Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I Done Been Tagged! & Some New Emmy Pics

MIGHTY MOM tagged me for this meme. As far as I know it doesn't have a name.

ACCENT - I'se born and raised in Arkinsaw. Now
wadda you thank?

I DON'T DRINK - Alcohol. Partly religious convictions, but mostly because my Daddy was an alcoholic and it turned me completely against it. And most of it tastes to me like cough medicine anyway.

CHORE I HATE - Washing dishes. I'd rather clean the toilet or almost any other chore.

PETS - Candy - my 14 year old Siamese mix kitty (more mix than Siamese), Dolly - my
2 year old, 22 lb. tortoise shell kitty, and Larry and Moe - the goldfish. Curly went belly-up right after the trio came to live with me, breaking up their comedy act. And since they all look alike, I'm just guessing that it was Curly that went to that great goldfish bowl in the sky. Also, Ed - the oldest living zebra finch in captivity, or so it seems.

ESSENTIAL ELECTRONICS - My computer, of course, my cell phone and my digital camera.

PERFUME - I switch between Lovely by Sara Jessica Parker, Romance and Pure
Turquoise by Ralph Lauren, Celine Dion original, and Avon's Haiku and Imari.

GOLD or SILVER - Jewelry? I like both, so whatever you're tired of wearing feel free to send it to me. ;-)

INSOMNIA - Not very often at all. But - I suffer from self-induced insomnia because I stay up too late on the computer and don't go to bed when I should.

JOB TITLE - Hmm....wife, Mama, Grandma, daughter, sister, aunt, and FRIEND.

MOST ADMIRED TRAIT - Gee, I don't know....Seriously. Maybe my dependability?

KIDS - One almost 20 year old daughter, Jessica, and my son in love, Jason.

PHOBIA - Fear of falling through the cracks in wooden bridges. That's about the only one I can think of. I won't fly but it's truly not a phobia about flying. I'm allergic to
those unscheduled sudden stops.

RELIGION - Southern Baptist for 35 years - and counting.

SIBLINGS - In order from oldest to youngest: Sue - 57, Ducky - 55, DONNA - 53, me - almost 44, and Cecil - 42. Mama and Daddy had 5 girls, no boys.

TIME I WAKE UP - If it's a babysitting-Emmy-day, anywhere from 6 am to 7:30 am, according to when Jessica gets up and around. Any other day, depends on when I go
to bed. I'm an inveterate night owl and my bedtime and wake up times vary accordingly.

UNUSUAL TALENT/SKILL - Well, I don't know that it's a talent or a skill, but it's definitely unusual, I think: I can cluck like a chicken and bark like a dog, although not at the same time. That would be an unusual talent/skill. It would be tragic if I ever started chasing myself.

VEGETABLE - Okaaaaay.....hate? Love? I don't like eggplant. I can eat it, but I don't
like it much. I've never just thought, "Boy, a big platter of eggplant sure would hit the spot right about now!"

WORST HABIT - I have to confess - I'm a know-it-all. But I only say that because it's so true. ;-) Otherwise, if you have an opinion about my worst habit, don't tell me because another habit I have is gossiping and I'll talk about you for slamming me. ;-)

X-RAYS - Oh, yeah. Dental, of course. Broken ankle about 18 years ago. Knees to feet for arthritis diagnosis and steroid shots in my knees. Head for sinuses and another time to rule out a brain tumor. They ruled out the brain instead. Mammograms and various and sundry others.

MY FAVORITE MEAL - Now this is a hard one. It depends on when you ask me, honestly. Fried catfish and shrimp with all the trimmings and plain cheesecake for dessert sounds really good right now. Diet Coke with the meal and strong black coffee with the cheesecake.

I'm going to tag a few people to do this meme. If you want to do this one, feel free to snag it for yourself. And if you're like me and feel like you're chasing your tail at times, feel free NOT to do this. Tag somebody else or not, your choice.

Donna, my sister.
Cecil, also my sister.



I have some pics of Emmy that were taken on
Monday and Tuesday that I want to share.
T*MMY, remember those pink tennis shoes

you sent for Emmy a while back? Well, she can
finally wear them and they are so cute on her!
It'll still be a while before she can wear the shirt.
This one is for GREENEYES and all of you
who like Emmy sugar and cuddles.
The next several pictures were taken by
Cecil as Sue was holding Emmy and I
was making Emmy laugh and smile.
I think that's gonna do it for the moment.
I have to get up early with Emmy
tomorrow and I need my sleep.

Y'all have a great Wednesday, y'hear?


Paulette said...

Hey Diane,
How FUNNY, I am just the opposite about eggplant! I absolutely love it. Fried, grilled, in stews YUMMO!!
Emmy is soooo adorable, she is precious. Lucky lucky you!

MightyMom said...

Emmy says Grannie's silly! She's too funny!!

You have a fabulous sense of humor friend and I think you're tops!!

Tammy said...

Oh, this was way too fun to read! :D

And then with those Emmy smiles at the end, how can you top that?

Jen said...

how do your cats and fish get on???

I dont like bridges for that same reason
I also think they are going to break as I walk across them

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Emmy is so so so cute with those tennis shoes on

shes such a happy girl :)

Lynne said...

I just posted mine. That was fun.

Emmy is so adorable! She gets cuter and cuter each day.

Anonymous said...

Wow - first time I've been tagged! i'll have to post in a few minutes...

Emmy just gets cuter and cuter each time you post a picture.

Barb @ A Chelsea Morning said...

Oh, you cracked me up, Diane. I'm trying to picture you clucking like a chicken. But it's the mental picture of you chasing yourself that did me in.

I didn't know you had a bird. I'd love to have some birds. Rob put the skids to that ages ago and I guess he's right.

I swear, I've never seen a baby that little grin that big. She's just as cute as she can be and those little pink tennies are adorable.

Hope you're having a good week. Let me tell you, MINE is about 100% less exhausting than last week was! LOL

Morning Glory said...

That was loads of fun to read and I love your sense of humor.

Emmy just looks so squishy soft and cuddly!!

T*mmy said...

I'll do the meme one day next week...I have several things planned for the rest of this 'un....
Time sure does fly...I'm so glad she has grown enough to wear those shoes...she is so happy and loveable looking! Won't be long till she can wear that t-shirt ;)

Susie Q said...

Such a in read with so much humor. I am grinning so...and the sweet baby pictures just were a wonderful way to finish a lovely post! Thanks for this Diane!


Dawn said...

It was fun to learn these factoids about you. You have what I'd call a very dry sense of humor - love it.

Emmy is such a smiley baby. She is always dressed to the Nines!

PEA said...

Now Diane...you do realize that tonight I will most probably dream of you barking like a dog and chasing a chicken that is squawking...or is that you squawking like a chicken and chasing a dog...omigosh it will be a nightmare!! LOL You are so much fun my friend, always make me laugh when I come visit:-) Those Emmy pics...ooooooh what a little darling she is!! She is getting so big and look at her laughing...see, you even make her laugh! hehe Big squishes and smooches to the little one!! xoxo

Brenda said...

What cute pink tennies! Emmy is absolutely adorable. But you knew that already. :o)

Enjoyed the meme. I'm a fan of Avon's Haiku fragrance, too.

I ain't sayin' nothing about your worst habit. ;o)

Jeana said...

Oh my goodness! Gorgeous!

Mountain Mama said...

Diane you have the most incredible sense of humor!!! Some of your meme answers nearly had me rolling on the floor!
The pic's of Emmy are adorable, I just love baby smiles. We know they really mean it.
Hope you have a good rest of the week dear.
God bless all

Val said...

Had fun reading this meme, Diane. I think you should post an audio file of your unusual talent of making chicken and dog sounds so we can all enjoy listening!

kansasrose said...

YOu are a true country gal Diane! Chicken cluckin' and dog barkin'...love that! Laughing here. That sweet Emmy has a smile that lights up a city! What a happy happy baby! She just gets cuter very time I see her new pics! Love ya sweetie! Jenxxxooo

Jess said...

hi mom, i finally got around to visiting. Your answers are too funny, and we all know Emmy is the cutest there is and yes i can say that...im her mommy!!! Love you, thanks for the comments and work on my blog.

Rachel said...

I loved your meme!! Great answers! You are too funny Diane!! I have to agree with that eggplant thing!! LOL

I think Emmy is getting cuter, if that possible!!

Hugs to you Diane!!!

Linda said...

Great job Diane. I have that same cracks in the bridge phobia. I feel like I'm gonna fall right through (I think it all has to do with that fear of heights think). I love your answers. I think you have a sweet, compassionate heart. I love your warmth and the way you obviously care about others. Does that help?
Get some sleep and then enjoy that increasingly adorable baby girl.

RennyBA said...

Whatever its called, it was a great meme as its a great way knowing you even better - thanks for sharing!

Emma is defiantly a cutie - the smile is just breath taking!

Cecil said...

Hey...I'll get to the meme soon.. I am whacked tonight.. I couldn't hardly walk today.. told the boss if it gets any worse, I have to go to the doctor ... But I doubt I'll tolerate the meds... sigh.... anyways...cute pics.. good meme.. Heard from Jenny...everything is going good right now.. Well, I'll c ya soon.. love ya... Cecil