Friday, May 4, 2007

Purse Meme

Some of my regular readers may recall a post I wrote a couple of weeks back, lamenting the fact that I had failed miserably in my search for a new purse. You can read about it HERE if you'd like to catch up so this post will make a little more sense to you.

Or not. Not to infer that I ever make sense, but please be polite and don't point it out to me when I don't. I have tender feelings and I'm sensitive that way. *A-Hem.*

I bought a new purse.

I'll let that sink in for just a moment.

It's not exactly what I was looking for, but I'm 90% satisfied with it. It's not black, but it's the color of dark chocolate, so it's close. It's leather, has a shoulder strap and two handles, has several pockets, and I got it on sale at Kohl's. (Thanks for the heads-up,

It started out at $59.99 and it was marked down to $22.99. Of course they only had one left like I wanted, and it had a fault in the lining of the front pocket. It was sewn crooked and angles down awkwardly, but otherwise I liked the purse. I took the purse to the service desk and asked if they would give me a further discount because of the fault and sho' 'nuff, they did. They gave me another 10% off and my final price was $17.55 plus tax!

Pictures, you say? Well, now...I've been seeing a purse meme all over the bloggy hood. I know I've seen it at Barb's and BooMama's , among others, so how 'bout I just show you my new purse and bust a meme all at the same time?

Here's my new purse.Here's the stuff in the outside zipper pocket.
I'm addicted to Jolly Rancher Fire candy
and keep it with me at all times. Gotta have
my Ice Breakers Cool Mint gum, too.
I liked the spearmint and cinnamon flavors

better, but apparently they've quit making
them. Anyway, I can't find them around
here anymore. Got my AquaFina lipgloss
and Avon lip balm, too.
Now the contents of my purse.
My glasses case, which holds both my
spare glasses and my sunglasses. I'm
almost legally blind without my glasses
or contacts, so trust me, these
are absolute necessities.

Hand lotion, calculator, tissues, comb,
ink pens and mechanical pencil, wallet

and checkbook, and my hand-held
Solitaire game. I keep it or my hand-held
Yahtzee game with me at all times.

You never know when you're gonna be
stuck waiting somewhere, and they
help pass the time if necessary.

Also, my cell phone should be here,
but it's charging right now, and my
camera is almost always in my purse,

but I was using it for these pictures.
My keys are on one of those stretchy
lanyards clipped to a ring on the right front

pocket. If you look closely in the first
photo you can just see the black lanyard,
and the keys themselves are in the pocket.
These are the things from the inner
zipper pocket.
My pill box, some Post-It notes,
lens cleaning cloth, a lighter and my
pocket knife.
I carry the lighter
you just never know when you might need
one. I don't smoke, but that lighter

has come in handy many times, I assure you.
And I'm a country girl just in case you

haven't caught on to that fact. I've carried
a pocket knife since I was 1o years old.
I asked for a pocket knife for Christmas
that year, and Mama and Daddy got
me a Barlow pocket knife.

It nearly broke my heart when I lost it

fishing a few years later. I put it in my
shirt pocket and a little later when
I leaned over to pick up my fishing rod,
it fell straight down into the water
with a plop! Deep, swift water. Not
a chance of fishing it out.
Okay, your turn, if you'd like to do this
meme. I won't tag anyone, but feel free
if you'd like to participate.
My dear blogging friend Prairie Farmeress and my sister Donna/Zztop have honored me by naming me as one of their top 5 bloggers. In turn, I am supposed to name my top 5 bloggers and tag them to do the same.

I've done some serious thinking about this, and I'm not copping out, but I really can't choose just 5 of my blogging buddies from my blogroll. Besides the ones listed in my sidebar, I read several other blogs daily. I appreciate all of my blogging friends, for many different reasons. Some of you are funny, some make me think, some lift my spirits, some share their faith, and many of you combine several of these things in one package. Some of you are my family as well.

But all of you share one very important thing: You are all my friends, and all of you are my favorite bloggers.

So, if you'd like, consider yourself tagged to name your 5 favorite bloggers. I hope you have better luck at it than I did.
Some of you have emailed and asked in the comments about Jessica. Thank you for your concern, my friends.

I'm still not a Grandma and Jessica is miserable, but doing fairly well. I say fairly well, because she's still swelling and retaining a lot of fluid, her blood pressure is still too high, and when she visited the doctor on Tuesday, tests showed the protein was elevated a little more in her urine. Her doctor ordered another test, a 24 hour urine test. She turned that in on Thursday morning and we should hear from it on Monday, when she's scheduled to see her doctor again.

Just as it was with Mikki, Jessica's doctor is seeing signs of preeclampsia and is keeping a close watch on her. If you're a praying person I'd appreciate your prayers for Jessica and Emmy, for a safe and healthy delivery.

If she feels well enough, Jessica is taking me out for supper Friday night for an early Mother's Day gift. Even if she hasn't had Emmy by Mother's Day chances are she won't be feeling very well, so she wants to have our Mother's Day together now. Sometime in the next week I'll treat her to lunch or supper for Mother's Day, Jessica's health permitting.
Happy Friday, y'all! My love and blessings to all,


Barb said...

I love your new purse, Diane. I'm glad you find one you like 90%. :-)

We have hand-held Yahtzee. I used to play it for hours on end when Rob and I made the long drive back and forth to visit the girls in college. It's addictive.

I'm pretty sure you're the only person in B'ville who has a pocket knife in her purse. But somehow, it doesn't surprise me one bit. I'm sorry about the on you lost and very glad you didn't jump in and go after it or we might not have met Diane in the blogosphere.

I know you're all just about ready to greet this new baby. Any day now. Praying for Jessica and Emmy. Can't wait to meet her!


Morning Glory said...

I love your new purse, but I'm soooo like you. I never find the 100% perfect one, but 90% is good. That's really cute.

Myrna said...

I just love that we have seen all these purses--Know the purse==know the person!

Praying for Jessica and Emmy. You'll be a wonderful grandmother! You can teach her to cook, fish, use a pocketknife and how to find a 90% purse! What more can a girl ask of a grandmother!

kansasrose said...

I love your purse and the fact that you carry a pocket knife. That's my Arkansas girl!!! :) Also the fact you were able to get it marked down in price too. You rock...prayers and devotions for your daughter and the baby. It won't be long now! I am so excited for this baby to come into the world. I can't imagine how you and Lamar must feel hon...what a joyful event. God Bless you ALL!

Sister said...

Fun post, Diane!

Have a great weekend...

Susie said...

Hi Diane,
I love finding bargains and we have a Kohl's in our town that has some great sales too!
I'm not surprised that you carry a knife. My grandma always did. She used it for oh so many things!!
Someday I may do this meme.
Baby Emmy will be here soon. Mother's Day maybe?

Linda said...

I think that purse was a great find Diane. It is really nice and the price was really, really nice!
I found a cute little one yesterday too - on sale!! I had to downsize my "stuff" a bit, but I got it all in there.
I will pray for Jessica and the little sweet one. I know Jessica will be so happy when this part is all over with.
I think you handled that award thing perfectly. I couldn't do it either. How can you possibly only pick 5?
Take care Diane.

Diane said...

Hey! What a fabulous purse! I know what you mean about finding just the right is quite the adventure! And then, keeping it the next impossible dream! Somehow, my family believes that what is too heavy to carry in their pockets must be able to fit in my purse! No wonder I get headaches!

And yes, while I am on my knees praying for Heather...I will pray for Jessica and Emmy. And for the going-to-be best grandma....who has a new purse, with a little room for a few pacifiers, the occassional diaper...and photos of her new grandaughter!

Good timing on that purse Diane!

(the other) Diane

PEA said...

All I can say is that you sure can pack a lot of stuff in that purse! lol It's actually a wonderful purse and I love the fact that it has so many pockets. My dad always had a pocketknife in his pant pocket and he would use it for just about anything, it always came in so handy:-) My thoughts and prayers are with Jess and Emmy...may a healthy little baby girl be born real soon! xoxo

"Early Bird" said...

Well aren't you the neat one...snarl..hiss!
I got a smaller purse at Kohl's but it is starting to look like a garbage heap...sigh...
That particular style of purse from what I hear is supposed to be easier to find things in because it is enlongaged...

Yellow Mama said...

You are VERY organized. My purse has a sound when you put your hand in is kind of a crumpling, crunching sound. I guess I'll have to follow suite and at least clean it out...No pics though.

Jen said...

WOW what a saving and I like it

praying for Jessica and Emmy.

Greeneyes said...

Sweet Diane
I certainly hope Jessica is feeling better and staying off her feet , she should go any day now , are they thinking of helping her along ?
I will indeed pray for her and Emmy and include them in my nightly prayers ,,,Will say a prayer for all of you as you all are a part of this little ones life .

NOW!!! the purse ,,,I love it and think I would prefer the chocolate brown to black anyway , it is a great find and you certainly lucked out on the price .
I admire how neat your purse is and it all is for something you need , I think I wouldnt be able to find JD in mine (blushing).Time for a PACRATITIS to take a breather ,it is only in my purse LOL

HUGS and More Hugs all of the squistiest variety .
Miss G

Dawn said...

It is so true that it is hard to replace a purse you love. Or a wallet. 90% is good and the price is perfect! I have a great purse with lots of places to put my stuff. I just have a hard time remembering which pocket has which "stuff." I bought a bag for the trip and put everything I absolutely thought I'd need in it. I couldn't find anything, because it was all at the bottom. I haven't put it back in my leather purse yet, and think maybe I'll suffer with the straw back for the summer.

It would be so great if Jessica was a mommy by mommy's day!!

Dick said...

Well, I'm sorry but I don't own a purse. But I do have pockets & carry a small pocket knife with a blade that's about 1 1/2" long. It usually will do what I need it to do.

My prayers will include Jessica and Emmy. Maybe Emmy will become the bestest Mother's Day present you have ever had!

Rachel said...

Oh, I like the purse! I love purses with lots of pockets and different places to put things! I carry a pocket, (or purse I should say!) knife, so you can tell I'm a country girl too. Your's looks like a Barlow?

So great you got it at an extra discount! I love bargains!!

Hope you got taken out for you supper last night!! Have a wonderful Sunday!