Friday, May 16, 2008

Emmy Pics & Rambling....Lots Of Rambling

Just in case you haven't gathered this information from my last several posts, it's been a really wet and stormy Spring here in the MidSouth: as in record setting flooding rains and tornadoes. What with all the rain, you might infer that there just might be some standing water and puddles here at Diane's Place, and if so, you'd be absolutely correct, Sherlock.

Tuesday it rained most of the morning but we didn't have any severe storms, thank goodness. Sue and Cecil were here in the afternoon and Jessica and Emmy joined us. Jessica had to work that evening but before she left she spent some time visiting with me and her aunts and we all enjoyed some time together with Emmy.

Emmy loves bath time and most anything to do with water. She takes after me and her Mama that way. Since it was warm and there were puddles outside, Jessica decided to take Emmy out to play in the water. As you'll see from the pictures, Emmy took to playing in the puddles like a duck to water, no pun intended.

She also really loved it when Jessica pulled her around my back yard in my old rusty red wagon. It's old and beat up, but it still works for the most part. Kind of like me. ;-)

I intended to upload a slide show but Rock*Me, the same site I used for Emmy's birthday pictures, kept giving me a hard time. It wouldn't let me upload any pictures because it said the picture files were too big. Keep in mind that I used the very same camera and same settings for these pictures that I used to take the pictures from Emmy's birthday.

Have I ever mentioned that this techy stuff, it escapes me?

And so I'll be uploading these pictures one at a time, Blogger style. Oy vey.

Also, I meant to tell everyone last time I posted, JESSICA has some pictures and slide shows from Emmy's birthday party and other occasions up on her blog, JESSICA'S WORLD. Click on the bold links if you'd like to check them out.

I'm not going to caption these pictures. I think they speak for themselves.

Wednesday I made 2 homemade cakes. I made the marshmallowy 7 Minute Frosting to go on them and then sprinkled them with coconut. Good stuff, if I do say so myself. I had to make one for a special meeting that my church hosted. I was asked to make a coconut cake and since I had to mess up the dishes anyway, it's not that much more trouble to make two cakes than it is to make one. One went to church Wednesday night, and I shared some of the other one with my pastor and his family.

I didn't even know I wanted coconut cake until my friend from church asked me to make one for that meeting, but apparently she flung a cravin' on me. The recipe is a family favorite and I know it's been in my family for at least 40 years, maybe longer. A bonus is that it uses ingredients that most of us have on hand all the time.

If you'd like the recipe for my HOMEMADE COCONUT CAKE WITH 7-MINUTE FROSTING, just click on that bold link to go to the recipe on MY RECIPE BLOG.I don't know if I've mentioned it, but my hubby has been gone to Fort Worth, Texas to visit his brother this week. I've had Emmy every day except Wednesday and although I didn't get quite as much done as I usually do when Lamar's visiting his brother, between us Jessica and I did get some things done.

Bless her heart, Jessica has been helping out with some of my housework lately in return for my keeping Emmy and I'm really appreciative and thankful for her efforts. She keeps her house clean and then comes over here and works at my place before she goes to her actual job. She doesn't do housework here for me every time she's here, just when I need a little extra help or want to do something that's a little to much for me to do by myself.Thursday afternoon Jessica cleaned up my kitchen for me while I played with Emmy and fed and changed her. I think I got the better end of the deal, even though Emmy had a dirty diaper. Later, after Jason picked up Emmy, I did laundry. I washed, dried, folded, hung and put away 6 loads of clothes and towels. Whew!

Friday, Jessica and I cleaned, sorted, tossed, reorganized and put everything back under my kitchen sink. We also went through my pots and pans and organized them and I gave her a cast iron skillet and a few other things. One thing about it, you may get tired of cast iron but you won't wear it out!
After Jessica left for work, I fed Emmy and got her put down for a nap, then I cleaned my kitties' litter pan. While I was in the utility room I cleaned my potato bin and tossed out the ones that were growing long sprouts. I use one of those milk crate type square plastic containers with old newspapers lining the bottom.

I stripped my bed and sprayed it with Fe*breeze then let it air out for several hours. While it was airing I gathered up the trash from cleaning the litter pan and the various trash cans around the house and took them out to the outside garbage can. As I was coming in the back door Emmy was stirring from her nap so I had to put the rest of my plans on hold and tend to her.

Emmy had her one year shots Thursday and she's been feeling a little out of sorts. Praise the Lord she didn't get sick like she did when she was tiny. She's just been kind of whiny and clingy this afternoon but I think she'll probably be fine. I hope so because I'll have her all day Saturday!I was beginning to get hungry, so after Jason picked up Emmy I made myself some supper. I strayed from my healthy eating habits just a bit tonight. I fried some chicken thighs and drumsticks and had them with some turnip greens for supper, then I poured a cup of hot black coffee and cut myself a big square of my homemade coconut cake.

Do you think the greens cancelled out the fried chicken and coconut cake? If not, don't tell me, 'cause that's my story and I'm stickin' to it.After Jason picked up Emmy I made up my bed with clean sheets and a handmade quilt that I use as a comforter. One of my Mama's best friends gave her the quilt and when Mama died it came to me. After I got the bed made I took my shower and now I'm sitting here in my comfy nightshirt that my sweet bloggy friend GREENEYES sent me for my birthday last October and some fuzzy booty sock thingies.

One of my favorite things in the world is to take a shower and then crawl into a freshly made bed. The only thing better is if the sheets happen to have been line dried. Ah, bliss!Lamar called from his brother's place in Fort Worth a little while ago and we chatted and caught up on what's been happening here and there while he's been gone. He's supposed to be coming home on Am*Trak in the wee hours of Tuesday morning. Saturday he and his brother are going to Lake Whitney to a friend's lake house. They'll ride in Gary's speed boat and just generally goof off and have a good time. Lamar's got a hard life, don't he? ;-)And now that I've got all these pictures uploaded and caught you up on my week in review, I'm going to try to get this published and head for the bed. Emmy will be here early in the morning and I'll have her all day so I need to recharge my batteries. As of right now I don't have any particular plans for the day so we'll just play it by ear.

I'm planning on cooking Sunday Dinner this week so I'll be back on Saturday evening after Jessica picks up Emmy to do my Sunday Dinner post.

In the meantime, y'all have a great Saturday and a blessed Sunday.


Lynne said...

What cute pictures of Emmy! I love seeing little ones playing in water and mud. I just don't want to have to wash their clothes after!

I never thought of spraying the bed with Febreeze when I change the sheets. That makes so much sense. Our bed - our entire bedroom - smells like dog. I'm going to try that today. I love sheets that have been hung outside, but our stuffy old community bylaws specifically forbids clotheslines. Next place I move, I'm putting up my clotheslines again.

boomama said...

Y'all have some STRONG GENES. :-) And Miss Emmy is a doll.

Lucy Stern said...

Emily looks like she is having a great time and you can tell that she likes riding around in that red wagon. Look at her dirty little butt. I hope Jessica can get that all out in the

I hope Lamar is having a good time with his brother in Ft. Worth.

You are right, when you say that there is nothing better than a shower and clean sheets....I think I'll wash the sheets.

I love fried chicken....yummm. I don't think the greens will cancel out the fried chicken and coconut What fun is it if you can't cheat at your diet once in a while. I would go crazy if I couldn't have some fried chicken here and there.

With Lamar gone, I'm waiting to see what you are going to cook for Sunday dinner. I think I'm going to cook a pork loin this week, still deciding...

PS. You are lucky to have Jessica there to help you when you need it.

RennyBA said...

Your ramblings are great and so are the pics. I saw the pics from Emmy's BD of course and this one was cute too - thanks for sharing!

You always ask what for dinner in the weekend: Well today it is steamed salmon, since it's Norway's National Day today (thanks for your visit and nice comments and greetings!)

Linda said...

I imagine you and Emmy are busy having fun right about now Diane. It was so nice to get all caught up with your news. Sounds like you have been a very busy lady. I'm so glad Jessica is able to give you a hand with the heavy household stuff.
I love the pictures. What could be more fun than splashing in puddles and riding in a wagon?
Have a blessed weekend Diane.

Rachel said...

Love the pictures of Emmy! What a life, getting to play in the water and then being pulled around in a wagon!! I especially loved the picture of her behind when she stood up!!

So nice that Jessica helps you out with some chores. That's a wonderful blessing!!

We have had lots of rain too, but not as much as you all have had. More rain is expected tonight and tomorrow.

Have a wonderful Sunday Diane!!!

Tammy said...

I am so glad to have found your blog! Your writing relaxes me as I read about your family happenings.

I enjoyed the pictures of Emmy. If I ever learn to put pictures on my website I will. : )

The tornadoes from February left us with 4 additional kids living in our home as their house was destroyed. They have finally been able to move back with their parents and I miss them very much.

I have to admit that I am getting a bit tired of all of this rain. My tomato plants seem to be thriving in it though.

Susie said...

Hi Diane,
I've tried to comment a couple times but blogger was being a beast. I could only see one line!
Anyway, sounds like you've had a busy week. Most all kids love mud puddles and Emmy seems to have it down pat!
So kind of Jessica to help you. I'm sure she appreciates you just as much as you appreciate her...

Barb said...

Boy, she's having a blast in that soaking wet yard. That was so much fun when I was little, I still remember it.

It's amazing how much all the women in your family look like each other, Diane. I agree with Boo Mama - very strong genes.

Hope you survived today. I had Cameron and Avery all day AND most of the evening yesterday. I'm still recovering but it was worth it.

Yeah. Your poor hubby's got a very rough life. LOL

mer said...

My favorite picture is the one of Emmy with mud all over her bottom. SO cute!

Your coconut cake recipe sounds DEE-lish. I think coconut cake is my favorite! See, I always leave your blog hungry! :)

Hope you have a nice weekend.


thislittlepiggy said...

TOO cute!

Granny said...

I can't believe how that adorable child is growing.

MammyT said...

Hey, girl, you're scarin' me. Two posts in as many days?! It must be really warm there. Looks like it. Emmy had so much fun! gosh she's a beauty! She is so blessed to have such a huge network of mentors. Easy with that coconut cake talk, now. You're 'bout to fling a cravin' on me! That sounded really good.
Was that a large helping of greens? It could happen...!