Saturday, October 6, 2007

Sunday Dinner, October 7, 2007

Now y'all try to contain your excitement, but I'm actually cooking Sunday Dinner again this week! Nothing elaborate, but I am cooking.

My menu, you ask? Spaghetti with meat sauce. I'll make the sauce and let it simmer as the spaghetti cooks. And no, I don't usually make homemade spaghetti sauce. I buy canned or bottled sauce and add browned hamburger to it for meat sauce.

I don't like leftover spaghetti so I'll cook the spaghetti and sauce after I get home from church. I thought about making some homemade Italian garlic bread or breadsticks but I've talked myself out of that. I just got through cooking supper and I'm too lazy to make bread now that I've got supper done.

So what's on the menu for your Sunday Dinner? Just share your plans in the comments.As a footnote to my Sunday Dinner, after I'd already called my sister, Ducky, to ask if spaghetti sounded good to her, I realized I wasn't sure how much spaghetti I had on hand. A search of my pantry yielded mixed results. I have about 1 oz. of dry spaghetti in a box, and about 4 oz. of dry angel hair pasta. Not enough of either. I've already called Cecil to ask if she happened to have any spaghetti on hand and struck out.

I just found out that Jessica and Jason will be here for Sunday Dinner so I've asked them to stop and buy some spaghetti on their way here for dinner. If they forget I guess we'll eat spaghetti sauce on elbow macaroni. I found 3½ boxes of that while I was looking for spaghetti.As for my supper tonight, I had canned mixed greens, salt meat (or salt pork to those who ain't from the South, y'all) and cream gravy made from some of the salt meat drippings. I also cooked some white rice for Lamar because he likes rice and gravy together. I know it wasn't the healthiest meal, but I tell myself the greens balance out the salt meat and the gravy.

I like Glo*ry brand greens. I really like the way they're seasoned, though I do add some salt and some sugar and a little bacon grease to them as I heat them up. Dang, I guess I can forget the greens balancing out the meat and gravy!Due to some office politics Jessica and several others in the office where she worked are now searching for new jobs. We're not sure where all this is going because Jessica was one of the last ones hired but they're also getting rid of people who've been there for years.

If you'll remember she had just passed part of the test for her real estate license and was about to take the state portion of the test. Since she's not working for a real estate broker right now, she's not eligible to take the second portion of her test. But, she's obligated to pay for the test! So she's scrambling to find a job in real estate so she'll have a broker to sponsor her. If she doesn't find a sponsor in time she'll have to pay for the first test, then have to pay to take it again when she does get another job in real estate.

It's just a big mess, plus the bills are still rolling in regular as clockwork while she's without a job.

If you're a praying person, I and Jessica and Jason would appreciate your prayers that Jessica would find the right job, and soon if it's the Lord's will!(Double click on the Emmy pics to enlarge them.)

Thanks to all of you who've asked about and prayed for Emmy. Miss Emmy is slowly improving, but still not well by any means. She's still running fever off and on and doesn't have much of an appetite. Her eye is better but not completely well and she's still cranky and grumpy at times.

I took a few pictures Friday when Jessica, Jason and Emmy were here. You can tell her eye is red and runny, but it's much better than Monday when she went to the doctor. It was matted shut, bless her little heart. We had to put warm wet compresses on it to soften the gunk so we could clean her eye. Emmy didn't particularly care for us messing with her eye, plus did I mention she was cranky?

Hopefully Emmy will keep feeling better and be able to return to daycare on Monday as scheduled.To all my Canadian friends: Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy the good food and time with friends and family.

Our American Thanksgiving is still over a month away, but it's not as far off as you might think.I think that's all for this evening, so I'll wish everyone a blessed weekend. May God bless you with all you need, and enough to share.


Sandy said...

Glad to hear that Emmy is doing a little better and I'll be sure to say some prayers for Jessica to find that perfect job for her and ask God to make that quickly.

You asked about my Sunday Dinner...Well I thought I would come over to your house and I'll be sure to bring extra spaghetti. I love spaghetti with meat sauce and could you put a little cheese on top of mine and stick it in the oven to bake? Pretty please.

MightyMom said...

too funny!!
I thawed out Daddy's spaghetti sauce for supper tonight!

me? I'd put the elbow, spaghetti, and angel hair all together!! yummy!!!

who knows what tomorrow may bring?? I sure DON'T

zzop357 said...

Sounds like a winner to me. I'm glad Emmy is a little better.Sorry to hear about Jesses job.Sounds like an excuse to down-size to me.
I thought about going to the dance, but I took a nap....a loooommmggg nap. I got woke up about 6:15. I think I would have slept all night, or til I got hungry. The guys were hollering they were hungry!!!
I might see you tomorrow, I don't know. Love you all. God bless.

Granny said...

If you put the sauce of top of elbows, you will have magically created goulash (or what I call hamburger glop).

I made a crockpot full of beef "stoup" yesterday. Today it tasted even better of course. Some things benefit from "blending" in the fridge for a day.

Not enough left for tomorrow so I'm mulling over what to fix. I'm watching the spicy stuff until Ray's a little more recovered. Clam chowder maybe? I have all the ingredients if I can figure out how to make less that 3 gallons of the stuff. This sizing down is hard and I'm not sure how well it freezes.

Told Jessica what I thought of her employer already so no need to repeat it here.

Have a good Sunday.

Paulette said...

Hey ms. Diane,
Well I am not going to church tomorrow as it is alot of walking and I am still pretty weak, so I will be home and I made up some homemade chicken salad today so I will have that on toast with celery and fruit, and a big cold glass of iced diet cherry limeaid.
I must say I am with Lamar, I love rice and gravy but can no longer eat it and maintain my weight loss, but that is one of my favorite dishes with a good old fried porkchos! Those days are gone but you can still wish huh?
Man I always make myself hungry at your place!
Have a wonderful Sunday. I LOVE spaghetti too!!!!

Jen said...

how nice to have Sunday Dinner with Jason and Jessica and Emmy :)

3 1/2 boxes wow

Jessica is looking for a new job
I pray it wont take her long

pleased Emmy is getting better
Ill continue to pray for her

Lynne said...

Glad to hear that Emmy is feeling a little better. But that's really bad about Jessica's job. I hope she finds something quickly.

I love spaghetti sauce over macaroni. Sounds yummy!

I have Ashlie here so we're going to the zoo early this morning. Time for my panda baby fix!

Angela said...

I am so glad that you are spending the day with family. Some of the best times in the world are around the kitchen table sharing a meal together.

I will continue to pray for Emmy and Jessica's situation with her job.

Stop by as you can for the details, I have passed on an award to you, my dear friend.

Bev said...

I'm LOL at you, I'm having left-over spaghetti tonight (which I dearly love!) I'll consider it cooking to zap it in the microwave. That granddaughter of yours is absolutely the spitting image of her mommy, isn't she!

Linda said...

Oh Diane, I'm so glad I stopped by today. I didn't know Emmy wasn't feeling well (and a little cranky). I will be praying for all of you. I pray Jessica will find a job very quickly and be able to take her test.
Have a blessed time with your family today.

Tammy J said...

After a night with the grands and a day deep cleaning this house I did not do any cooking either...can we say Tumbleweed? (steak restaurant)

I remember being so devistated by the strike, but I can testify that God brought it all around to the good and I have faith that He will do so for Jessica, Jason and Emmy!

Love Ya'll!!

Anonymous said...

We had Barb's flank steak for Sunday dinner. Yummy! But spaghetti is on my menu for this week too. Although, I make sure to make enough to have leftovers. spaghetti and vegetable soup are just two things that get better as leftovers!

So sorry to hear about Jessica's work ordeal. I've been by to visit her blog.

Anonymous said...

I think it would have been a new taste treat with a combination of all the noodles. It would still taste the same. You could call it

I sure hope Emmy feels better very soon. I am sure that was uncomfortable for her. Poor baby.

You know you have my prayers.

Diane said...

Well, she may be a little cranky....but she's simply beautiful!!!! I'm glad to hear she is feeling a little better. These teething months...are trying arent' they!

And aren't you the creative cook! Spaghetti is good over any pasta! Hope it worked out.

I look forward to God's resolution to Jessica's employment problem. What happened to the days when we were hired somewhere for a lifetime????? The times...they are a-changin!

Have a great Monday!


mer said...

Hi Diane,

Homemade spaghetti sounds's one of my favorite meals, and makes your house smell SO good!

Emmy is adorable. I'm glad she's feeling some better. Praying she'll return to her normal self soon! And I'll pray for your daughter to find another job soon too.

Hey, for my Sunday dinner, I made Uncle Wayne's White Chicken Chili (do a search on Beth Moore's LPM blog) and it was to die for. So yummy and so easy. It was a good night for chili too...our temps dipped into the 30s!

Hope you have a blessed week!!

Sherry said...

Hi Diane! I made it. Would you believe I was clicking on your flower pictures to try to comment. ha ha, I realy enjoyed reading your blog and it sure has been nice meeting you through Tammy she is such a nice lady! I love having you stop by my blog. It is like having new friends stop in! Yesterdays dinner was chilli of all things. Even though it is so hot and humid down here in Texas me and hubby had football on and the aircondition so we could pretend it felt like Fall ha! I will enjoy visiting your blog and getting to meet your family . Your little grandbaby is so sweet, A litte angel. I wil keep her in my prayers that she is feeling real better soon and also for your daughter and her job situtation! God Bless. Peace & Hugs Sherry

Dawn said...

Well, it's Monday night and I'm catching up. We had roast, carrots, potatoes, and onions done in the crock pot; rolls, fresh tomatoes, green beans (canned), and Apple Betty.

Poor little Emmy. That's lasting a long time. Glad she's a bit better! And I feel so bad for Jessica - what a bummer! Sounds political to me.

RennyBA said...

Spaghetti with sauce sounds nice of course. Last Sunday we made Norwegian meat cakes with the hamburger dough in stead - I suppose you remember my post from this summer at our vacation home where my bonus child made it :-)

Thanks for sharing the new pics of Emmy - she looks so cute!

Barb @ A Chelsea Morning said...

I just caught up with Jessica over at her blog. I didn't realize several people lost their jobs. Sounds like a crummy outfit to work for if you ask me but I know she and Jason must be getting a little panicky. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for her.

Glad the little one is better. I'd be cranky, too. She's just so cute. I agree with Bev - she's the image of her mommy.

And sorry, but leftover spaghetti is one of my favorite quick, nuked meals. I always make sure I make enough for leftovers. :-)

Hope you're having a nice week.

Big hug,

PEA said...

Hello dear Diane, finally catching up with everyone! It was such a busy long weekend here, I didn't have time to visit. Thank you for the Thanksgiving wishes:-) I've just finished eating some leftovers and now I'm stuffed again. lol Oh dear, I'm so sorry to hear about Jessica losing her job, prayers that she does find another one real soon. Miss Emmy is just so precious and I'm glad to hear that she's slowly starting to feel well again, I know how worrying it is when a little one doesn't feel well. Love & Hugs! xoxo

Jen said...

I wanted to bless you
as you have me
by visiting my blog

theres something on there for you

kansasrose said...

Prayers going up for Jessica...she will find a better job. Those sound like jerks to work for. Glad Emmy is feeling better. What a precious angel. Love ya hon! xxxooo

Mountain Mama said...

I'm so sorry about Jessica's job. What a disappointment. Yes I have prayed for a new and better position for her. Please Lord. And dear little Emmy. She sure is having a rough time of it. Praying for her too.
Mom used to make elbow macaroni with a red sauce like spaghetti sauce and she called it Slumgum. I don't have a clue where that name came from. Her family were scottish and Irish. When I married, my in-laws made the same dish and called it goulash. I used to make a clam sauce to serve over spaghetti that my son really liked.
I hope you are having a good week Diane and little Emmy is doing much better too. God bless you and yours.

Meow (aka Connie) said...

Hi Diane, hope you are well. Your spaghetti sounds yummy, one of my favorite meals.
The photos of Emmy are just gorgeous ... my goodness, she sure is growing up.
Sorry I haven't been by for such a long time ... hope to become more regular again now.
Take care, huge hugs, Meow xx

Anonymous said...

Hey - come on over - you were a winner in my Pay it Forward book giveaway!

Susie said...

Hi Diane,
Spaghetti sounds delish. We have D here for dinner tonight and that's what he wants :)
So sorry to hear about Jessica's job issues. Of course I'll keep their little family in my prayers.
Thank you so much for the birthday wishes. I truly appreciate them and your dear friendship..

Lucy Stern said...

Diane, If you can get ahold of some Chamomile tea bags, steep them in some hot water and then put the tea bags over her eyes. Chamomile is very good for the eyes and it might help. I hope she gets better.