Thursday, September 6, 2007

Thursday Things

Yes, before I get some of those emails and/or comments asking if I've been abducted by aliens or fallen off the face of the earth, I'm well aware that it's been 5 days since I've posted. And yes, I do have a good reason.

This is my reason:
Sweet, innocent looking thing, isn't she? But she's got these strange habits, like eating, and needing her diaper changed. And lately she's got this new thing going on. She actually wants you to pay attention to her. She's not content with just her own company all the time anymore. As fascinating as it must be to try to swallow your own hand to the point that you gag yourself, apparently she tires of that pretty quickly and wants me to amuse her.

She also has an uncanny ability to sense when I have an urgent need to go to the bathroom or some calamity is eminent that needs my immediate attention. This sets off her siren the instant my bladder sends me the information I "gotta go, gotta go, gotta go right now" or the eminent disaster becomes apparent.

This uncanny ability also kicks in when I attempt to blog, as it did just after I started this post. Emmy was sleeping peacefully, as evidenced by those pictures I took just moments ago, and as soon as I started typing this post she started waking up.

Here's the evidence again. I wish I'd activated the time/date stamp on my camera so you could see that there's only about 15 minutes elapsed from the time I took the first pictures of Emmy asleep until this one of her wide awake....And moments later, this one.In that 15 minutes I decided to try to post
something on my blog, and you see the results.

Emmy's sleep and awake times vary from day to day. Some days she sleeps a lot, but not long at a time. It's unusual anymore for her to sleep more than an hour or so at a time, and some days she doesn't sleep much at all. Those are the days I'm exhausted and just can't find the energy or the time to do much of anything, much less post on my blog.

My digital camera has a video option but I've never tried to use it. My nephew Danny recently gave me another memory card for it that stores 1 gigabyte of video or photos (whatever that means), which is a lot more than the other one I had. I'm going to experiment with it and see if I can upload video from it.

Has anybody else noticed that Blogger now has a video button on the panel beside the "upload image" button on the posting page? I haven't investigated it yet, so I don't know exactly what it does.
In other news, I am ecstatic to report that we finally received some very welcome and much needed rain yesterday and today.

I took these pictures this morning about 9:30 am.
All the water you see in the parking lot and the ditch has already soaked in. Right now the sun is shining in between the clouds but there are thunderstorms all around us, so hopefully we'll get more rain. We've probably already gotten about an inch and half total with what we got on Wednesday but we can certainly use a lot more if the good Lord sees fit to send it.

The trees, flowers, grass, gardens and crops already look refreshed and healthier, and I love the way the air feels outside. The air looks sparkly clean and clear, without all that dusty polluted haze that's hung in the air for weeks on end.

Thank you, Lord, for the refreshing and welcome rain!
After Jessica picks up Emmy for the day I have to do my grocery shopping for the month. I dread it, but Lamar's going to help me (!) and I'll be glad to put it behind me and get it done.And with that, I'm going to post this and go play with Miss Emmy. She took a little mini-nap as I was typing this and is now wide awake and showing some signs that she's hungry again.

Y'all have a great Thursday afternoon and evening.


Anonymous said...

I'd pay someone to do my shopping for me if I had the spare money (you know the drought this summer just dried that tree right up!)

We've had a few rain showers too - but need a whole lot more. All I can think is 'for everything, there is a reason'...

Anonymous said...

whoops - that should have said 'that money tree' about being dried up....

Jess said...

Hey mom, i love the pic of the clouds...and im well aware of that attention needing thing...try that at 12, 2, and 4....only teething...I need to get her some ora gel or teething tablets....thanks for keeping her...Love you

T*mmy said...

I almost sent you one of those "where you at" emails after the last forward you sent me...then I thought nah, I'm not gonna harass her as she is so busy with Emmy...

I'm so glad to hear of the rain you are getting...I have felt so bad for those states affected by this send some on over into Western Ky ;)

Love and Hugs to YOU!

Kristen said...

She's a cutie patootie, that's for sure! I'm sure she's so glad to have her gramma watching her!

I love waking up to rain. We had some this morning and it was so nice and overcast, but as the day wore on the bright sun and heat came out. At least it's not in the 90s....just mid 80s. I'll take what I can get! ;-)

Myrna said...

That Emmy is growning up before our very eyes! I think she is the best dressed baby ever--always has on a cute outfit!

You are so right--That rain looks refreshng. The clouds have teased us all day. We've had not a drop at our house yet!

Dawn said...

Yep, they just want you more and more as they become aware that you're there for them! They're precious, but exhausting for sure!

I'm so glad you got some rain. Clean air and trees - they must be happy, too!

PEA said...

Isn't it something, all these strange habits babies have, like eating and such?? hehe Oh Diane, I really don't know how you do it...I get exhausted just thinking of taking care of a baby every day!! I know, if I ever get my own grandchild I'll probably feel differently, right? lol Miss Emmy is so adorable asleep and awake...she's growing so fast! Good luck with your food shopping tonight, not one of my favourite pastimes either!! xoxo

Big Mama said...

Boy, she is cute! Babies are high maintenance with all that not sleeping and wanting to eat.

Brenda said...

That's the best reason in the world! Sure beats not having anything to blog about.

Thanks for posting the pictures. How fun to watch her grow!

Anonymous said...

awwww she is a cutie! and I love reading your posts

Barb @ A Chelsea Morning said...

LOL, Diane. I know days like this well! I'm expecting one just like it tomorrow. It's Friday.

I love the way it feels outside after a nice rain. We don't get a lot here either but when we do, I just love it.

I have that video feature on my camera too and I have no idea why I've never checked it out. Probably for the same reason I bought Photoshop six weeks ago and still haven't even loaded it into the computer. Gah!

It's always nice to hear from you. Makes no difference how often it is. It's just always nice. :-)

Diane @ A Watered Garden said...

What adorable pics of your sweet baby. Can't wait until I can post pics of our own May! :-) I'm looking forward to this whole "grandma thing"!!

Mountain Mama said...

I'm glad you finally got some rain. We've been getting a bit too, and there's a heavy dew in the mornings. It's typical Fall weather. Where on earth did spring and summer go? It just zipped right by.
Little miss Emmy sure looks like a well loved baby girl. Isn't it wonderful that you are able to care for her? So many little ones are put into a day care, and some are very nice, but nothing is as wonderful as being cared for by family.
I don't like shopping either. I did all mine yesterday, well at least most of it. It took six hours and I sure felt it.
By the time I got home and had everything put away, I just thanked the Lord when I was able to set myself down. OH GLORY! It felt so dang good, my hiney was grinning!
God bless you and yours Diane.

MightyMom said...

happy shopping!!

kansasrose said...

Hi hon! Sweet little Emmy has her own Those babies have that 6th sense when we need to talk on the phone or do our biz or take a shower lol. How I remember that well...Praise Jesus for your good rains! Isn't it a miracle how rain revives the earth? I can't stand to grocery shop either. I send my Dh to do it sometimes. W*M*art drives me crazy. have been tagged for a middle name meme my dear. So has your big sis Donna. Have a great weekend Diane! Love, Jenxxxooo

Diane said...

What a beautiful little distraction from blogging! She is growing up so quickly!

Your attention to such a blessing! She looks so happy and content! You make "Grandma" look so good!

Happy grocery shopping. I'll tell you what--I'd give my right leg (and more if necessary) if someone would join me in my weekly grocery shopping sprees. I hate it! I hate it! I hate it! Misery loves company so they say--and I so wish I'd have some company in my misery! There really isn't anything too difficult about grocery shopping, other than finding exactly what you need, putting it in your cart, taking it out of your cart to put on the check out, putting it into grocery bags to put into your take out of your put on your put into your cabinets/frig/freezer! Geesh! You have to handle each item about 9 times before you have to cook it!

O.K...I think I'm complaining! Perspective......yes!

And those bright eyes on little Emmy offer plenty of perspective--gratitude!

She's a doll.


Jeff Weir said...

Sure is good to see your blog. It has been an awful long time for me to post anything on mine but just did last night. I am glad to hear that you all are doing so well. Gob Bless you and your whole family. Tell everyone I said hi. Let me know if you want any farm fresh eggs. My Chickens are giving me about 4 dozen a day now. Love you all.
Jeff W.

Karen H. said...

Hello Diane,

Just wanted to let you know that I love reading your blogsite. I live in Caraway, AR. I have started my own blogsite just to give it a try. I'm new to this blogging thing, so maybe if you have time you could help me out with it. You have a beautiful grandaughter. I have 2 daughters of my own. They are far from making me a grandma tho. (lol) I also love your recipe site. I love to cook also. Maybe we can share some recipes sometimes. Take care and have a great weekend.

Karen H.

Alex said...

just popped in to say hi.

Rachel said...

Emmy is so cute!! I can understand her keeping you busy. I just can't imagine me taking care of a little one and having time for anything!

Rain....ahhh...rain.....still dry here..........glad you got some much needed rain though!! Maybe we will this weekend!

Jeff Weir said...

Hey Diane, I normally get $1.50 per doz and they are brown eggs and they are medium size. Every once in a while I get some small ones because some are just starting to lay. Let me know and I will just give you some. Just because you are you. Special.

Angela said...

Congratulations, Diane you are the Winner of Gran's Lap Quilt Giveaway. Please send me an email with the needed information and I will get it off to you.

Emmy is such a little doll. Give her a big HUG for me.

I am so Thankful that you finally got the rain!! We are hoping for a little this weekend. It will depend on the storm off the carolina's coast if it turns tropical.

Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Gotta keep that little cutie pie happy...

Take care,

Sister said...

Hi Diane,

Many thanks for your birthday wishes! I had a very nice birthday, especially with BooMama here.

Oh, and thanks for pulling for my Dawgs in honor of my birthday. That's true friendship. :)

Thanks again...


Cecil said...

Hey Joe... I like the pic of the Munchkin where it looks like she is riding an imaginary bike... :) .. very cute... I'll see you in the morning, Lord willing... Love, Cecil