Thursday, July 5, 2007

How I've Spent My Week So Far....

If you want to know what I've been doing this week, refer to the pictures in this post. Actually all these pictures were taken this morning. I sent them to Jessica at work so she could see how Emmy's doing.

For those of you who may have forgotten the routine with an 8 week old baby, it goes something like this:

Feed baby.

Burp baby.

Baby spits up a bit, so clean up baby.

Feed baby some more.

Burp baby again.

Baby spits up a bit more, clean up baby again.

Change baby's diaper.

Baby spits up 3 quarts of formula all over you, her and the bed.

Clean up the bed.

Bathe baby.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

Put clean clothes on baby and you.

Baby plays and/or fusses for about 30 minutes, and is so adorable your heart can barely stand it, then fights sleep for a while and finally sleeps for anywhere from 5 minutes to 3 hours.

Repeat all steps above in some variation all day long.

I've been trying to get some laundry done all day but between chatting online with Jessica, keeping her updated on Emmy's day and sending her these pictures and tending to Emmy I just haven't
accomplished much today.

Yes, I know I'm blogging when I could be doing housework.

But, after Emmy goes home this evening I
have to go to the grocery store, then put up the groceries and figure out something for supper. I've already informed Lamar that there will be no big hot meal prepared in my kitchen tonight. Well, not unless he prepares it, and that ain't very likely.

I figure I can do laundry tonight after I get done with the groceries and supper. I might be able to get a load going here in a bit. If I'll get this posted and get busy that is.

I'll have Emmy this weekend from Friday morning until Sunday night. Jessica has training this weekend for her new job in preparation to take the test to get her real estate license. She will be training for a couple more in July. Lord and Emmy willing I'll be back to do my Sunday Dinner post on Saturday some time, if not before then.

Y'all have a great Thursday evening.


T*mmy said...

She just looks "sweet as shugah lasses"!!
I can see she loves it so at Gran-Gran's house and I think Gran-Gran likes it too despite the widdle urpies ;)
PS...this is EB with a name change;)

Granny said...

EB, you sure keep me on my toes.

Diane, she's adorable but I'm not too sorry the spitup and diaper changes are behind me.

To be replaced by three adolescent girls of course.

Morning Glory said...

I LOVE your description of the day in the life of a baby!! She's just soooo cute and oh, what a great smile!

Brenda said...

Look how happy she is to be staying with Grandma! Betcha Grandma is grinning from ear to ear, too!

Jen said...

she looks so happy
you must be doing a wonderfully good job my friends

MamaLady said...

She looks happy and content. What more can a grandma ask for?
Hope you get all your chores done. It's tough with a baby AND a husband in the house! :)

MightyMom said...

oh my, I'm laughing so hard, Sugars' is in danger of falling out of my lap. (she's 4 months and not much has changed from the 8 week stage.) boy you hit it on the head!! Oh and plus the 2 bigger hooligans and now I know why all my clean laundry is STILL waiting to be folded! [we won't mention this here computer ;-) ]
Thanks for the belly laugh! See you soon.

Lynne said...

She is so adorable. Look at those big smiles! You must be having a ball with her.

Barb said...

Yep. Your daily routine sounds very, very familiar and I get to start all over at that point again next spring!

How are you holding up? It's hard, isn't it. But look at all the great photo ops you're getting.

You got some great ones here. And we have a standing rule in this house. On nights after I've had Cameron all day, there will be no cooking in my kitchen. Period. Leftovers or takeout.

She's growing by leaps and bounds and boy, that baby has the sweetest smile, Diane.

You're in for a long weekend but you know you love it. xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

My middle one is at her Granny's for a couple of days and having a 'tea party' with her Granny and GG (great grandmother) - she is 4 and away from mom for the first time overnight... enjoy your time - I know my mom is!!! She is just precious!

Anonymous said...

I know my mom will be tired as well.

Linda said...

Honestly Diane, she gets cuter every day. She's a little doll.
It's all coming back to me now - the way I could barely manage to get dressed by lunch time let alone get anything else taken care of with an infant. However, it does go so quickly, and the housework will always be there (funny how that little housework fairie I keep hoping will come along just never shows up).
Have a restful, blessed weekend Diane. You're a sweet, sweet grandma.

Linda said...

Diane - I forgot to tell you that your "falling down" stories made me laugh right out loud. See - I just can't help myself!!

Susie said...

Hi Diane,
She's way beyond adorable, but I must say I don't miss the spit up and diaper days even one bit!
Hope you can squeeze in a few minutes just for you somehow!

Linda said...

Yee-ha!!! Thanks for the link to that post Diane. Absolutely perfect. You are a terrific story teller. I'm sitting here with tears rolling down my cheeks - from laughter that is. I'm so sorry - I would have been right there with your sisters incapacitated with hysterical laughter!!! I do feel badly that you got hurt that last time though. Definitely not funny.
Thanks so much for sharing that. It just made my evening.

Diane said...

Oh Diane....I hope you're having as much fun during the day as you've provided in this gut-aching funny post!!! I laughed out loud all by you reminded us of a what a day spent with a baby really is like!!!! Hysterical! And yet, so beautiful, that Emmy is safe in Grandma's arms!

You are giving such a great gift to your little Emmy and your daughter!

I agree with Barb.....definitely no cooking necessary after a day like this!



PEA said...

Oh yes, the good old days of spitting up and diaper changing! lol I'm not missing that at all but I know once I get a grandchild, God willing, I'll be more than happy to go through it all again:-) Look at that little doll laughing and smiling...she's just sooooo precious! xox

Dawn said...

She is such a smiler!!

I sure hope Jessica starts making megabucks in real estate. Such a young agent to be!

Have a fun week-end! Sleep while you can!

Mountain Mama said...

Diane there is absolutely no doubt that you are having a wonderful time with that little sugar dumpling! Oh what a sweet smile that baby has. Just melts your heart, doesn't it?
I guess we will always have laundry and other housework to do. Emmy will only be a wee lassie for such a short time. Just hide the dirty clothes, use paper plates, and rock the baby dear. You won't be sorry.
Love you.

Paulette said...

Hey sweet Diane,
Thankyou so much for your kind words on my post today! You have been such a wonderful encourager to me and I appreciate it so much!!
I am almost through with my post for the Blogger reflection award you have bestowed to me, I am sooo slow... Ill let you know when I get it posted lol!! Just want you to know I am still proud as punch but wanted to give it the due respect it deserves! (why does that sound like our beloved Boomama???)
Blessings friend!

Dawn said...

I can always count on your being my first commenter!

Believe me, I know what you mean about the paraphernalia - so much more than we needed! It gets very cumbersome, and I avoid taking 3 kids with me as much as possible - to the store, especially!

RennyBA said...

Whatever mood you are in, one must be glad and smiling after watching this pictures - thanks for sharing!

Wish you all a wonderful weekend!

Wising Jessica good luck too:-)

Myrna said...

Now, that little angel is turning into a flirt! She is just full of cuteness!

Enjoy every minute of it!

The Woman said...

Ah... Those are the days... LOL!

You know she looks just like you, right? :o)

kansasrose said...

That sweet little Emmy is a doll baby! She is beaming at her grammy cause she knows the love is there and good care hon! You are my hero Diane! :) What a blessing for this baby and for your daughter and her husband to be caring for their precious love...and what a gift! My mamma did it for me when I had to work. And I will do it for my girls...This is LOVE. and family. YOU ROCK grammy D!!!!! love to you, Jen