Tuesday, October 2, 2007

"2" Meme & Some Other Stuff

JEN @ PRAIRIE FARMERESS (invitation only blog) tagged me for this "2" Meme:

Two Names You Go By:
Mom and Joe.

Two Things you are wearing right now:
A frumpy, comfortable cotton house dress and my glasses.

Two Things you would want (or have) in a relationship:
Love and humor.

Two Things you like to do:
Cook and read (and blog so that's 3 for this one.)

Two Things you want very badly at this moment:
For Emmy to feel better, and for my disability benefits to kick in.

Two Things you did last night: Changed the sheets on my bed, took a shower.

Two Things you ate today:
Fried potatoes and cheddar bay biscuits. (YUM!)

Two People you spoke last to:
Jessica and Lamar.

Two Things you're doing tomorrow:
Taking care of a sick baby (Emmy) and dismantling another new office chair to return to Walmart.

Two Longest car rides:
Bay, Arkansas to Haynes City, Florida and Trumann, Arkansas to Hershey, Pennsylvania.

Two Favorite holidays:
Christmas and Thanksgiving.

Two Favorite beverages: Strong black coffee and Diet Coke.

Two Jobs I have had in my life:
Cotton chopper and clerk in a western wear store.

Two Movies I would watch over and over:
"The Dirty Dozen" and "Top Gun".

Two Places I have lived:
Trumann, Arkansas and Bay, Arkansas.

Two of My Favorite foods: Good seafood (I'm including fried catfish in this one!) and plain cheese cake.

Two Places I'd rather be right now: None really. I'm a homebody. But if I have to choose, it would be camping in the Ozark Mountains or on a beach somewhere.

Two People I'm tagging to do this meme:

You may have gathered by reading my meme answers that Emmy is sick. She has somehow gotten a viral infection related to her immunizations and is a sick little girl. The infection has settled in her eye and it's weeping and swollen, and she's running a temperature and just not feeling well in general. Jessica wrote more about Emmy on her blog HERE.

Emmy's highly contagious, so I'll be keeping her the rest of the week. She's on antibiotics and Ty*lenol and won't be able to go back to daycare until Monday. Jessica says they had a rough Monday night but Emmy went to the doctor this morning and started her antibiotics today, so I'm praying the medicines take hold quickly and she's feeling better soon.
You may have also noticed that I mentioned another office chair. I bought another office chair at Wal*mart and assembled it. It's a nice chair, just going by appearances. It's black leather, has arms and seemed to be perfect for my needs.

Beware, my friends: appearances can be deceiving. You may have heard that a time or fifty-'leven and I can testify that the old saw, it is true.

I assembled the chair with no difficulties whatsoever. But when I sat down in it, I had the continual impression that I was leaning forward and had to be on my guard to keep from falling out of the chair. I thought it might just be me, but I had Sue sit in it and she said felt the same way.

So I'll be dismantling that chair and repacking it in the box for the return trip to Wal*mart. And I'm still in search of the perfect office chair, much like the Handsome Prince and the glass slipper. Of course it's not my foot I'm trying to find the perfect fit for in this case.
I hope everyone is having a wonderful first week of October. I'm going to get this post up and ask my hubby if he'd like to sit outside and enjoy the stars with me. Not to mention the skeeters and the other bugs, but it's a lovely evening other than that. :-)


Greeneyes said...

OHHHHH NOOOOOOOOOOOOO say it isn't so! Poor Emmy , how horrible , sounds painful for her ,poor little girlie , I am saying a little prayer for her to get well soon, and hope she feels her sweet little self ASAP . I bet she poked herself in the eye to get back visiting with Grandma ,(HAHA) LMBO.

Loved the post , esp about the glass slipper /chair fitting part LOL.
Hugs big and squishy and barrells full of sugar for my sweet little Emmy , wish I could give her a cuddle but I am sure she is getting plenty LOL

HUGS SIter Friend
Love you
Miss G.

zzop357 said...

I'm sorry Emmy is sick, I hope ya'll don't catch it.
You might try *off*ice *max for your chair. They had some on sale that was reasonable, if not there then sa*ms.
I hate chairs like that.... makes it hard to sleep in. I, almost always doze off in my chair before I go to bed... AND.. it doesn't have arms..LOL. Johnny laughes at me..when he finds me asleep.
Have a good day, and I hope Emmy is better tomorrow.
Love you sister, God bless you all.
P.S. Tell Mar *Hi*, love him too.

MightyMom said...

dare I leave a comment and end the perfect of your "two"-ness???

thank you for the tag...I'll get it up shortly...I started the last one you tagged me with and just haven't quite got it done yet...

hope Emmy's all better soon!

Jen said...

Why Joe???

hope and pray Emmy gets better soon

Granny said...

Poor Emmy. Hope she feels better soon.

Lynne said...

Hope that precious baby is feeling better soon. I hate to see little ones not feeling well.

Dick said...

I imagine Emmy will improve quickly now that she is on the antibiotic. When kids are first born they haven't had any of the "bugs" we live with all the time so their own immune systems have to be exposed to them to build up their own protection.

I agree with Donna on the place to go to for the chair. Office Max, Office Depot, Staples or one of those places usually have them setup so you could actually sit in one & try it out. Some times they will even sell you one of the assembled ones at no extra charge.

You talking about sitting outside looking at the stars wouldn't work here now as we have an 80% chance of rain in the Upper Willamette valley (Eugene, Oregon) & it did rain, hard at times, most of the night. We were glad to be in a campground with full hookups rather than just in a Walmart parking lot! And no, we didn't bring Huggy along as today while the RV is in the shop getting the solar system installed, it will be open most of the time & I didn't want the workers to have to keep track of her.

Susie said...

Hi Diane,
So sorry to hear sweet Emmy is sick.
I'll be keeping her in my prayers.
I can relate to the quest for a perfect chair. I bought one and ended up putting in another room. It was nice enough, just not right for me.
Hope you enjoyed your star gazing!

Lyndy said...

Oh Diane I am so sorry that Emmy is sick the poor thing. Thank goodness she has you to watch her while Jessica is at work. I know that is a real blessing to Jessica too. I will be praying she feels much better soon.

Boy I would be frustrated with the chair situation. I hope you find one you like and works for you soon. That assembling and disassembling has got to be old by now.

Okay my inquiring mind wants to know…why are you called Joe? (lol)

Love and Hugs, Lyndy

kansasrose said...

So sorry sweet Emmy is feeling poorly...she is in my prayers and devotions hon...I will light a candle for her. Just the sound of her eye sounds painful...can make those dear babies so miserable.

Office chairs can be literally a pain the a** can't they? Finding the right fit and one that will sit up right and be comfy by the desk and support the back. Hope you find one that works...have you tried Office Max? They have a good selection and are very reasonable on some of them. That is where Dh found his...he needs a new one. He is big dude and they break down fast cause he leans back so far in them. I am using a 27 year old straight high back chair with arms and the upholstery is totally shot. Threadbare is a kind word. But it is comfy and I can't get rid of it just yet.

I loved your answers to the meme. So you love The Dirty Dozen too? That movie is one of the classics and those stars were great. You are a woman after my own heart. :) I have to know why you are called Joe too? Love you and praying for you all sweetie. Jen

PEA said...

Oh dear, poor little Emmy, I do hope the antibiotics start to help her soon. Nothing worse that having to watch a little innocent baby being sick like that:-( My computer chair is falling apart and soon I'll need to go in search of a new one...maybe I'll stay away from the WalMart ones! lol xoxo

Myrna said...

I'm so sorry little emmy is under the weather! She probably needs some Grandma lovin'!

Office chair--It is sort of like buying slippers. Everyone has a different "fit" in a chair! Hope the next one fits 'just right."

About infections and eyes. No--I'm not recommending this for Emmy, but my opthamologist gave me a unique treatment plan last week. At least I had never heard of it. Actually it wasn't my doctor of thirty something years--it was his associate. Mine was not there--for the first time in thirty something years! My eyes and eyelids were red, dry, and VERY itchy. I have had this ailment before and Dr. S prescribed an ointment. So I called to get it. The other doctor prescribed drops, but he also had me--clean my eyelids with a few drops of No Mo*re Te*ars shampoo in water. It worked! In less than a day my eyelids and eyes were clear and no more itching! Was it the drops or the shampoo?

Rachel said...

Oh, I'm hoping little Emmy gets better real soon! Since you are taking care of her go ahead and give her some sugar from me! I'm sure you'll have no trouble doing that!!

My goodness you are having a dilemma with finding a chair. I got mine from Office Depot. It's been a good one.

I like sitting out on the cool evening. You have to use "Off" on your ankles and arms if you don't want the skeeters biting you. Those things bite and you don't feel it then, but later the itching sets in. Darn things!! I can't think of anything they are good for.

Mountain Mama said...

I visited Jessica's blog. God bless her and Emmy. I pray the baby is well soon and poor Jessica. It is horrible to have a sick child.
When you find a'good' chair, let us know. Mine is one of those Wal-Mart chairs and the first time I sat in it it leaned back so far it nearly bucked me off. I cracked my shin on my metal desk, and boy did that ever smart!
I did what any red blooded Mountain Mama would do. I superglued the 'recline' lever solid to the post. It'll never buck me off again!

Lisa said...

Poor Emmy. Get better soon!

I haven't been here in so long - it looks really nice here, Diane!

Hope you enjoyed your starry night!

Dawn said...

Poor Baby! I'm glad you can take care of her when day care can't.

I was going to suggest Office Depot, too. They have a great variety and good sales.

I"m curious about "Joe" too - you might have to clear up that mystery in your next episode!

Tammy J said...

I'm kind of wondering why you are called Joe??

Fried taters...now you done flung a craving on me gal!

Hoping and praying Miz Emmy will be better very soon!

Love & Hugs to you and yours!

Barb @ A Chelsea Morning said...

Poor little thing. I hate it when they react to their shots like this. I never heard of getting a viral infection from them. She must be miserable. Actually, it's Thursday afternoon so I'm hoping she's feeling better by now.

Boy, you're office chair problem is a pain. I know how important it is that it be the right one. Hope you find it soon.

Anonymous said...

Hope Emmy is better now.. I missed reading blogs while at the beach. I'll post about that in a few days when I can put pictures in too. Right now I've just got some book giveaways going on...

Sandy said...

I hope Emmy is feeling better by now and it's just terrible that she got a viral infection from an immunization. If I had a baby boy I'd almost be afraid to immunize him because of the high risk of autism.

Liked your meme. I like those simple personal ones the best.

You know that you don't always have to take things back apart to take them back to Wal*Mart. They'd like you to, but they will accept it with a receipt and the box...and sometimes the box isn't necessary but it has the bar code on it so it is helpful to take the box with you.

Lucy Stern said...

Some kids don't take well to immunizations....It gets their resistance down and they pick up any little bug. Put a warm compress on the spot of the shot and work to keep her fever down....Good luck...

Paulette said...

Hey Diane,
Wanted to come by and say hello and thankyou for your prayers for my heart surgery. It means alot that you came by and prayed and checked on me. Thankyou so much. I pray for you as well for the disability.
Have a great day.
I love your new look here so much!!

RennyBA said...

Soooo sorry to hear that Emma is sick - take good care of her (I know you will:-)

and sooo happy we have the passion for sea food together! As a Norwegian I am obligated you know :-)

Hugs and wishes for a great weekend to you and your family from Diane and me!

Val said...

Have been away from blogging for a while so this is a catch up comment:

Your Two Meme is a winner - two I can handle, and I'll be doing that one soon. Never seen an invitation only blog before...

Enjoyed reading about your Sunday dinners, I too love cooking in those big heavy pots, that sit in the oven for a couple of hours, filling the house with good smells.

Heh, your office chair story reminded me of when my son bought himself an office chair a while back. We had to take that one back because it made the whole house smell like, well, a broken toilet. When we brought it back to the store, people kind of looked at us when we were standing in line. Probably holding their breath too! Turns out the "pigskin leather" had not been treated properly. Hopefully you'll be third time lucky the next time you get a chair, Diane!

Hope your little Emma gets well soon.