Friday, April 6, 2007

I Got Mail From The Easter Bunny!

Imagine my surprise and delight today when
Lamar brought in the mail and I had a
package from the Easter Bunny!

Here's a picture of the package.I marked through my address,
for obvious reasons...
Note that the return address
is "E. Bunny"...
After I opened the padded envelope,
this is what I found.
The pink and blue crochet squares
are for Emmy's baby afghan that
I'm feverishly working on, trying
to finish before Saturday afternoon's
baby shower at my church.
Look what I found inside the gorgeous box!
(Sorry about the bad quality of the
photos. It's a dark gloomy day here and
this is the best light I could muster.)
There are 2 packages of tissues and
a package of bubble gum eggs, and
an Easter card with a little something
extra inside it.
This is the outside of the card...And here's the inside...Complete with a Walmart gift card with
a little sumpin', sumpin' on it!
Apparently the Easter Bunny is very
artistic! That face and the bunny's
body is hand drawn, not part of
the original card.
It's quite a coincidence, but I had just
raided my fishing tackle for a
package of tissues because I needed
some for my purse and didn't have
any more in the house. The tissues
the Easter Bunny brought me are
much prettier than the plain white
ones I had in my fishing gear!

There are absolutely no clues as
to whom my Easter Bunny might be,
except perhaps the handwriting.
If anybody recognizes the handwriting,
just whisper it in my little shell-like
ear so I can personally thank them, okay?
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Dear Easter Bunny,
Thank You so much
for the gift, but especially for
the love and thoughtfulness
behind it.
I am blessed above and beyond what
I deserve.

I'm not sure yet what I'll do with the gift
card, but I do know that your love
and care for me will long outlast
whatever tangible things it might buy.
True love and friendship can't be bought
with a Walmart gift card, and that love
and friendship is by far the most important
gift I received today.

I am humbled and blessed
by ALL the love and care I have
received here in the blogging
world. I thank God for each
and every one of you,
dear friends and family.

May you all have a blessed
and Happy Easter.

All my LOVE,


Susie said...

That Mr. Easter Bunny is one very nice guy!
What a sweet surprise :)

Jen said...

wow u were blessed :)

Granny said...

You must have a secret pal. That's wonderful.

Thanks so much for your email and your continuing kindness. Best to you and all your family for this most special weekend.

Morning Glory said...

How awesome!! Is there a postmark that helps tell where it originated?

What a nice E Bunny.

Dawn said...

What a great surprise! That crazy Easter bunny skipped my mailbox!

It's good to catch up - sounds like you've been really busy. I haven't posted since Monday, but it was an Easter one, so I didn't worry about it. Kev did Part 5, so I plan to do mine soon. But I think I'll wait till Monday.

Baby Emmy is going to be well supplied! Showers are wonderful. It takes so much these days to outfit a baby for coming and going! She got some great big ticket items there!

"Early Bird" said...

You must be livin' right Miz Diane!!
I hope you aren't mad at me for the little boy comment...but really, I'm having a strong hunch, if I'm wrong, I'm wrong and I will admit it...I'll have to won't I? ;)
Anyhoo...I think I'm gonna pull what my FIL used to do when he was living and just wait till the wee one is born...then I'll send a little sumpin' sumpin!!
Love YOU!!

Barb said...

Well, how nice is that? I swear, that's just the nicest thing, Diane. And doesn't it make you a little nuts not knowing the identity of E. Bunny? Last winter when I received an Amazon gift certificate from persons unknown out here, I was just as humbled as you are. And I'll never know who did it, either.

Good for you - with a baby due so soon, I'll bet you can figure out something to do with that Walmart card. :-)

Myrna said...

I'm new to the blogging world and have enjoyed reading your blog several times. I think, from what I have read here, that the E Bunny picked a good person for a surprise.

Rachel said...

What a wonderful Easter Bunny that was!!! How nice!!

Do have a blessed and Happy Easter Diane!!

Mountain Mama said...

Wow! You sure found a nice Easter Bunny! What a nice surprise.
Emmy's baby shower looks like a great success. All the darling little baby clothes just makes me want to hold my great granddaughter. I get to do that tomorrow. Just imagine, next Easter you will be holding your Emmy.
Happy Easter Diane.

kansasrose said...

this is love...

Christal said...

What a Nice Easter Bunny... I must not have been too nice... He skipped me too! HA HA! Loved reading your blog! Congrats on Lil baby on the way!