Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Yes, you read that title correctly. I'm sorry, but that's the best I could come up with at the moment. It's only Tuesday and already this has been a long week.

I suppose I should start with the latest about the situation with my father in law's death.

Lamar's Amtrak train finally arrived in Fort Worth on Sunday afternoon, about 3 hours late. It was 3 hours late leaving from the station here in Arkansas, but fortunately there were no delays between here and Fort Worth. Lamar's brother, Mark, picked him up at the station and Lamar is staying with Mark while they make funeral arrangements and deal with all the business aspects that always accompany a death.

Wayne's body is being cremated and a memorial service is scheduled for Wednesday evening at 6 pm at the church Wayne attended. Lamar and Mark have already gone through their Dad's apartment and gathered the few personal effects they each want to keep and made arrangements for the remainder of Wayne's belongings.

Due to the business aspect Lamar will remain in Texas at least until Sunday, dealing with Wayne's bills, banking and other personal business.

Lamar and I wish to thank each and every one of you who have left loving, caring sentiments here on my blog, sent ecards, emails and called to offer your love and sympathy during our time of loss.

Words are inadequate to express how much we love and appreciate each of you, my sweet friends and family. May God richly bless each of you for the love you have shown us now and so many times in the past.Jessica and Emmy are both feeling better, praise the Lord! While they're better on the physical front, things are not so rosy regarding Jessica and Jason's job situation. They both have interviews and promising prospects, but no actual job offers as of this writing.

I know many of you are already praying for Jessica and Emmy's health, but if you're so inclined, please lift up a prayer (or several!) that Jessica and Jason would both get good jobs, and soon if it be the Lord's will. I think everybody out there knows what it's like when the bills are still rolling in but the income isn't.

Thanks in advance for your prayers, y'all.This past Sunday my sister Ducky and I spent the afternoon with her son Danny, his wife Mikki and baby Seth. It's hard to believe but Seth is 7½ months 0ld! We had a good visit together and Mikki served homemade hamburger soup and corn muffins for lunch with warm brownies for dessert. It was such a glorious Autumn afternoon that we ate outside on their carport then stayed outside most of the afternoon, just talking, catching up and visiting.I want to thank sweet T*mmy for the funny birthday card she sent me. I was pleasantly surprised to find something in the mail from her today. My birthday is the 23rd so it got here in plenty of time.

Thanks, T*mmy! I loved the card, but even more I love you for remembering my birthday and being so thoughtful. :o)

And before anybody asks, I'll be 44 on October 23rd. October 25th will by my and Lamar's 22nd wedding anniversary. I will have officially been married for exactly half my life. I'm sure that means something profound, but I'm not sure just what.

If all goes as planned Lamar will be back from Texas in time to celebrate my birthday and our anniversary.I have a few pictures of me and Emmy from Sunday, October 7th. Cecil took most of them if I'm remembering correctly. The shutter stuck part way closed on my camera so that's why there's some weird black diagonal lines on the top and bottom of some pictures. It's not some strange new photo editing software, LOL! ;o)Also, here's one picture I love but Cecil cut off the top of my head. I liked it so much I included it here anyway. Cecil's wanted to cut my head off many times in our lives and I think this may have been a subtle hint that she still feels that way at times. :-)Here Emmy's trying out her best sneer, a la Elvis.And last but not least, GREENEYES, here's your and everybody else's Emmy cuddle and sugar fix. You're welcome, and it was entirely my pleasure. :o)It's almost midnight so I'm going to put the blog to bed for the evening and I'll probably follow suit soon thereafter. If I don't change my mind I'm going to ride the Sr. Citizen's van to Jonesboro Wednesday morning. I need to go to Wal*mart and pick up some fresh bread and maybe a few other things.

Y'all have a blessed Wednesday.


Granny said...

Get some rest for a change.

I'm about to give Ray his medicine and late night snack.

I'll probably update tomorrow but all is well.

jen said...

My thoughts and prayers are with Lamar

Praise the Lord for healing Jessica and Emmy
I was getting worried about Emmy
Shed been sick for ages

Praying for Jessica and Jasons job prospects

wow Seth is 7 1/2 months old already time flies

great photos of you and Emmy

Nashe* said...

that's Elvis alright!!

Anonymous said...

Love the Elvis picture!

Praying the job situation is resolved quickly for Jason and Jessica. Job searching is no fun at all.

Happy Birthday!

Angela said...

I will continue to remember Lamar, Jessica and Jason in my prayers. It is answered prayer that Jessica and Emmy are well again.

Your photos are beautiful of you and Emmy! Especially your favorite. :) I love it too.

I hope that your trip was an enjoyable one today.

Thanks for always adding that special touch of sunshine in your writings.

(((HUGS from me to you)))

Barb @ A Chelsea Morning said...

What Lamar's going through, with all the business side of his father's death, isn't fun, I know. I'm sure you'll both be glad when this is all just done and he's back home.

Don't talk to me about Amtrak trains running 3 hours late. I can just see my poor mom cooling her heels, waiting for me at the Denver station. LOL

I'm a dork. I searched your whole sidebar and all your latest posts looking for a photo of Elvis. Then it hit me. LOL

That's exactly who she looks like. Elvis! Adorable.

Praying for Jessica and Jason. I know they're in a very scary situation but I also know just when you think it's about as bad as it can get, something wonderful happens.

Morning Glory said...

This was such a delightful post to read -- so full of newsy stuff. "Stuff" was a good title to use. I really think those pictures of you and Emmy are some of the best!

Have I mentioned that I like your new blog look? I do!

Susie said...

Hi Diane,
Loved seeing all the cute photos of you and Mz Emmy! That Elvis look is precious.
I'll be keeping Jessica and Jason's job situation in my prayers.
Take care of yourself my friend.
love and ((hugs))

Mary said...


Loved the photos.

My daughter is only working a couple of days a week and her husband isn't working at this time. That's the first time in 19 years that he hasn't worked and it's very difficult for them. I ask you to keep them in your prayers. Barry has resumes out but to this point hasn't had a call.

I will continue to pray for your family.

Have a Wonderful Wednesday.

T*mmy said...

I'm glad Larmar made a safe trip and pray the return trip goes smoother with no delays!

Ya'll are still in my thoughts and prayers...I had negleted to pray about the job situation and will lift it up as well.
I pray they get even better than they had and God is Good so I know that they will!

Gal, as for the Birthday...I had you pensiled in on my calender as the 21st...that is why I sent it so soon...that and you just don't know about the postal service between here and there...oh well, I guess I'll put off makin' your cake till the 23 ;)

That Emmy is soooo stinkin' cute...she made that lil' ol' dress look purdy!
I'm so glad to hear she is feeling better!

Ya'll take care!!

PEA said...

This certainly is a difficult time for Lamar and his brother...I think the worst part is having to go through the belongings. I remember helping my mom go through my dad's stuff after he died...hardest thing I've ever had to do.

Oh dear, I can imagine how worried Jess and Jason are about the job situation...my prayers have been added to the others that something will come up for both of them real soon!!

Every time I think Miss Emmy can't get more adorable, there she is, even more adorable! hehe Love the Elvis sneer! LOL Too cute. You, Mz Diane, also look beautiful in the pictures:-)

Take care of yourself my friend!! xoxo

mer said...


I'm so sorry about your husband's father. I'm thankful he was able to go to Texas.

And I will be praying for your daughter and her family's job situation. I know all too well about the in-between times, and yes, it can be very frightening.

Thanks for posting the pics! Emmy is adorable.

Yellow Mama said...

I am so sorry about your family's loss. It is never easy to loose someone close. I like the way you moved from loss to blessing in your post...that is the right perspective during this hard time. Nothing like holding the future in your hands...blessings friend

Lynne said...

I'm so glad to hear that Emmy and Jessica are feeling better. Thinking good thoughts for Jessica and Jason's job hunts.

Love the pictures - especially the Elvis one!

Lucy Stern said...

I hope Lamar and Mark do well in making the appropriate arrangements for the funeral and in taking care of the other details.....I hope you know that I am thinking about you both.

Keeping my fingers crossed for Jessica and Jason in finding jobs soon.....It has to be scary worrying about work and a sick child.

Emily looks much better, I hope she in on the road to recovery from her illness.

Enjoy your trip to Walmart, I like shopping there too.....Talk to ya later. (Praying for you too)

Rachel said...

My thoughts are with Lamar and all of you during this time. It's so hard losing a parent and then to do all the other necessary things.

I'm glad the sick are feeling better!! Emmy is so cute!!

You'll be 44? Still a spring chicken!! :)

Greeneyes said...

Hello Sweet Diane ,
Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog , I feel the same way , you made me feel wonderful ,I certainly do wish for one day ,for now Ill have to get my sugar this way LOL and Thank you for all the special sugar ,I can certainly use it and lap it up .Emmy looks great here and whatever you are doing keep it up you look great ! The Elvis look is the most adorable thing in the world :-)

I hope all goes well for Lamar in Texas ,and he comes home soon ,HUGS.

Love you Sister friend
till we meet IRL

Myrna said...

Sorry I haven't been around lately. Just dealing with life. I am so sorry for the loss of your FIL. It hurts to lose a parent--no matter the age or circumstances.

Ihave been tking a little time off from the blog to try to take care of LIFE. Now I'm catching up on everyone.

That EMMY-My how she is growing! I believe she has the wisest look of any baby I've seen for awhile. There is a lot going on in that little mind--you can see it in her eyes. SWEET child!

I'll be praying for jobs!

BigDadGib said...

Great post.

I feel for your lose.

Remember, prayer changes things.

His, BDG

Mary said...

Beautiful photos of you and Emmy. Grandchildren are a blessing. Keeping you and Lamar in my prayers.

Have a wonderful day.


T*mmy said...

OK...I'm back and just a teensy bit "corn"fused!

Your profile in your side bar says you are 44, yet this post says you will "be" 44...it order to get the correct number on your afore mentioned cake...which is it, hmmmmmmmmm????

RennyBA said...

Reading your post is always so pleasant and this Sweet Autumn one was no exception. The pics of you with Emmy, both looking so nice and happy - a happy little girl and a proud grandma - what more can you aks for!

Thanks for sharing and a big hug from Diane and me :-)

Lyndy said...

Oh Diane how frustrating that Lamar’s train was delayed. I know what a stressful week this has been for all of you.

I will certainly be praying for Jessica and Jason’s job situation, I know how worrisome that can be. I am sure God has the perfect job for both of them.

Glad Emmy and Jessica are both feeling better.

Love and Hugs, Lyndy

Anonymous said...

Prayers are definitely on the way for Jessica and Jason. I so wish them all the best in job hunting.

I just love all your photos of you and baby. You both look so happy to be cuddling.

Take good care of yourself.

Dawn said...

I didn't realize I was so far behind in visiting you! I didn't know Jason was looking for a job, too. Mike still doesn't have one, so I know whereof you speak! Kristen is about dead on her feet working fulltime and carrying those two little rascals, and now has a terrible cold and/or flu and is out of leave time. Please pray for her today! I know I can count on that.

Love the cut off head comments. Hilarious!

I am glad Lamar will be back in time for the celebrations. Congratulations and Happy Birthday early - we'll be back on the real day, too, of course.

I meant to say "DC couldn't believe I drove 100 miles round trip" - not 10! That's nothing! Are you getting tired of the saga? I hope to get to the current time on the next one, since I stayed home most of those years in between.

Susie Q said...

I will keep your family in my prayers as well...so glad that the sick ones are feeling better, That is a blessing!
I am so sorry about your husband's father...and the job situation for Jessica and Jason. Prayers will be said.

You are an October baby too! I will be 51 on the 26th!
I hope your day, and your anniversary, is happy! May this year be one of joy and smiles for all of you!

Love the pics of Emmy and her happy Grandma!

kansasrose said...

Storming heaven for you all...May Jessica and Jason find the jobs the Lord has planned for them very soon...may Jesus bless these two young adults and give them strength and ease their worries and burdens at this time...blessings for their daughter Emmy, and thank you for her recovery to health Lord, and blessings to Lamar and ease his sorrow on his daddy's passing, and that all goes well with the transitions of losing a loved one and his safe travel home. Blessings to my dear friend Diane as she celebrates her 44th birthday on the 23rd and her 22nd wedding anniversary with her husband. May she have much joy, love and blessings in the coming years. beautiful pics of you hon holding your grandbabe..you have a light around you! ps email me please with your address. I'd like to send you some cards...Love, Jen

Mary said...


I have a little something for you over at my blog. Hope you enjoy it.


Mountain Mama said...

I'm so glad to hear that Jessica and Emmy are feeling better. You must be soooo relieved.
Yes I am praying for good jobs to come up soon. I do understand the bill worries.
Emmy looks so cute in her pictures. And so do you! I know just how you feel hugging that sweet little doll baby. I hug mine every chance I get.

I pray that your hubby can be home soon for you. I think you both can use a little comforting from each other.
God bless you and yours Diane.