Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Emmy's Birthday Pics & More

I have so many pictures from Emmy's 1st birthday party that I wanted to share that I decided to upload them to a slide show. I have a few more that I'll put in a separate slide show.

Emmy's party went well and she received a lot of very nice gifts. She got lots of cute clothes and some toys, including a little red wagon that Emmy will enjoy when she gets a little older. Right now we're afraid she'd jump out if we tried to take her for a ride in the wagon. She's still fearless and reckless when it comes to jumping from heights. It's enough to give her parents, grand parents and great aunts heart failure!

Sunday morning at church Jessica took Emmy to the front so we could sing Happy Birthday to her. Emmy was fine with that, but by the time church was over she was feeling sleepy and cranky. Jessica wanted a family picture but Emmy just wasn't cooperating as you'll see in some of the pics in the next slide show.

Jessica, Jason and Emmy treated me to lunch at my favorite Mexican restaurant in Jonesboro on Sunday. It was part of my Mother's Day gift. They also got me a nice card with some sweet stuff written inside that made me cry just a little bit, and took me riding around for a while last Friday night.

Thanks, kids! I had a great Mother's Day. I love y'all. :-)Today (Monday) I went with Cecil and Sue to Jonesboro and we met Jessica and Emmy at Dragon & Phoenix, a nice Chinese restaurant, for lunch. Lunch was good, then we went to a local book store to browse and get some coffee.

Afterwards, Jessica and Emmy joined us here at my apartment. Cecil and Sue took Emmy outside for a while and there are some pics in the next slide show that were taken out there. There are also a few that Cecil took today of me and Emmy.

Thanks to everyone who emailed, commented and prayed for us during the storms this weekend. We made it through the night without any more tornadoes, thank God. However, we're supposed to get more severe storms Tuesday night, Wednesday and on through Thursday. Arkansas is in Tornado Alley, but even for us this Spring has been a bad year for storms and tornadoes. Here's hoping this next round of storms won't be as intense or deadly.In other news, Jason has changed jobs again. Due to some office politics and some employee shuffling, even though Jason was doing an excellent job at his former place of employment, he was given a choice of transferring to another store in Illinois within 2 weeks' time, or being fired. Not really much of a choice if you ask me. Which they didn't, and it was a wise move on the part of Jason's former employers.

On the upside, the very same day he was given that ultimatum, one of Jason's former employers called him, asking him to come back to work for them, so Jason left one job with another job already in place for him.

He started his new job Monday morning at the same pay level as when he left them before. Usually new hirees have to start at the bottom, but Jason is already trained for the job and they sought him out to be rehired.

Jason is working on a water well drilling crew. They mostly put down agricultural irrigation wells, but they also do commercial and private wells for land owners. He's outside most of the time, which he really likes, except when it gets miserably hot. Unfortunately, it's miserably hot for a great deal of the Spring, Summer and Fall here in Arkansas.

We're all just thankful that God opened a new job door when the other one closed. All jobs have their pros and cons, and all things considered, Jason likes this particular job pretty well. After all, he's worked there before and knew what he was getting into from the beginning.

He'd actually considered quitting the other job to go back to this well drilling company a month or so back but had second thoughts and decided to stay with the job he had. When the other job played out and the well drilling company called the same day, Jason and Jessica prayed about it and felt like God was opening the door, so Jason took the well drilling job. We all see God's hand in the way things played out in Jason's job situation.

I think it's time to quit rambling on and get this posted. I'm TARD tonight and need to get to bed soon.

Y'all have a great week!


Lucy Stern said...

Emily looks like she was ready for a nap after church.....I hope she was able to steal a few winks in there somewhere. It looks like her birthday party was fun.

I am glad that you had a wonderful Mothers Day. TF bought me a new park bench for my front yard, Bonnie bought new some beautiful roses and Jennifer had us over of dinner. William, did his usual, "Happy Mothers Day" greeting. I felt very loved by my family and that is what is important.

I'm glad that things worked out for Jason, job wise. Yes, the Lord will open a window when he closes a door, many times people don't see the window.

Barb said...

Great slide shows, Diane. I think my favorite is the photo of Emmy and that first "intense" bite of her special cake. LOL

And look at Jessica's hair! I love that cut on her.

Sounds like you have another scary weather week in the works. I know you live in tornado alley and I think of you every time I see reports on Fox News about what's happening there. I don't know how you stand it. I think I'd just dig a tunnel under the building and stay there until about August.

You'll be in my thoughts this week.


PS - I keep forgetting to tell you, the little book arrived a few days ago. Thank you so much.

Dick said...

It looks like a wonderful 1st birthday party and a nice Mother's Day, too. You guys sure have been having bad storms. Our winter & spring have been bad but nothing like that. I heard on our TV news that A Nina or whatever weird weather condition we have been having is breaking down so we soon should be back to more normal weather patterns. Our forecast calls for temps of 80 Fri & Sat. Of course it is mid 50s with showers today.

It's All Good! said...

Those are great pics, Diane. Glad you had a wonderful Mom's Day. That's such a blessing to lose a job and get another job in the same day. A God thing, wouldn't you say?!

I'm just jumping for joy...and being a tad sarcastic as well...we woke up to snow! Arrgggh! Oh well, it melts off quick this time of year!

Great day to ya!
Brenda :)

Susie said...

Hi Diane,
What cute slide shows of Princess Emmy and her first birthday! She wears her crown very well! Hard to believe how fast the past year flew by and they just keep on going!
I'm sure Jason and Jessica are very relieved that Jason didn't have to be out of work at all. So many people are these days.

Anonymous said...

Great birthday pictures - she looked so cute! I still love to go back and look at my kids 1st birthday pictures now - 8 years later. Time sure does go by fast.

zzop357 said...

EEEK!!!!! Time to slow things down!!I used to wish my kids would grow up(I still do). Now days I just wish time would slow down. Emmy is growing up too fast.She looks just like you and Jessica when ya'll were little.
Glad you enjoyed Mothers Day. We had a house full. We are slowly recovering.
Love you sister.Donna

Betty said...

Diane, I really enjoyed the slide show of Emmy's birthday party. Has anyone ever told you Emmy favors you? I think she does.

You really had a nice Mother's Day. Such a blessing to have thoughtful children.

As you know I was gone last week and didn't hear much of the news and weather. Glad you survived the storms.


Dawn said...

Princess Emmy as treated like a queen! What a fun time for all of you. But she definitely was TARD after church Sunday, eh? I've never seen a picture of her when she was unhappy. Jessica looks so mature with her hair that way - I just love it. The 3 generations look very much alike!

Dawn said...

PS I think I should wear yellow more often - I got so many nice compliments!

MammyT said...

It was very fun looking at the pictures. I love Jessica's hair. She looks great. Such a beautiful girl.

Our Home Schooler and Jen said...

I like Emmys throne

love your photo of Emmy loving Seth

Monday sounds nice


Diane said...

Can you even imagine a time without that sweet lil Emmy! Beautiful.

And how wonderful that your son-in-law was able to step into a another job immediately. Times are different--people have several jobs during their lifetime.....it doesn't always work out so well for the in between times. I'm thankful there wasn't a delay in getting a new job.

They are a beautiful family!

YOU have a beautiful family!!!!


Michael Manning said...

Morning, Diane: lol! I thoroughly enjoyed this cute, little girl. And she has earrings!! I loved the "Elton John" photo with the sunglasses. Oh, will she love this when she grows up!!!! :D)

Mary said...


I'm so glad that when Jason was given that ultimatium that another door opened. God works in mysterious ways and maybe Jason was meant to go back to the well drilling job for some reason.

Loved the phots of Emmy. Hope you have a wonderful day.


MightyMom said...

cute dress, nice tiara

PEA said...

Honestly, Diane, she gets more precious every time I see a picture of her:-) So glad to hear that her 1st Birthday party went so well...just love all the pictures, especially the one attacking the little birthday cake! lol She is well loved, of that there is no doubt:-)

Also glad you had a lovely Mother's Day...you deserve to get spoiled, considering all you do for others:-)

Such wonderful news about Jason getting back that job...sounds like it was meant to be!! See you when I get back from my trip:-) xoxo

Honest to Ya~Ya said...

Loved the B'day pics...so cute...she was even cute during her "melt down"...LOL!☺

Rachel said...

Looks like sweet little Emmy had a wonderful birthday!!

Sammy said...

Hi Diane,

I love the pictures of Emmy's first birthday. Looks like you all made it a really special day for her.

I'm glad you had such a nice Mother's day. Sounds like your kiddies really wanted to make you feel special and appreciated!

Glad to hear Jason secured a job he is happy with. I wish him the very best of luck! Those three are such a sweet, little family.

I think of you every time I read about the weather in your area. Hope you and the rest of your family are managing.

Have a great rest of the week!


thislittlepiggy said...

Happy belated birthday wishes for lil Emmy. I love the picture of the first taste of the cake. LOL.

Linda said...

What great pictures Diane!! Oh the joys of broadband! I could actually watch both slide shows. Before, with dialup, I either had to walk away and go do something else for a long time or just not watch. I'm glad I got to see these. She is just adorable. Hasn't the year gone quickly?
I know I'm late with this, but I sure do pray all is well with you. Those storms are so frightening.
Blessings to you dear Diane.

RennyBA said...

Emmy is getting so big and so sweet and how nice of you to share all this lovely pictures!

I wish I could hug her for her BD - could you do it for me, all the way from Norway :-)

kansasrose said...

What a sweet grouping of pictures of your dear little Emmy. She is growing fast for sure...don't they always??? LOL. Can't believe my oldest will be a bride in 2 weeks. Ya know I'll take a page outta your book hon and be a crazy in love granny someday. LOL so be warned. Emmy has the most beautiful joyful smile...she is a loved on babe. Jessica is becoming a more lovely young woman all the time..I love her new cut! I'm sure you are so proud of her and Jason. They are good good young people and parents. God bless Jessica for helpin' her momma too. I'll keep you all down South in Arkansas in my prayers for safekeeping from the nasty weather. We could get some rough stuff mid-week. It's turning off TOOO hot all of a sudden. Loveya hon, Jen