Saturday, September 1, 2007

Sunday Dinner, September 2, 2007

Um, yeah. I'm beginning to feel really guilty about even putting up these posts on Saturday night because it's been a while since I actually cooked a Sunday Dinner. And this week is no exception. I won't be cooking Sunday Dinner this week either, although I am making one of my HONEYBUN CAKES which you can find on MY RECIPE BLOG by clicking on the links.

Our new church year starts Sunday and we're having breakfast before Sunday School. Honeybun Cake makes a wonderful breakfast cake.

So, if anybody is still participating in my Sunday Dinner meme even though I'm not cooking for Sunday Dinner, feel free to share your menu and/or your plans in my
comments. I hope to get back in the Sunday Dinner groove soon.After I did my monthly shopping at Wal*mart and K*mart in Jonesboro Saturday morning, Lamar and his mother and I went to a local restaurant for their fried catfish lunch buffet. It was very good although I didn't eat as much as usual. Only one trip to the buffet today.

After we got back from shopping and unloaded everything, I had an hour or so to visit and comment on some blogs. Then my sisters, CECIL, Sue and Ducky, and Ducky's granddaughter Genna and I went back to Jonesboro. I had just eaten a few hours earlier but they were hungry, so I drank a Dr. Pep*per and ate a piece of cheesecake while they ate their meals. They all ordered steaks and salads except Genna. She had a burger and fries. Everything was excellent they said, and my cheesecake was no exception.

After we all finished eating we met JESSICA, Jason and Emmy at the mall. I got a venti cup of black Sumatra coffee at Star*bucks in Barnes*and*Noble and found a book to read. I sat and read and drank my cup of coffee while everyone else walked up and down the mall and shopped. If I had a laptop I'd have blogged from there. They have free wi-fi there.

You may have noticed that JESSICA has left a few comments here on my blog and on some of your blogs. She works on a computer every day and has started blogging again. I'm sure she'd welcome your visits and comments if you'd like to drop by her blog.
I've still got to make that cake and get to bed a little earlier tonight if possible. I have to be ready an hour earlier than usual because of the breakfast at church.

I hope y'all have a safe, happy and meaningful Labor Day holiday, and may God richly bless you by meeting all your needs, and may you have enough to share.


Val said...

Hee hee, this week's excuse for not cooking dinner is that I was at a twilight football game. But as that is the last of the season, for my team anyway, I'll have to think up a new excuse next week. Or actually cook Sunday dinner. Anyway, I always enjoy reading your Sunday dinner posts, even when you haven't cooked one.

mer said...

Hi Diane,

I'm going to make poppy-seed chicken for dinner (supper) at the request of my 9-year-old. My family loves it, but it's not my favorite, so I think I'll make a big salad to go with it and maybe make salad my dinner.

I'm glad it cooled down a bit for you this week. Makes all the difference, doesn't it.

Hope you honey bun cake turned out well. I'm heading over to your recipe blog to check out the recipe now!


Suzanne said...

hello, dropped by from who knows where I'm just lost in the blogging world this afternoon. We are in NW Arkansas. Have a great weekend!

PEA said...

Hello Mz Diane!! For dinner tonight I'm barbecuing steaks and with it will be potatoes, peas and beans from the garden:-) It's very windy out there today so hopefully I don't fly away with the barbecue! lol Sounds like you had a very full day yesterday...I'd go for a piece of that cheesecake!!! Yummm! xoxo

T*mmy said...

I'm not cooking either...quick lunches then out to supper "every"! I mean it is vacation time at my house...
Take care and have a great rest of the weekend!

Linda said...

Hey Diane,
I'm with you today. I've got a cold and don't feel much like doing anything - let alone fixing a big meal. Whatever we have, it will be quick and easy.
Have a good holiday weekend!

Dawn said...

We had a chance to be just the two of us today, so we went to our favorite Chinese restaurant. It was delicious and we had good visits with our waitress, the owner, and the young woman who took our money. I'm spending the rest of the afternoon under a shade tree reading a very good book.

Judith said...

Hello dear friend,

I enjoy your Sunday dinner (non) planning. Makes me feel less guilty when I don't cook much.

But there's hope! Today I saw leaves sprawled out on the ground, and some apples that fell in the parking lot. Wouldn't want to rush with this, but if this keeps up, might fire up the crock pot soon.

Eleanor said...

Hey, you'll not get any judgement about your not cooking Sunday dinner for the past while. I wouldn't be doing it, either, if I had your climate in summer. Things have really cooled down here, so I got the urge to make a big pot of chili yesterday. Which, of course, yielded lots of leftovers. There's always a method to my madness, you know! ;)

Hope you're having a great day today ... free of labour/labor!

Dick said...

Pat says we have been eating out too often so we had Sunday dinner in. She fixed a great beef roast, along with red potatoes and baby carrots. Then added a tossed green and of course our usual one glass of wine with dinner. It was great. We rarely eat a desert but in the mid-afternoon did have a berry smoothie she made with raspberries and black berries. Also very good.

MightyMom said...

uummm we had a wonderful cajun BBQ at my Dad's house last night. Complete with homemade BBQ sauce(cajun style which is kinda like a relish), dirty rice, cajun sausage, and of course potato salad (the yellow kind, no yankees roun here!)

If you can see the smoke for a 10 mile radius then you know it's a cajun BBQ!!!

Cindy Swanson said...

Hi Diane! What a beautiful blog you have here. I'm going to have to stop by more often.

Rachel said...

You are keeping busy Diane! The honeybun cakes sounds good and very fattening! Isn't everything good fattening though?? :)

Hope you had a wonderful Labor Day!


RennyBA said...

I kind of like your Sunday updates even if you don't cook the dinner yourself, so keep up the good post work!

Hope you all had a great LD holiday. My weekend was great too although we did not had any Labor Day - we celebrate it at the first of May you know.

Anonymous said...

I love getting a hot chocolate and sitting at Barnes and Noble...It is very therapeutic. A nice chair in a fairly quiet place with wonderful new it!

Hope you are doing well.
Take care,

Barb @ A Chelsea Morning said...

Well now it's Wednesday and I can't remember what I cooked Sunday. Oh wait. Yes I can. We threw some steaks on the grill. LOL

That's not even real cooking.

Jessica visited me recently and I haven't had time to get over there so I'm on my way there now. I wonder if I'll EVER catch up with everyone.

Dawn said...

I read your comment to Barb about the grandkiddo taking more out of you some days than other. I'm in that club!!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Hope you had a lovely holiday, Diane.