Saturday, August 4, 2007

Sunday Dinner, August 5, 2007

Is anybody seeing a pattern developing here for my Sunday Dinner? Once again, I'm not cooking Sunday Dinner. We can either go out somewhere to eat or we can get chicken or something else to bring back here to eat. Doesn't matter to me which of the two options we do, but I refuse to cook Sunday Dinner this week.

I'm too tired tonight to even think about cooking, and I ain't cooking tomorrow before church or after I get home from church.

I think everybody knows the drill by now. What are you having for Sunday Dinner?
Share your plans in the comments.
Except for a few last minute or everyday cleaning tasks we're done with cleaning for the inspection. It's a good thing too, because when our landlady picked up our rent check Friday she told us the inspection had been changed from later in the week to Tuesday. One thing about it, it'll be over sooner and that's fine and dandy with me.

ince my last post Lamar and I have gotten a lot done. We've:

Pulled out the furniture in the living room and vacuumed.
Decluttered and straightened the living room.
Spot cleaned the carpet in the living room.

Swept and mopped the kitchen and utility room.
Scrubbed my stove top, burner pans and rings and ventahood.
Decluttered and vacuumed my spare room/computer room/Emmy's room.
Scrubbed my bathtub and bathroom tile, toilet, lavatory and bathroom floor.
Put up a new shower curtain and liner, and put down a new non-slip tub mat.
Put down clean bathroom rugs and straightened up my over-the-toilet shelf.
Probably more stuff but I can't rub two brain cells together right now.

I am so tired I can barely think but I am so glad to have all that behind me.

I had just gotten everything done in the bathroom late yesterday afternoon when I noticed water in the floor behind the toilet. I investigated the new contour rug I'd just put down in front of the toilet and found it soaking wet. Hmmm....I looked at the toilet and couldn't find any obvious leaks, but after feeling around I found the leak. It was dripping a steady stream where the tank joined onto the bowl. The toilet was taking a leak, as it were.

Talk about disgusted! I was somewhat irked because I'd just mopped and put down
clean rugs, etc. and now a leak. I grabbed up my sopping wet rug and draped it over the bar in the tub to drip dry and flung a bath towel in the floor to hold back the flood temporarily. Lamar put out an SOS to our landlord who promised to be here this morning to look at it.

(Rabbit trail coming up: The landlord asked Lamar what we'd done to the toilet to tear it up. Now I'll tell you, we're 44 years old, not that age necessarily has anything to do with it. There's only one thing I use my toilet for besides the prescribed use of, you know, pottying. That one thing is mopping my bathroom floor. I put Pinesol or
whatever I'm using to mop the floor in the toilet and use the toilet to mop from. I don't put that much muscle action into my mopping. I've been wracking my brain, trying to decipher what he thought we might have done to make the toilet leak. It boggles my mind, it truly does. Ideas, anyone? Keep in mind this is a family friendly blog, please.)

It turned out to be a rubber gasket that had lost its personal integrity and caused my toilet's incontinence. My landlord had it fixed in about 30 minutes, praise the Lord. I've lost a lot of confidence in my toilet and I'm keeping a wary eye on it, but so far it se
ems to be keeping its legs crossed. I'm ready to throw an adult diaper on it at the first sign of it taking another leak.
The thermometer there should give you a hint about what I'm going to yammer on about now, and if it doesn't the fan should. It's been miserably hot and humid here this week, and it's supposed to be even hotter for the next week at least. It's supposed to be in the upper 90's to over 100*F for the next week.

That's another reason I'm not cooking Sunday Dinner. I fried some ham for sandwiches and warmed up some homemade garden vegetable soup from the freezer for our supper tonight. I wasn't about to heat up the kitchen and mess up my clean stove, plus I believe I've already mentioned that I'm tired. This heat and humidity saps your strength even if you're just sitting down doing nothing, much less if you're outside doing physical labor. Lamar just came in from his walk. He came back early for a cold drink of water. He said it's like walking in slow motion. I'll take his word for it.

I'm already showered and ready to take it easy for the rest of the evening. I still have to study my Sunday School lesson but other than that I have no other plans for the evening. I'm ready to rest and maybe read some blogs and comment a bit. If anybody posts anything new, that is. I think everybody must be out living life and enjoying their weekend because hardly anybody has posted anything today.
I think that's going to do it for me tonight. Hope everybody has a wonderful weekend. May God richly bless you with all you need, and enough to share.


Rachel said...

Hi Daine! I know you read my blog so you know I had a great day!! It was so much meeting a blogger and such a sweet one too!!

I have no clue as to what I'll have for Sunday dinner. Probably fast food, or...who knows. I never plan ahead....well, maybe once or twice a year is all!!

The heat and humidity is awful here too. Just do nothing and sweat!

Too bad about the toilet. Glad you got the thing fixed. I liked how you described its incontinence!! HaHa!! I hope you told your landlord that things do tear up occasionally!! Duh!! Like his neveer tore up I guess! Geesh!!

Have a wonderful Sunday Diane and keep cool!!

Rachel said...

I meant Hi DIANE, not Daine! I'll be okay.....hopefully!! :)

Susie said...

Hi Diane,
Your toilet's potty problems were funny, but I imagine not to you at all!
Sunday dinner: My daughter is cooking. It's been a l.o.n.g day at the Relay for Life. Too tired to write a post tonite. Maybe tomorrow!
Hope you get a chance to relax a bit soon!

Meow (aka Connie) said...

Hi Diane,
Gosh, you've had a busy few days ... full-on housework like that is exhausting ... but the results are wonderful, don't you think.
Our Saturday night dinner was good old toasted sandwiches ... yummy.
Today (Sunday) I am making a huge pot of potato and leek soup ... also yummy. LIke you, I didn't really want to dirty up my nice clean stove, but oh well, a girl's gotta eat. And besides, now I will have leftovers for tomorrow, so all I have to do is reheat the soup, after I get home from work.
Hope the weekend is going well.
Take care, relax, Connie xxx

Granny said...

Get some rest.

Sorry for delay. My internet just came back about 30 minutes ago.

Anonymous said...

My goodness!! I think you have every right to not cook dinner. Honey you have been busy.

Take care
and hugs,

kansasrose said...

Hi HON! Good luck with your inspection. After all the work you've been doing sweetie you have every right to no cook Sunday! August is sandwich month here too. Who wants to heat up the kitchen on days like this? Add hotflashes to the picture and you get my drift. lol. Have a peaceful blessed Sunday my friend. Love, Jen xxxooo ps Your post on the vacume cleaner was right on D! Long hair and that beater brush...what a pain!

PEA said...

Don't you just hate it when a toilet thinks it can use your clean bathroom floor to take a leak on??? hehe Glad to hear it wasn't a major problem and only needed a new rubber gasket! With all the work you & Lamar have been doing it's no wonder you're tired...always a good feeling, though, when it's all done. We had a couple of days when it reached 103F here with the humidity and honestly, Diane, I don't know how you guys do it...I couldn't live with that kind of temps day after day. Ugh! For dinner tonight, having hot dogs on the barbecue:-) xoxo

Dawn said...

We had lasagna for lunch today, and corn on the cob. The lasagna is a great microwave recipe and takes 15 minutes to prepare, 46 minutes to cook - with no heating up the kitchen. The 9-year-old grandson with Italian genes from his mother, ate 4 pieces and wanted more.

I am so glad that your apartment is spit polished and ready for inspection. It must be good to have a reason to really clean once a year! I need one of those motivators.

Sorry it's so hot! I would have a hard time with that. I feel like I'm in molasses when I'm in humidity.

Feisty is doing well. Is still taking some meds to make sure the infection is gone.

Morning Glory said...

I'd say after all that work getting tidied up, you deserve Sunday dinner out!

We ate at Applebee's today. Yummmm...

Eleanor said...

I slept through lunch, so have to report on my supper plans instead. Which I should be making, rather than sitting here, but hopefully nobody else has glanced at the clock recently. ;) It's a quick meal anyway - spaghetti with my homemade meat sauce. The heat is back, so there's no way I'm firing up the oven today.

I think you're entitled to feel a tad exhausted after the busy week you've had. My house needs a major blitz in the worst way, but I need to wake up and cool down some first. Our heat is back - nothing like yours, but way hotter than we like it here in our northern climate. My garden is parched, so I'll have to break down and get the sprinkler out this evening.

Oh, and your previous post gave me the giggles. You do have a flair for comedy, you know! I'm am so totally not gifted in the "fix it" department, and neither is my hubby, so taking a vacuum apart would have tragic consequences for us. So tragic that I'd be ashamed to write about it! :)

Have a great start to the new week.


T*mmy said...

No cooking here today...I was gonna go get some "Irish" food but it got rained out...been raining steady all day but it cooled off some but gonna crank back up this week...we'll all just have to keep thinking "cool" thoughts!!
I love your pottery graphic in this homey just like you!

Linda said...

Hey Diane,
I hope you've had a restful day. I think as long as you are doing Grandma duty you are excused from fixing a big sunday dinner. Permission to rest!!
Sounds like your apartment is spic and span. Don't you just hate it when things don't work properly? I'm glad it was as easy fix.
Have a good week with your little one.

Lucy Stern said...

Boy, you have been busy! I actually cooked a big dinner tonight. We had pot roast, potatoes, carrots and some steamed brocklie and squash. I made, my families favorite, chocolate pudding pie for dessert. I don't know what got into me but I felt like cooking.....Have a great week.

Lyndy said...

Girl, You have been busy and deserve a break. Sorry for your toilet troubles but glad it is fixed.

It has been very hot and humid here too. I don't see how folks can work outside.

Have a blessed week.

Love and Hugs, Lyndy

Jen said...

you guys have been busy
pleased you got the tiolet fixed
hows Emmy doing?

RennyBA said...

Your such a clever woman and I do understand you wanted something to take out for dinner.
Thanks also for sending some of your heath over to Norway - It's Monday here and the sun is shining so warmly:-)

For Sunday dinner we had home made hamburgers with home made buns - tasted delicious!

Btw: Thanks for your vote. You are listed on my BTF post of course!

Anonymous said...

Considering it's now Monday, I can tell you we had Saturday leftovers for supper on Sunday. Along with a super, easy hashbrown casserole that took all of 5 minutes to mix up and then pop in the oven. I had to have some kind of potato with the leftover meat.

Tonight will be a roast I threw in the crock pot with some carrots on the way out the door this morning - along with the leftover hashbrown casserole. And probably some green beans my mama canned from their garden this summer. Yummy!

Andrea said...

I didn't cook either - we went out to eat. Chili place.

Hubby had to fix our toilet a couple of weeks ago - there are still various tools sitting in the bathroom. The price I pay for a free handyman. :P

Glad they fixed your toilet. Did your rug survive? Thanks for the tip - never thought about using the toilet to mop. Great idea!

Have a great week! :)

MightyMom said...

I'm glad to know someone else who mops out of the toilet. I mentioned to some co-workers one time that I did and you would have thought I said I smear boogers on my walls! (maybe it's because they're all nurses??) Geez, I mean, you clean the thing first. Give er a flush...presto, clean water, clean bucket...what's the big deal anyway???

Dawn said...

I never thought of mopping out of the toilet - not a bad plan, but I don't think my hubby would do it and he's the floor man at our house!

Hey, come over and check out the surprise at the end.

Barb said...

I laughed my head off about the toilet. So your toilet took a leak, huh? And what on earth kind of question was that from your landlord. What was he thinking!

Can't say I blame you for not cooking when it's that hot. It's been really humid here, too, which is unusual for where we live. The humidity does me in. I'm so thankful for air conditioning.

So it's Tuesday when I'm reading this - can't wait to find out if your apartment was one of the ones they inspected. I know you're glad it's all behind you. I hope you can take it easy for a while now.

Sharon Kay said...

Hi Diane..I found you through your nice matters award and thought I would stop by and say hi. Your blog looks like a lot of fun and I will be back.......Sharon K

Sandy said...

Since it's just the two of us, we have almost stopped cooking altogether. We eat out and on occasion we pamper ourselves with a home cooked meal...but only rarely...therefore the stove only needs a light dusting. hehehe.

That happened to our toilet too a few months ago. We thought we needed a new toilet and bought one and it turned out to be just that rubber gasket, but since we had already bought the toilet, we went ahead and put it in.

We generally clean on rainy days, but it has been hot & dry lately...Oh well. We may have to break our rules about cleaning only on rainy days.