Saturday, June 14, 2008

More Random Thoughts**

I was looking through some of my archives trying to find a date for something, and I came across this post. I thought it was worth a rerun.

Also, the blogging well, it is pretty dry right now. Hope y'all enjoy.

**Originally published March 15, 2006

1.) Why, when cooking a pot of beans, are there always at least a few beans that are still crunchy when the rest are cooked just right?

2.) Why does your husband start some kind of messy marathon project in the kitchen (or bathroom, or bedroom, etc, etc,) just when you need to be doing something important there?

3.) Why are containers heavier empty than when taken from the cabinet, fridge, medicine chest, and so on?

4.) Not to contradict #3, but why are half-full containers left out, but empty boxes, jars, bowls, etc. are replaced carefully on shelves, etc. Then when you pick them up, you realize that no, you do not have plenty of cereal, but you do have a lovely empty box, courtesy of your split personality family.

5.) Why are doors and drawers more convenient to leave open, than to shut after use?

6.) Why do the letches and weirdos still gravitate towards me, even though I am 44, married and weigh 300 lbs?

7.) Do I have "STUPID" written across my forehead in print only visible to my husband and daughter? No, really...

8.) Why is it more convenient to walk around, step over or step on anything left or thrown on the floor? Rather than pick it up, I mean..........Strange concept, I know, but work with me here, people.

9.) Why is their stuff - their stuff.............But your stuff is their stuff, too?

10.) Why does a filthy house attract VIP's? It does, folks, it does..........A mystery, to be sure........

11.) Why does a watched pot never boil, but brother, as soon as you answer the door, phone, or go to the farthest place in your house from the stove, it boils over onto and into your newly cleaned stove top?

12.) Why does permanent marker wash off items you want marked permanently, but the wash-off kind lives forever on a child's new Easter dress?

13.) Why does a pair of shoes that you love and that are comfortable seem to wear out or tear up in no time, but
ones that hurt your feet but you spent too much on them to throw them away, last 40 years without wearing out, like the Isrealites' shoes in Exodus?

14.) Why do you keep coming back to my blog to read my rants and boring nothingness, when there are so many other exciting things to occupy your time? (I am flattered, though. My family just doesn't want to hurt my feelings, and I love them for it, but you other bloggers and new friends, it's a pleasant surprise to read your comments, :) Family, you have to love me, it's a rule, 'cause I love you, too. :)

15.) Why does my Heavenly Father still love me, when all I seem to do is mess up, multiple times a day? And yet, He patiently forgives, loving me and setting the example for me. Thank you, God, for loving me and forgiving me, when I don't deserve any of it.
I'll be back later this evening to do my Sunday Dinner post. In the meantime, y'all have a great Saturday.


Jo said...

Isn't it great when you have been blogging long enough that you can pull something out of the archives and repost it and no one is ever really any the wiser unless you tell them that is what you

I don't know about any one else, but when I turn my back from the "Watched Pot" what ever is in there

Have a great weekend Diane.

Lib said...

Great Post!:o) As all of yours are:o)
Hope you have a Great wk.end!

Nancy said...

I love this post!!! You are just too clever, know that? But then I love ALL of yours!!! The words just seem to flow out of you so easily!

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Those strawberries really are sweet! No sugar needed on a fresh bowl! The peaches are in now so that will keep me busy next!

I want to do a Father's Day post later today for my dear dad who is no longer with us.

Oh! I just added a guestbook near the bottom of my blog today, so be sure to sign it the next time you visit.

I'll check back to see what you're fixing for Sunday Dinner! I am going to a cookout at my ex's as his youngest sister and a niece are coming in from PA today. That will be another fun day catching up on everything!

Have a great weekend, Diane!


Jess said...

I will be back on for your sunday dinner post tonight or tomorrw....fixn to leave n abit for your house...Im gonna do a father's day post tonight too i think.

Dawn said...

Very good one to re-run. So true! That was 3 months before I started blogging - my bloggiversary is Monday. Two years already. Good times! Good friends.

mer said...

Yep...I've been wondering about most of those things too...especially #9.


Susie said...

Hi Diane,
I never mind re run posts. Sometimes they're just worth repeating! I had the watched pot (or non watched in this case) happen to me this week. What a mess!
It's not quite so hot today, so that's a big relief.

Lyndy said...

Amen to all of them but especially 10, 11 and 15.

Love, Lyndy

Linda said...

This was definitely worth a "rerun" Diane. I'm with you on the dry thing as far as blogging goes. There just isn't anything there!
I love all of these because they are so true and funny. And I know I continue to read and visit because you are a very special person. You never fail to make me feel better.
Have a great weekend - and Happy Fathers Day to all the Dad's in your life!

MightyMom said...

too good!

why is it your children will play all through nap time, only to fall asleep in their dinner?

Mountain Mama said...

Your post gave me some good chuckles Diane. Especially the one about my stuff being their's LOL! Of course it isn't like that anymore. My kidlet's have been grown and gone from home for a long time. I guess I might even enjoy re-living some of the things you listed.
Take care dear friend.

Mississippi Songbird said...

I love that.. Especially the one about the permanant markers.. That is SO TRUE!

Lucy Stern said...

Diane, # 15 - Why can't we be as patient with our own families as Heavenly Father is to us? He is the ultimate example.

#5 - You are the sweetist person I know and you attract everybody, no matter how you look. I love ya.

Waiting to see what you are cooking for Lamar's Fathers Day Dinner.