take care and prayers will continue.

PEA said...

Dear Diane,

I'm so glad to see your update and read that the surgery went well and that she would be able to go home today. My prayers continue for her that she has a full recovery and can soon enjoy being pain free!! Such a shame Jason lost his new job already...on the news tonight they were saying how hard it is to get work anywhere anymore. Glad you have Emmy...she's in good hands:-) xoxo

Aunt Jenny said...

I was so glad to see your update..have been keeping her and your whole family in my prayers today. I am so glad to hear that she didn't have to have an even bigger surgery and overnight stay.
I bet you had fun with that little cutie Miss Emmy today!!

Lucy Stern said...

Diane, I am so glad that everything went well for Jessica. I am sure this is a blessing for your family. I am praying that she recover quickly and that Jason finds another job soon. So sorry the other job didn't work out. Give Miss Emily a big hug for me.

Jo said...

Now see how this works, I have to be away for a little while and everything falls apart out there. I am so glad to hear that sweet jessica came through the surgery ok and there was no cancer. God is a Loving Father indeed.

My prayers go up for all of you. Lots of logve coming your way.
BTW.... Our grandson will be graduating from High school in May. He lives in Cabot with his dad. If we get to come down for the graduation perhaps you and I can get together. Big hugs coming your way.

Kelli said...

Oh, thank goodness she's okay. My SIL had the same kind of thing she has had and she had a hysterectomy, complete one on Wednesday. so i can certainly relate!

I've been thinking about you and her all day and keeping you all in my prayers. Also for Jason, I know it's hard to find a good job and keep it with all the layoffs!

God is good!
Hugs, Kelli

Betty said...

Hi Diane,

I am behind on my visiting and wasn't aware that Jessica was going to have surgery. I pray that she is going to be okay and will be able to have more children if it be God's will.

Hope you have a nice weekend.

Linds said...

Thank God it is over and she is doing well, Diane. And how wonderful that you are all so close and can look out for each other and be there for support.
I will continue to pray for Jessica,and her family.

Our Home Schooler and Jen said...

gosh they let you go fast after the op didnt they
praying she recovers well
HUGS to you all

thislittlepiggy said...

Got the update! :o)

We just found out that Tar Baby has cervical cancer. She will have laser surgery on August 18th. Please keep her in your prayers!

Mary said...


I am glad that Jessica's surgery went well and they didn't find any cancer. I will continue to pray for her to recover quickly.


It's All Good! said...

Hi Diane, I'm so glad surgery went well without any further complications. We'll still be praying that this will eliminate the problems she's been having. And for Jason another job. The right one is out there just for him!
God bless you weekend.
Brenda :)

Jada said...

I'm just catching up on reading blogs. So good to hear that Jessica came through the surgery. Will be praying for a quick recovery for her and a new, better job for Jason.

Hugs and prayers,