Saturday, June 14, 2008

Sunday Dinner, June 15, 2008 & Happy Father's Day!

Believe it or not, I already have my Sunday Dinner menu well in hand this week. I boiled some eggs and some whole potatoes in the jackets and they're cooling in a big pot of cold water so they'll be ready to peel in a little while. Those will become homemade potato salad after I add some mayonnaise, chopped onion, sweet pickle and dill pickle relish and few other ingredients.

I have a pot of white beans (Great Northern beans to you non-Southerners) that I just seasoned with salt and a little oil. They're cooling now to go into the fridge for the night.

I'm also going to make some of my TEXAS HASH (click on the bold link to go to the recipe on MY RECIPE BLOG). To save a little time in the kitchen tomorrow I'll cook the hamburger and onion tonight and refrigerate it until I get home from church tomorrow afternoon.

As soon as I get home from church the beans will go on the stove to warm while I'm cooking the macaroni for the TEXAS HASH. As soon as the macaroni gets done I'll drain it then add the ground beef and onion, a big can of diced tomatoes and the seasonings. By the time the Texas hash comes together the beans should be warm so all we'll have to do is pull the tater salad out of the fridge and set the table.

So there you have it: White beans, TEXAS HASH and a big bowl of my homemade tater salad is what's on the menu at Diane's Place for Sunday Dinner.

What are you doing for Sunday Dinner this week? If you want to play along just share your plans/menu in the comments.

I know a lot of people will be taking their Dads, hubbies, Grandpas, etc. out for Sunday Dinner this week. You can share that in the comments too.
I want to share a few pictures of
my Daddy this Father's Day.
Daddy died of cancer right before Christmas in
2004 and we love him and miss him still.

I don't know if I've ever posted any
of these pictures before.
Sorry these are so dark and grainy.
They're all scanned and some are over
30 years old.

My sister Ducky took this picture at her
trailer in Blytheville, Arkansas, Summer '72.
That's me holding Ducky's son, Danny,
Cecil squeezed in between me and Mom,
and Daddy. I was 8 and Cecil was 7 here.I love this picture of Mom and Dad.
I took this picture in the Summer of '85.
Notice the cigarette in Daddy's hand?
He died of cancer that metastasized to his entire body.This next one was taken in March 1986 on
Mom and Dad's anniversary.
Back row, left to right:
Cecil, Ducky, Donna & Me.
Front row, left to right:
Mom, Sue & Daddy.Happy Father's Day, Daddy. I love you.
I've had Emmy from 11:30 am today until 6 pm. Bless her heart, she's got several jaw teeth coming in all at once and she's running a fever off and on. Most of the time she's in a pretty good mood, but occasionally she just feels yucky and cranky, and understandably so. Jessica and I are giving her Ty*lenol and ibu*profen as needed and it seems to help most of the time, but as soon as the medicine wears off Emmy's fever starts creeping back up. As far as I know my sisters Ducky and Cecil will be the only ones here with me for Sunday Dinner this week. Jason, Emmy, Jessica and her Daddy are going to church with Lamar's Mom and then to her house for Sunday Dinner. Lamar's Mom raised him and his brother so they honor her for Mother's Day and Father's Day, and Jessica is going along because that's where her Dad will be.

Lamar's Dad was out of the picture when he was growing up. Wayne and Lamar made peace about 20 years ago and Wayne died this past October. Wayne lived in Fort Worth, Texas and we live in Northeast Arkansas, so for the most part they'd had a long distance relationship the last 2o years. Not terribly distant, but not all that close either. Lamar did see his Dad when he went to Fort Worth to visit his brother, Mark. Jessica goes to Little Rock early Monday morning for her appointment about her bad pap smear. She has to be there at 7:30 am so she'll have to leave here at 4:30 am. I'm going to keep Emmy all night tomorrow night and all day Monday, until Jessica gets home from her appointment.

Your prayers will be welcomed and greatly appreciated as Jessica travels back and forth, and as the doctors do tests and decide what needs to be done for Jessica. Thanks in advance, because I know I can count on y'all to hold Jessica in your thoughts and pray for her.

I'll let y'all know just as soon as possible if we find out anything Monday, but I really think they'll order more tests and it'll probably be several days or longer before we find out anything new.
I still have to make my tater salad and cook that burger and onion for tomorrow, so I'll post this and wish a wonderful Father's Day to all the guys who read my blog. I know there are several, though they don't always comment.

May God meet all your needs, and may you have enough to share is my prayer for you all.


Nancy said...

Yes, I will certainly pray for Jessica.

I enjoyed your photos. So many memories, huh? I just finalized my Father's Day post that I started earlier today.

I am invited to my ex's home tomorrow for a cookout as his youngest sister and a niece arrived today from PA tonight. Naturally, I was asked to bring strawberry cheesecakes, which I still have to make tonight! I make them in graham cracker pie shells, so I always make two. They are just toooo good!!!

Your dinner sounds soooo good!!! Wish you didn't live so far away!!!

Have a great Sunday!


Our Home Schooler and Jen said...

Oh Diane I LOVE potato salad

Diane your second photo of your Dad reminds me of my pop (my mothers father) he was a smoker too and had the same kind of hair do and long lean face. I LOVED him I didnt see much of him and he died when I was 7.

Its not Fathers day here until September

poor little Emmy

Praying for Jessica

have a good week

It's All Good! said...

I'll be remembering Jessica now and on Monday...I'll go right over now and let her know. God is a good God!

We're heading over to the gourmet pizza place we love, Picazzo's after church. Dad's get a free meal. I've also earned $10 off the meal. (An incentive reward thingy!) So by the time Sunny gets his free lunch plus $10 off we'll be walking away with a cheap...ahem...frugal Father's Day meal!
Have a wonderful week, Diane.
Brenda :)

Lucy Stern said...

Diane, I can't believe I am still up this late.....Too much to do.

I will keep Jessica in my prayers. Please let us know what the verdict is....I'll be on pins and needles till I find out. Oh my, I will be out of town worrying about her!

I liked looking at the pictures of your family. It is too bad that you had to loose your dad to lung cancer. My dad died from congestive heart failure....I sure do miss him. He always went to the beach with us every year when we went. We still go because that is what he wanted us to do.

Sunday Dinner: Who knows! Probably chicken, veggies of some kind, salad and chocolate bunt cake with chocolate icing. We will also eat some Extreme Moose Tracks Ice Cream...

Have a great week.....Good luck to Jess.

Lyndy said...

Diane, Your meal sounds yummy. What a lovely tribute to your dad. I will certainly be praying for Jessica and looking forward to an update.

Praying Emmy feels better soon.

Have a blessed SONday.

Love, Lyndy

Lib said...

Hi DIane,
I'll make a pan of cornbread and be right Your menu does sound yummy!
Our Special meal will be Breakfast today. I ask yesterday what my guys wanted and breakfast it was .Country ham, Bis./gravy for one Bacon &Pancakes for the other.
Poor Emmy , teething is no fun!
Have a Blessed day!

Hootin' Anni said...

I love the photos you've shared of your father for a special tribute on his special day. [I shared only one on my father's day tribute - hope you can stop by sometime today]

And your dinner sounds absolutely mouth watering. I love homemade potato salad, and it sounds like you make it about the same way. I put mustard in mine. Yellow mustard. But the other ingredients are like yours. And it's ever so yummy.

For our dinner tonight, it's going to be BBQ chicken breasts [skinless] --I too have a pot of beans slow cooking right now. I'm making baked beans with bacon. And then a tossed salad and warm crusty bread. I haven't figured out my dessert tho. I'm thinking maybe I'll just serve my hubby some of the homemade banana honey nut oatmeal muffins I made yesterday. We still have some of those leftover.

You have a terrific and peaceful Sunday Diane.

Susie said...

Hi Diane,
Loved seeing your treasured family photos. I know you've said that you lost so many of them to the fire.
Cancer has taken so many of those very dear to us, hasn't it..
My prayers will be with Jessica, and I'll be looking for the good news when I come back from my little break..
I know your dinner will be delicious.
I'm not sure of our menus, but togetherness is the #1 thing for us. See you when I return.

Linda said...

Sounds like a nice day Diane - and good food! The pictures are lovely. Thanks so much for sharing your heart.
I'll certainly be praying for Jessica.

Sammy said...

Hi Diane,

I will certainly be praying for Jessica. I will be anxiously awaiting good news.

I loved the photos of your father and your family. And I know just how you feel; My father died a few years ago and I'm definitely thinking about him a lot today. The anniversary of his death was a few days ago, so this week he's been on my mind a lot.

Your meal sounds absolutely delicious! I don't know if I've mentioned to you that I make your hanburger soup all the time. We both love it. I'm going to have to try some more of your recipes!

Have a good week, my friend.

Betty said...

Hi Diane,

I hope you and your guests enjoyed your Sunday dinner. Sounds good, especially the potato salad. I absolute love potato salad, and I like dill pickle in mine, too. Most people put sweet pickle.

Nice pictures of your Dad and other family members. You favor your Dad. I posted a picture of my Daddy today, too.

Have a good week, Diane.

mer said...

Yep, will be praying for Jessica.

We took my hubby out for dinner today--mexican food--our favorite!

Diane, what's the catfish place in Jonesboro that you like so much? I was trying to tell my mom. She mentioned Ed' that it?

Dawn said...

Jessica and Krissy - scary stuff! She's on my list for sure.

We ended up going out to lunch with DC's mom, sister, and aunt who is visiting from Minnesota. He was the honored guest as the only dad there - his dad and uncle are in heaven and his BIL is on a fishing trip. They lost their second son on Father's Day 10 years ago, so it was good for him to have a distraction today - it has been a long tunnel for them.

My dad was with my sister. So DC was the honored guest at our table. We ate at Black-Eyed Pea. Good thing, because I had no clue what we were going to eat today.

Mary said...


I love old photos and this is a great tribute to your Dad. It looks like your family was close. I don't have many photos of my father. He never liked to be in the photos. He didn't mind taking them but now we have so few.

Your dinner sounds absolutely delicious, as always. I used some of your recipes and enjoy trying different things.

I will pray for Jessica. I know what it's like to go through that and it's very scary. My doctor wanted to do lots of tests but I finally told her, no more. Just give me a hysterectomy and since I was older and had a history of problems, she agreed.

Take care. I hope Emmy is feeling better soon. Griffyn will be one year old on the 28th and he is also teething. It's a hard time for them.


Honest to Ya~Ya said...

I took my Hubby to a new bbq restaurant called Conway's here in it was good...the South done come North...LOL!

The Ohio grands just left after a rousing game of corn was fun!

Prayers for Jessica! I hope all goes well for her!

Have a Happy ☺ Evening!

Jess said...

Hope all goes well tonight with Em and Hope your day was okay.. See you tomorrow and love you

Mountain Mama said...

Prayers for Jessica are being offered. For good health and travel mercies too.
Your mom was a very pretty lady. And your daddy was handsome. He sort of reminds me of my own dad. Cigarette too.
I checked out your Texas Hash recipe and we make the same thing, but without the cayenne pepper. My mom called it Slumgum, my mom-in-law called it Goulash. I made a huge kettle of it a few weeks ago and froze serving sice containers. It's a nice meal with a salad or veggie of some sort.

My dinner today was a tuna salad with ritz crackers. I use a large variety of fresh veggies and I just love it. I got new chompers and gollyation I can chew up a storm!

I have some questions about the white beans. You said you use salt and oil, What kind of oil and are there other seasonings? Are the white beans used like one would a potato or grits? (side dish)Yes I eat grits, love them with sausage gravy and I'm as far north as one can get without leaking into Canada!'
I had a southern boyfriend once and he taught me about lots of things.

Lesa said...

I loved seeing you family pictures!

My guys had BBQ Ribs that I fixed the oven, corn on the cob, green peas, mashed taters, and rolls for supper tonight. I had watermelon and a few graham crackers. I'm trying to cut back on eating at night. I've lost a few pounds - I can probably turn around and find them behind me!

I'll be keeping Jessica in my prayers for sure!

Mim said...

Thinking of you as JEss goes for her tests and hoping that little Emmy doesn't wear you out!

Bev said...

You cook as much in one day as I do in a week! My DH spent Father's Day driving to be at work this morning at 6 am, so it was digups for me. Sweet family photos you shared. Hope the baby makes it through those teeth - teething is just awful, isn't it!xooxox

Bev said...

Meant to add, I will be praying about Jessica's test - that all will come through clear.