Saturday, June 30, 2007

Sunday Dinner, July 1, 2007 & Emmy Pics

Sunday Dinner time again, folks. Where did this week go? For that matter, where did the month go? July 1st already, hard to believe.

Might as well start the new month off right, I suppose. Notice the question mark on the waiter's serving tray in my new Sunday Dinner Button? That's my subtle way of letting y'all know that I ain't cooking for Sunday Dinner this week.

I don't care if we go out to eat, if everyone pitches in for Kentucky Fried Chicken or if we come back here and scrounge around for what we can find. It'll be root hog or die if we do come back here because I don't know if I even have any of that Southern
staple, baloney.

Now, what are your plans for Sunday Dinner this week? Just post your plans in the comments, everybody.Besides the fact that I'm just plain lazy, I do have one good reason I'm not cooking for Sunday Dinner this week. I'm T-A-R-D, tired.

Remember that project I've been threatening to work on for a few months here in my computer room/spare room/Emmy's room? You know, cleaning, sorting and just generally mucking out the mess in here? Well, I've worked on it all week in fits and starts and I finally have almost everything done in here. I still have a couple of loads of laundry that need to be rewashed because they were clean but laid heaped up on
the bed in here so long they're wrinkled and have accumulated a coat of cat hair. I also need to put away a few clean, folded clothes and vacuum. Otherwise it's done, hallelujah!

It's such a relief not to have that major cleaning job hanging over my head anymore. And I can actually see the floor again in here!

Another reason I'm tired is that I went shopping Saturday morning for my monthly staples. You know, silly stuff like paper towels, toilet tissue, washing powder, shampoo -- frivolous things like that. We went to Cici's Pizza for dinner (I believe I've mentioned the fact that "dinner" is the noon meal here where I live in Northeast Arkansas...) before we came home so I'm not cooking supper tonight either. I feel all rebellious and devil-may-care-ish, LOL!

It does me in to do all that walking. My knees are not happy at all. The fact that it's trying to storm isn't helping my arthritis at all. But, on the good side, it's raining! Not
pouring, but a shower is better than nothing. Hopefully we'll get more rain before this system passes through the area.On to the Emmy pics and developing news concerning Jessica and Emmy.

I took all these pictures on Wednesday, June 27th, family and anybody else that's
keeping up. Emmy will be 8 weeks old Tuesday, July 3rd. The last picture in this bunch is my favorite, I think.

I don't know about anybody else, but I can see Emmy changing and growing from week to week.

She's grinning now and almost laughing out loud. She's holding her head up almost all the time and she coos and tries to talk.

You can see her concentrating, trying to make her mouth form sounds, but she hasn't quite got the hang of it yet.

Emmy will be 2 months old on July 8th.

Now for the news. I mentioned that Jessica's neighbor was supposed to babysit Emmy while Jessica worked. Well, that didn't work out so well.

For one thing, the neighbor lady and Jessica agreed on what Jessica would pay for babysitting. But, the woman kept upping what she expected to be paid and she only kept Emmy for 2 weeks after Jessica went back to work!

Then, on a Friday night before she was to babysit Emmy on Saturday she told Jessica she wouldn't be able to keep Emmy. Jessica had to scramble to find another babysitter that she trusted, with very short notice.

By now Jessica was becoming very disillusioned with
her babysitter, and understandably so.

To top it all off, the babysitter left Emmy unattended for a time. A short time, but a newborn should never be left alone, for any amount of time. That was the straw that broke the figurative camel's back, so to speak.

Fortunately Jason's Mom was able to take
up the slack and keep Emmy while Jessica and Jason worked for the next few weeks. Jason's Mom's work schedule was just right so that they could make it work to everyone's satisfaction.

But -- and there always seems to be a "but" doesn't there? -- Jessica interviewed for and was offered what promises to be a great full-time job in an office with good bene
fits, room for advancement and steady hours. It doesn't hurt at all that her salary hiring in will be double what she was making at her former part-time job.

Now who in their right mind would turn down an opportunity like that when it's almost literally dropped in their lap? Of course Jessica accepted the job offer and gave notice at her other job.

Now she had a dilemma. Who would babysit Emmy? Jason's Mom couldn't watch Emmy during the daytime hours because of her own job. The neighbor lady was completely out of the picture. No way would Jessica risk Emmy coming to harm under her care again.

And so....Just call me Grandma, the babysitter. For the foreseeable future, anyway. I had told Jessica before Emmy was born that I would like to keep Emmy part-time, but I didn't think I was up to it physically to watch her if Jessica ever went to work full-time. But honestly, just the thought of some stranger watching Emmy was giving me waking nightmares. Jessica couldn't even trust someone she thought she knew well, how could she entrust an 8 week old baby to a stranger? Plus, Grandmas tend to work cheaper than other babysitters and almost any daycare.

Starting this Monday morning I'll be babysitting Emmy from about 7 am every morning until 5:30 pm or so every evening. Jessica will have one day off every week,usually Wednesdays if I understood her correctly, plus most weekends. But Jessica has to study and pass the test to get her real estate license for this job. So the next several weekends she'll be taking classes in preparation for the test to get her license and I'll have Emmy on those weekends as well as during the week.

I'm so glad Emmy's still so little and isn't mobile yet. I already told Jessica I would do this as long as I was physically able but there may come a time when I'll have to give it up and Jessica will simply have to find another trustworthy babysitter. In the meantime I'm going to enjoy this unexpected but very welcome blessing. And it is a blessing to be able to have this precious time with Emmy. I am very aware of that blessing and thankful for this opportunity to spend so much time with Emmy.
Did I mention already that I'm TARD? I'm going to put this Sunday Dinner post to bed and go scrounge up something for a snack. I know I mentioned that I wasn't cooking supper tonight! :-)

Happy weekend, ya'll, and may God bless you with all you need, and enough to share.


Paulette said...

Hey Diane,
First off Emmy is one adorable baby girl. I am in love with a picture!!
I am so glad you will have this time with Emmy! I am telling you what IF I lived near you I would be first in line to keep that baby for Jessica yes sir ree...
This what you are dealing with right now is why I am fighting so hard getting my body healthy because I do not want to miss one opportunity that may arise when I have my first grandbaby!! I am so happy you are getting to have this time with Emmy.
I will pray for you as you take on this new journey.
I would tell Jessica to keep her eyes open in the mean time just incase you can't do it long.
You are sure Blessed

Dawn said...

Kristen had to go back to full time work, and her husband has been keeping the kids in the morning and me in the afternoon. Fortunately, he finally has a job. Unfortunately, day care is unbelievably expensive - everything Kristen makes, in fact. I'm not sure how it's going to work out, but I'm trying not to worry, but to pray.

We're having one of our blog friend's recipe for a wonderful pork stew, with corn on the cob, and a frozen fruit slush I haven't made for years. The stew will be done in the crock pot so as to now heat up the already hot kitchen.

Jen said...

praying you can get some rest

wtg Diane

wow 8 weeks already
she is beautiful ive said it before and I will probably say it again
I like her pretty dress
I thought she was smiling :)

I am shocked and angry how aweful that the babysitter should leave Emmy unattended. How did Jessica find out???

Bless Jason's Mom

CONGRATULATIONS to Jessica. Im praying she passes the test.

Diane make sure you rest when Emmy does at least to start with.
Im praying it works out. Daniel is nearly 19 months old and yet I wouldn't put him in childcare. I am beginnning to think about looking for a job but its only because Muzz has said he will care for Daniel. While I was training to be a preschool teacher I saw how many centres are in my opinion not run very well. So I wouldnt put Daniel into one. To me there are a lot of preschool teachers working in day care centres that only do it for the $$. They dont care enough about the children in their care. Bless you Diane for stepping up to the mark. My prayers are with you.

BooMama said...

That sweet Emmy is mighty fortunate to have such a loving grandmother. And I know Jessica will have total peace of mind knowing that Emmy is with you. I'll be praying for you!

Granny said...

That's definitely a grin I see on that beautiful face.

I had a feeling you'd end up with a full time job before it was over. At least she's tiny yet. It will give Jessica a chance to catch her breath while she learns the new job and finds someone trustworthy.

Enjoy your non-cooking day and try for some rest. Burning the candle at both ends results in exhaustion.

Granny said...

I just read that comment again.

It sounds like I meant you weren't trustworthy. Good grief, I'm sorry.

zzop357 said...

Better *kiss* her while you can. Before you know it she'll be running from those kisses...LOL
Just like Jon does.You know he agravates you till you kiss him..LOL.
I just put up a new blog,pictures of Victoria are on there too. Now I'm tard too..
Love you Sister

Lyndy said...

Well, no wonder you are tard, as you have been busy and don’t you just love shopping for all those frivolous things. Oh and we call the noon meal “dinner” here too.

Congratulations to Jessica and her new job. I know you will enjoy all this time with Emmy. My grandmother kept me and we had such a special bond and I know you and Emmy will too.

How adorable those pictures are and she is just the sweetest little princess.

Enjoy your Sunday.

Love and Hugs, Lyndy

Nashe* said... can ship Emmy here I suppose...I've been told I'm a pretty Okay babysitter. hehe!

hope you're doing A-Ok, D. Family and all. =)

Barb said...

Hands down, the fourth photo is my favorite. She's adorable and you can really see how big she's getting, how fast she's growing. I love that photo of her kicking her little legs.

Boy, you just took on a big job, Diane, but I can assure you, you're going to love it for as long as you can do it. You know I took Cameron full time when he was only four weeks old. Like you, there was never even a question that he'd be cared for by a stranger.

You're going to have Emmy even more than I had Cameron. But you know, it wasn't hard at all. When they're that little, they're easy peasy.

Thank goodness you can do this for them. That neighbor leaving that little baby unattended even for five minutes is scary as all getout. Shame on her. She should know better.

The new job is a huge blessing for Jessica and Jason and by the time Emmy's big enough to actually be hard to keep up with for that many hours a week, I'll bet Jessica will figure out something else.

Meantime, I hope they pay you at least something. I didn't think I'd ever let Kris pay me but she pays me the same thing for watching Cameron on Fridays as she pays her day care mom daily. And it really helps us.

Your life just took a big turn, but you're going to love having all this time with that sweet baby. Sounds like you finished that project just in the nick of time. :-)

I assume this starts right away. Can't wait to hear all about your days with her and boy, think of the photos you can get now! LOL

Have a wonderful week, Diane. I have a feeling your nightowl habits may change too. Seven a.m. comes mighty early around here on Fridays!

"Early Bird" said...

Well, since my Hubby and son are both off tonight and this is rare...we are going out somewhere this evening but we don't know where yet...a welcome break from cooking for me!
It is so hard to find day care...tell ya what I pray that Jason gets a really good paying job and Jessica can be a SAHM...wouldn't that be grand??
Love YOU!!

Lucy Stern said...

Emily is an adorable baby...Such a cute smile.

Glad you got that room cleaned up, it' looks like you might need it.

I hope you are up to all that baby sitting. I have two grandkids and it is completely different watching them at "grandma's" age. Rest when Emily does and it will be a bit easier. Good luck!

Oh yes, dinner tonight! Homemade hamburgers and chips.

Dick said...

I am sure that you will enjoy your time spent with Emmy. You might find doing that will help keep you younger & more physically able to get around.

As to dinner tonight, I don't know. Last week we went to Pat's daughter's new home for dinner. Last night we went to a local steak house. Tonight may well be something here at home. Luckily Pat is a good cook!

PEA said...

Hello Mz Diane:-)

Not sure yet what I'll be cooking for Sunday's Canada Day and we usually have a barbecue but it's cold and windy and rainy and...I think we'll just order in! lol

Grandma to the rescue!!! I think it's wonderful that you're helping out Jessica and Jason this way but I'm sure you won't find it too hard having Emmy with you every day:-) Until she starts to crawl, then it's a different story! lol I so love these recent pictures of the little sweetheart...I can't get over how much she's growing and changing!! Give her a squishy kiss and hug for me:-)

Have a wonderful day my friend!! xoxo

Scratchin' the Surface said...

The new grandbaby is getting prettier by the day - hard to believe she's already grown so much.

Dinner tonight - steaks on the grill (which means Don's cooking), potatoes in the microwave, and salad from a bag. I know, Julia Child wannabe.....xoxoxo

Linda said...

Hey Diane,
Those pictures are just precious. She gets cuter every day. I love that smile!!
You are so good to do this for Jessica. I know it's a delight to have that little one, but it can be very demanding when she starts getting around on her own. I know you are going to enjoy this time with her.
Congratulations on getting all that work done. It does feel great to get something like that done and off your mind!!
Now you can be just as devil-may-care and rebellious as you want to. Put your feet up and have a restful, blessed day!

Susie said...

Hi Diane,
Love all the pics of little Emmy! She's getting cuter by the day. I'm glad to hear that Jessica has this wonderful opportunity. You'll love the time with Emmy and when she's small like this it's easier than when they're toddling. Get some rest though, because even though it's not physically to demanding, your time isn't your own anymore.
Sunday dinner for us? Chicken fajitas, beans, rice and salad.

Lauri said...

New commenter here... I Love your blog.... I am going to learn to cook one way or another

Mountain Mama said...

Emmy is the most hugable looking little baby! I can't imagine how you can keep your hands off her.
I pray our Lord will strengthen you for the job at hand.
Thank God Jessica found out that the other babysitter was not a safe place.
Today is Sunday and I don't have a clue what I will have for dinner. In fact it's after one pm now and I just finished brunch of Ham and cheese omelet, whole grain toast and and part of an orange. I guess I could call that my dinner. LOL

Cecil said...

Hey Joe...Don't worry.. most of the time, Sue and I will be with you on Mondays and Tuesdays so we can help with the munchkin.. and as you know, I LOVE the munchkin!! We will help all we can... It will all work out...Think of all the great pictures we can take!! LOL It'll all work out.... See ya tomorrow...At least we know she will be safe now.... :0)

Myrna said...

that Emmy is a chaarmer1 She changes every time we see her. You enjoy being with her and take care of yourself1

Sunday dinner at our house was a treat from a next door neighbor--Who may be lurking around here since I've told her about blogging. If you are--Hey, Martha!

she brought us bar-b-que and fixin's from her son's rehearsal dinner this weekend. So good1 Martha is the best neighbor in the world-and a good cook, too.

mer said...

You've got one cute granddaughter on your hands! A.d.o.r.a.b.l.e!

And thanks for making me laugh out loud remembering that lunch is dinner and dinner is supper back in the south! How could I forget that???

RennyBA said...

Always great to read your updates and also to see Emmy - she's sooooo cute!

As for dinner, well, I'm glad you liked my Norwegian Meat Cakes:-)

Btw: Thanks for your compliments on my new blog; and yes we'll have a great 4th in our summer home and my parents comes visiting so we'll have spare ribs:-)

Yellow Mama said...


Hum...Sunday dinner consisted of chicken from the crock pot which had been flavored with good old salt and pepper...onion...garlic and paprika. Mashed potatoes made from red potatoes...mmmmm...steamed brocolli...fresh ripe tomatoes and dessert was one scoop of vanilla icecream with fresh blackberries and pecans on top...

Judith said...

This sounds like a tough time for all of you, so I will be praying God sends a trustworthy caretaker for the baby.

Gran - (Angela) said...

Emmy is a true beauty! I love her beautiful smile. I can see her changing each time that you share photos of her.

It is wonderful to bond with your grandchild in a special way. I am sure that you and Emmy will have a very special bond.: ) Please try to rest when Emmy takes her naps. We have to rest as we can to keep up with our little darlings. As Grans we can't get around as easy as we once did! : ) I have to take a short rest break anytime that I can to keep up with my little darlings.

I went out with my daughter for my Sunday dinner. We ate at a little country, homestyle grill. It was nice going out with the family and letting someone else do the cooking.

Have a wonderful holiday week!

ancient one said...

Emmy is so cute. I kept my grandchildren, some more than others and I got "TARD" too... but wouldn't take anything for the memories and the love I have for them. All mine are about grown. My youngest got his driving permit as soon as school was out. My oldest and his sister are planning weddings... the others are getting serious... the one who is 17 is becoming a man. Enjoy Emmy! She'll be grown before you know it!!

MamaLady said...

That baby is getting prettier every time you show pics.
Around 8 weeks is my favorite time for babies. They seem to wake up and become a little more aware, but still are pretty immobile...for a little while longer (if you're blessed/lucky!)
It's great that you're going to be such a big part of Emmy's life. Just think of it, you'll be a major influence on a 2nd generation! How great is that? I can't wait until my day comes. I'll spoil them babies rotten and send 'em back to mama!

Diane said...

What an adorable little girl!!!! Love her smile!!!!

And how blessed she is to have such a loving extended family. Being safe in her Grandma's arms is such a blessing!

And I love the question mark! As for me, after 33 years of cooking, that question mark occurs on more than just Sunday's! Up at the is a permanent fixture! I like to "enhance the lake economy" by going out to eat! Shoot, it's important to frequent our favorite restaurants to keep them in business...after all!!!


Greeneyes said...

Hey Diane
you certainly have a little super star there, Emmy likes to pose , isnt she the sweetest little girl ever! I love the pics , thanks for sharing them, The one with here face all scrunched is so cute , she looks like she is doing something naughty, and the second from the last is my fav , it is beautiful.
Really bad break for jessica but geat one for Emmy! she gets her beloved Granny D all to her self , bet she eats it up too! Jessica is very very lucky to have you, it is really hard to pass your child over and then something like that go on , Grrrr makes me GRRRRR!
Hope you get some rest on your knees , sounds like you'll be needing them LOL , you have a great heart Diane , one of the many things I love about you . XO
Hope to catch up soon on msn or facebook
love you lots

Brenda said...

Oh Diane, Emmy is just beautiful! And already 8 weeks old! It's so not fair how quickly time flies. You'd better get you some roller skates to keep up with her.

Our little ones are much too precious to entrust to just anybody. What a blessing that Emmy will be staying with Grandma while her mommy works. I'll be praying for all of you.

Rachel said...

Emmy is so cute!! I don't blame you for taking care of her! There is not anyone better than you to care for her and just think of all that sugar you'll be able to get now! The poor child will have chapped cheeks!! :)

Happy 4th to you dear Diane!!

Eleanor said...

Happy 4th of July to you and all of your dear ones, Diane!

Emmy just gets more gorgeous by the week, and yup, I'm sure that we can all see how much she changes from one set of photos to another. Funny how babies do that!

You've taken on a big job, looking after her full-time. But, what a blessing for all that you can do this. I'd have given anything to have a family member available to look after Stephanie when she was little. I still get the guilts when I think about what she went through with some of the babysitters that we thought we could trust. :( There are good ones out there, though, and I'm sure that Jessica will find one by the time Grandma needs a break.

Have a great rest of the week, my friend! xxoo

Morning Glory said...

Diane, Miss Emmy is just such a sweet vision in pink!!

Pearls of Wisdom said...


I found your blog and love it. It has really blessed me and I will be a frequent visitor. Emmy is beautiful . Happy 4th.

Smiles and Blessings,

Angel ( Angel Mama ) ():)

RennyBA said...

Here to wish you Happy 4th of July and you know what: you even don't have to make the dinner tonight - it's served at my new blog home:-)

Dawn said...

I'm glad you got to see the fireworks in the comfort of your computer chair! We had a great time watching the girls watch the show. They enjoyed it so much. We were afraid Feisty was going to have a hard time, because thunder and illegal firecrackers have been scaring her the last few days, but she got so wrapped up in the colors and trying to catch them as they rained down to the ground that she forgot to be scared. It was great. Kristen's going to post pictures today, I believe. (you do have her address now, don't you?)

The bird is a stellar jay. I wish it hadn't been so dark - it was just gorgeous - you can barely see the jay feathers on top of the head.