Friday, August 15, 2008

Warning: Aimless Rambling About To Commence

First of all, see that? That's blessed, beautiful, welcome, refreshing rain! I took that picture about 30 minutes ago before I sat down here at the computer to post this blog.

We haven't seen much rain around these parts this Summer. Places near us have had flash floods over the Summer when we haven't gotten a drop of rain.

Even now my county is under a flash flood warning. Although we've only gotten at the most a half inch of rain so far, only 5 miles away in Jonesboro, where JESSICA lives, they've had over 3 inches of rain and had some cars stalled in standing water on the streets. As dry as it's been the rain will run off and soak into the ground in no time.

Praise the Lord for the blessing of rain!I just finished the last of the TEXAS HASH left over from my Wednesday night supper. It made a good Friday dinner, or lunch to most of my readers. We still call the noon meal "dinner" here in Northeast Arkansas. Some of the later generation and some of the forward thinkers around here have started calling the noon meal "lunch" and the evening meal "dinner", but I still say "dinner" for the noon meal and "supper" for the evening meal.

To-may-toes, to-mah-toes. Whatever. Just as long as I have something to eat.Jessica took me for another sugar test at my doctor's office yesterday. This time it was a 1 hour glucose test and praise the Lord, it was elevated! This time my test result was 181 according to their test, which is abnormally high.

Apparently I still need at least one more test showing a high sugar reading because my drs. office called a little while ago and they want me to come in and do a 3 hour glucose test. The nurse said that if my blood sugar is elevated on that test then I'll be officially diagnosed as diabetic and my insurance will pay for my home testing supplies, glucose meter, etc, and for any medications I may need.

Now, I said "Praise the Lord!" not because I want to be diabetic, but because even though my blood sugar has consistently tested high here at home, nearly every time they test it at the drs. office it's been lower than here at home. And yes, my meter is fine. It's brand new and has been checked out.

One problem is that every time I ask about the standards to be diagnosed as diabetic, my doctor has upped the blood sugar levels. I don't know if my insurance provider has different standards than others or what.

Now I'm just praying that the 3 hour glucose test will be high enough to get me diagnosed. I'm still feeling pretty icky and by testing my blood sugar I know that it's my high blood sugar that's making me feel bad. I'm hoping that once I'm diagnosed and they start me on one of the diabetes medications that I'll start feeling better. Surely I'll feel better when my sugar is under control.When I finished my glucose test at the drs. office yesterday Jessica picked me up and I spent the rest of the afternoon with her, Jason and Emmy at their place. Emmy was napping when we got there, but she woke up in fine form and ready to play.

Emmy loves to walk on the treadmill but can't quite reach the handle bars yet. Jessica is holding Emmy's hands so she can walk without being rolled over and scooted off the end of the conveyor.

I took this next picture of Emmy standing on the treadmill after Jessica turned off the power. You can tell by the mischeivous look on her face that she's just itching to find something to get into.

"Here comes Trouble" should be her slogan right now, LOL.

Jessica took Emmy to get her latest round of childhood immunizations Wednesday. She's in the top of the charts for height and a little below average for weight, but it's because she's so tall for her age. She's perfectly healthy otherwise, though a little low on iron. Emmy's doctor told Jessica as well as Emmy's eating table foods now she should get what she needs from her food, but if she's concerned about Emmy not getting enough nutrients she can give her a daily children's chewable vitamin.And finally, for V. in Northern Idaho, I haven't forgotten about the zucchini recipes. My friend MARY@OWLHAVEN recently posted her top 10 zucchini recipes, which you can find HERE.

I also just posted my recipe for DIANE'S ZUCCHINI PARMIGIANA and my recipe for DIANE'S HOMEMADE ZUCCHINI BREAD on MY RECIPE BLOG. Hope everyone enjoys them, but especially you, V. since you asked for my zucchini recipes. Rambling complete. Y'all have a great weekend!


Dick said...

It seems to me that diabetes should be pretty easy to diagnose. Maybe the insurance company is just trying to get out of paying.

My Annie had what they called steroid induced diabetes from many years of taking cortisone for her rheumatoid arthritis. It was a bit different from regular diabetes but was treated in about the same ways. She started on medication and when that eventually wouldn't do it, we went to insulin. I can't believe the cost of insulin, nor the difference between what it costs here in the States and the exact same vial in Mexico. We are really being ripped off. Most people who have good medical insurance never see this but those on Medicare sure do.

We just spent three days on the ocean and had no rain but the temperatures were much cooler. Daily highs there were in the upper 60s while we are now sweltering at 84 or so here at home. I know that doesn't sound too hot to you but we are not used to temps that high!

Our Home Schooler and Jen said...

looks like a nice place where you live
not quite what i had imagined
when you said you live in an apartment
praise the Lord for your rain

praying for you re the diabetics and that you can the help and insurance that you need and get all the things you need and start feeling better

kids do like treadmills dont they

hope you have a nice weekend

Nancy said...

Hi Diane!

Emmy is cute as a button!!! I have never seen a child smile all the time like she does! She looks like a very happy little girl, and I'm sure she is with all of you to love her!

Glad you are getting some rain! We are getting zilch here! And we are so dry!!! Watering ban in effect now!

Hope you get your health situation straightened out soon. Happy that you will get your meds and supplies paid for, too! I pay $42.19 for a vial of insulin for my 2 diabetic cats!!! That's for Humilin N insulin. And then I get the needles at Wal-Mart for $12.59 per 100, and I use 4 a day so they last me 25 days. And then with drawing blood from Daphy twice day, I am using even more needles! And now I have 2 who have been over-grooming their bellies to the "no hair, no skin" point on Buspar and Benadryl! Wearing those big stiff cloth collars on them, too! And then I have 3 on Cosequins for arthritis and bladder inflammations! And then even another one on Benadryl for allergies! Keeps me busy!!!

Your apartment complex looks so nice! All on one floor, too! I like that. I can now visualize where you live!

Love ya!

(((((( HUGS ))))))

Owlhaven said...

Your grandbaby is so very adorable! Hope the docs figure out what is going on with you healthwise!


zzop357 said...

We dud Jon's testing today. It's a 4 hour test. From 8 to 12:30.They drew blood 6 times.
Good luck with your tests.Love you Sister.Donna

Pearl said...

I am so sorry you are having to deal with diabetes. Those tests don't sound any fun at all but I hope you get the results you need. Insurance makes everything so difficult...I will say a prayer for you.

Emmy is just darling.


Dawn said...

I love the picture of Emmy on the treadmill - really cute. And a wonderful smile.

We had a wonderful soaking rain all day today - what a blessing. We've been in drought conditions and have been praying for rain. We didn't care how many outdoor weddings it rurnt!

I hope the insurance company gets its rear in gear pretty soon. Pathetic!

It's All Good! said...

Hi Diane,
I'm glad you have your refreshing rains! We've had nice rainy weather a little longer than usual and I'm definitely not complaining!
I'm heading over to check out your zucchini recipes now.
Have a wonderful weekend.
Brenda :)

MightyMom said...

your ins isn't changing the limits, they aren't allowed to, there is a definite limit. if you're over you're diabetic....period, it's the whole type I type II issue. but I think they do have to have an abnormal 1 hour to pay for the 3 hour, which is what's needed to you should have an answer after the next one. (notice I said SHOULD).

I'm sorry you're having such trouble with your sugar, but it would explain a few of your "issues". ;-)

Have you visited the ADA site yet? You can work on controlling your sugar with diet in the meantime and hopefully you will get the insulin sooner rather than later. (those oral hypoglycemics are expensive). :-)

love ya

Lib said...

Hi Diane,
Glad you had rain, we're dry here!
Glad your test was good!
I'm a dinner ,supper, mater
Little Emmy is so Precious!:o)
THey grow up too fast huh?
Hope ya'll have a great wk.end!
Love,Hugs, Blessins',Lib

Hootin' Anni said...

Oh my goodness, my goodness....I love the wonderful, sweet, yet ornery look in her eyes while she's standing of the treadmill...Beautiful Emmy. One adorable little girl.

Let's just hope that your in home testing equipment will be covered by your insurance. I swear sometimes the insurance companies live in a world all their own, don't they? [especially since Katrina]

And Emmy eating table foods now, yes, vitamins are a good choice I think. Kids need the extra boost while growing.

OH...oh....I'm in trouble now! I make zucchini brownies all the time, and you have a recipe for zucchini bread too? Gotta go, sally forth...mosey on over to your recipe blog now.

Have a super weekend Diane.

PEA said...

Good morning dear Diane:-)

Great to hear that you've finally gotten some rain. Over here we've been getting TOO much, my poor cucumbers will be rotting on the ground if this continues!

Hopefully that third test will finally give you an answer on your blood sugar. It really does sound like your health issues are to do with your blood sugar. At least once it's diagnosed as Diabetes, you can be given the insulin you need to feel better!!

Omigosh, look at that sweet face...yup, she looks very mischievous to me! hehe She's just adorable and makes me wish my granddaughter was born NOW! lol xoxo

Barb said...

I know exactly what you mean about hoping the reading is elevated when the third test is done.

It would shock people to know what Krissy spends on diabetic testing supplies and insulins every single month. She spends way more money on that than I do on groceries for a month, and that's WITH insurance. Of course, there are two diabetics in her home, but still, for as common as diabetes is any more, and for how important it is that people be able to stay constantly on top of it, it's very discouraging that the drug companies still make it such a financial burden.

I have no idea how very low income people can possibly afford to control their diabetes. It's sad to think there are probably children out there who don't get proper care because their parents simply cannot afford something like test strips.

I hope you finally get a diagnosis, Diane. I know how important it is.

Susie said...

Hi Diane,
So sorry to hear that your insurance company is dragging its feet with the diabetes issue. There ought to be a law!
Little Emmy has such a sweet smile, but you can tell she's one determined little lady!
Could you funnel some of that rain out here? We're dry as a bone, and probably won't get much, if any, tell Oct or so.
Hope you feel well enough to have an enjoyable weekend.
love and ((hugs))

Mountain Mama said...

Yes I thank God for the rain too, although we aren't getting any at the present time. After a long, hot, dry spell the rain is so refreshing and relaxing. It's the perfect time for me to curl up with a good book or take a nap.
I also thank the Lord that the doctors are seeing your elevated test results. I pray now thay can get on it and get you to feeling better real soon.
When my youngest was a baby he was also anemic. I made liver teething biscuits for him and also some molasses biscuits. I baked them in the overn so they were quite hard. He loved them but I must say it looked absolutely disgusting when he was eating them with all that brown stuff on his face. MERCY!

Michael Manning said...

Diane: I am praying for you to have good health, as you are such a sweet spirit! (((HUGS))))!!!!!:)

Anonymous said...

Dear sweet Diane. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the zucchini recipes. I can assure you that I will be making the parmigiana and the zucchini bread. I will also try the zucchini patties found on the link you posted. I know my granddaughter will love the parmigiana. I'm sure you will want to know :) that I have now babied, tended, and nightly covered my zucchini plants to the point that I have 1 (yes one!) harvestable zucchini. Yep, I was expecting a bushel but I guess I should not count my zucchini before they are casseroled! I do have several coming on, though! I hope your blood sugar is soon controlled so that you can enjoy good health, family, and serving our Father. I will be praying for you. Blessings to you...v from northern Idaho

Jo said...

Well sweety, it is about time they were seeing your elevated numbers. These insurance companies are a real pain in the behind. They should have had you diagnosed long before now with one test instead of putting you through drinking that yucky stuff three times. Why can't they just serve up all the ice cream you can eat and then do the test? I hope they can get you on some kind of meds soon so you can get to feeling better. I can tell without even testing when my numbers are up. It takes all my effort to even put one foot in front of the other.

It has been great weather here too with temps in the low 80s during the day and mid 50s at night. We only had three little rains in july and none this month. Sure not a usual August. More like September weather.

Lots of prayers and many hugs......

Lucy Stern said...

Diane, I don't think I have seen anyone "hope" they have diabetis as much as you do.....If you do have it your doctor is going to give you medication and still put you on a diet....Not another word...

Hope Jessica is doing better and healing fast.

Betty said...


I am so sorry that you are diabetic. Did I already tell you that Ed is a bad diabetic? He takes three insulin shots a day. He doesn't do a really good job at watching what he eats. He eats things he shouldn't, but I try not to fuss on him as he knows what he needs to do. I hope you can get help with the supplies you are going to need.

thislittlepiggy said...

Maters. ;o)

(The glucose drink makes me gag.)

Paulette said...

Hey Diane,
I am back at home now for a while so I came to get caught up. Your beans looked so good I am making a big pot of them today as well. You gave me allot of incentive to get up and do some cleaning but unfortunately my leg is still not so great so I am having to take it easy.
It is raining here in Texas which is unusual for sure but we have sure loved it!!
It was good catching up with you!!

Mam said...

I have such mixed emotions about your testing! You know, maybe after you are diagnosed, you can change your diet and really get rid of the problem. It's too weird to be right on the cusp, having the terrible symptoms, but no help with the prescription stuff. What a dilemma.
I still call supper "supper" and my grandchildren say I'm old fashioned! Mid day meal was dinner on the farm, but became lunch when I started school, I think. We packed a "lunch". I like the word "supper". And "suppertime". I always think of that old song that says, "come home, come home, it's suppertime". You probably know it.
Take care of yourself, dear one.