Friday, August 31, 2007

Friday Musings

Praise the Lord, the weather has improved a bit over the last several days. It's still hovering around 90*F for our highs, but the mornings have been cooler, down into the lower to mid-60's. Still no rain, but I'll take the cooler temps, thank you very muchly.

This morning after Emmy's morning bottle, diaper change and nap, I took her out on our back porch to sit for a while. I say porch, but it's really only a concrete slab with the heat/AC unit and the grill sitti
ng on it and a 4-foot overhang for a little shade.

It was a balmy 80* and there was a nice fluttery breeze teasing our cheeks and tousling our hair. With the cooler temperatures came some drier air and it's a lot less humid today. I think I actually
caught just a hint of Fall in the air for the first time this year. Just a slight foreshadowing that Summer is losing it's torrid steamy grip and Fall's kinder, gentler weather is not too far off.

The falling leaves made it seem even more Fall-like, but that's a bit deceptive. The prolonged severe drought we've been experiencing this Summer has stressed the trees so much that they're dropping their leaves prematurely. Some trees are almost totally de
nuded of leaves, adding to the illusion that Fall is already here. I expect any day to be greeted with the smell of burning leaves when I venture outside, a sure sign that Fall is imminent or in progress.

As Emmy and I sat there, I just soaked in all the sights, sounds and just the "feel" of
this near perfect morning. Emmy's head was on a swivel as she absorbed all the new things she'd never seen or heard before.

Wildlife of all sorts was present in abundance. I counted 34 butterflies and 16 hummingbirds in the short time we were outside. Of course, given their flitting to and fro habits, I'm sure I counted the same specimens more than once. I even saw a monarch butterfly, more than likely on its way south to overwinter in Mexico.

Many different varieties of birds flew and fluttered around us along with the hummingbirds. I saw several mourning doves and starlings, as well as countless common sparrows. I
heard a blue jay and a mocking bird, and the soft cooing of the doves. I saw a goldfinch visit a neighbor's empty feeder and felt so sorry for it that there was nothing there for it to eat.

I saw a battle scarred grey tabby tomcat as he padded soundlessly through the dry grass to lounge in the shade under a neighbor's parked car. I wondered if whatever he'd been fighting for had been worth the pain and the scars.

I sat there, Emmy a sweet weight in my arms as she dozed off to sleep, my cheek on her downy head, the scent of her baby lotion and just sweet baby in my nostrils. The drifting breeze carried the smell of sun-warmed summer grass and just that subtle, merest hint of Fall.

savored every sight, scent and sound of that moment, frozen forever in my memory. Just for that instant, all was right in our world, baby Emmy and me. We are blessed indeed.

I hope your day has been as good as mine so far. Y'all have a great Friday and a safe and happy Labor Day Weekend.


Jess said...

Oh come on...the back yard isn't that great! Just kiddind. I'm jealous that I can't sit out with her during the day....the luxury of a grandma...thanks for keeping her...Love You,

mombo said...

Sweet, sweet post! I pray that my grandbabies to come will live close by so I can inhale that intoxicating baby scent. I can hardly wait!

MightyMom said...

hey soul sister, I totally loved this post!!

Anonymous said...

This is one of the most beautiful posts I've ever read, anywhere, and the true definition of what the expression "making memories" means.

Thank you so much for sharing these moments with us, Diane. You've pasted a smile on my face that will last for days. :)

Lynne said...

That was a beautiful post - so descriptive, I felt as if I were sitting there with you.

Don't you just love that baby smell?

T*mmy said...

Awww....I loved this post...laughed out loud at Emmy's head on a swivel
It has been perfect weather wise here today right now it is just 76 degrees...and a nice breeze blowing...spent the most of it out back with the grandkids this afternoon blowing bubbles...Nanny was called upon to help out as DIL had to work overtime to make up for a day off that she had to take due to the little gal had to have a tooth pulled because it was absesed...poor baby...she's better now though.
Have a great rest of the evening!

PEA said...

That certainly does sound like it was a perfect moment in time:-) You certainly are blessed, dear Diane! It's gotten much cooler here, only went up in the high 60's today. Won't be long now before we wake up to frost. When I went on my trip last weekend I noticed that quite a few trees were already full of coloured leaves so a sure sign that Fall is indeed on the way! xoxo

Morning Glory said...

What a beautiful moment in time.

Jen said...

pleased you had a nice day
I LOVE butterflies

Greeneyes said...

Hi Diane
, ahhhh so great to read this post , you write so well and I love to follow you along especially when you have little Emmy with you ! I am sending huge hug of the BS H kind , and by the way love the pics as usual .
OH and dont let my brother scare ya hahahahaha he is a softie LOL

Lucy Stern said...

It sounds like you and your sweet Emmy are having a great time together.

Diane said...

What a beautiful post! This one's a keeper for Emmy's memory journal! She is blessed to have a Grandma that loves her so much and shares so many memories with her.

Living in Minnesota....I get the chills just thinking about even a hint of Fall. Our summers are way to short....and while I look forward to our's the winters that kill! Still, I so enjoyed your nature post! Glad the temps are a little more manageable.


Sister said...

The Perfect Post.
Beautifully written.
Have a great Labor Day Weekend!

RennyBA said...

Sounds like you've having a hot weather. It was 50 in Oslo today.

Emmy looks so safe and sound in your arms!

Wishing you Happy Labor Day Weekend. Ours are on the first of May you know.

Dawn said...

I am so glad it's cooling off a bit for you. I love that first scent of fall, which we had awhile ago already. I think this is the best post you're written in the time we've "known" each other.

Have a wonderful week-end! I'm taking it easy, trying to get rid of a nasty cold that hit me on Wednesday.

moreofhim said...

Your time outside sounds glorious! It's starting to cool down here a bit, too, and I'm thrilled. I am SO ready for Autumn. I loved the pictures of that sweet Emmy - she's so precious. I hope you have a wonderful Labor Day weekend! God bless you - Julie

Myrna said...

You are such a good writer! I felt like I was sitting right there with you and Emmy--I swear I even felt the wind "tousle" my hair just a little and I know I saw that
"battle scarred grey tabby tomcat" padding toward the shade of that car.

Will you autograph a copy of your first book for me? You know you need to be writing one!