Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Wednesday What Not

Miss Emmy got her first immunizations yesterday and isn't feeling her best today. She's got a low grade fever and is a little fussy, but mostly she's just sleepy. I took a few pictures of her earlier to send Jessica at work so she could be reassured that Emmy's okay. Mama is a little concerned about her baby, and understandably so.

GREENEYES, I gave Emmy some extra sugar and snuggles for you, as requested. I hope this gives you your Emmy fix, as well as everyone else who's requested Emmy pictures and baby sugars and cuddles.

Here's some of the pictures I sent Jessica and I won't caption them. I think they pretty much speak for themselves.
I'm happy to share with y'all that the inspectors came and went yesterday without darkening the door of our apartment. The closest an inspector came to us was the one I saw walking across the back yard inspecting the outside of the apartments and the grounds. And that is perfectly hunky as well as dory with me.

Many of you commented on my post about the inspection that the inspection should concentrate on whether the apartment and appliances are in good condition and in working order and on safety issues rather than anybody's housekeeping skills. And you're right, it should, and does according the inspectors. It's my landlord who wants everything to b
e extra neat and clean, not the inspectors. They're strictly inspecting whether the landlord is keeping everything in good repair and keeping the grounds mowed and such as that.

My landlord tends to put off making repairs as long as possible, especially if it's a cosmetic thing and not a necessity like a water leak or sewer problem. Of course he took 4 mo
nths to fix my oven some years ago, and we constantly reminded him. Finally I had had enough and started calling him every day until he fixed it.

When my landlord knows the inspectors are coming he starts trying to catch up on all the repairs and issues he's been putting off doing. He also starts reminding the tenants about the inspectors and riding them about making sure their apartments are spic and span. Now the rest of the year he couldn't care less what the apartments look like. He hopes seeing that the apartments are neat and tidy will make a good impression on the inspectors I suppose.

We also know we have rights as far as complaining higher up to force him to do the r
epairs and tend to the other issues sooner, but we don't want to rock the boat. He has money and we don't. We can't afford to be forced to move on a technicality and we can't afford a lawyer to fight it even though we'd be in the right. Other than dealing with a contrary landlord we're content here and we couldn't find a better deal on a place to live. Our utilities are included in our rent and it's based on a third of your income, whether your income is $600 a month or $2000 a month.

We've lived here for 22 years, since we got married, and Lamar and his mother lived here for 5 years before that. We'll just have to deal with inspections every year and our contrary landlord.
My dear blogging friend CAROLE AT PEA'S CORNER has honored me with the Nice Matters Award.

Thank you so much, Pea, and I think you're one of the nicest bloggers out there! No matter how many awards I may get, I
treasure them all as well as the dear friends who honor me with them. I'll proudly display the Nice Matters Award in my sidebar, Carole. :-)

Another sweet blogging buddy was tagged for a meme and look what she created with my name! LYNNE AT LYNNE'S LITTLE CORNER OF THE WORLD did a meme about creative ways to do bloggers' names and she chose me among several others. I thought it was neat that she found a site to do license plates from each state we live in to personalize with our names. Thanks, Lynne!I have church tonight and I still have a few things to do before my church van gets here. I hope everyone has a great rest of the week, and hopefully I'll be back to post again before time for my Sunday Dinner post.


Tammy said...

Oh, I am not even related but I so enjoyed my "Emmy fix"! She is one adorable little girlie!
Actually... and not to imply I think I was so cute, too, heehee...but she looks a lot like my baby pictures. :)
OK... guess I must have been a cute baby, at that! LOL
Anyway, hope little Emmy is feeling herself again...those shots are no fun at all!

Sorry that you have such a contrary landlord...that must be so frustrating!

And congrats on your award! This is one I've never seen before...but I certainly agree that both you and Pea are very nice indeed! :)

Susie said...

Congratulations on your award.
You are most deserving my friend!
Bill was just walking by as I read your post and said that Emmy is one of the cutest babies he's seen! (and I agree) She looks so happy. Hope those immunizations don't upset her sweet little self.
Glad to hear the inspections guys have packed up their things and gone away!!

Sandy said...

Emmy is really growing and is such a cute baby. I hope she is feeling better by now.

Congrats on your award.

Cecil said...

Joe.. Thanks for the pics!! I hated that I didn't get to see her today.. esp after the shots... The pics are great... I love the second one... it looks just like Jess and Jason both... It is one my favorite pictures now!! See ya soon... Love ya more... Cecil

MightyMom said...

well, she's just the second cutest baby on the internet!!

Your court date is coming up right??

Hope all is well!

Myrna said...

That Emmy has the cutest little smile!

Glad the inspector thing is over! What a pain!

moreofhim said...

What a precious, precious grandbaby you have! She's just a living doll!

I love your license plate with your name. So cute!

Take care and God bless ~ Julie

Greeneyes said...

Thank you Diane , you melted my heart , oh the pics are so sweet and the extra sugar is just what I need (HARD COUPLE WEEKS,!) .I am going to print these pic and put them on the frigde so I can see them everyday , she is sooooooooooooooooo cute . but of course she comes from a a great gene pool now doesnt she !!!!!!
I hope I can catch up with you and chat soon , I miss you .

Love you SISTER friend
Buckets and barrells of BSH
and a ocean full of sugar for SWEET EMMY
Love you

Jen said...

oh what a sweetie

landlords sound similar the world over

Val said...

Emmy would have to take the prize for Most Contented Baby. Looking at her makes me feel relaxed.

Glad those pesky inspectors are gone, Diane.

Anonymous said...

She is just too precious! I love seeing her picture amd that sweet little smile she has now!

PEA said...

Oooooh I could just eat her all up, she's soooo sweet!! hehe When I hold a baby I always say "I want some baby back ribs" and then I pretend to nibble on them...they love it! lol Hopefully she gets over the immunization quickly...mine always had the fever afterwards too and the fussies. Glad to hear the inspection is now done and over many landlords are jerks where it comes to repairs and such but as you say, they have money while most renters don't so they have the upper hand. So frustrating!! You are more than welcome for the Nice Award my friend:-) Love that license plate!! lol xoxo

C. H. Green said...

What a precious baby! Thanks for the smiles this morning.

Jeana said...

That girl is beautiful!

Dawn said...

She likes happy in spite of it all!

Thanks for coming over today and for your prayers! I value them greatly.

Barb said...

A landlord like that is awful to deal with, but I don't blame you for not rocking the boat. I know you have a really good deal on your apartment. It's a shame he waits until an inspection is coming up to do the things he should be doing all along.

Sweet, sweet pictures of the baby. Looks like she's feeling much better now.

Linda said...

That baby just gets cuter and cuter. I'm sorry she's feeling a little badly. I always hated it when they had to get those injections. I hope she feels better quickly.
Congratulations on your awards Diane. Nice does matter and you absolutely deserve that award.
Have a blessed day dear friend.

Lyndy said...

Hi Diane,

Had a moment to read some blogs and wanted to catch up with you. Sorry Miss Emmy is not feeling well. What a beautiful baby girl she is and that smile is just precious.

So glad to hear the inspection is done and over with. I hate waiting for people, especially if you don’t know if they will actually be coming into the house or not.

Hope you are staying cool; it is almost unbearable here in GA.

Have a blessed weekend my friend.

Love and Hugs,


Morning Glory said...

Congratulations on your "Nice" award. You are certainly deserving!!

Has anyone told you that Emmy bears a very good family resemblance to her proud grandma? She's just a real dolly!

T*mmy said...

Whoo hoo...I was able to get here...I'm so happy I had to comment I gotta go read...

T*mmy said...

I swear that Emmy is getting so much personality now...I can almost see that lil' whippersnapper growing!!
Congrats you Sweetie YOU!!
Now just relax that ol' inspection is over now and your house is clean ;)
I did bunches of cleaning since I've been down today!
I finally had to change my template...sigh!!

mer said...

Hi Diane,

Hey, my daughter and I made the recipe for apple crisp that you sent...and added cinnamon. Ohh, it was so yummy. Thank you for sending me that link.

Emmy is adorable! I know you must have a lot of fun with her.

I heard it is H.O.T. there! It's hot here too, but in about 2 months we'll start seeing snow. Crazy, huh?

Blessings to you!

RennyBA said...

Great to see Emmy again - such a cutie!

You really deserve The Nice Matters Award - congrats!
No wonder Lynne tagged you - your blog is a great read!

Wishing you a great weekend and thanks for your visit and nice comments on my Rockin' post1

Love and Hugs,

Dick said...

Aren't babies cute? Emmy sure is and your photos show that very well.

I am glad that your inspection is over. I remember them from last year and you were concerned then. I guess you just learn to plan your annual major cleaning around the inspection dates.

Greeneyes said...

Hey there ,
I just had a minute and had to see what you were AT! (thats how we say it ,tee hee !
did you realize that Emmys second pic on this post is the image of you !!!Look at your Bio pic and go back and fourth , the lavender /blue color helps but she is smiling like her Grandma ,I think it is beautiful thing!

Lots of love and hugs
sister friend

Scratchin' the Surface said...

You are indeed a "nice person" - youre the best through and through. Obviously your landlord is not...

Jada said...

I'm a little behind in reading blogs - I was on vacation last week in MN for a Creative Memories conference.

Anyway, I just wanted to say that I think in the second picture of Emmy, she looks just like you! Her smile is the same as yours! Too cool!

A friend from church just had a baby girl so I had fun shopping for PURPLE outfits! With 3 nephews and my best friend having 2 boys, I was getting tired of blue. LOL

Enjoy your week!