Saturday, September 29, 2007

Sunday Dinner, September 30, 2007, Homecoming Edition

Let me assure you, Diane is definitely cooking Sunday Dinner this week, and in a big way. As a matter of fact, I started cooking Saturday at noon for Sunday's Dinner!

Sunday is Homecoming day at my church and all the ladies and quite a few of the men go all out cooking for this once a year celebration. We have a beloved former pastor coming to preach the morning sermon, followed by Sunday dinner "on the grounds", then a gospel group coming to sing. Everyone is welcome and traditional
ly everybody who attends the church and everyone who's ever been a member in the past gathers for preaching, eating and singing. We usually have quite a few visitors as well.

Everybody cooks their best dishes and lots of it! This is the time to pull out your biggest pots, pans and slow cookers and fill them to the brim. We try to cook enough for our family that will be there and enough to share with the visitors who are always there.My menu this year? I've made my biggest (7-quart) crockpot brim full with my CROCKPOT DRESSING, my biggest (11x14) baking pan full of homemade garden fresh candied sweet potatoes, 2 homemade raisin pies in graham cracker crusts, and 2 homemade *Karo* pecan pies.

Since I'm the only one that will be there in my family, do you think I'm taking enough? ;-)
Lamar is staying home to watch football and Jessica, Jason and Emmy have other plans this Sunday.

As I type this my dressing is in the crockpot dish in the fridge, ready to put in the base and start cooking later tonight. My sweet potatoes are in the baking pan in the fridge with the butter and brown sugar already on them, ready to take to church with me Sunday morning. I'll put them in the oven at church and cook them during Sunday School so they'll be good and hot for dinner.

I made enough dressing and sweet potatoes so I'd have enough for supper tonight as well as plenty to take to church. There's some
pics of the dressing and sweet potatoes I cooked for our supper. Sorry about the quality of the pics, but I've never professed to be a good photographer. You can get the general idea from them anyway.

I still have to make the raisin and pecan pies, but I'll make them later this evening so they'll be as fresh as possible. I can't stand stale or soggy
pie crust whether it be pastry crust or graham cracker crust.

I suppose I could get up at 4 am and cook like some do, but I'll tell you right now that it ain't very likely.

So, that's my Sunday Dinner menu. What's yours? Just leave your plans or menu in the comments.
Jessica, Jason and Emmy dropped by to visit a while this afternoon. It's hard to believe how much I miss seeing them every day, and it's only been a week since Emmy started daycare full time. Lamar and I really enjoyed our visit with them but they didn't stay very long. They were headed to the grocery store to do their weekly shopping and Miss Emmy had a bottle just before they left. Her eyelids were getting very heavy as Jessica was strapping her into her car seat.Jessica passed the first part of the test for her real estate license with flying colors, thank the Lord. Now she has to schedule the state portion. When she passes it she'll have her real estate license. She'll also get a significant raise and some other juicy perks, which is always a good thing.MIGHTY MOM @ MY WONDERFUL LIFE recently honored me with the "You Make Me Smile Award". I already have the button in my sidebar, but I want to acknowledge this award.

Thanks, Mighty Mom, for the award and for your sweet words about me.

You can read about me and the others Mighty Mom awarded the "You Make Me Smile" award by clicking on the button.
OVERWHELMED WITH JOY is hosting "Holiday Cooking, Blogger Style, 2nd Edition" this year. I participated last year by sharing some of my favorite holiday family recipes. I intend to participate again this year, and you can join us by clicking on the "Holiday Cooking" button. On Friday, October 5th OVERWHELMED will post the details for this years' event.

Hope you can join us!I think that's enough for now, and I still have to make those pies.

Dear family and friends, my prayer for each of you is that God will richly bless you by meeting all your needs, and may you have enough to share.


Jen said...

you sound like youve been busy
hope the church function went well

aww sweet Emmy

congratulations to Jessica
all the best with the next part

Overwhelmed! said...

Diane, thanks for the plug for my Holiday Cooking, Blogger Style recipe exchange. I do appreciate it.

I can't wait to see what recipes you come up with!

Myrna said...

Boy! Did you ever cook! It all sounds delicious and there is nothing better than the food at a "dinner on the grounds" gathering of friends! I can just taste those sweet taters! Pecan pie is one of my favorites and you're makin' it right--with KARO! Enjoy the day!

BTW--You don't really think I'm going to tell you about my plans for sandwiches, or maybe scrambled eggs, after reading and seeing all that delicious stuff! No ma'm, I'm not telling!

Mountain Mama said...

And four pies too? You are a very ambitious girl Diane.
You are sure taking a lot for just being one.
Congratulations on the award. You do make us smile. It's always a pleasure to read your blog. It's like coming home.
Have a wonderful time at the Homecoming and thanks for the nice comment you left on my blog.

Judith said...

Haven't heard the expression "Dinner on the ground" in years, but sure remember how good it always was.

May God bless the fellowship of this occasion, and all that good food, too.
P.S. I'm still praying about how the government powers that be handle your ruling.

Granny said...

Have a wonderful Sunday!!

I usually make Karo pecan pies at Thanksgiving. If I'm cooking this year, I probably will again.

Or maybe I'll just take hub out to dinner and see if Tim wants to join us.

Susie said...

Hi Diane,
All your food looks and sounds delish and I'm sure you'll enjoy the Homecoming at your Church.
My Grandma used to make a Karo pecan pie, and I have her recipe tucked away. We don't usually have it other than at the holidays.
Tonight we're having homemade pizza and salad.
love and ((hugs))

Dawn said...

Today we had pork tenderloin, which I had marinated in a southwest sauce. It was yummy, but a tad spicy for the mommy to be. The little girlies were great today - sometimes they get really fussy at lunch time and kind of ruin the fun for the adults. But today was great. We had DC's mom with us, and she was so thankful to not be alone on this anniversary date of Dad's homegoing to Jesus.

We had mashed potatoes and gravy, corn, rolls, squash, and apple pie. Good stuff.

I love church dinners - in fact, we're having a pot luck for our SS class and choir in honor of DC's 65th birthday, which is far past. He thinks he's not ever going to be celebrated - surprise for him when it's so late! We're having a "baste', which is related to a "roast", only nicer. Should be lots of fun.

Lynne said...

Everything sounds so yummy! Save me a piece of pecan pie.

Bev said...

Your Sunday dinner at church sounds wonderful. We've gotten so big we dont do that anymore and it's a shame. Tonight at our house, pork tenderloin, couscous, and green beans. After a day of working hard in the yard, we're ready to grab TV trays and have a quiet dinner. BTW, love your new template!

Nashe* said...

YEAH. Soggy pie crusts are a huge turn-off.

Sweet potatoes eyh! Haven't had those in so long. Thank god I just had some spaghetti before reading this.

Tammy said...

Wow...that homecoming dinner sounds like something they would have in the series of Mitford books I'm reading (have you read the Mitford books?) Sounds like so much fun!

Congratulations on your award and thanks for letting me us know about the Holiday Cooking over at Overwhelmed...sounds great!

Have good week, Diane!

Dick said...

Those potluck type dinners are wonderful but I tend to eat too much.

We are getting the RV ready today to leave tomorrow for a week in Oregon. On Wed AM Solar will install our solar battery charging system and some new, larger house batteries. Then we head for the Oregon Coast to spend the rest of a week working our way home. It should be a fun trip.

T*mmy said...

Now I'm homesick...I would love to hear some good "old fashioned" preachin'...stuff myself to the gils then listen to a gospel quartet...sighh....

Your food looks and sounds sooooo good!

Love YOU!

Shushan said...

Sounds like a great get together! Hope it was blessed!


MightyMom said...

wow, you're cooking!

Let's see here....if I leave Dallas now...I'll be in Arkansas............

darn, it's monday already and I MISSED IT!!

Rachel said...

Well I'll just bet that Sunday dinner was yummy with all that food and the things that everyone else brought. I went to Ruby Tuesdays and ate my Sunday dinner. I had the salad bar and 2 mini burgers. I love their salad bar.

Hope you are having a wonderful week!!

Lucy Stern said...

Oh Diane, now I am hungry and I'm going to find me something to eat. I wish I had some of that dressing and potatoes....

RennyBA said...

This post really made my mouth watering - hmmmm - thanks for sharing!

Sorry I'm late so I can't even remember what we had for Sunday dinner LoL

Hugs from both me and Diane :-)