Monday, June 16, 2008

Update On Jessica's Dr's Appointment

Praise the Lord! I'm ecstatic and relieved to report that Jessica got a good report at the hospital, relatively speaking.

They did literally dozens of tests and found no cancer or HPV or any other diseases other than endometriosis, which we already knew she had. Apparently the abnormal cells are because some of the endometriosis has escaped from the uterus onto the outside of her cervix, which has happened before. Jessica had surgery for the endo. several years ago as a young teen and we've known that the endo. was coming back.

I am so thankful that it's "only" the endometriosis. That's bad enough in and of itself, but cancer would be so much worse. The endometriosis can be treated and at least isn't life threatening, though it is very painful and the effects are troublesome.

So the treatment for now involves medication to put Jessica into drug induced premature menopause. She'll be getting a lupron shot before she leaves the hospital which will last for 3 months. If the side effects (irritability, hot flashes, mood swings, etc.) get to be too much, they'll prescribe oral birth control for the hormone benefit.

Although, she's already having a lot of the same side effects now because of the endometriosis, so we're hoping the lupron shot really helps in that area. Please and thank you Jesus. ;-)

Jessica has a lot of pain with the endo. so we're really hoping that the lupron will help with pain relief.

The doctor did tell Jessica that since she's already had one baby there's no reason to assume that she couldn't get pregnant again if she and Jason decide they want another child. For some reason Jessica didn't seem all that enthusiastic about the possibility of having another baby any time soon.

Of course we also know that as the endometriosis progresses Jessica's ability to conceive diminishes with time, but all of this is in the Great Physician's hands. Enough said.

Jessica called me from the hospital as she was waiting to schedule her next appointment and check out and I haven't talked to her any more, so I don't know when she has to go back to Little Rock, but I know she'll have to go back sometime soon.

I am one relieved and thankful Mama, and so is Jessica.

THANK YOU so much to everyone who has been lifting Jessica up in your prayers! Jessica and I appreciate it more than we can say.

Our God is an Awesome God!

Y'all have a great rest of your day. I know Jessica and I and our family will. :o)


Barb said...

Absolutely wonderful news, Diane. I'm so glad they didn't find anything new. Sounds to me like she has enough to deal with as it is.

This is the report we're hoping to get when Krissy has her biopsy done on Wednesday.

Good, good news.

zzop357 said...

I was hoping and praying. So Thank You Lord!!!
Love you Sister. Donna

mer said...

I'm thankful for her good report!

kansasrose said...

Praise Jesus! Prayers for all...good news. Bet you are so relieved hon!

Rachel said...

Well, that is wonderful news Diane! I know you are both so relieved!! What an awesome answer to prayers!!

Mam said...

Oh, Hallelujah. I am thankful to God for His mercy.

Mim said...

Thanks for sharing your good news!

Mountain Mama said...

I'm rejoicing with you Diane. Good news indeed!
What would we ever do without our faithful Lord?
I pray the treatment for the Endo. will help and Jessica can live without that misery.
Thanks for sharing the good news. It's a beautiful testimony of the Lords loving power. Thank you Jesus!!!

Bev said...

Thrilled to hear it - God is good.

Betty said...

Our God is an awsome God, and prayer does work. Thank you for the good report on Jessica, and praise God there's no cancer.

Dawn said...

What a relief for everyone! Sema has a terrible time every month - they have tried everything, supposedly, and tested for everything, supposedly. I sure hope we can have a little biracial grandbaby someday!

Honest to Ya~Ya said...

What welcome news! I know you have to be so relieved. It is so good that there are things that can be done for her!
Praying that it will all work out in the end!

BDG-admin said...

Why should I feel discouraged
Why should the shadows come
Why should my heart feel lonely
And long for heaven and home
When Jesus is my portion
A constant friend is He
His eye is on the sparrow
And I know He watches over me
His eye is on the sparrow (and Jessica )
And I know He watches me

Mary said...


Our Lord is a great miracle worker. Praise Him that our prayers were answered. I have gone through all of the tests for cancer and wouldn't wish it on anyone. It is a scary time. I am so glad that Jessica has no cancer. Thanks for letting us know.


Granny said...

That is indeed good news!!



Jo said...

Thanks be to God.....

What great news Diane. I know how much you must be relieved.

It's All Good! said...

Wonderful news, Diane! God sure does answer prayers! What a relief.
Now sit back and relax in His presence, as I know you probably have been!
God bless,
Brenda :)

Lyndy said...


This is wonderful news for sure. Praise God!!! I have been praying and wondering…so glad to hear the news. As one who has heard “you have cancer” I have always said that worrying about whether you have it on not is worse than actually hearing the news. So glad that her news was good. I know the endometriosis is bad enough but thank the Lord it is treatable.

Such wonderful news this Monday. I know you will all sleep better tonight.

Love and Hugs,


Anonymous said...

I have sent you ane email BSH
This is the best news ,I am so Happy for you all esp Jessica , give her a big hug for me please
love you sister friend

Miss G

Linda said...

That's wonderful news Diane. I'm so glad. God is good - all the time.

Lesa said...

Praise God from whom all blessings flow! Wonderful news! I thought of her several times today and wondered how things were going!

Sammy said...

Thank God!!! I have seriously been thinking of Jessica all throughout the day today! I am truly relieved!

Good, good news! :-)


Our Home Schooler and Jen said...

Praise the Lord
He is very good

Nancy said...

I have thought about Jessica off and on all day and just couldn't call it a day until I checked your blog!

I know you are relieved! We mothers worry over our daughters! Thank the good Lord that it wasn't cancer. I've heard that endo is quite painful, but treatable. She has a permanent place in my prayers!


thislittlepiggy said...

Wonderful news! Whoopee! :o)

PEA said...

Dearest Diane,

Just now catching up with all your news...omigosh, what a worry you all went through but thank God that it all turned out so well!!! I know that endometriosis is no fun to have BUT as you said, it's not cancer!! Doing a little happy dance here:-) My prayers continue for Jessica and hopefully the lupron shot will help her some!! xoxo

Reva said...

I just talked to Jess and it's really good news. I hope they find a good med for her pain and that it will diminish with time and care.
I know that long term pain is hard on the patient as well as the entire family, including children. Any stress relievers will help her to endure even moderate to high levels of pain better and good family support and understanding will do wonder's for her spirit. I can see that she has a wonderfully caring mother and grandmother to her daughter.
Keep on keeping up with the smiles for her and for her little one. Grandma's really do matter!

Nashe* said...

Aahhh.... Things always work out for nice people, Di. You know that!


Diane said...


Praise the Lord!

So happy for your entire family. I hope you rested well last in your Saviors care!!!!!!


Morning Glory said...

I'm just a tad behind everybody's blogs right now, but this is very good news to read today.

Also, I really love the pictures in your Father's Day post.

Mississippi Songbird said...

That is so wonderful! Yes, God is truly so wonderful.. Bunches of hugs...Stephanie

Paulette said...

Rejoicing with you both Diane. It is so scary dealing with our health isnt it? I am thankful at the outcome and will be praying for Jessica as she deals with this.
Blessings to yall!

Hootin' Anni said...

How wonderful. I always love reading good and uplifting blog entries. And this one is tops.

I know from my own experience just how painful it all is. Once the 'induced' menopause is completed, life is grand! I tellya, life is just awesome in that it's over. Jessica will feel like a 'new woman'.

Happy weekend to you Diane.

Susie said...

Hi Diane,
I know how relieved both you and Jessica must feel. I was delighted to read your good news!

Lucy Stern said...

Diane, I am so thrilled that Jessica got a good report. I am sure that she is jumping for joy. Many "Thank-you's" to the Lord for his grace.......As a mother, I know that you are relieved....We moms worry about our children, no matter how old they are......