Saturday, July 7, 2007

Sunday Dinner, July 8, 2007

Sunday Dinner time has rolled around again. Funny how that seems to happen every week or so.

Knowing I'd have Miss Emmy all weekend I planned ahead when I bought groceries. Oh, alright...I just happened to notice that Kroger had half hams on sale for .89 a pound this week and I grabbed one with the vague idea that it might be good for a quick
Sunday Dinner.

Did you notice that snazzy ham sandwich on the waiter's serving tray in my Sunday Dinner button? I'm all subtle like that. You may have to use your imagination a bit, but trust me, it's a ham sandwich.

I've already informed the usual suspects who sometimes dine here for their Sunday Dinner that I'm slicing some of that ham off the bone and frying it. I have some home grown tomatoes and a couple of loaves of bread and some of my homemade pickles to go with the sandwiches. They can even choose between bread and butter, kosher
or refrigerator pickles. Other than that, if they want chips, dessert or anything else they need to bring it.

So that's my Sunday Dinner. What's on your Sunday Dinner menu? Just share your plans in the comments.


It seems that I won't be having fried ham sandwiches for dinner after all. I've been invited to eat dinner after church with Ducky, Cecil and some friends. The fried ham sandwiches will keep until another day I suppose. :-)Wonder of all wonders I did manage to get 4 loads of laundry washed, dried, folded, hung up and put away on Friday. Cue the tragic mood music. Just as I was mentally cheering myself for getting all the dirty laundry in the house all done and put away, calamity struck.

Well, not really calamity, exactly, just almost. Just as I got Emmy fed, bathed, baby lotioned and gowned for the night, she got strangled and spewed all over both of us, the bed and the floor. There's another load of laundry right there, folks, and another shower for me and another bath for Emmy.

Just another typical day when your day involves an 8 week old baby.
I'm going to wrap this up and wish everyone a wonderful and blessed weekend. May God bless you with all you need, and enough to share.


T*mmy said...

Well my friend, your Texas Hash was so popular with my that is what I'm makin' tomorra!
This evening I'm going to fry up some thick slice bolony (not as thick as the restaurant) you know the kind with the red skin you take off...the package says "just right for frying"...I'm gonna cut up a mater for it too ;) Just wishin' it was home grown, but it'll do!
You have a nice evening and lots of blessin's tomorra!!

Susie said...

Hi Diane,
We're having Sunday dinner at our daughter's home. They BBQing. Thank goodness it's cooled down enough to be outside in comfort again!
Not sure what's cooking, but I'm not!!
I'll take dessert though, so I have to think on that!!
Laundry is never ending with little ones...

Jen said...

the joys of babies
Diane at least you survived the week
hope youre getting lots of rest this weekend

Lyndy said...

Oh I bet Jessica is missing that baby something awful.

Tomorrow will be left-overs here. BBQ chicken and a few sides. Simple and no heating up the kitchen.

Have a blessed Sunday my friend.

Love and Hugs, Lyndy

Granny said...

Leftovers or sandwiches tonight. Too hot to cook and girls can find the fridge all by themselves.

Tomorrow? I'm thinking about a big tuna, ham, and macaroni salad with some raw broccoli, and other veggies on the side.

It still involves boiling the pasta and eggs but no other cooking.

Greeneyes said...

wish I was coming to your place and I would even bring the side dishes ! just to be in your company.

Hope your getting enough rest , you know how tired grandmothers get LMBO couldnt resit that one tee hee.

ANd I absolutley love the new pics of Emmy Below , she is so beautiful , she makes my heart happy to see her all sweet and happy in the pics, kisses and hugs sugary sweet , butterfly kisses too .
Love and BSH

MamaLady said...

You made it through the week. Yeah!
Oh dear, you can just send some of that yummy ham and pickles over here. I'll be glad to take it off your hands.

The Woman said...

Ham sandwiches with homemade pickles? I'll be right there! MMM

Enjoy your time with that beautiful baby! :o)

Anonymous said...

Oh that ham sounded so good!!
Hope you have a wonderful time out with your friends.

Give that baby a hug for me. She is darling.


MightyMom said...

OK, I don't mean to sound all nursey here, BUT, is Emmy oK?? It seems that she's spewing an awful lot and quite often. Many babies (including 2 of mine) have reflux. If this is the case a dose of medicine twice a day will GREATLY decrease your laundry!! Trust me. I've worn that shirt twice!! (with puke all over it.) You might want to have Jessica mention it to the Peditrician and see if there's something that can be done about all her urps. If she's a "fussy baby" that is a big sign of reflux, but my Sugars isn't fussy at all, what the MD calls a "happy spitter". Anyway, I'll get off the soapbox. Sunday dinner. for the boys will be peanut butter and preserves sandwiches. For me and the Bible Study Group which comes over here every Sun night it will be queso. I went by the store this afternoon, got me some Jimmy Dean (HOT), Ro-tel (original) and Velveeta. Tostitos are in the pantry. My Yankee husband kept trying to convince me to substitute Keilbasa for the JimmyDean. All I said was "YUK!!!"

jennifer said...

4 Loads of laundry??? You are my new hero! I get to 3 loads then I have to quit. I do love the way they smell after drying on the clothesline, though!

Myrna said...

Well, I was lazy today. Sunday dinner for Lee and me was Taco Bell Chicken Quesadillas and Nachos Belle Grande! We do have to indulge a craving now and then, you know!

I often do my grocery shopping for the week on Sunday afternoon because our son can come stay with his dad for awhile. Grandson Luke likes to come over with him. So they make it a time for the three men and I get out for just a liitle while. Hence the run to the border while I was out!

Hoping you have a great week with Emmy! Give her a kiss for me!

Morning Glory said...

We went out to Olive Garden today after church with some dear friends. I just love sharing a meal with friends. Your invite from your friends sounds like it was promising to be fun.

Gran - (Angela) said... made it through this week. Take a deep breath,smile,say thank you Lord, and then say...I Love You, My Sweet Emmy!
This is what I do as my sweet pea girl leaves me. It's hard at times, but I love every minute with her.

Please take a few minutes for yourself at night before you retire to bed.

Emmy is so full of life and laughter. She gets more beautiful with every photo.

I hope that your afternoon was a relaxing time of fellowship and much laughter.

It was sandwiches here tomatoes, cucumbers,onions,and fresh fruit from the farmer's market.

Have a Blessed week!!

Linda said...

You're doing a great job Diane, and I'm so glad you were invited out for dinner. You definitely deserved it.
How well I remember those "instant" laundry loads!! All part of having a precious little bundle in the house!!
Have a restful evening Diane.

mer said...

Sorry about your laundry mishap...but you're right...that's part of life with an 8 week old.

Reading about fried ham is making me hungry!!

Barb said...

Peeeeee-you! There's nothing quite like warm baby puke, is there? I guess it's better than cold baby puke. LOL

Well here's the news of the day - we had scrambled egg sandwiches and fries for Sunday dinner. Nothing stretches a food shopping dollar like an egg!

But today I'm making a pot of potato soup. Haven't made that in ages and I don't know why because it's another great budget stretcher and we love it.

It's Monday morning so you're already knee deep in Emmy again. You seem to be holding up pretty well. It's a big adjustment, having a newborn in the house all day again, isn't it?

Hope you have a wonderful week and take it as easy as you can.


Dawn said...

Glad you got to go out - now you have another meal planned ahead!

Per your comment at the other Diane - I will definitely be coming to Arkansas one of these days, to check out my grade school roots!

Sister said...

Hi Diane,

I've been trying to catch up on all of your news...and it sure sounds like y'all have been busy!

Emmy is just precious and it's a shame BooMama and I didn't have the good sense to pay y'all a visit while we were in Memphis this past weekend. Hopefully we'll plan ahead next time and make the drive across The River so that we can take you out for Sunday Dinner! :)


Jamie Dawn said...

Hello! I'm visiting you via Mountain Mamma's blog.
I noticed you are from AR, which is my stomping grounds too. We are transplants from CA as of two years ago this month.
Ham sandwiches with homegrown tomatoes sound good to me!!
I looked down a few posts. Your granddaughter is so beautiful. What a JOY!!
My kids are nearly grown up, ages 17 and 19 years.
I enjoyed my visit here. Thank You kindly!! :-)

Mountain Mama said...

Babies are hard work. I've always said that is why the Lord Gives them to the young. I wouldn't be able to keep up with a little one for that long. A couple hours is fine but I am so thankful to God when they have their nap that I just collapse! Oh it's not much fun getting old. DANG!

Jamie Dawn said...

I'm so glad I checked my comments before heading out this afternoon.
I live in Hot Springs.
I have family near Jonesboro. When we go to visit them, I will try and hook up with you. What fun that would be!!
I am going to be meeting two blog friends in southern CA when I go visit my brother later this month. They will be the first blog buddies I have met. My bro will be with me for the meetings.
I will pass along your message to my son about NOT diving in the pool!! :-)

Jamie Dawn said...

Feel free to email me if you're ever coming to Hot Springs. We could meet for lunch somewhere.
I think Hot Springs has more restaurants than any other city its size in the country. There's no shortage of places to eat here!!!!

Rachel said...

Well, gee I learned something here, that Jamie Dawn lives in Hot Springs!! I thought she lived in Hickville!! teehee!! (She's a sweetie but don't tell her I said so! She'll get the big head and all). Do meet her if you get a chance. She can make a face like a fish! Honestly!!

One bit of spewing from Emmy and everything needs cleaned up!! Aren't kids the greatest?!!

Hope you are having a great week dear Diane!!