Saturday, October 13, 2007

Sunday Dinner, October 14, 2007 & Some Other Stuff

I know that the ones of you who are especially gifted have already noticed that big blue question mark on the chef's serving tray. You brilliant people have probably deduced that I'm not cooking Sunday Dinner this week and have no idea what I may be having or where I may be eating my Sunday Dinner. And you'd all be absolutely correct.

Lamar's Dad, my father in law, passed away of a heart attack in his sleep Thursday night/Friday morning. Lamar will be leaving for Texas sometime in the next 12 hours and won't be here for Sunday Dinner this week. My thoughts are really scattered right now and I have no idea what I might cook or how many I might be cooking for, so I cut through all the uncertainty and just decided not to cook at all. We can get a burger or whatever. Right now I just can't be bothered with making too many decisions.

NEWSFLASH: Just as I was typing this my sister Ducky called and said that her son Danny and his wife Mikki have invited us up for lunch at their house after church tomorrow. How's that for God's providence? Thank you, Lord!

I'm not sure what's on the menu and to be honest, it doesn't really matter. The love and the family fellowship is food to the soul, and that's more needed right now than food for the body.

Now, what are your plans for Sunday Dinner? Share your menu or your plans in the comments if you want to participate.

T*AMMY @ MY GENTLE RETREAT and ANGELA @ LIFE AND TIMES OF GRAN have both honored me with the Spirit of Christmas Award. You can read about the award by clicking on the link HERE. I appreciate the honor and I'm thankful to both ladies for bestowing the award on me.

JEN @ MY THREE BOYS AND I has given me the I'M FABULOUS award, which you can read about HERE.

Thanks, Ladies! I appreciate the awards and the love behind them. :o)
As most of you know, Emmy has been sick, and is still sick. She improved a little after she took her medicines for a while, but never really got back to her usual good natured and sunny self. Well, this past week her original symptoms came back with a vengeance, and Jessica has been dealing with a sick baby this week. The doctor prescribed some much stronger antibiotics and Emmy seemed to be a little better last night when Jessica and Jason were here. Hopefully the medicine will kick in and Emmy will be healthy again soon.I had several things in mind to post about until this thing with Lamar's Dad happened, but now I can't seem to rub two brain cells together. All the plans are, well, not planned yet. We're in Arkansas and Wayne died at his apartment in Fort Worth, Texas so until Lamar gets there tomorrow to go with his brother Mark and make arrangements, everything is on hold. I have pork chops thawing to cook for supper and I'm making green bean casserole to go with them. Right now I have no idea what else I may cook to serve with the chops and casserole. After supper I still have my Sunday School lesson to study and need to spend some time with Lamar before he leaves for Texas on Amtrack in the wee hours of the morning.

May God bless you by meeting all your needs, and may you have enough to share.


Barb @ A Chelsea Morning said...

Oh, I'm so sorry to hear this, Diane. Poor Lamar. Please tell him how sorry I am.

My goodness, I wouldn't be planning to cook either. How nice you've been invited to someone's elses table tomorrow.

Emmy's had this for a while now and I'm sure poor Jason and Jessica are weary. I hope she gets over whatever this is and soon.

Here, it's amazing how closely things are to what's happening there. Andy's grandmother is in the hospital, on a ventilator, and not expected to live much longer. Congestive heart failure, complications of diabetes and several other things, but she's only 73 so it's very sad.

Cameron is sick too but not as sick as Emmy. He's got some kind of stomach bug and a fever and poor Krissy was up with him all night. Throwing up all over and what a mess my five months pregnant daughter is dealing with. I'm trying to help her.

And I was at the Amtrak station today. Bought my ticket for my trip to go see my mother in November.

I'm sorry about this sad turn of events there. Be good to yourself and Lamar - nothing else really matters at a time like this.

My thoughts are with you my friend.


Lynne said...

Diane - You have a full plate right now. Thoughts are going out to Lamar and you and the rest of your family. I hope little Miss Emmy gets to feeling better soon. I'm sure Jessica and Jason must be worn out by now.

Congrats on your awards. You certainly are fabulous!

Hugs to you!

Morning Glory said...

I'm so sorry to hear such news of your father-in-law. My sympathies to you all.

I hope Emmy continues to improve. It's so hard when the wee ones are ill. They just don't know what to do with themselves.

Andrea said...

Oh, Diane - I'm sorry to hear the news. I will keep you and Lamar in my prayers. It sounds like little Emmy (and her mommy and daddy) could use prayers too. I'm on it! Hang in there!

Susie said...

Dear Diane,
I'm so sorry to hear of the loss of Lamar's Dad. My thoughts and prayers are with you all at this sad time.
Poor little Emmy. It is difficult when they don't feel well. I hope the new antibiotic helps her feel better really soon.
Congratulations on your awards Diane.
You're most deserving..

Cecil said...

Just wanted to tell Lamar how sorry I am about his dad.. have a safe trip and I'll see you when you get back.. we will be praying for you... love y'all.. Cecil and B.

Granny said...

You already know you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. Be safe while he's gone and take care of yourself.

jen said...

Praying for Lamar and you
Im so sori about Wayne

Safe travels for Lamar

Also praying for Emmy

Paulette said...

Hey Diane,
I am so sorry about Lamars dad. How sad for Lamar. I will be thinking of him today as I am in Fort Worth after church today, How ironic that I will be eating Sunday lunch in Fortworth today? I lived in fortWorth my whole married life until Jaime left and we moved next door to Arlington. I am still in Fortworth all the time however.
I will be praying for you all today.
Well our beloved cowboys are playing today lol so we are having a theamed luncheon with friends to get us pumped for the game.

Mary said...

My sincere sympathies go out to you and your family. I will keep all of you in my prayers.

Love your awards.


Dawn said...

It was just a year ago that we lost my FIL, so I can empathize! Must have been unexpected? Also, what is wrong with Emmy that is going on so long? Poor baby! Poor mommy and daddy! Poor Grandma Diane!

If you go read my post today, you'll get the whole story on our Sunday dinner - lots of fun!

PEA said...

My sympathies to you, Lamar and the family for the passing of his father, I was so sorry to hear the news. You are all in my prayers. I do hope the new antibiotics help little Emmy, you just feel so helpless when a little one is sick like that. I ate so for my birthday dinner yesterday, today I'm not eating at all! lol xox

kansasrose said...

My dearest Diane... My sincere condolences to you and Lamar and the family on your FIL's passing. I am so sorry to hear this news. This can be such a tough and very sad time for everyone....we went through this early in the year with Jim's dad. You all are in my prayers hon...Little Emmy is in my prayers to for full recovery. Hope those stronger meds help her real soon. Take care sweetie and you all are loved on here in Kansas...Jenxxxooo

kansasrose said...

Congrats your nice and thoughtful awards hon...your friends chose well for these. Love ya! xxxooo

Dick said...

I am sorry to hear of you and Lamar's loss. Even though this is life happening in it's right order, it is still a hard thing to live with.

I don't know what dinner will be. Lunch was re-heated pizza left over from last night when we had some friends over. Then we went looking for the Great Pumpkin to decorate with. With a weekend of nice weather here it was a good time to go walking through the pumpkin patches. It is nice to live in a agricultural area.

Eleanor said...

I'm so sorry to see the news about Lamar's dad. Sincere condolences and big, warm hugs to both of you.

It's only natural that your head is in a spin right now, with all that's happening with your nearest and dearest. Losing your father-in-law, on top of Emmy being sick and Jessica needing to find a new job pronto, is a lot of worry all at once. Things will get better ... they always do ... but take care of yourself in the meantime, and know that you have endless support out here in Blogland. As do your loved ones. Surely our combined thoughts and prayers have to be enough to make little Emmy well again, and to make a good job land in Jessica's lap!

As for Sunday dinner, Stephanie made a fabulous, hearty bean soup, which we had with some rustic, sour dough rye bread. Gotta love good, old-fashioned eats! :)

Lots of love to you and yours from all of us here.

Greeneyes said...

Diane ,
Sister friend , I am so sorry to hear about Lamars Dad , what a shock you all must be in , poor Lamar! you all must be heart sick , I send love and hugs and wish I could be there to help , I would cook you up a feast for your sunday supper and you wouldnt have to worry about a thing .

And gosh MY WITTLE Emmy is still sickipoo! :-(
the antibiotics they gave her must not have totally cleared up what caused the infection and it was still there just waiting,I hope these Anitib's do the trick,my goodness she has been through the wringer lately ,I will say more prayers for her to get well and for your whole family to heal,love you sis-friend .YOUR in my toughts and heart .



Mary said...


Thanks for dropping by my blog. I was glad to see you. I've created a link in My Favorite Blogs to yours. I hope you don't mind.


Nashe* said...

my grandad passed away two days after my uncle did. I feel ya, Di.

and hope Emmy's A-OK! Shouldn't be too bad with her gramma around!

Mountain Mama said...

Diane I'm so sorry about your father in law. News like this is such a shock and it seems like everything just sort of stops for a while. I pray our Lord will comfort and strengthen you all and give you peace.
I have prayed again for Emmy after reading your post. Is this sickness from her shots?
God bless her and heal her completely.
Hugs & Prayers

Rachel said...

So sorry about your FIL. I do hope little Emmy gets well soon.

Take care Diane. Hugs!!!

Lucy Stern said...

My condolences go out to you and Lamar on the death of his dad. How Sad! I hope everything goes well for the two of you, while he is gone to Fort Worth.

Sorry to hear that Emily is still sick. The antibotics kill off the bad bacteria but they also kill off the good bacteria. Give her a little yogurt to help with that. If her ears are hurting, put a few drops of garlic oil in her ears to help with the pain and to help kill off the bad bacteria. Give her a kiss for me.

Let's see: Sunday dinner. Broiled chicken, steamed cabbage and a tossed green salad...

T*mmy said...

My condolences to Lamar and his family...I hope he has a safe journey to TX!

My prayer is for dear sweet Miz Emmy today...I hope her health is on the upswing now, hopefully the new meds will be the ticket...please keep us updated!

Love & hugs to you today!

MightyMom said...

well, until those brain cells start perking again, cruise by and get that award you made...then won...twice! heehee.

love and hugs to you and Lamar my dear, pray that all are well in your house soon

Kristen said...

I am so sorry to hear about Lamar's Dad! Love and prayers to you and your family. I'm glad you didn't have to worry about Sunday dinner!

Poor little Emmy. What is wrong with her again? I'm not sure if I saw what is wrong with her? Poor baby. Nothing worse than having a sick child--especially a baby.

MamaLady said...

Diane, I haven't stopped in to see you in a while.
Sorry to hear about your family's loss. I hope all goes well for your husband's trip.
And I'm sorry to hear about your Emmy's sickness. I have been so fortunate to nip all the bugs in the bud when mine were her age. I always had fears that of bugs that stuck around.
Take care!

Sandy said...

Please give my condolences to Lamar and the rest of the family and tell them that they are all in our prayers.

So sorry to hear that little Emmy is still sick. She is also in our prayers.

Linda said...

Oh Diane, I am so sorry about Lamar's Dad. You are all in my prayers. And little Emmy too. It's so hard when they are so tiny and sick. I pray she will improve quickly with the new antibiotic.
Take care, dear friend.
P.S. Congratulations on your awards. You are so very deserving.

Angela said...

I am so sorry for the loss of Lamar's father. I will keep him and the family in my prayers. As for sweet little Emmy...I pray for a speedy recovery with the new meds. Tell Jessica that I'm praying for her too dealing with a sick baby is trying on her body too.
As for you, Diane...please think about you my dear friend. Rest if the opportunity comes, so that you can be prepared for your next challenge. You and all of the family are in my thoughts and prayers. Blogland loves you, sweet friend!

May your day be filled with rest,love and peaceful thoughts in the coming days.

(((HUGS from me to you)))

Lyndy said...

Oh Diane I am so sorry to hear about Lamar’s dad. What a shock for the whole family. Please let him know I am praying for him.

I am also sorry to hear Miss Emmy is still sick, poor thing. I pray she gets over this soon. Hopefully, the stronger antibiotics will work.

What a stressful time for y’all, I am praying for all of you.

Love and Hugs, Lyndy

Lisa said...

I'm so sorry to hear of your loss...please know that you're in my prayers.