Friday, April 20, 2007

Just Some Stuff, Okay?

Catchy title, don't you think? And it only took me 10 minutes to come up with that one. Kinda lame, I know, but it's late and it's the best I could come up with for this scintillating review of my day.

By the way, the daffodils have absolutely nothing to do with my day. I took this picture back in February but it never made to the blog so I thought I'd share it for those of my readers who are still in the icy grip of winter, like my friend GreenEyes up in Newfoundland, Canada. I'll sprinkle a few flowers here and there so this won't look so plain.

Lamar and I rode the Senior Citizen's van to Jonesboro this morning to do a bit of shopping, but mainly to get out of the house for a while.

By the way, I haven't mentioned this in a while, but the reason we're able to ride th
e Sr. Citizen's van is because Lamar has cerebral palsy and is permanently disabled. We're both only (*only!!*) 43 so normally we wouldn't qualify to ride the van. It really comes in handy when we just want to get away from the apartment for a little while or we need a few things from town.

Now back to the subject at hand, which isn't all that exciting but it's all I've got right now.

Remember the gift the Easter Bunny sent me? It was a Walmart shopping card and I went to Walmart this morning with all intentions of buying a new purse. I think I looked at every purse in the store. Would you believe I didn't find a purse I would bring home with me? I have very high standards concerning purses and not just any old thing will do. I'm not rich by any means, but price has nothing to do with whether
or not I like a purse.

For example, several years ago my sister Cecil's husband Brian bought her a Dooney and Burke purse for Christmas. New, the purse cost well over $100 and Brian sacrificed to buy it for Cecil. A few years later when Cecil decided she didn't really care for it, she was going to sell it in a rummage sale, but I talked her into selling it to me for $40. At that time I was doing laundry and a little housework for them so no cash actually changed hands, I just did $40 worth of laundry and housework in exchange for the purse.

Let me just say, I have NEVER, before or since, ever paid that much for a purse, but I really thought I wanted that purse. And it wasn't the name I was buying, because I couldn't care less about designer clothes or accessories. If I like it, I like it, and if I don't, I don't, no matter the price.

But, that $40 purse...after I got it and used it for about a week...I hated it. For one thing, it was fullgrain leather, it was big, and it weighed 5 lbs. before I ever put a thing in it. By the time I got my stuff in it, it weighed more like 10 lbs.

The zipper had, shall we say, issues. For one thing, it didn't want to zip. Or unzip. That's kind of crucial if you want to keep your stuff IN the purse and, you know, get it out of the purse.

And there was only one big compartment and a small side zipper pocket, just big enough for a tube of lipstick and a small package of Kleenex. Everything in the big open area just stewed around in one big mess, and inevitably anything you happened to be looking for was always on the bottom, requiring you to empty out the contents of your purse in search of whatever. Not good. Not good at all.

So, the $40 purse that I thought I absolutely had to have? Ironically, I sold it in the last rummage sale I ever had for $5.

(No more rummage sales for me. EVER. If I'm getting rid of it, it's obviously junk. Who wants to pay good money for junk? It's too much trouble to gather it, price it, set it all up, then have to decide what to do with it after everyone else decides they
have better junk at their house.)

Back to the purses. I know what I want in a purse and I haven't found it at Walmart. I've been looking for a purse for a couple of years. I have about 4 *okay* purses that I rotate using every few months. None of them are quite right, but I use one of them until I get tired of it, then swap to another of the 4 for a while.

I want a black purse, preferably leather, but good quality vinyl (is there such a th
ing??) is acceptable if the rest of the features are right. It should have a shoulder strap(s) and several compartments; at least 2 big compartments and 2 or more (more is better!) smaller zipper pockets. A cell phone pocket is a plus. It should have wide zippered openings so I can easily retrieve my wallet from its depths or dig around without needing a flashlight to find those items that always end up in the bottom of any purse.

Now is that too much to ask for? Does it sound like it would be difficult to locate such a purse? I tell you, YES! Apparently it IS too much to ask for.

And so I continue my quest in search of that perfect purse. Five will get you ten, when I do find the perfect purse I'll be flat broke, and when I do get some money, they'll be sold out.Moving on...

Jessica and Jason invited Lamar and me to their apartment for supper tonight. Jessica served fried cabbage, baked chicken, mixed vegetables, au gratin potatoes, green beans, crescent rolls and corn. And for dessert, she made homemade brownies to go with store bought vanilla ice cream. I got fresh strawberries for $1.33 a quart at Walmart and I took a package of those to go with her ice cream and brownies. Everything was really good, but those strawberries will really give you pucker power! Their flavor is delicious, but they are really tart.

I bought a fresh bouquet of flowers for the hostess, then added some iris from my yard to the bouquet and it was pretty, if I do say so myself.

Jessica and Jason have Emmy's room decorated with Winnie the Pooh and it is adorable! I could kick myself because I had my camera with me and I still forgot to take pictures. We were so busy talking and visiting that I never even thought about taking pictures at all.

Jessica is still doing okay, healthwise. She's still having spells with headaches and dizziness occasionally when her blood pressure gets a little too high, but overall, she's doing pretty good. She's having the odd contraction here and there, but nothing to be alarmed about and none of them are regular when timed. I wanted to get another belly pic because she's gotten noticeably bigger since the last one I took, but as I said, I forgot. Maybe next time I see her I'll remember to take some pictures.
Now that I've rambled aimlessly about purses and pictures, I'm going to wrap this up and publish this.

Have a great Friday!

Love and blessings,


Barb said...

Here it is almost the end of April. You must be getting pretty excited about meeting Emmy. Seems like this pregnancy has flown by although Jessica might not agree with me. :-)

I know what you mean about the purse. I own one. One good leather purse. It was expensive when I bought it three years ago and I never even think about replacing it because it's perfect. I'm just not a shoe or purse person - never buy new ones if the ones I have work. I hope you find the black one you want. Maybe Walmart will get a new shipment soon?

I always enjoy your ramblings. Hope you have a great day there. Cameron will be here in a few minutes so that's my day. LOL

Diane said...


I always feel like I have just spent a few great moments with a fabulous friend when I visit!

Oh the purse dilemma! Why is it we struggle so with finding just the right purse! Even when I think I have found the perfect purse, within 48 hours of use...I discover it's flaws! Men have it so much nicer!

Maybe we should just begin carrying our wallets in a little waist-pack.....after much of what I carry in my purse is for my family! Hubby's glasses, son's know the drill!

In fact, I have so many goodies in my bag--that I'm certain I could live for a month if ever stranded on a deserted island! That is, of course, if one can live off of tic-tacs, spearment gum, and restaurant mints! Oh--and my teeth will clean...with all of the toothpicks I've stashed! I've become my own Grandma!



Susie said...

Good morning Diane,
I'm also in the eternal quest for the perfect purse..I have quite a few, but the ones I've really liked are no longer made in that design...sigh..
How nice that Jessica and Jason made dinner. I always enjoy our meals at our daughters too!
I enjoyed our visit today. Those little teacups and flowers just brighten your page!!

Morning Glory said...

You sound just exactly like me -- always searching for the perfect purse. I don't know how many of them I've bought thinking I had found the "one and only", but like you, it lost its charm in about a week. Sigh....

"Early Bird" said...

If you have a Kohl's or a Penney's they have good purses and sometimes you can catch a sale like I did last week at Kohl's
I love, love your teacup cute!

Linda said...

It really is such fun to have a visit with you Diane.
I absolutely know what you mean about the purse. I have the same difficulty finding just the right one.
Ditto with shoes. I always know exactly what I want, and they never have anything remotely resembling them. No matter how many stores I schlep through - not a one. Unless of course I don't have any money. Then they're all over the place!!
Sounds like a fun evening with the kids. She fixed a terrific dinner. I'll bet everyone is getting really excited about that new little one!
Have a good weekend Diane.

Jen said...

pretty flowery post :)

sounds like it was a yummy dinner at Jessicas

Praying that Jessica stays mainly ok

Have a great weekend

Love and blessings,

Big Mama said...

You know a good purse is like a good man. Hard to find and once you get a good one, you better hang on to it. :-)

Dawn said...

I'm with you on the purse issue, too. And wallets - once you get everything arranged, it's really hard to replace it. There's always something missing.

I'll be sure to take pictures with Brenda. Kev and I have finished Part VII just in time for me to go pack. See ya!

Greeneyes said...

Diane ,
Love the Daffodils ,my fav of all flowers, yes I am still in the ice age here but can go out for a few min without fear of hypothermia LOL
thanks for the shout out , wish we were warming up like you guys ,but it is slow and steady for us I guess .
Thanks for all the updates ,nice meal and visit with J&J , nice to get together isnt it , hope her pressure stays stable and her contractions hold off , guess she (Emmy)knows it is really close and getting eager !
you and I are alike more than I thought ,purses ,yep just like golilocks ,gotta have the one thassss just right LOL.
hard to find isnt it , good luck on your great purse hunt !
as always love your post ,
lots of BSH
(P) Greeneyes

Sister said...


So sorry you didn't find your "Easter Bunny purse" at Walmart. I usually have good luck finding purses at TJ Maxx and they normally have gobs of black all shapes and sizes, too.

Sounds like you've taught Jessica well. She seems to be quite the little hostess. :)

Have a great weekend!

Granny said...

I know this is a silly question but have you tried on-line?

I don't carry a purse unless I'm going somewhere overnight so I'm no help at all. I stuff things in my pockets and a fanny pack.

I travel light around here.

Lyndy said...

Oh Diane, this did my heart good. I got plumb tickled at the story of the purse. I remember having one of those years ago and boy you are right...heavy...heavy.

Sounds like you had a great visit with J & J and I know you must be getting excited to see Emmy soon.

Love and Hugs, Lyndy

Blessed Beyond Measure said...

I have purse issues. I truly could care less about the brand, but they have to WORK - all the right compartments, so the first thing I do is drag out all the paper they shove in them, then try to decide if they'll fit with my life. I've never paid more than $50, but when I find one that will work, I carry it til it falls apart. Just too pratical to buy one because of the name and it doesnt work with my life.